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Recommended Video Settings for DJI Osmo + Tweaking a Color Grading LUT
Recommended video settings for the DJI Osmo camera to achieve the best footage that you can color grade using a color grading LUT such as the FREE Royal Punch LUT from http://osmotips.com. The video also covers the basic application of the LUT as well as how to tweak an applied LUT and make it work for your particular DJI Osmo footage.
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The Zenmuse M1 Transforms the Osmo Handle into an Osmo Mobile
The Zenmuse M1 is an accessory upgrade to transform your Osmo handle into an Osmo Mobile. So that means if you already own the Osmo , the Osmo Plus, Osmo Pro or Osmo Raw you can attach the Zenmuse M1 to any one of these handles and start using your smartphone to shoot stable footage. With the advancement in mobile smartphone camera and video capabilities, its easy to see how this will allow you to shoot clear pictures and smooth, stable footage. What’s really cool is the Zenmuse M1 fully enables all of the intelligent features of the Osmo Mobile including ActiveTrack, Motion Timelapse, Panorama, and supports Live Streaming, making it just as versatile as the original Osmo Mobile
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How to Apply a color grading LUT to DJI Osmo Footage
http://osmotips.com shows how to color grade your DJI Osmo footage using the FREE Royal Punch color grading LUT available from http://osmotips.com. Although this method uses Adobe Premiere CC 2015 to demonstrate the color grading process, it is very similar in concept to how this color grading LUT for DJI Osmo footage can be applied to other NLE software. With Adobe Premiere CC 2015, the LUT is applied via the lumetri color effect.
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5 Unique Ways to Stabilize DJI Osmo Footage in the Z - Axis
This video covers 5 different, alternative methods to stabilize DJI Osmo Footage in the Z – Axis. Though the DJI Osmo is an excellent 3 axis gimbal camera, it doesn’t stabilize movement in the z – axis, resulting in bouncy or bobbin' footage. To address this, DJI has launched the Osmo Z Axis but with delivery times averaging 40 working days, it could be months before one can get their hands on the DJI Z Axis. So in the meantime, one of these 5 unique ways to stabilize DJI Osmo footage in the z-axis, can help you out.
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Introducing the Quick Fit Adapter for DJI Osmo
http://osmotips.com/quick-fit-adapter/ The Quick-Fit Adapter (QFA) makes it super easy and convenient to mount and unmount your favorite camera gear and accessories that have a 1/4 inch tripod screw thread. Use the QFA to mount your DJI Osmo, small cameras, video monitors, microphones, audio recorders, lights ..in fact just about any accessory that has either a male or female quarter inch thread. http://osmotips.com/quick-fit-adapter/
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DJI Osmo Mobile 2  - All the PROs and CONs - Before You Buy
The Osmo Mobile 2 is a handheld smartphone gimbal made for the storyteller in all of us. Whatever your passion, wherever your destination, and whenever you feel inspired, capture moments with cinematic movement and incredible ease. Using a lightweight design, intelligent functions, and a long-lasting battery, the Osmo Mobile 2 lets you share your story. So lets start with the PROs - The new zoom control feature through the use of a slider looks cool and could be a handy way to quickly zoom into your shot - Still available are the cool features we’ve become accustomed to such as Timelapse, Motionlapse, Hyperlapse and Slow Mo - The overall weight of the over Osmo Mobile 2 is 485 g compared to the 501 for the original so lighter is better - Battery life has been increased to a massive 15 hours! batteries are no longer removable and charging now takes place via a micro usb as opposed to the headphone jack with the original. now also capable of charging your phone as well as powering via a power bank. - The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 now has a better footprint when folded meaning it will take up less space when not in use as it folds better - The portrait orientation can now be achieved without having to turn the handle sideways and is now a simple matter of flipping the phone instead of the handle. - It also now features a 1/4 inch tripod mount on the base which you can now use to attach a mini tripod or the osmo tripod. - At $129, It is cheaper than the original , which is now $199 already reduced from its normal price of $299 Availability from 10 march 2018 CONS - Gone is the Rosette mount meaning you wont be able to use any of the original DJI Osmo Mobile accessories such as the straight arm extension, universal arm to attach accessories like LED lights, Microphones etc. - Battery is not interchangeable, so when it runs out thats that . you’d need to change the whole unit. - Handle not detachable so M1 not possible to use - No more trigger to press and hold and lock the gimbal. instead you now need to toggle the Mode or M button to switch between locked modes and follow modes. Also means the triple tap to switch cameras also takes a different route to achieve this.
