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Methyl Directed Mismatch Repair
Animated Video created using Animaker - https://www.animaker.com Molecular pathway video
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Remember the Nurse
DISCLAIMER:I do not Own the music or the pictures used int his video LYRICS: Chorus: This is 10% knowledge 20% Research 15% applying that evidence-based nudge 5% salary 50% meaning and a 100% reason to remember the nursing We do not need to be at the top We just want equality and to have less hurdles to hop We want less strikes, disputes, and negative pics (Chay & Gettle, 2015) Despite the fact that we clean and bandage all who are sick But no, we got our ethics And it’s not about the ranking It’s all about the thanking and nursing in a positive light That means raising our profession to even higher and better heights What are nurses anyways? They only study for four years But they know their patients better, especially NPs Shouldn’t need a master’s to be recognized as pros By, the public, and media thinking of us as the lowest of lows Nightingale put us together, started the profession She got educated and earned the respect And took the core body of knowledge for her possession, And that’s how she commenced the nursing profession (Wagner and Waight, 2010) This is 20% research 80% gear be a 100% clear cause male nurses are great Who would’ve thought we’d stand up to the double standards And now equality runs society and ends the slander (Rajacich, Williston, and Cameron, 2013) Graduates became managers and tossed behind us the past We pushed the stereotypes aside into the trash We men are real, with our numbers way up from the previous population (Ross-Kerr & Wood, 2015) Last I heard nursing, not medicine, is our passion Chorus: This is 10% knowledge 20% research 15% applying that evidence based nudge 5% salary (Gaudine & Lamb, 2015) 50% meaning (Gaudine & Lamb, 2015) and a 100% reason to remember the nursing The focus is on teamwork Not on the hierarchy And all professionals meet the client And communicating with the needed silence Meeting together and defining What a role, you could do that, who knew? We the guys, we the gals The type of profession everyone can and will rationale 180 years in the making and this is the result we conquered the imagery and publicity that put us to a halt we now have more specialities that provide even more care no one believed this is how nursing would fare Managers try to work with the team No politics here ‘cause we’re in healthcare And that is our calling see? Managers aren’t bosses they’re our leaders Always showing us that we’re their back feeders And not their subordinate pleaders We’re living proof, that healthcare has improved By putting away the politics, budgets, and prestige to boot! Our crew is known as best of all healthcare teams around ‘Cause we training transactional leaders making sure they abound (Gaudine & Lamb, 2015) Now a wrap! All we nurses are working hard male or female and fighting battles on different fronts because we do all the research leaving all others stunned and some people see and support us while all others decide to shun It’s like we are not a profession in today’s times But those people we work with who decide to apply… They overcome with massive striving and, You ask is it possible? Chorus: This is 10% knowledge 20% research 15% applying that evidence based nudge 5% salary (Gaudine & Lamb, 2015) 50% meaning (Gaudine & Lamb, 2015) and a 100% reason to remember the nursing
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