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Face-to-face meeting with Jesus
Larry Randolph was in bed and had a face-to-face meeting with Jesus. Jesus told him that everyone is unique. Everyone has a unique destiny. If he did not fulfill his destiny, his expression of God would not come to earth.
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The Key to Getting to Know the Holy Spirit
To get to know the Holy Spirit, all you have to do is talk to Him on a regular basis. The greatest sin we can commit against the Holy Spirit is ignoring Him. He is as real as Jesus Christ; He is as real as the Father. He has emotion. He has intellect. He is so powerful that He raised Jesus from the dead.
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Praying in Tongues After Patient Died
Dr. Crandall had been praying for a gift of tongues for weeks. At one point the doctor was at the operating table and the patient died. Dr. Crandall raised his hands and began to speak in tongues. The patient came back to life.
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Watching Both Enoch & Elijah Leave Earth
Kevin Zadai had a weird supernatural experience. He was on an airplane with his wife when an angel suddenly appeared in the aisle. The angel took him out of the plane and through the time dimension. He ended up on a path he did not recognize. He saw a man was walking towards him in the distance. Kevin watched as the glory of God came upon the man who then disappeared. The glory of God radiated out and almost knocked Kevin & the angel over. The angel said that the man was Enoch, walking into eternity without ever experiencing death. supernaturalThe angel took Kevin to another period where he saw a chariot of fire taking Elijah into eternity.
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What is a Seer?
Ana Werner is a new covenant seer. A seer is a person who hears and gets wisdom from the Lord. This comes primarily using the sense of sight. For instance, once Ana was praying for a group of people in church and saw lots of bruising around someone's shoulder. No one else could see it. So, she knew that she was to pray for the shoulder. It got healed
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3 Things to Do Before Miracles Erupt
Kynan Bridges always does these three things at his healing meetings: 1. Proclaim the Kingdom of Heaven 2. Invite the Holy Spirit to come in. 3. Develop a sense of determination
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Praying in Tongues
When Richard Roberts prays in tongues, he knows that he is praying a mysterious heavenly language. He will get an idea and assumes it is God’s interpretation of the tongue. Then he starts praying the idea in English.
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Addicted to God -- Justin Abraham
Do you want to know how to walk deeper into the supernatural? Get closer to God. Commune with Him continually. God is love. He created us so that He could have someone to love -- someone who would love Him. He rewards those who earnestly seek Him. Hebrews 11:6b
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Daniel's Ten-Day Diet Explained
Daniel would not eat the king’s rich food for 10 days. He would eat only pulse and water. Pulse is anything that, when placed in the ground, will reproduce. So, he was a vegetarian for 10 days. He would also pray 3 times a day. Supernatural things happened to his body, mind and spirit.
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Who Is Going to Hell
There was the true Light which, coming into the world, enlightens EVERY man. John 1:9 (emphasis mine) As a pastor of a large congregation, Neville Johnson spent lots of time with dying people. For some of even the unsaved people, their eyes were opened to see part of the unseen realm. They would ask questions like, "Who's that man standing in the corner? He's all in white and bright." Pastor Johnson would reply that it was Jesus. Then he would give them a chance to accept Him as their saviour. The saved ones would go to heaven.
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Willima Branham Influenced T.L. Osborn's Healing Ministry
T.L. Daisy Osborn were at a William Branham meeting. He asked the congregation where sickness came from. He said that there was no sickness in the Garden of Eden. He went on to explain that sickness was from the devil. Jesus had the power to cast out spirits of infirmity. His disciples had the power to cast out spirits of infirmity. The same model was followed in the Book of Acts. Later on the first infirmed person to come to the front was a deaf girl who had never spoken in her life. William Branham said something to the effect of, “In the name of Jesus Christ I adjure you, spirit of deafness, come out of this girl.”
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Who Are God's Remnant?
At this point in the Kingdom of God the Lord is raising up a remnant who will help bring the gospel to the nations and change the culture of the world.
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Doctor Hears Audible Voice of God
One day Dr. Chauncey Crandall ask the Lord for a people group he could pray for. He heard the audible voice of God telling him to pray for his patients. God told him that if he would not pray for them, no one else would.
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Discerning Spirits
1 Corinthians 12 talks about the nine gifts of the Spirit. Spiritual discernment is one of them. A seer is a prophetic person who walks in a high level of spiritual discernment. There are four types of spirits that a seer can expect to discern -- the Holy Spirit, heavenly spirits such as angels, the human spirit and the demonic.
