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Polish men protecting their women in Sopot (Poland/EU)
In contrast to their West European brethren Polish men do not seem to tolerate disrespect towards their women as well as sexual harassment. Thay also tend to use very effective methods to teach some people to respect Polish traditions.
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Kresowy płomień (Janusz Laskowski)
This beautiful song is about the eastern provinces lost by Poland in 1939-46 and about the people that had to leave their homes and fatherland just for being Poles. In fact, it is devoted to all those who were forced to leave their native land as a result of ugly political games of the 20th century.
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Wir sind des Geyers Schwarzer Haufen
Old German/European soldier song of the 16th century.
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Milla Jovovich singing beautiful Ukrainian Cossack song
Mila Jovovich singing beautiful Ukrainian Cossack song "Oi u Haju po dunaju" Milla Jovovich (Militsa Yovovicz) is an American actress, model, musician, and fashion designer of mixed Montenegrin-Ukrainan background. She has appeared in numerous science fiction and action films, leading the music channel VH1 to deem her the "reigning queen of kick-butt" in 2006.
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Боже царя храни! / God Save the Tsar!
A mocking singing of Russian Imperial anthem from the Russian movie "The New Adventures of the Elusive Avengers" (1968) God, save the Tsar! Strong, sovereign, Reign for glory, For our glory! Reign to foes' fear, Orthodox Tsar. God, save the Tsar!
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Zagloba and Wlodyjowski meet Bohun
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Our bright future: "And the Nr.1 movie in the country was called "Ass"..."
A scene from the movie "Idiocracy" (2006). "Idiocracy" is an American satirical science fiction comedy film directed by Mike Judge and starring Luke Wilson, Maya Rudolph, and Dax Shepard. The film tells the story of two people who take part in a top-secret military hibernation experiment, only to awaken 500 years later in a dystopian society where advertising, commercialism, and cultural anti-intellectualism have run rampant, and is devoid of intellectual curiosity, social responsibility, and coherent notions of justice and human rights. I wonder though if it is about our future or about our present?
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West Ukrainian communist greeting the Soviets and then, two years later, the Nazis
A few excerpts from the movie "Volhynia" (Poland / 2016) directed by Wojciech Smarzowski. The film was nominated for the Złote Lwy Award at the 41th Gdynia Film Festival
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The final scene of the movie "With Fire and Sword" (Ogniem i mieczem), 1999
With Fire and Sword (Polish: Ogniem i mieczem) is a historical novel by the Polish author Henryk Sienkiewicz, published in 1884. It is the first volume of a series known to Poles as The Trilogy, followed by The Deluge (Potop, 1886) and Fire in the Steppe (originally published under the Polish title Pan Wołodyjowski, which translates to Colonel Wolodyjowski). The novel has been adapted as a film several times, most recently in 1999. With Fire and Sword is a historical fiction novel, set in the 17th century in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth during the Khmelnytsky Uprising. It was initially serialized in several Polish newspapers, chapters appearing in weekly installments. It gained enormous popularity in Poland, and by the turn of the 20th century had become one of the most popular Polish books ever. It became obligatory reading in Polish schools, and has been translated into English and most European languages.
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Mirko Sablich, "Humkonvoy"  (Kohda my byli  na wojnie)
A Cossack-style Ukrainian song about Russian invasion of Ukraine. A good example of black political humor.
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Latvian song performed by Koreans
Beautiful Latvian song by Raimond Pauls performed in South Korea by beautiful Korean girls
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Jacob Gurevitsch Trio in Tango & Vinos
Jacob Gurevitsch Trio playing in Tango & Vinos bar in Copenhagen, Denmark (July 6 / 2015)
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Polish-Swedish Wars
Attack ov Polish "winged" hussars
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"...А наиболее популярным был фильм "Задница"..."
Фрагмент из фильма Майка Джаджа "Идиократия" (2006). Похоже, мы уже там...
