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Ed Edd n Eddy ~ Incredible Shrinking Day (full HD)
from Cartoon Network Groovies ed edd n eddy back in 2002. now you can watch your nostalgia in 1080p. Looking for older cartoons? go here. it has tons of classic tv shows in high quality video! http://www.funniermoments.com See even more cartoons for free here old and new! http://kisscartoon.me/ download some of the CNgrovies below. i didnt upload these. CN groovies intro http://www.mediafire.com/?zmylg6wznnz Courage The Cowardly Dog - by They Might Be Giants http://www.mediafire.com/?xl2mib0p3ie Dexter's Laboratory - Back To The Lab Performed by Prince Paul http://www.mediafire.com/?c1n0mvxymob Powerpuff Girls - Go, Monkey, Go Performed by Devo http://www.mediafire.com/?p0ctym0zh2x
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Ed Edd n Eddy ~ My Best Friend Plank (HD)
from Cartoon network groovies 2003. directly ripped from the dvd at max quality (lossless) so how ever it looked on the dvd will not be degraded here. this is an HD upscale its not true HD but its the best your going to find here on youtube garanteed
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Powerpuff Girls ~ Signal in the sky (Let's Go) in 4K
Enjoy the apples in stereo in 4k! Ok so its been upscale to 4k. why? just cause... why not :P i did a few thing to improve the over all quality of the video and audio. i hope you like it. i may post some more ppg bumpers in this same quality
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Fruitsnackia  commercials (1080p)
original raw video files in full 1080p! om nom nom! pool boy, big smack, gush doctor, towel boy, photo booth, visit official fruitsnackia site! (arcive) https://web.archive.org/web/20140517085405/http://www.fruitsnackia.com/ visit general mills site! http://www.generalmills.com
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Powerpuff Girls Behind the Scenes Documentary
A behind the scenes documentary and interview of Craig McCracken and his show, the Powerpuff Girls and how it all started! im surprised this hasn't been posted earlier. there's alot of interesting information here. i see channelfrederator has posted a 107 fact about the powerpuff girls. find out even more about the power puff girls here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUJVIe37GoY some scenes were heavily edited or removed in this documentary to stop the youtube cop bots from blocking the video. dont worry the documentary audio wasnt not altered or removed. this documentary is called Who What When Where How Why... Who Cares?
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Fruitsnackia ~ Gushquito & Roller Coaster (1080p)
Fruitsnackia's newest TV commercials (2013). original raw videos Fruitnackia's official site. http://fruitsnackia.com/
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Surf's Up  (Banned Episode)
Remastered HD 1080p Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi English version of the US banned episode Surfs up (originally called Tsunami Yumi) banned in the united states of America after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami disaster hit. aired in other countries like japan. The volume 2 rock forever Japanese release is the only release that has this episode including the English translation. i spent 40 dollars just to import and post this video. Thank me later! :P i dont normally post full stuff like this so i don't expect this to stay up once the big wigs get wind of it. so enjoy it wile it last. I used adobe after effects detail preserving upscale plug in and premier pro to remaster this.
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Fruit Snacks ~ Camping  & Gym
2014 latest fruitsnackia commercials in 1080p original files.
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Inside Elvis Presley's Abandoned Bungalow Coco Palms Kauai
This is what the bungalow he preferred to stay at looks like today, 24 years after the hurricane struck in 1992 from what ive heard this place will be restored but the other bungalows will be destroyed if they haven't already been destroyed. Video was taken with a nikon d810 @60fps with a ultra wide angle lens at 14mm. Enjoy!
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Fruitsnackia ~ Buffet
fruit snacks go to a buffet and eat something unexpected! in 1080p raw video commercial!
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Nicktoons ~ The Dancer Bumper 2004 (4K)
I reposted this cause i located the original raw video. Created by Euralis Weekes You can find the source video on this site. http://euralisweekes.com/euralis/motion/ Special thanks to MattBooProductionsTM for telling me who made this bumper.