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Learning How to Develop Her Seer Gift
Ana Werner started by spending 10 minutes a day being led by the Lord. She would ask to experience him with her senses. She would journal what she experienced.
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The Secret -- Intimacy with God
Here are two important factors for developing his gift of knowledge: 1. Become extremely intimate with God. 2. Look at a person as though they already had the character that God intended them to have.
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The Boy in the Bubble
Nancy Coen was at a party with some very important people in Washington, DC. Suddenly, with her supernatural eyes, she saw a boy floating towards her in a bubble of light. She assumed that this was her divine appointment -- the reason she was taken to the party. She was called into another conversation and the boy in the bubble floated away. Later she saw the "boy in the bubble" in the form of a young man speaking to a group of people. He stopped his speech and spoke to Nancy. He said that she had been appearing in a recurring dream since he was 8 years old. Nancy helped the young man fulfil his destiny.
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How to Hear God's Voice
Jamie Galloway teaches people how to get out of a boring Christian life and into an adventurous journey. He teaches people how to wait on God and get into the supernatural. Waiting on God leads to visitation. Here is how he does it. He gets himself into a place of stillness without distractions. He does not focus on himself. He focuses on Jesus Christ. When he does he begins to see things that he would not see otherwise. It may take 45 minutes to dial down enough. You must be persistent if you want to become good at it.
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How Powerful Are Your Prayers?
Jesus showed Kevin Zadai an atomic blast. The mushroom-shaped cloud was spectacular. Jesus told Kevin that when it comes to prayer, most Christians are looking for the spectacular. But, he said, that atomic blast sent out shock waves that knocked down practically everything in their path for 30 miles. Our prayers are like those shock waves -- unspectacular but powerful. Never stop praying.
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Archaeological Evidence of Moses Crossing the Red Sea
Using biblical clues, archaeologist, Ron Wyatt, took a diving team to where he though the Red Sea crossing occurred. This is where Moses & the Egyptian slaves crossed the Red Sea to pursue pharaoh’s army. Ron Wyatt found that the sea was only 900 - 1000 feet at that point. On either side it dropped down to 5000 feet. On the sea floor they found a human rib cage encased in corral and many chariot wheels.
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When the Glory of God Fell
Shawn Morris went on a 3-day dry fast. He was on the floor having a vision. The Glory of God came in. It looked like the room was full of smoke. People came for a Bible study that night. EVERYONE saw the Glory cloud. When some were in it, they were slain in the spirit -- in some cases for hours. During this season of the Glory cloud, Oil would drip off the ceiling Lumps would fall of people's bodies Blind eyes were opened Deaf could hear.
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What Are Nephilim?
Nephilim are a hybrid offspring that were produced when fallen angels cohabited with human women. Genesis says that there were nephilim in the land in the time of Noah and also after that.
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Jordan Rubin's 3 Principles of Eating
Jordan Rubin has 3 principles of eating for himself: 1. Eat only what God created for food 2. Eat all food in a form that is healthy for the body 3. Don’t make any food or drink your idol.
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Healed of All Insecurities
Katherine had a childhood of insecurity, abandonment and abuse. After a few prayers, she was completely set free. Jesus did what no psychiatrist could ever do.
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Out of Body Experience in the Operating Room
Kevin Zenai died on the operating table and had an out of body experience. This was followed by a life of amazing experiences. Why to you think you should trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding? It's because the Lord is a lot smarter than us. He knows what is best for us. You are much more apt to be successful if you listen to Him. If you yield to His will, expect one adventurous life. Kevin Zadai understands this concept. During surgery he found himself on the other side of the veil watching the doctor trying to revive his lifeless body. Jesus appeared to him in the operating room and revealed that every person who knows the Lord has a God package inside of them!
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Reversing Depression in the Courts of Heaven
Robert Henderson's son was in a deep depression because of a marital problem. He could see no future for himself. Robert had been praying over the problem for two years. Then the Lord told him to go into the courts of heaven. As his son's father, he had authority to repent on his behalf. So he did. Then the Lord told him to repent of the negative things he had said about his son. Those negative things had given the devil legal right to harass his son. Then, at the Lord's direction he began to prophesy positive things over his son's life. Watch the video below to hear the rest of the story.
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Answer Prayer & the Courts of Heaven
Ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him. The court was seated, and the books were opened. Daniel 7:10b Are your prayers going unanswered? The solution may be in going into the courts of heaven and claiming your legal right. Jesus told us that we should approach God as Father Friend and Judge.