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How to Mount the DJI Osmo ANYWHERE
Mounting the DJI Osmo in a stationary position allows you to take timelapses, still images, stationary video, selfies and/or panoramas. However, mounting the DJI Osmo can prove to be a challenge if you don't have enough space, time or the right accessories at the moment you want to take the shot. This video explains how to use the GoPro Jaws Flex System and adapt it for the DJI Osmo, so you can mount the DJI Osmo virtually anywhere. It's easy to appreciate how this flexible and practical solution can easily become of your "Go To" accessories for the DJI Osmo.
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45 Things You Need To Know About The OSMO Mobile
DJI has introduced another Osmo to the Osmo family of 3 axis gimbal stabilized cameras. Its simply called the Osmo Mobile. We take a look at the main features of the Osmo Mobile and how it compares to the Osmo and the Osmo+
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The ULTIMATE Osmo Z Axis Review + Unboxing + Test Footage
A Full "Hands On" Review of the DJI Osmo Z - Axis, a new accessory for the DJI Osmo camera. The Osmo Z-Axis can significantly reduce vertical shaking from natural arm movements when walking or jogging. It is compatible with the Zenmuse X3 gimbal and camera and eliminates the vertical bounce, synonymous with DJI Osmo footage. With the Osmo Z Axis, you can say goodbye to the Ninja walk and concentrate on what matters, your filming ! Quick Links to Sections: 00:51 Unboxing 02:59 Testing the different settings and types of walks 09:57 Detailed review 16:50 Osmo Tips Exclusive Tip 18:30 Review Scores 20:10 Our Verdict 20:30 More test footage
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UPDATE ! Watch This Before You Buy DJI CHEST STRAP MOUNT | In Depth Review
This is an update to the video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8m6Cowz6-k We found a way to use the Z-axis with the osmo on the DJI Osmo Chest Strap Mount . The DJI chest mount allows you to mount the Osmo to your chest so you can shoot hands free.
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DJI Sticky Mount For the Osmo
The DJI Stick Mount for the Osmo is a mounting accessory that allows you to mount the Osmo Gimbal Camera on a helmet so you can shoot hands free. The Osmo - Sticky Mount is compatible with Osmo and Osmo+ The Osmo - Sticky Mount can also be used with the Osmo Gimbal Extension.
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LAUNCHING EVEREST ! - Cinematic Style LUTs for DJI Osmo!
Instant Download: http://osmotips.com/everest/ EVEREST is a Color Grading LUT Pack specifically developed for DJI Osmo D-Log Footage. Everest LUTs make it super easy to achieve cinematic style looks for your DJI Footage, helping you create compelling video stories. So whether you’re editing professional videos, holiday videos, music videos, weddings, special events, birthdays and more… we’re confident you’ll pick a LUT style that shows off your DJI Osmo skills. Simply pick one of 20 Cinematic LUTs and with ONE CLICK, you already have a great starting place with enough flexibility to tweak each LUT for your own custom look.
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Why the goosepod is now My Favorite DJI Osmo accessory
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bvenge/goosepod-the-versatile-camera-gear-mount The goosepod has launched on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Starting from £7 for the early bird special, the goosepod is an incredibly versatile camera gear mount to mount most camera gear, in virtually any position imaginable, quickly and simply. The goosepod will greatly SIMPLIFY and IMPROVE the way video and/or photo creators mount and use their camera gear and accessories. The goosepod is ideal for many content creators, including enthusiasts,part–timers, hobbyists, smartphone journalists, students, youtubers, and full professionals. Check out and Back Our Campaign https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bvenge/goosepod-the-versatile-camera-gear-mount We'll be super stoked if you do!
