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Toy Story 2: Woody's Roundup (Full Instrumental)
The cleanest instrumental.
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Toy Story - Woody and Buzz Lightyear interview (HD)
A better quality video from my Vimeo account.
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Henry's dance Instrumental
The Best instrumental video i uploaded.
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The Powerpuff Girls movie - Behind The Scenes
Special feature from the DVD.
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Wake up Jeff Instrumental
The best instrumental (Except the voice record mode for a minute because i used headphones with Bandicam for the best quality).
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Luigi crying compilation
If I missed some, Or have some clips I'm to lazy to add, Send me a link.
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Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! - Bit by bit (HD)
Another The Wiggles HD video.
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Tinky Winky meets Simon Shelton's Spirit
Just a little project that I announced on Google Plus. Tinky Winky meets an old friend from the past. Who will it be?
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Woody's roundup instrumental
A not so good version due to the audio cut offs. This one will be outdated when I get the Toy Story 2 Special edition two disc DVD.
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Boohbah - Hiding in a Line
From "Pearly Shells", "The High Wall" and "Fido's Picture". I thought this dance is very cool, so I thought I would do something for Boohbah's 15th Anniversary in a couple of days.
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R.I.P Simon Shelton
It's a sad time for Teletubbies Fans because Simon Shelton Barnes was the first person who played a Teletubby to die. He died from Hypothermia (A condition when you lose heat from the body) on January 18th. Tinky Winky is going to miss his actor. Music: Woody Bails (From Toy Story 3), Go to Sleep (From Teletubbies)
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Boohbah - Wiggle your Bum
Requested by John Lawton. From "Stack of Cushions". Oh yeah, That thing on the right hand side, I was having trouble with that, but it's okay. At least It is in HD I think.
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Toy Story 2 game- All character voice clips
I might add Closed Captions Incase you don't understand what they're saying.
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Every Teletubbies DVD released by ABC
Music: Go Mario Go Every Teletubbies DVD produced by ABC since 2000 - Present.
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Mario and Luigi - Bowser's inside story - Luigi's voices
Free to use. Sorry they play really fast.
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Boohbah - The Jumping bungee boo Dance
From Jack in the Box, and Hot Dog.
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Boohbah - Crazy Collecting
From "Long Drink". Requested by Dre Higbee.
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Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Zumbah and Jumbah's Funtime!
I made this video originally on Wednesday , so I uploaded it on a Friday to start of my school holidays. This is similar to Andy, Caillou, Rosie and Dora's Funtime by Anthony Abate, but with different characters. Voice Cast: Tinky Winky - Paul Dipsy Jumbah and Cooper Collins - Joey Zumbah - Steven Mario and Waluigi- Brian Luigi - Geraint Racist Mario and Tony Collins - Simon Gwen and Kristi Collins - Kate Laa-Laa and Jingbah - Julie Zing Zing Zingbah - Paul Po - Ivy Humbah - Kendra
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Boohbah - Sneak Up and Surprise Out
Requested by MarioMan2004 2 Months ago. From "Comfy Armchair". The Quality is very crappy, but it still is a good dance.
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Boohbah - Back and Fourth
Requested by John Lawton. From "Falling Oranges". I have WiFi on my Laptop Again!!!
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Wiggly animation - I climb ten stairs (High quality)
The full "I climb ten stairs" video with no text, or watermark (Except for that thing which popped up because I used Cyber link media player). From my "The Wiggles - Series 4 dvd I got yesterday at sanity. and from the Episode "Tick Tock"
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Best of Jumbah
Next on the list is everyone's (and my) favourite blue Boohbah on this day's Boohbah 15th Anniversary montage! Jingbah will be next.
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Wiggly Party - Instrumental
From the credits of "Hoop de Doo! It's a Wiggly party!"
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Anthony's Workshop   Instrumental
For DG932. Best quality.
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Toy Story 2 with Teletubbies Part 5 - To the Penthouse/Who stole Dipsy?
After the kidnapping, Dipsy arrives to a familiar face he saw earlier, and Tinky Winky tries to figure out the clue. I was going to add the round up gang in this part, but I decide to save it for Part 6.
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Freedom Beef but everytime he says Freedom It gets faster
The first (Powerpuff girls song) but (Change) video.
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Boohbah - Lift your Feet to the Beat
From "Squeaky Socks". From my DVD of the Same name and more Boohbah Magic.
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Toy Story 2 with Teletubbies Part 15 - To The Rescue/Dipsy Stays
New Tinky Winky and the others make it to Wario's Apartment! Yet, Pingu's Tinky Winky shows up. The characters plead Dipsy to leave, but Dipsy chooses to go to Japan and not abandon his new friends. Later, Dipsy chooses to leave. However, Someone else stops him from leaving...