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Ed Edd N Eddy Behind the Scenes Documentary
Repost. read description for why. No copyright infringement intended! Posted for educational purposes only. I dont make any money on what i post. Not sure why this was blocked in 134 countries including north america and europe. its a documentary not the actual cartoon. Turner please dont block this again there isnt any video documentaries beyond this for behind the scenes on ed edd n eddy. thank you. The full documentary of ed edd n eddy and interview with danny autonucci and the cast! along with behind the scenes on ed edd n eddy mis edventures game. From the GBA release as bonus contents. Jimmy was voiced by Keenan Christensen http://ed.wikia.com/wiki/Keenan_Christensen So please stop asking who voiced jimmy. Ask google! XD
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Fruitsnackia ~ Fire Rescue Mission
Ripped from my DVR with an HD capture device. 1080p http://www.fruitsnackia.com/
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Taco Bell N64 Toys Commercial (1997) [best quality]
(BEST QUALITY) nintendo 64 promo holidays commercial for taco bell. i still dont know how the dad managed to throw that kids toy out the sun roof lol. No this isnt a reupload of the video on youtube. this is from my personal tape collection i rediscovered wile watching home alone lol. compared to the current videos this one is much better quality with Hi Fi remastered audio and video (fixed the color)
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Fruitsnackia ~ Airport
latest commercial for fruitsnackia! 2014. 1080p airport security is like this lol. i travel alot so i know. and yes i know about the TMNT and claw machine one to. those are coming up next.
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Nicktoons ~ I Eat Cartoons Bumper 2004/2005
Source video can be found here. (Original raw video) http://euralisweekes.com/euralis/motion/ I found this along side the dancer bumper. Created by Euralis Weekes
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Tom and Jerry hidden/subliminal message.
No copyright infringement intended. I found this message about a year ago im surprised no one has discovered this yet. I know if you slow down old cartoons with these high pitched voice sounds often a hidden message is in the audio. Popeye has a few examples too. This clip is from the episode: Tom and Jerry's cartoon making kit. if you slow the video down and reverse it, it saids... "i just saw a bathtub full of beer cans go by" lol what the heck!? XD
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Fruitsnackia ~ Spongebob movie Sponge out of water (plus extra)
1080p original raw video. the second video is the full version of claw machine (carnival) . for whatever reason the tv version has about 5 secound cut. http://www.spongebobmovie.com/ http://www.fruitsnackia.com/
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Adult Swim Retro bumper ident (2014)
This crazy bumper is made by Paul Robertson according to the people in the comment. this 8 bit/16 bit ident is one of the most insane bumpers for adult swim ive seen so far ive only seen this air once right before a new episode of off the air came on (DDWIWDD) so is it rare? i dont know. but its interesting to watch lol. heres a full animated GIF image of this bumper http://probertson.tumblr.com/image/101201003154
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fruitsnackia ~ Despicable Me 2 Commercial
fruit snacks take on the Minions! Official despicable me 2 site http://despicableme.com/ Official Fruitsnackia (fruitsnacks) site http://www.fruitsnackia.com/ Original video in 1080p
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Fruit Snacks ~ Rio 2
Full 1080p original promo commercial for the new movie Rio 2. http://www.riomovies.com/ http://www.fruitsnackia.com/
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Fruitsnackia ~ Manners
original raw video 1080p. fruitsnackia's latest commercial! official site http://fruitsnackia.com/
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Beauty and the beast ~ behind the scenes Documentary (Laser Disk Rip)
This behind the scenes documentary from the animated movie beauty and the beast was ripped via s video and in stereo from the laser disk version of the movie. i think its was kinda forgotten since its on an LD. and yes this is very different than the blu ray or dvd documentaries. Enjoy! No copyright infringement intended! Posted for educational purposes. This documentary has been edited to avoid copyright issues by removing large scenes from the movie or music. these edits don't effect the documentary.
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Disney bumper drive in movie
been waiting 7 years for some one to upload this. found out i had it on an old vhs tape lol. audio/video has been improved. release some time in 1998
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PBS logo/ident Exact Remake 4K  (1971 to 1984)
Re-rendered the public broadcasing service logo in 4K resolution with a few adjustments to the logo in photoshop and animation. it is now truly perfect to the original 1971 logo. i included the original logo for comparison. maybe this will put an end to all the remakes on youtube lol jk. Enjoy!
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Plankton's Holiday Hits (High Quality)
this commercial Aired originally in december 2001 on nickelodeon and nicktoons?, it re-aired in 2006. recovered from my personal vhs tapes. despite it being off a vhs tape its quality looks pretty good. video has decombed and denoised in handbrake and remastered (as best i can do)
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PBS Logo 1971 to 1984 Exact remake (1080p)
An exact remake of the original public broadcasting service logo remade from the ground up in to 1080p with cleaned up remastered audio. i included the original to compare with the remake im not sure what inspired me to do this lol. made with photoshop and premier pro cs5 Speaking of remakes i recently decided to look up remakes for this logo here on youtube. and holy crap! there are tons of them! some look good (when i say some i mean only a few other videos) wile others look like some one used there butt to draw the pbs logo in ms paint to remake them.
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Fruitsnakia ~ Carnival & Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles
Larry gusher gets more than he bargained for from the claw machine. TMNT promo commercial. i could not find the origianl file for this so i just ripped it of my dvr with an 1080p capture device. http://www.fruitsnackia.com/
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