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DJI Osmo Gimbal Remote Extension - The Ultimate Hands On Review
We review the Gimbal Remote Extension for the DJI Osmo. The Gimbal Extension is a 1.5M long flexible extension cable that separates the Osmo Gimbal from the Handle , allowing you to use the Osmo as a modular system. With a 1/4 inch tripod mount on the base of the camera side of the extension, this makes for a more stable, lighter camera set up. The Gimbal Remote Extension is compatible with the Osmo, the Osmo Plus, Osmo Pro but not the Osmo Mobile.
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The ULTIMATE Lume Cube Review for the OSMO -  Part 1 of 2
http://www.lumecube.com/148.html This video covers everything you need to know about the powerful Lume Cube, a 1.5" cube, continuous video and flash light for the DJI Osmo, Go Pro, Smartphones and DSLR Cameras. With 1500 Lumens of light, this dynamite of a light definitely punches way above its weight. The Lume Cube is a must have accessory for the Osmo. Part 1 Summary: 03:13 - Unboxing the Lume Cube 04:15 - Anatomy of a Lume Cube 05:34 - How the Lume Cube Works 09:07 - How the Lume Cube App Works 12:18 - Mounting the Lume Cube Watch Part 2: https://youtu.be/ueQpbSL5kqo
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is this THE BEST MIC for the OSMO?
https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01NAO0Q94/ https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NAO0Q94 The EACHSHOT COMICA Cardioid Directional Condenser Video Microphone Kit for DJI OSMO/Mobile is fully compatible with DJI OSMO/Mobile. It is one delicate and cardioid Mic which is fully made of Aluminum and comes with super anti-interference function Installed with the super internal Mic , it can assist your camera and phone for professional video recording to make it to broadcasting level. Competing with the Rode Video Micro, this mic stands its own ground and packs an impressive punch!
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What the Heck is a LUT?
LUT stands for Look Up Table. It’s a small file that contains colour correction values (it looks up the colour values) for how your editing program, Adobe Premiere CC, Davinci Resolve or Final Cut X should interpret colour changes you want done to a video file. A LUT therefore saves you time and effort when it comes to color grading. A DJI Osmo Luts has been specifically developed to work like a photo filter to improve the look of your DJI Osmo footage, with a single click. LUTs can be customised for certain types of cameras, filming conditions and the stylistic look and feel required, making them extremely versatile. Osmotips has developed a Custom LUT for the DJI Osmo D-Log file format and with one click, can convert your DJI Osmo footage to a vibrant and punchy video. We call it the Royal Punch and is Free to Download ! Head on over to http://osmotips.com and download your own Free LUT.
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What are the BEST Osmo Gimbal Movement Settings?
We look at the Osmo gimbal movement settings, including the smooth track settings for pan and tilt plus the Joystick smoothing and speed settings. The video also looks at the default gimbal movement profiles for the DJI Osmo. We also provide definitions of the custom parameters - deadband, speed and acceleration for complete gimbal movement control.
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A Cheaper Mini Tripod for DJI Osmo
http://osmotips.com/mini Now Available for almost about HALF the PRICE compared to the DJI Tripod! - The Mini Tripod is great for mounting several camera accessories such as monopods, articulating arms or DJI Extension rod. It uses a 3/8 inch tripod screw thread for attachment to accessories or adapters with a 3/8 inch female thread. The Mini Tripod allows for tilting movement with a twist knob for locking the monopod at an upright position. It folds neatly to save space and fit into the smallest of places Key Features Foldable & Lockable 3/8″ Tripod Thread Small and Compact http://osmotips.com/mini
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Free DJI Osmo Color Grading LUT
http://osmotips.com is giving away a free Color Grading LUT that we specifically developed for DJI Osmo footage. With One click you can achieve outstanding colour of your dji osmo footage and color correct your videos. When you film video with the dji osmo, always shoot in a log profile (DJI Log) as log footage will protect your shadows and highlights and give you the best starting point to color grade dji osmo footage.