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"Free speech is the one thing you have to give to your enemy"
"...Free speech is the one thing you have to give to your enemy if you want to keep it for yourself..." Douglas Hewson "Doug" Christie, Jr. (April 1946 - March 11, 2013) was a Canadian lawyer and political activist based in Victoria, British Columbia. Having suffered from advanced liver cancer Christie died at Victoria's Royal Jubilee Hospital with his wife, Keltie, and two adult children by his side. Christie was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and graduated from the law school of the University of British Columbia in 1970. He was the founder and general counsel of the Canadian Free Speech League. He was also the founder and leader of the Western Canada Concept, a separatist party which ran in British Columbia and federally, and The Western Block Party, a federal political party advocating the separation of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba from Canadian Confederation. Doug Christie came to national attention as a lawyer who was defending individuals accused of Nazi war crimes or racist, anti-Semitic or neo-Nazi activity, including James Keegstra and Ernst Zündel. That resulted in him being harassed and ostracised by the individuals and groups who could not or were not willing to see the line separating counsel from his clients. This is the interview given by Doug Christie to CBC Radio on Feb. 25, 2013 at 23:41 Link to the radio show: http://www.cbc.ca/player/Radio/As+It+Happens/ID/2338818122/?sort=MostRecent
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7 years in Tibet Quamdo operation
Excerpt from the movie illustrating Chinese invasion
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Ach Ihr Wege
World War II song that existed both in German and in Russian
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Just historical fun
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Transvaal... Transvaal...
This is an old "South African" song that was reportedly written by one of the Russian volunteers who fought for the Boers during the Boer War of 1899-1902. I personally like that song a lot and 2 years ago I took the liberty of translating it into English. Here is my translation: Transvaal, Transvaal, my dear land! Today you are in flame! A Boer is sitting on the strand He's sad, he's old and lame. What's wrong with you, my good old man? And why are you so sad? I'm sorry for my people slain And for my fathers' land. I had nine sons before this strife And two of them have died, But seven others still alive Continue bitter fight. My oldest son - his head was gray In action was he killed, With no cross and no pray They buried him in the field. My youngest boy - thirteen years old He said: “I’ll join you! Please!” But I was firm: “I know you’re bold But war is not for kids!” He frowned and said:”I’ll go with you Or else I’ll go alone! I’m young and small, and that is true But still my hand is strong! Please, dad! You’ll never be ashamed Of me – your “little boy”! For our freedom and our land I’ll fight and die with joy!” I heard his word, I kissed his head And took my boy with me, And for the battlefield we left For our right to be. Through powder smoke he went ahead He bravely fought and died Black traitor shot him in the head Like coward from behind. Transvaal, Transvaal, my dear land! Old Boer said once again May us protect our God’s strong hand, And other honest men. Victoria, March 10/2016
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Папа всегда говорил:"Уничтожай архивы!"
Очередной гениальный фрагмент из гениального фильма "Убить дракона"...
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USSR doing its business at the time of Dunkirk ( summer, 1940)
Excerpts from the movie Baiga Vasara / Scary Summer (2000) showing the role of the USSR (Russia) in WWII in the summer of 1940, just a few weeks after the end of Dunkirk operation, in full accordance with the Ribbentrop-Molotov Agreement that had been signed on 23 August 1939.
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Their attitude
This excerpt from the movie "Les Favorites de la Lune" by Georgian director Otari Ioseliani demonstrates the real attitude of fundamentalists towards their own
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KGB Agent Walter Duranty lying about Holodomor
Walter Duranty... the impressive career of this British "gentleman" who became a paid Soviet agent clearly shows how we can trust all those NY Times and Associate Press correspondents "informing" us about life under tyrannical regimes in remote countries:
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На иглу никогда не садись а планчик мо-ожно :)
Фрагмент из фильма "Беспредел" (1989)
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Sea Lion Attacking a Little Girl in Victoria (BC/Canada) 21.05.2017
Sea lion attempted to eat a little girl who was saved by a brave man.
