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How to tie scarf to a bag handle with Fariba Soltani twilly
www.faribasoltan.com How to tie a Twilly silk to your hand bag | Wrap twillies around the handle of your bag. Twillies are in fashion and for a right reason. They are diverse and you can style them in various ways. One style we see often appearing is around the handle of bags. Here you can see our favourite two styles.
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How To Tie Twilly Scarf with Fariba Soltani
www.faribasoltani.com How to tie twilly silk scarf. These scarves also called skinny or slim scarves. They are double sided, 7 cm x 130 cm and made in Italy. from Twill Silk. They are diverse and you can style them in various ways, around your neck, hand, handbag, as belt, etc.
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How To Tie Women Scarf by Fariba Soltani Scarves
www.faribasoltani.com How to tie women scarf - Our favourite ways to tie scarf for women explained in this video. These are the style suitable for large scarf and silk 90 x 90 cm scarf. If you wish to see how you can style our other scarves see our channel for the rest of styles.
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How To Fold A Pocket Square | Ways Of Wearing A Pocket Square
www.faribasoltani.com How to to fold pocket squares. We have chosen our favourite every day style of folding pocket squares. This video explains step by step of how to wear pocket squares in only few seconds and achieve the ultimate look with only small accessory.
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How to tie men's scarf from Fariba Soltani
www.faribasoltani.com Different Ways To Tie Scarf For Men. Here in this video we have shown our favourite ways of wearing scarf for men, and of course, there are more ways to tie a scarf for men. We have chosen two types of our scarves here in this video;modal cashmere blend and wool scarf. See the website www.faribasoltani.com for full collection of our scarves.
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How To Tie Man’s Scarf Fashionably With Fariba Soltani
www.faribasoltani.com How to tie a scarf around the neck. This style of scarf/neckerchief might be unusual to you, but works beautifully. Follow the video to see what unique look you can create with this scarf. It is made from 100% linen therefore perfect for summer. It makes you stand out for all the good reason.
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The Ultimate Men's Accessory - Luxury Italian Scarf
Luxury designer scarf, designed in London, crafted in Italy
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Fashion photography - Behind the scene of our AW 17/18 collection
Fashion photography - Behind the scene of our AW 17/18 collection
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Twilly scarf for women - How to style women scarf for photoshoot
Summer scarves for women This year we have decided on skinny scarves for our summer collection. We have always chosen stories to inspired us the at are close to our heart and they are part of us. We always look into our heritage for inspiration and this time is not an exception. The collection called Pardis and is inspired by Persian gardens. The gardens have variety of flowers and we have reflected that in the campaign photoshoot by choosing models from different background to embrace diversity in nature. See the full collection at www.faribasoltani.com
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