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The Best Low Budget  Mic for the Osmo
Say hello to the Aputure A-Lav, a professional omnidirectional lavalier mic for devices with an 1/8 inch input. This includes the Osmo, Mobile Phones, DSLR Cameras and Digital Audio Recorders. The best thing about this mic... It costs $35! is it any good? Check it out ! Get your Aputure A. Lav here: http://osmotips.com/alav
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The Most Annoying Things About the DJI OSMO
We look at a few annoying, yet important issues that crop up when you're operating the DJI Osmo. We look at WIFI Connectivity Issues, Audio Issues, Gimbal Drifting and the newly introduced DJI Osmo Facebook LIVE Feature. These issues can prevent you from making the most of the Osmo, so we offer our practical solutions to fixing the issues. 02:14 - WIFI Connectivity 09:23 - Audio Issues 17:09 - Drifting 20:25 - Facebook Live
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The Best DJI Osmo Settings for Low Light and Night Time Shooting
This video makes several comparisons and tests of DJI Low Light and Night Time test footage to arrive at a recommended setting for Low Light and Night Time Shooting. We look at the impact that ISO settings and Shutter Speed settings have on Low Light and Night Time shooting on the DJI Osmo. This is a Long-ish Video and you may want to jump to specific topics in the video: Index of Quick Links to Specific Content: 01:34 DJI Osmo ISO Theory 02:55 Testing Different ISO Noise Levels 04:36 DJI Osmo Shutter Speed Theory 09:00 Explaining the KnockOut System 10:31 DJI Osmo 4K vs 1080p 11:09 DJI Osmo Manual vs Auto 12:19 DJI Osmo ISO Tests 16:03 DJI Osmo Shutter Speed Tests 20:19 DJI Osmo Conclusion 23:18 Test Footage Enjoy!
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You Gotta Try These - Polar Pro Accessories for the Osmo Pocket!
Check Out these awesome accessories below: https://www.hobbymounts.co.uk/shop/DJI-Osmo-Ronin/DJI-Osmo-Pocket-Accessories/Polar-Pro-Action-Mount-DJI-Osmo-Pocket https://www.hobbymounts.co.uk/shop/DJI-Osmo-Ronin/DJI-Osmo-Pocket-Accessories/Polar-Pro-Gimbal-Lock-Lens-Protector-DJI-Osmo-Pocket https://www.hobbymounts.co.uk/shop/DJI-Osmo-Ronin/DJI-Osmo-Pocket-Accessories/Polar-Pro-Wifi-Module-Tripod-Adapter-DJI-Osmo-Pocket https://www.hobbymounts.co.uk/shop/DJI-Osmo-Ronin/DJI-Osmo-Pocket-Accessories/Polar-Pro-Tripod-Adapter-Mount-DJI-Osmo-Pocket The Osmo Pocket Action Mount expands mounting options, enabling you to create immersive content out in the wild. With its secure frame design, the Action Mount firmly holds the Osmo Pocket in three different mounting orientations. Using the included thumbscrew you can connect to your favorite GoPro Mounts. Constructed with lightweight reinforced nylon, the Action Mount has a sturdy build with minimal weight added. The Osmo Pocket Tripod Mount has dual ¼’’-20 mounts enabling you to attach your favorite tripod or microphone to increase the production value on your next shoot. Compatible with both the Control Wheel and your mobile phone, the tripod mount doesn’t hold your Osmo Pocket back. The Osmo Pocket Gimbal Lock provides maximum support for your gimbal in transit, allowing you to leave on your favorite PolarPro filters. Keeping a minimalist design in mind, the lock provides a compact option for case-less storage. The contoured pressure fit build makes it easy to install or remove as needed without added stress on the gimbal. Constructed out of rigid reinforced nylon, the Osmo Pocket lock is guaranteed to survive the most rugged adventures. Designed to make the Osmo Pocket Wifi Base tripod compatible enabling you to control your system remotely. The Arca-Swiss quick release system gives the ability to slide into a tripod plate without having to worry about setup time or breakdown, while the ¼-20 thread presents added versatility and mounting options during a shoot.
