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Roman Adventures  Britons  Season 1 bonus level
Is this even possible before lights out? Anyway, you can be pleased if you complete it before the tentacles get you. Only 3/6 caches, I could've gotten four--never did divine where the last two caches were hidden, the level will close you out in due time. If I come across a better result, I'll update this. Best tip I can give: get as many workers as you can--20 is a good number. Do not allow a woodcutter to close down without already having started another. I tried with a workshop and cobbler--not worth it for me but maybe those work for you! See you in Season 2.
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Roman Adventures  Britons  Season 1 level 10 hard mode
In hard mode, it's better to know where the four caches are from a practice run--in advance. I also replaced demolished buildings w/henhouses. Start building up a strong workforce--at least 12 workers+--once you've reached the second settlement area, and try to build a worker's house at the edge of every new area.
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Roman Adventures  Britons  Season 1 level 15 hard mode
Tip: I know the desecrated druids can be annoying but sometimes, I've found their presence indicates something that needs your attention in that general area.
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MOAI 5  New Generation Level 16 Hika Ri (catapult variation)
Basic strategy: consult in-game guide for construction of first three buildings (farm, forge, Moai statue). Used clover bonus only when worker camp was upgraded. Then proceeded as shown in vid. Once built, no resource bldg. was demolished, though sawmill was allowed to burn as it was not needed any longer.
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Roman Adventures  Britons  Season 1 level 6 hard mode
Note that when you collect things in new territories you are taking workers away from collecting from resource facilities, so try to have at least 6-7 workers minimum.
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Elven Legend 4  level 13 expert mode
Practice makes.....it barely in gold time!
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The Witch's Apprentice  A Magical Mishap Level 14 Difficult
Strategy: You will need a lot of blue potions which require wood and you only have one renewable stump source. So, do not upgrade food source and only upgrade to second worker later in the game--when the third well becomes available. Build up your stardust reserves first to deal with the purple slime at once.
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MOAI 5  New Generation Bonus Level 8 Hika Ri
Per CE guide, build quarry, field, gold, Moai statue in that order. Buy 200 wood/100 ore at trader using Scales bonus. Upgrade Moai to gold bonus. Run that windmill as often as you can. It helps to play this level several times for practice, it's not easy.
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Roads of Rome 3  bonus level 1 hard mode
You must make the gold mine a top priority.
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MOAI 6  Unexpected guests CE level 17
Tip: avoid time-consuming building of resource shacks only to tear them down later. Fully upgrade critical quarry, forge and lumber before applying the horn of plenty bonus Also, conserve limited resources and worker availability by clearing remaining ice bergs and pothole at a later time.
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MOAI 5  New Generation Level 19 Hika-Ri  Ice Wind
Basic strategies: Tear down farm and build quarry to start, forge later. I made several mistakes during game like: don't over-buy at the trading post, unless it's ore. Make sure you start gifting at the altar right off as this takes a while each time. The food trader will provide a little ore--every bit counts!
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MOAI 6  Unexpected guests CE level 25 Casual
Tip: easy decision to build another field when you have the base to upgrade and a lot of obstacles to clear.
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Roman Adventures  Britons  Season 1  level 7 hard mode
If you waited too long to build the Warehouse, the arrow and tab in the building menu will become red and unclickable, even though you may have the resources to build it. If that's the case, consider forfeiting the level and starting over.
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The Witch's Apprentice  A Magical Mishap  level 6 Difficult
Strategy: Helpful to know in advance what things like potions, worker house repair and ooze removal cost. Have the required resources available on hand and make use of speed and instant renewal bonuses equally.
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Viking Brothers 4 Level 15 Hard Mode
Basic strategy: Third workers bonus for about 2/3 of game. Speed boots final stretch. Watch resource levels carefully.
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MOAI 5  New Generation Level 15 Hika Ri
Basic strategies: Create the grain, wood and stone single-use potions. Regard the outfit set-up on the map page. I left one building plot blank at the outset.
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MOAI 6  Unexpected guests CE level 6
Tip: You have to run the Akhi sign 3x--click on green triangle on left-hand side of screen. If you click on it and it starts, that counts as one time so you can complete the level with the Akhi sign still running.
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MOAI 6  Unexpected guests CE level 21 Casual
If you choose this route, here's a cute way to use all three bonuses at the same time. :)
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