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The Pearls: Incense&Candles
The VHS Volkshochschule PEARLS performing: "Incense and Candles" by Prince
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Unda Rhea at Wilkommenstag Herrsching 2017
Unda Rhea performs ATS Belly Dance at Willkommenstag Herrsching May 13, 2017 . For more information contact VHS Herrsching.
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RC Ford Trimot (Kavan)
A model version of the Ford 4-AT inspired by the vintage EAA Ford-Trimot based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The original Kavan Kit was modified with a semi scale landing gear, pilots, lights and a corrugated metal finish. See also: www.airventuremuseum.com, FMT Issue 5/2010
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RC Spitfire Vb (Alfa Model)
Remote Control Spitfire Vb from Alfa Model Custom Retracts and Flaps Hacker A20L-evo, 3S 910mAh Lipo
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FW190 her one fatal flaw!
RC FW190A-8 from Alfa Model with custom retracts Weight: 550g Flying Time: 7-10min.
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La Breche Puiseux (Ski & Climb)
Ski-Tour and Climb with Chamonix Guide: Overnight stay at Refuge du Requin - Cross Mer de Glace on skis - Climb Glacier de Periades towards Mt. Mallet on skis - Climb coloir towards Breche Puiseux on crampons - Rapell from Breche Puiseux to Glacier de Mt. Mallet - Ski down Gl. de Mt. Mallet and Gl. de Leschaux - Ski down Mer de Glace towards Montenvers, Chamonix
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Willkommenstag Herrsching 2016
ATS belly dance at the Willkommenstag in Herrsching 2016 featuring the tribes: ialo benii and Unda Rhea
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ialo benii & Unda Rhea Willkommenstag Herrsching 2014
AmericanTribal Style Belly Dance at the Willkomenstag in Herrsching 2014 For more information contact Volkshochschule Herrsching
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Temple Puja
Unda Rhea dancing the ATS temple puja
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Willkommenstag Herrsching 2015
American Tribal Style Belly Dance Performance by ialo benii and Unda Rhea
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