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We review, in detail, the Zenmuse M1 gimbal in all its glory. The Zenmuse M1 is compatible with all Osmo, Osmo+, Osmo Pro and Osmo RAW grips*. When installed on a grip, the Zenmuse M1 is able to hold a wide variety of smartphone, allowing you to shoot clear pictures and smooth, stable footage, just like the DJI Osmo Mobile. The Zenmuse M1 also enables all of the intelligent features of the Osmo Mobile including ActiveTrack, Motion Timelapse, Panorama, Beautify, and Live Streaming, allowing you to capture your memories more easily and cinematically than ever before. *Not compatible with fully integrated Osmo Mobile grip. Quick Links Zenmuse M1 - Unboxing and Anatomy 00:40 Zenmuse M1 - Mounting the Gimbal 01:59 Zenmuse M1 - Activating the Gimbal 03:33 Zenmuse M1 - Using the DJI Go App 04:40 Zenmuse M1 - Mounting Accessories 15:27 Zenmuse M1 - Test Footage 20:05 Zenmuse M1 - Winning Set Up 27:24 Zenmuse M1 - Summary of Findings 29:30
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We have something COOL to share...
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DJI Osmo Audio FIXED - Best setup for vloggers
For all things DJI OSMO is great at, the audio is NOT one of them. But then this is a high performance handheld 4K camera with 3 axis gimbal stabilization and not really a microphone. We take a look at the DJI Audio fix and come up with a DJI Audio solution that uses the Sennheiser ew100 G3 wireless microphone system. If you're a vlogger, you will love this set up as it frees you up to do everything you want to do whilst consistently recording pristine quality audio through the microphone jack of the DJI OSMO
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http://osmotips.com/london/ The first ever LUT pack specifically developed for the DJI Osmo Mobile footage. We’re super excited to launch our very first LUT Package that has been developed specifically for smartphone video footage…and take full advantage of the Filmic Pro Log Picture Profile. We simply call it ….London…the bold and beautiful LUTs for color grading Smartphone Mobile footage.
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Filters you ABSOLUTELY  must have for the DJI Osmo
Filters such as an ND (Neutral Density) Filter, reduce the intensity of light by several stops, allowing the DJI Osmo to correctly expose images and videos, without having to shoot at ridiculously high Shutter speeds. In this video, we explore the Exposure basics and deep dive into the details of the different filters you should have for your DJI Osmo. We test out a few key filters and end it all off with our recommendation. 00:52 - The Exposure Triangle 06:10 - Types of Filters 12:54 - How to Fit/Change Filters 13:54 - Test Footage 24:38 - Test Film shot with ND16 Filter 26:01 - Conclusion
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How To Achieve The Best DJI OSMO Slow-MOTION
We look at the 3 Methods available to achieve slow motion video on the DJI Osmo. The methods include the default SLO Mode for DJI Osmo in addition to the over-cranking and frame blending methods. We look at each method in detail, look at test footage, and wrap it all up with our comprehensive conclusion and recommendation.
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Watch This Before You Buy DJI CHEST STRAP MOUNT | In Depth Review
https://www.paypal.me/osmotips The DJI Osmo Chest Strap Mount allows you to mount the Osmo to your chest so you can shoot hands free. In this video, we take the DJI Osmo Chest Strap Mount through unboxing, setting it up, mounting the Osmo, and how to easily strap it to your chest. Next we conduct detailed comparison tests of using the osmo with and without the chest strap mount and also compare the footage against the z -axis. Finally, we wrap it all up with the Osmo Tip verdict.
