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BLOOM (Blender Animation)
Animation created by UP ComSci students: - Kristin Potot - Camille Calamayo - Toni Masayon - Ruth Salinas
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Stars Have Aligned by Urbandub
This song is from Urbandub's new album Esoteric.
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fun time on Rainbow Six Siege
I'm pretty much enjoying this game. just a fast preview tho. I will upload a decent game play of this game soon. ^^ BG music: [Dubstep] Teminite - Flight
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Iron snout preview
I found this free to play game on steam. I gave it a try which is actually fun and cute. BG music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Q31J3mkCKY
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H1Z1 moments Allahu Akbar
while we were waiting for a match in BattleRoyal to start XD
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