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Boohbah follow the leader
From Umbrella.
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Play with the Teletubbies - Laa Laa - sounds
More Teletubby sounds you would like to use. Don't steal, Download them as a MP3 If you ask me.
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Wiggly Animation   Here come the Wiggles (HD Quality)
Another Wiggly animation video.
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Toy Story 2 with Teletubbies Part 6 - The Roundup Gang/Dipsy's Roundup
Back at the penthouse, Dipsy is trapped with people he doesn't know. Are they friendly, or are they going to hurt him?
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Toy Story 2 with Teletubbies Part 18 - Welcome Home
Dipsy and his friends return home! Pingu meets Laa-Laa and Robby and he likes them. Yoshi, who's throat is better, sings a song to end the day. Dipsy and Tinky Winky have some talk about Pingu and he tells him that he will have "Old Tinky Winky" to keep him Company. That's a wrap, guys! The project is finally done! This is the only Toy Story with Teletubbies film I wanted to do because Toy Story 2 is in my opinion the best Toy Story film until the fourth one comes out.
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Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles - Intro
Requested by Wiggly dude
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Andy Gets a Blue Card/Ungrounded!
I thought I would make an Ungrounded video out of Andy from Toy Story. Based off "Bobby Gets a Gold Card/Ungrounded", Andy receives a Blue Card for his kind behaviour and gets Ungrounded by his Mother. Sorry for adding the "S" word and grammar at one point. If there are any characters you like or hate, I'll respect your opinion.
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Toy Story 2 with Teletubbies: Part 11 - Purple Tubby Switch/Powerpuff Girl Aisle
Tinky Winky and his friends split up to find Woody, but they find different places and meet new faces. Sorry for the Delay, I've worked on this for about seven days.
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Toy Story 2 with Teletubbies Part 13 - Searching for Dipsy
Yes, I do apologize for working on this for 2 Months, but it's back! Reboot Tinky Winky takes Classic Tinky Winky's place thinking he is gonna defeat the evil Mojo Jojo. However, Classic Tinky Winky tries to catch up...
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Woody Gets a Blue Card/Ungrounded (Reupload)
I uploaded an old version of this last month, but it featured Travis Gaming and More getting in dead meat and he found the video ad hated me for it. I had to set it to private and replace him with Evil Woody. Travis Gaming and More, if you're watching this, I replaced you with Evil Woody so you wont get mad at me again. Anyways, Woody gets a blue card and gets the rest of the year off school!
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Toy Story 2 With Teletubbies Part 14 - Into the Vents
I apologize for the delay/four month wait, I have been lazy to do it. Since I got a new laptop, My old laptop has still has a DVD Drive to record my Pal DVD of Toy Story 2 DVD to modify clips in it. New Tnky Winky attempts to lead Mario, Jesse, Lugi and Toad into "Mojo Jojo's" Fortress, while Pingu's Tinky Winky tries to catch up. Dipsy is used to going to japan and puts on a show.
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Slendytubbies the movie - Trailer (Fake)
I worked 11 days on this. Music 0:00 Slendytubbies III - Teletubbyland 0:38 Kevin Macleod the dread 1:01 Kevin Macleod - Bent and Broken 1:19 Kevin Macleod - Violate Reaction
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Pingu - Robot Attack with dramatic music
What if Pingu had action music when a cleaning robot moves on its own? Find out with some cool music! Music: On the Bridge, To the Rescue, and Parade Attack by Danny Elfman from Spider-Man (2002)
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Boohbah - Scrunching and Stretching
From Bubbles.
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Toy Story 2 with Teletubbies Part 10 - Arrival of the Penguin Doctor/At Wario's Character Barn
After a dangerous mission, Tinky Winky and his friends finally make it to Wario's Character Barn. Dipsy also gets a surgery.
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Boohbah - Up and Down (Widescreen)
I uploaded this dance already, but it was in 4:3 Ratio. I used Powerpoint and I mashed the clips up together. I might do the same for Follow the Leader.
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Teletubbies - Counting stars
A music video from my Vimeo account. A Groovy song, Though!
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Boohbah   Hide your heads and feet
From "Windows", "Shed", "Space Rocket" and "Book". This is very low quality. I might get a "Big TV" Australian DVD to upload this dance in Full HD.
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Boohbah - Dizzy In and Out
Requested by Dre Higbee. From "Two Hats", "Hole in the Fence" and "Snowman".
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Boohbah - Bouncing
The first end dance of Boohbah. From "Skipping Rope", "The Big Ball" and "Bouncy Castle". #boohbah15
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Wiggly animation - Wobbly camel (HD)
A full quality version of Wobbly camel.
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