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Best WIRELESS Mic System for Interviews ? -  Comica CVM WM300
The Comica CVM - WM300 is an all-metal wireless microphone system with dual-transmitters, triggered by one receiver meaning you can hook up 2 separate wireless microphones to one receiver and record joint audio from 2 sources. This makes the WM300 an ideal microphone system for 1 to 1 interview video shoots. The WM300 main features are listed as follows: • Dual Transmitter Capability • A/B Double Group Options • 96 Channels to choose from, • Multiple Capability • Up to 120m working distance (in open area, up to 80m in Barrier Area) • LCF Low Cut Filter Mode • Auto-scanning for Quick Channel Selection • Manual or Auto IR Sync • Adjustable RF Signal Strength • Audio Dynamic Display Bar • 16 Levels Volume Adjustment • Transmitter Power Monitor • Switchable Mono/Stereo Output Modes • Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery – works with a micro USB • Slim Body • Low power -consumption • Super-long Standby Time • High Resolution Lattice LCD Display • Full Metal Manufacturing • Excellent Shielding More About Comica: http://www.comica-audio.com/ Join the Community! https://www.facebook.com/comicaaudiotech/
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The ALL NEW Adobe Premiere Pro CC Proxy Workflow (June 2016)
The long awaited Adobe Premiere Pro 2015.3 (June 2016) was released 2 days ago and we take our first look at the all new proxy workflow. The proxy workflow allows for the creation of much smaller file size proxies that you can edit with ease. After editing, simply render in the full resolution of the original footage. This new media management offers capabilities in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder letting you work the way you want to, on the device you choose.
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How to Create Stunning Panoramas on the Osmo
We look at several methods to create panoramas on the DJI Osmo. The methods for creating 360 x 180 degree panoramas include PTGui, AutoPano, Hugin as well as Dermandar. We also look at Dronepan, a cool app for shooting all images required to create a full 360 x 180 degree panorama that takes full advantage of Facebook's new 360 degree photo. 01:40 - Panorama Basics 04:53 - DJI Osmo Panorama 07:26 - Dermandar Panorama 14:06 - Dronepan App 16:30 - PTGui Panorama 21:23 - AutoPano Panorama 25:02 - Uses for Panoramas 26:34 - Challenges and Obstacles 28:58 - Conclusion and Call to Action
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XGrip Stabilizer with the DJI Osmo
Although the Opteka X-GRIP Professional Action Stabilizing Handle is really designed for Digital SLR Cameras and Camcorders, we decided to use it with the DJI Osmo and the results were pretty pleasing...
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CVM-VM10-K2 Multi-Function Smartphone Video Kit - FULL REVIEW
The CVM-VM10-K2 Multi-Function Smartphone Video Kit is a cost-effective, beginner to semi-pro shotgun microphone kit for smartphones, the whole unit comes in a handy carry and storage case and contains all the accessories required to use this microphone in any condition. It definitely improves the quality of the audio. At £62 at the time of publishing this video, this kit represents value for money and is a good investment for anyone wanting to take audio seriously Below is the Amazon Link: http://u6.gg/rL9wS
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The ULTIMATE Lume Cube Review for the OSMO -  Part 2 of 2
http://www.lumecube.com/148.html This video covers everything you need to know about the powerful Lume Cube, a 1.5" cube, continuous video and flash light for the DJI Osmo, Go Pro , Smartphones and DSLR Cameras,. With 1500 Lumens of light, this dynamite of a light definitely punches way above its weight The Lume Cube is a must have accessory for the Osmo. Part 2 Summary: 00:52 - All the Tests 19:24 - Conclusion and recommendations
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DJI OSMO Microphone Showdown - Hands On Testing and Recommendation
We compare 4 different Microphone options for the DJI Osmo and rate each one in terms of 1) ease of set up 2) ease of use and of 3) the final audio quality. Our ratings were based on a 2 person shoot (talent + Osmo shooter) and NO audio adjustments were made in post production. The test was done in the midst of a small town festival so we could capture all the sounds of the great atmosphere. We decided on one winner, based on what and how we were shooting on this particular day but watch the video and see/hear if you agree with us! The 4 Mics we tested : 1. Rode Video Mic Pro 2. Sennheiser EW112P G3 Wireless Mic 3. Zoom H5 X-Y Stereo 4. The DJI Osmo inbuilt microphone
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How to Install the Osmo Tips Mega LUT Pack to FCPX and Adobe PP
http://osmotips.com/mega A quick walk through the process to install the Osmo Tips Cinematic LUT Packs to FCPX and Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017. The MEGA LUT Pack is our One Off LUT COMBO Consisting of EVEREST, SAVANNA and GALAXY LUT Packs. These Color Grading LUT Packs have been specifically developed for DJI Osmo D-Log Footage, making it super easy to achieve cinematic style looks for your DJI Footage. Now creating compelling video stories is never been this easy.