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Mass murder of Mennonites in Ukraine in 1919
Mass murder of peaceful Mennonites in eastern Ukraine in 1919 by Makhno's anarchists. Excerpt from the movie Nine Lives of Nestor Makhno (Russia / 2007)
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Riga (Latvia) / 1937. Background music: Oskars Stroks
Good Old Riga (Latvia) in 1937... Three years later once free Latvia was occupied by the Soviets who established a leftist tyranny there and performed ethnic cleansing with partial population replacement...
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Ex-KGB officer is telling you how the Soviet secret service targeted US schools and universities.
Have you ever wondered where the term “Political Correctness” is coming from and who invented it? Would you like to know whether it is a good or bad thing? Then this video is for you. Here a high-ranking ex-KGB officer is unveiling before you a long-term communist project to CHANGE the USA. The project was launched as early as in the 30s of the 20th century and never stopped until today. The goal of this project is to transform the USA into a Communist or at least Marxist nation using a wide diapason of political and psychological methods some of which Mr. Bezmenov is revealing here. The essence of one of them consists in using our own public education system to plant the seeds of self-destruction in our young generations. Indeed, many people tend confuse the so-called "political correctness" with good manners and politeness, but in doing so they are actually promoting Communist values. The term itself entered the Communist lingo in the 1930s to praise loyalty to the “party line”. Later on, the “politically correct” ideology spreaded all over the country but instead of sweeping away the debris of racism, sexism and hatred, it replaced those old prejudices with new ones. It also made a significant step towards totalitariansm by taking away our freedom of speech through banning a number of topics as well as taking away our right to ask questions. The speaker concentrates on the destructive role of leftist professors and school teachers in brainwashing of those who in the future are to make decisions. He also mentions how the universities have been cleansed of the right-wing and centrist professors and touches many other sensitive subjects. By the way, everything he mentions in this video refers not o nly to the USA but also to Canada and Western Europe. Bezmenov also suggests certain ways to reverse this process if it is not too late…
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Russian folk dance at a wedding reception, late 19th century
From the movie "The Artamonovs' Enterprise" (1941)
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The Knight and the Tatars
Livonian knight attacked by the Tatars (ca. 17th century)
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Theresa May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn debate in the Commons over Trump and more
Theresa May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn debate in the Commons over Donald Trump, his travel ban and more
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Poles fighting for the Ukraine (17th century)
Depicts elements of the siege of Zbaraz by the coalition of Ukrainian Cossacks, Russians, Turks and Tatars (1649) and the battles around it.
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Livonian wars 2
Heavy European Cavalry against light Tatar cavalry
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Ararat: Hitler and Armenian genocide
Excerpt from the movie "Ararat" (2002)
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О братских народах
Отрывок из армянского фильма "Гарегин Нжде" (2015).
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Finsski-parni / Suomen-Pojat (Russian joke-song)
Funny Russian song about the Finns. Not sarcastic, though. Performed by the group "VseTakoje". Here is the lyrics: (performed with Finnish accent and some typical Finnish mistakes) Knock-knock-knock! Who is that? That is me, your Finniss friend! Open now! What you think? Lapin Kulta beer we trink! I have caught a bit of fish, Then I’ve dried a bit of fish. Round the lake I took a hike, Saw the dead gull – did not like Elya tried to wash her gown, But she slipped and fell down Yusso there was passing by, Off his bike he took a fly. This was his unlucky summer With his balls he hit the frame, So our Elya won’t be mamma, Cause of Yusso - what a shame! Hop-hop-hop je hop-pa-pa! Here are the Finniss boys! Hop-hop-hop je hop-pa-pa! Here are the Finniss boys! Our end is coming near, If we won’t make some mess, So let’s drink a lot of beer, With fresh fish – oh yess! But bad boys are coming here Russian guys – that’s not my wish. They are polluting waters here Where you think we are to fish? Hop-hop-hop je hop-pa-pa! Here are the Finniss boys! Hop-hop-hop je hop-pa-pa! Here are the Finniss boys!
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Белый Дом в далеком 2506... И президент США...
Фрагмент из фильма Майка Джаджа "Идиократия" (2006). Похоже, мы уже там...
