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Cute White Persian Cat with Her Kittens! Princes is pregnant
This is my pregnant queen , Princes . She is about to give birth . Notice , the photos of the litter that you see are of her last pregnancy not the recent one .
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4 cute Persian kittens!!
One month old. I recommend you to watch it in high quality.
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Cute Blue Bros !
adorable aren't they?!
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The tribute to Katya's first litter
This is a tribute to the first pregnancy of Katya. she's one of the most affectionate and kind kitties I've ever had.she had a bad time before coming to my house.actually she's the first daughter of my gray tomcat Bijhu.when she was 6weeks old I sold her to a lady that was absolutely mad for Katya.she lived a luxurious life till her6th month, but the owner got pregnant , and from that moment Katya's bad time began.the lady started keeping Katya in a very small balcony for weeks , not letting her come inside the house saying that"my mother in-law and friends say that a cat affects the embryo inside me in a bad way." I tried a lot to convince her that all this beliefs are just nonsenses. I even sent many articles from Net to her trying to assure her that both vets and specialist doctors have been declaring that in the case you keep your cat in a hygienic situation , he/she wont make any problem for the newborn or the mom. but she just didn't want to accept it. Katya was kept in the balcony for 3 months during autumn and winter . eventually one day she(the owner) gave me a ring saying that "I'm about to give birth any time and I'm gonna give Katya up to you and if you don't accept her anything can happen to her!" I couldn't believe that this is the same lady who used to adore Katya! though I already had 3 cats I took her in . at first she was so aggressive and tense, but gradually she got so much loving . then she mated with my other tomcat Napoleon and gave birth to 5 beautiful angels ! I'm so glad that God gave me this precious girl. all of kittens have found their homes , and we later decided to keep the black girl as she is so much cute !
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NiNi's Angles !
Here are few angles of NiNi (meaning baby in Persian) . She's 45 days old now , and she's full of attitude!
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Playing with dad !
Angel , our precious beautiful cute Persian kitten playing with her dad ! today she left us for her new home . I'm really missing her so much....
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Cute Persian Kittens Drinking Milk !
27 Days old ... Drinking Milk from bowl for the very first time !
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Our first Himalayan kitten!
There were six kittens in this litter. 4 white girls and two Himalayan boys. this video shows three of the kittens . We were not expecting any Himalayan kitten actually, hence we knew that color-pointed gene has always been dominated by the white gene , and you will get color-pointed kitten only in the case both sir and dam are color-pointed , or in the case one is color-pointed , and the other one caries the genes. We were pretty much sure, our boy didn't have color-pointed genes. so , we were quiet sure we were not gonna get Himalayan kittens. But surprisingly we got it, We are thrilled!
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Abel & Cain Meowing!
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Cute blacky !
Here's blacky ! he's 12 days old now and as he's growing he's going more and more alike to his daddy Napoleon ! same eyes , same nose , same face , same attitude . the only thing different in them is their color! I'll later upload more of Blacky and his daddy !
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Disturbed kitten meows all the time for no reason
This 16 days-old kitten of mine is disturbed cos he meows all the time for no reason. When his mom's with him he meows, when she's not with him he meows. When his sisters are drinking milk he meows, when they're playing he meows. he was checked by the vet. He's perfectly healthy. It's just like, this is the way he is! :))
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Cutest Persian Kitten Playing With Himself !!!!
This is one of the cutest kittens I've ever had. i owned him via my tom cat's mating with a Himalayan queen. his mom gave birth to triplets and i took "Narmaloo" as my one. I named him "Narmaloo" meaning Very soft and smooth! in the clip he is exactly one month old. now he is about a year old and his owners have bought him a beautiful white girlfriend !
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Milky Milky kittens
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Daughter and daddy Persian cat meeting for the first time !!
Here's one of Napoleon's very cute and beautiful kittens!I may name her Angel . it does not matter that much though hence I'm not going to keep her so her new owners will name her finally. She hisses at dad as he's an stranger! her mom does not live with me .