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Best AFFORDABLE Wireless Mic for the Osmo? - COMICA WM100
US AMAZON LINK: http://osmotips.com/wm100 UK AMAZON LINK: http://osmotips.com/wm100_UK COMICA LINK: http://www.comica-audio.com/ The Comica CVM -WM100 or just WM100 for short, is a wireless microphone system from Comica, a division of Commlite Technology. This UHF technology microphone has 48 Channels for multiple devices to work together. It has a working distance of up to 100m without any staccato (In Open Area). It has an adjustable RF Signal Strength and Local Audio Test in the Transmitter End. The high lattice LCD Display is of high resolution and the muting mode is indicated by a red light blinking. We review the Comica WM100 in great detail and test it side by side vs the Sennheiser G3 wireless microphone. COPY and PASTE the Message below and tweet to stand a chance to win the Comica WM100. Remember to follow us @osmotips "Check out the Comica WM100 Review by @osmotips https://youtu.be/6EOffvtoAvw"
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Comica CVM-SV20 Review as used with DJI Osmo
This video reviews a £37 (as of 19 Nov 2017) Compact Stereo Shotgun Mic for the DJI Osmo and other similar, small form factor cameras. It includes a gain sensitivity switch that can be set to -10dB, 0dB or +10dB. Also features a Low Cut Filter switch and wors off a CR2032 battery.
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Welcome to OsmoTips!
Welcome to our channel! My name is Brian and together with Nyasha, my 10 year old daughter, we created OsmoTips as a way to share tips and tricks and all the cool stuff we get to do with the DJI Osmo Camera. We trust you’ll take some inspiration from our passion and go out there to create some great content for the world to enjoy. If you're seeing this video, it means you're new here and you went out of your way to check out our work. We'd like to say thank you for taking the time and effort to visit. Feel free to SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, LIKE, DISCUSS or simply ASK questions on anything relating to the DJI OSMO. If we can’t answer it for you, we’ll be sure to suggest someone who can. Check out our website http://osmotips.com Have an awesome day!
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How To Create Your Own Brand From Your Passion
http://academy.osmotips.com/ Register today and learn how to create your own brand and earn passive income from it. I'll teach you all the methods we used successfully to create the Osmo Tips brand, a passive income generating side hustle.
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How to mount the DJI Osmo to a vehicle using the Go Pro Suction Cup Mount
DJI Osmo footage from a moving vehicle can bring a whole level of professionalism to your video projects. This method doesn’t even use Dji osmo’s vehicle mount but instead uses a much cheaper GoPro Suction Cup Mount. Find out how easy it is to mount the dji osmo to a car and shoot some smooth tracking shots. Take advantage of the dji osmo’s 3 axis stabilization to create some smooth tracking shots when mounted using the GoPro suction cup mount
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Introducing The POCKET GOOSEPOD - the smallest camera gear mount
http://osmotips.com/pocket. The Pocket Goosepod is the smallest camera gear mount system. It's ideal for camera accessories weighing less than 1.5 kg including the DJI Osmo, Osmo Mobile, Mirrorless and small DSLR cameras, Field Monitors, LED Lights and many other compact camera gear. On one end of the Pocket Goosepod is the quick fitting crab clamp which acts as the base mount, and can securely clam onto virtually anything. The Pocket Goosepod has a 360-degree ball head, swivel action at this base end. On the other end the Pocket Goosepod features a ¼ inch male tripod thread and locking wheel and this has a 180-degree articulation movement. The ¼ inch thread means you can attach almost any camera gear with a female tripod thread.