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Nastavlenie Suleymana
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Pro-Nazi Coup in Hungary / October, 1944
In August-September, 1944, The Hungarian Prime Minister Miklós Kállay (in office from 1942), with the knowledge and approval of Regent Miklós Horthy, had been discussing an armistice with the Allies. German dictator Adolf Hitler found out about these discussions. Hitler felt betrayed by the Hungarians, and and the Germans launched Operation Panzerfaust. They replaced Horthy with Arrow Cross leader Ferenc Szálasi. A new pro-German "Government of National Unity" was proclaimed, and it continued the war on the side of the Axis and launched the policy aimed at the extermination of local Jews В августе-сентябре 1944 года советские войска приблизились к границам Венгрии. Глава венгерского государства адмирал Миклош Хорти, задумал заключить сепаратное перемирие с СССР и предпринял ряд соотв. действий. Этого не мог потерпетьАдольф Гитлер, уже утративший к этому времени всех своих союзников, которые либо были оккупированы войсками антигитлеровской коалиции, либо сами перешли на её сторону и объявили Германии войну (как Румыния и Финляндия). Венгрия имела особую стратегическую значимость из-за месторождений нефти. В октябре 1944 года германские спецслужбы и части СС совершили в Будапеште государственный переворот. Хорти был вынужден отказаться от своих полномочий в пользу Ференца Салаши, который стал премьер-министром и главой государства («вождём (фюрером) венгерского народа»). После прихода Салаши к власти начались массовые акции по уничтожению сотен тысяч венгерских евреев и цыган.
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Ukrainian Mafia -"government" / Kто правит Украиной?
Excellent documentary about the current Mafia-"government" of the Ukraine. Serial murderers, robbers, drug-traffickers, slave traders... This is modern "political and business elite" of that country. And it is them who blame Ukrainian freedom-fighters in "extremism", "nazism" and even "Russophobia" and "anti-Semitism". Ufortunately, in Russian only but... who cares? Практически массовые убийства в Донбассе... Наркогеноцид... Работорговля... Сотрудничество с международным терроризмом... Короче - полный букет украинской "элиты". Это они обвиняют Майдан в "фашЫзЬме", "антисемитизЬме" и прочих грехах. Тем, кто хочет знать правду о том, против чего и против кого восстал украинский народ - смотреть необходимо. А любители Путина, совка и бандитского красного флага могут смотреть и наслаждаться, бо это - их идеал.
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In Gundel with our friend Andrei Gavrilov after his brilliant concert in Budapest on January 20, 201
Andrei Gavrilov is among the world’s greatest concert pianists. In 1974, he won the first prize at the International Tchaikovsky Competition; in the same year he made a triumphant international début at the Salzburg Festival. Since then, he has enjoyed an impressive international career which included performances with the world's greatest orchestras. On January 20, 2017, Andrei gave an impressive concert at Béla Bartók National Concert Hall in Budapest, Hungary. After having enjoyed that concert of the greatest pianist of modern world we had a nice dinner in Gundel. As for the Gundel... The New York Times wrote that the Gundel Restaurant did more for Hungary’s reputation than a shipload of tourist brochures. The restaurant was opened by Károly Gundel in 1910. Its reputation was strong enough to survive the stormy decades of war and communist nationalisation. Having been privatised in 1992 the GUNDEL took back its deserved position in Hungary as the country’s leading restaurant.
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Liivian Seamen's Song Performed by Retired Captain Oskar Stalts (89)
The Liivs or Livonians are the indigenous inhabitants of Northern Latvia and Southwestern Estonia. They spoke the Uralic Livonian language, a language which was closely related to Estonian and Finnish. The last person to have learned Livonian as a mother tongue (Grizelda Kristiņ) died in 2013 in Canada. As of 2010, there were approximately 30 people who had learned it as a second language. Historical, social and economic factors, together with an ethnically dispersed population, have resulted in the decline of the Livonian population, with only a small group surviving in the 21st century.As of today, there are 250 people who claimed Livonian ethnicity in Latvia.
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