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Weird Persian triplets !
Music : Kevin McLeod
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Mommy bathing sleeping kittens!
Music : Qntal - Entre Moi et mon Amin
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It's Her First Time !! Bijou Doushes Mating !
Well , though Bijou used to mate very much , this female was a new experience for him as it was the very first time that he was mating with a non-Persian cat! so ,he's a bit frightened !!Doushes will give birth to her kittens at about 14th October.
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Black litter of Persian kittens !
Although I love all color of kittens, I was not impressed with this blackish litter of mine at all, because we were pretty much sure that we would have a white litter ! But as they're growing they're going cute and cuter! at first I really didn't want to make any video of them, but then I thought it might be oppressive. So, here's a video of them. hopefully I'll make more as they grow!
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The Story of our Persian kittens !
This is how we got our white Persian kittens . many people just love kittens but they can't stand mating scene at all . well If you like to see cute kittens this is the way they are made then!the journey of kittens!
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Cute white sisters!
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Cute Persian kittens and their daddy !!
These kittens are his very first babies ,and he just loves them ! Song : Enya - Return To Innocence
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My aunt's 12 year old cat ! still mothering !
This is my aunt's 12 year old queen named NazNaz ! she's been having litters for 11 years ! we are not sure exactly how many litters she's had by now , but surely more than 16! the smallest one was a litter of one , and the largest included 7 kittens .
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Persian Cat Mating 3 !!!
TuTu Princes Mating. This is the third time that Princes is mating and She is expecting nowadays, She'll give birth to her kittens about 5th of October.
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Cute fluffy Persian kittens !
I though I had to make another video of Katya's first litter . so , here is it !
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Cute kitten , Very cute meow song !
Kitten playing , daddy looking after him !
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Cute fluffy Angel drinking milk!
The way we feed our spoiled girl Angel!
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Adorable Persian Triplets !
Two of these beautiful babies have already left for their new homes! The black and white one is waiting for his family .
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Aww ! How cute !
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Persian Cat Mating 2 !!!
This is my very beautiful Persian cat Fifi mating with my own tom cat . Fifi is about 16 months old and her second boyfriend ( which you can see in this video ) is 2 years and half . Fifi is expecting nowadays !
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White Persian cats mating !
Weirdly last night she gave birth to three blackish blue kittens! both me and her owner are pretty much shocked as we were not expecting this at all ! I mean , we were expecting at least few white kittens too! but see what we got ! a blackish litter ! we love them though. This once more made me believe that it's really difficult to predict litter's possible color . sometimes something opposite of all feline genetic rules and expectations of vets happens . .................................................................................................... Additional information . August 2009 She gave birth to two white babies in her second litter!
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Angel's cuteness !
Our new baby , Angel !! We like this name a lot , that's why we frequently name our babies Angel !
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Persian Cat Mating 1!!!
This is my very beautiful and loving queen Fifi mating with the stud of one of my friends , Fifi is 16 months old and this boyfriend of her is 5 years old !. During this heat Fifi mated with two male cats .
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Beautiful and adorable fluffy Persian family! (Very cute!)
Beautiful Persian triplets of mine . 45 days old ! they're adorable aren't they ?!
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Newborn Persian Kittens Fighting over Nipple !!
they're just one day old ,but these two kitten are literally fighting over one nipple ! that's pretty much common in all feline babies though ...
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Kitten & Bottle
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Cain & Abel !
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Melissa Teasing her Hubby
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Cute Persian kitten wants milk so bad !
Music : Kevin MacLeod
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I love my sister !
I lick my sis , then tease her and try to bite her tail ! I love her !
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Extremely cute kittens !!
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I licks my bro !!
Our odd-eyed white kitten licking her Himalayan bro !
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6 weird facts about Abel !
You'd never guess that !
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Persian cat cleaning windows !
Our girl Katya loves to do some little chores , like cleaning windows ! she really enjoys doing this....
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