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DJI Osmo Questions and Answers to FAQ's - Vol 2
Our second DJI Osmo Q&A covers all sorts of questions relating to color grading LUTs, a new Free LUT loader for FCPX, Using After Effects templates with your DJI Osmo footage, Audio Settings, 4K to 1080p workflows plus many other cool tips and tricks. Enjoy the ride(s)! 00:40 - Alternative ways to install the Royal Punch LUT including free FCPX Lut Loader 07:11 - What size are the Filters used on the Osmo? 08:48 - How the Lume Cube Intro video was created using Adobe After Effects 15:19 - How to downscale from 4K to 1080p - The PROPER way. 21:48 - Do you need a motorized panning head to shoot 360 x 180 panoramas ? 22:30 - How we recorded audio for the Trampoline shots 24:13 - How to set the internal recording volume correctly 25:25 - Do you need to shoot in D-Log for Facebook LIVE? Reference Links http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/product/fcpx-lut-loader/ http://osmotips.com/videohive
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The ULTIMATE Feelworld FW760 Review - Affordable Field Monitor
http://osmotips.com/feelworld http://osmotips.com/feelworld_US Feelworld FW760 is a Full HD LED Monitor with a sharp and well-defined image to monitor video in the field. 00:54 - Unboxing 03:14 - Physical Features 04:40 - Detailed Menu Review 19:04 - Side by Side Comparison with the Aputure VS-2 20:33 - Sunshade Test 21:15 - The Pros (Positives) 25:05 - The Cons (Negatives) 27:00 - Our Conclusion The Feelworld FW760 7" Monitor is packed full of features including Focus Assist, Histogram, Stereo Audiometer display, Check Field, Anamorphic Mode, Flip Image Mode, Image Freeze, Scan Mode, 9 Grid Zoom Mode, Support for 4K UHD Signal and many more impressive features. The LCD appearance is fully customizable with pinpoint accuracy through Brightness, Contrast, Hue, and Saturation. It works with the SONY type of battery and comes with many additional accessories such as articulating (magic arm), hot show mount, micro and mini HDMI Cables, Sunshade and much more. But of all these features, what makes the Feelworld FW760 standout from the rest, is its price point. It comes in at around £135 a really affordable monitor. This review takes a detailed look at all menu functions and then compares it to the Aputure VS-2. Check out these links : For UK: http://osmotips.com/feelworld For US: http://osmotips.com/feelworld_US
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How To Create Timelapse Videos LIKE A BOSS - DJI Osmo
We take a detailed look at 5 different ways to create timelapse videos using the DJI Osmo. Covering different Apps and Software, the methods include speeding up a video shot on the DJI Osmo, in camera processing, post production processing and via the DJI Media Maker App. We cover these topics in some detail : -Options available for a Timelapse with the DJI Osmo -Setting Up for the Timelapse -Go through Each Option -Pros and Cons of each Option -Conclusion Resources Used: DJO Osmo - required DJI Media Maker - optional Adobe Lightroom 5 - optional Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 - optional This is a quite a long video (30 mins) but loaded full of tips and tricks to help you create the best time-lapse videos using the DJI Osmo.
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Comiray 3 in 1 Light vs Lume Cube  - Full Review + side by side tests
For Lume Cube: http://www.lumecube.com/148.html For Commlite https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01N0ACCM0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 In this video we review a new light from Commlite - The Commiray CM-PL12 LED light. We do a quikc unboxing, go over how it works and then do a qucik comparison with the lumecube, a similarly compact Other Links: https://www.lumecube.com/giveaways/ http://goosepod.com/starterpack
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Is this the World's Longest Selfie Stick for the DJI Osmo ? We think so...
We build an awesome 5.5m Selfie stick for the DJI Osmo and shoot some great aerial footage without a drone! This a good dji osmo tip for anyone looking to go beyond the ground level shots. Make sure you have an adult to supervise, if you want to build your own and get the adult to lift it and do not use it in a place with people around you. Have Fun!
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