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White Kittens Get a Bath
3 week old pure white rescue kittens need a bath! This video shows how to bathe a kitten. These kittens were rescued from a window well in Philadelphia with their mom.
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How To Remove Mats From Cat Fur
Squeak the cat was living life on the streets and spending time under cars where oil and other grime mixed with her fur to create thick mats along her back. This video shows how to use cuticle scissors to gentle cut out the mats. Fortunately Squeak is a very tolerant cat and did not mind having this done. This is best done as a two person job. One person holds and pets the cats while the other person cuts out the mats. Also Dawn dish soap is great for getting oil out of fur. That is what wild life rescuers use on animals affected by oil spills.
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Mom Cat Washes Her 3 Week Old Kittens
This tortoiseshell cat led a rescuer to her cache of 5 kittens in the window well of an abandoned house in Philadelphia. She is one smart kitty! She needed a safe place to take care of them and knew just the right person to reach out to for help. The whole family is now safe inside and doing great. They will be available for adoption through Green Street Rescue in November.
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Gorgeous Long Hair Tortoiseshell Cat
This beauty was once a shy and feral cat, but now look at her! She loves to buck and rub. She needs a loving home where she will be the only cat. SHe is shy at first but once she comes out of her shell (no pun intended!) she is so sweet.
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Kittens vs. The Hand
6 week week old kitten confront and battle the giant hand
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Talking Cats and Catnip
A group of domestic cats enjoy a conversation and catnip.
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Introducing a new kitten
Miso is a one year old cat who has been constantly meowing and is always desperate for attention. We decided he needed a friend. Watch as he meets Ray for the first time.
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Crazed Kitten does a dance
This cute 6 week old kitten does some crazy moves like she's ice skating.
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Mr. Darcy The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy Does Stairs For The First Time
Adorably wiggly Mr. Darcy is hesitant on the stairs while his friend Levie The Labradoodle looks on.
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Adorable cute 4 week old kittens
4 week old kittens orange tabby kittens rolling around and playing
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Butler the cat is very happy about going to his forever home
Beautiful male cat rescued from the streets of Philadelphia by Green Street Rescue has been adopted and purrs in his carrier the whole way to his new home.
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Socializing feral kittens
Introducing a toy to kittens inside for the first time. These kittens were trapped and spayed and are now learning to trust people. Here they are on their 3rd day of being inside and have come out from hiding but are still shy. Having a toy like this one helps interactions.
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adorable 6 week old orange tabby kittens
3 kittens exploring
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carmilla and her kits day 1
Carmilla, a young orange tabby cat, takes care of her three 1 week old kittens. She is currently being fostered in the house of Kat in Philadelphia.
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Regular kid with two brains
Nine year old Kid makes movie using special effects. Mirror images of kid dancing and making sound effects. Very post modern. Funny.
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On the ball
Push ups performed on 4 medicine balls
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Bella Fleck the cat needs a new home
This beauty was found as a stray and no one has claimed her. She is in need of forever home. As you can see she is very loving.
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Orange Crazy Cat ep.1: Going For a Ride
Firepelt aka Orange Crazy Cat, a beautiful firey orange female tabby, takes a ride on a variety of different objects from her favorite feather toy to the chair she rides like the Queen of cats.
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Holstein cat with the longest tongue eats catnip!
Picasso a handsome semi-feral cat and 7 year resident of the House of Kat loves his cat nip! He doesn't roll in it or get silly like the other cats, he eats it. The eating of the leaves makes his tongue extend to to giraffe like lengths.
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Carmilla and two week old kittens
The kittens are starting to wonder what is beyond the world of their box.
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Gazebo the Cat is available for adoption
Zebo the amazing Tortoisesehell Calico cat! This girl was found as a stray wandering the streets of Philadelphia, cold, hungry and scared. She is now being fostered and is available for adoption. Learn more about Green Street Rescue's adoptable cats on our website.
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Orange Tabby Cat Siblings Play Lazily
These two siblings are constantly cuddling, playing and sleeping in a pile though they are not always on the same page. The boy Leo is trying to mind his own business, but his sister Sandy won't let up. These are the kittens featured in my earlier videos of the orange kitten
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Patchy and Her Kittens at One Month Old
Will the kittens try solid food for the first time? Watch this exciting video of Patchy's kittens and find out the answer!
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Mr. Darcy The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy Does Stairs For The First Time PART 2
Adorably wiggly Mr. Darcy is hesitant on the stairs while his friends Levie The Labradoodle and Kasey The Cane Pit Corsco looks on. Just when the camera turns away Mr. Darcy does the stairs on his own!
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Carmilla and 12 Day Old Kits
The runt fights for the best position
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Omar the cat is available for adoption
Omar the Cat is available for adoption. This is the most laid back guy. He's quite zen like in fact. He gets along with everyone and adapts to new situations seamlessly.
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IMG 8980
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The Vitamin Water Battle:Multi VS XXX
Vitamin Water Bottles Battle
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Meadow Lost Her Eye and Her Home But She is Still Loving And Trusting
Meadow was found living outside an apartment building in Philadelphia along with her siblings. It seems their owner up and left them behind. This pretty girl was missing an eye. She has since been stitched up spayed and is ready for adoption. Check outGreen Street Rescue to find out about her and other cats available for adoption.
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The Adventures of Crazy Cat vs. Jingle
Rare orange tabby female cat named FirePelt as "Crazy Cat" plays with a little feathery toy. The preview episode of many videos to come starring Crazy Cat!
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Axel & Kat Movies Featuring Crazy Girl Episode 1
The debut performance of Crazy Girl (aka Kat) filmed and directed by master videographer Karate Boy (aka Axel). A mother and son performance art sensation!
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Sleepy Swift the Cat
Cute kitty cat curls in a ball to sleep and covers her eyes with her paw.
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Clyde the cat and Swift the cat and one cat nip mouse
Clyde and Swift have a single toy to share.
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5th Street House Make Over
Row home transformed
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Renovation of home
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House of Kat Cats
Meet the cats of The House of Kat. This destruction of cats is comprised of Picasso, Poppsie, Twister, Misty and Shadow. They were all rescued from the streets of Philadelphia and now live a happy and safe life. They occasionally have to tolerate guest cats that are awaiting adoption. To find out about adoptable cats from the House of Kat and other volunteer foster home visit Greenstreetrescue.org
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kat's Chair Dance
acrobatic cabaret performance of dancer with chair
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The Moving IPhone................. and More!!!!!!!
An animated iphone meet an animated poke ball
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A Canine Love Affair
Daisy the beagle licks her female friend incessantly. Georgie the rat terrier puts up with all the attention to a point.
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Garfield Look-alike plays in a Paper Bag
Miles, the big orange tabby cat fits his enormous body into a small paper bag and guards his territory.
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Karate Boy
Karate Boy battles the evil punching bag!
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Marco has been rescued but now he needs major surgery
Marco showed up looking for food one in a managed colony of feral cats. His paw was injured but no one could get close enough to get a look. After several months of being very elusive, Marco finally went in to the trap. We thought he was feral but very quickly discovered he's a lover. He hasn't stopped purring since we discovered he loves being petted. Unfortunately the injury to his leg is an old one and has at a 90 degree angle at his "wrist' He walks on the side of the foot so there are open wounds. The leg can not be saved and needs to be amputated. We are hoping to raise funds for his surgery then find him a forever home where he can live safely indoors.
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