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Holy Spirit Asking Benny Hinn for Five More Minutes
One time when Benny Hinn was touring with a group in Europe, he was deep in prayer and a tour group member called him for dinner. Benny felt the gentle hand of the Holy Spirit on his arm and then heard the Holy Spirit as him for five more minutes, please.
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Beginning of the End of Days
Neville Johnson believes that the antichrist will rule from Europe. He believes that the antichrist will be able to simultaneously speak to everyone who has the mark of the beast.
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Heidi Baker's Life-Changing Prophecy
Heidi Baker was at the Toronto Airport Church listening to Randy Clark. She could not wait for an altar call. She got up and walked to the front. Randy Clark asked her if she wanted the nation of Mozambique. He told her that the deaf would hear, the blind would see and people would get saved.
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Prayer Against Food Addiction
Christians often think a addictions as things like being addicted to things like alcohol, drugs, gambling or pornography. Usually it will never occur them they are addicted to food even though they are. Lots of prayer & eating healthy food can reverse that addiction. Listen to Dr. Michael's Brown against food addiction.
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Biblical Meditation
Kynan Bridges was interviewed by Sid Roth on the It's Supernatural TV program. Among other things, he discussed biblical meditation. People never expected him to get out of the second grade. In school he had huge behavioural problem. He believes that he got supernatural intelligence after he began meditating on the word of God. Now he is working on his doctorate.
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Mike Bickle, Bob Jones & the International House of Prayer
For the past 19 years Mike Bickle has led a 24/7/365 prayer & worship centre that is now called IHOP (International House of Prayer). 35 years ago the late Bob Jones prophesied that it would happen. Loving God would be a big part of it. He went into detail. He even prophesied that people in the rice paddies of Asia would be watching the prayer and worship on their smartphones. That was years before the smartphone was invented.
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The Leviathan Spirit
There is a world-ruling, word-twisting, mind control spirit operating within the Trump presidency. It is called the Leviathan spirit. King David said: All day long they twist my words; all their schemes are for my ruin. Psalms 56:5. I.e., King David had political enemies who would distort what he said to change the perceived meaning. That would be a Leviathan spirit. The Leviathan spirit twists words to create division between: Husbands & wives, Blacks & whites, Heterosexuals & homosexuals, Rich & poor, Men & women, Young & old, Etc.
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Warts Removed 10 Days After Prayer
When Richard Roberts was a child he had 22 warts on his hand. His dad prayed for him. Then Oral Roberts told his son that he had to keep his faith active. Richard was obedient and, after 10 days, the warts all disappeared and never returned.
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American Evangelist Tommy Hicks
The Lord told Tommy Hicks to evangelize in Argentina. He got there and could not get permission to hold his crusades because he was not a Catholic.. So, he went to the office of President Juan Perón and waited for hours to meet with the president. Someone slipped in front of him, breaking a wrist. Tommy prayed for them and they were healed. The person was so overjoyed that he took Tommy Hicks to see the president. The president had a bad skin condition. Tommy prayed for him and he was healed. Juan Perón gave him permission to preach anywhere he wanted.
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From Muslim murderer to peaceful Christian
Nancy Coen was speaking to a small group of Christians in hotel in a Muslim nation. Suddenly a man came in waving a machete. He was followed by a group of men with machetes. Unknown to Nancy, the man had cut off the heads of 500 Christian pastors and burned down 600 Christian churches. As he came closer to Nancy, she began to speak. She read his mail and told him that he had been sexually abused ongoingly by his father and uncle. He began weeping and told his men to sit down. Nancy spoke for hours. The Muslim got saved and ended up being instrumental in leading one and a half million Muslims to Christ.
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Learn to Hear the Lord
In this sermon, Neville Johnson says that the Lord may be trying to get your attention. You must be aware of that. It is likely something very important. He's saying, "We need to talk. We need to have fellowship together."
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Spiritual Healing of Becky Dvorak
Becky Dvorak saw sporadic healings. She diligently prayed for more. The Lord directed her. She spent two years studying the Bible -- nothing but healing. She studied healing all the way from Genesis to Revelation. In one year she went on three forty day fasts -- consuming nothing but water. She journaled her progress. At the end of two years she had an amazing healing ministry.
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Demonic Legal Rights
Things like watching pornography, adultery and watching demonic movies can give demons legal right to come in and harass people. Kynan Bridges has seen many examples of people being supernaturally healed after these portals to the demonic were broken.
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Gift of Healing
Praying from the gift of healing is different than praying from the gift of faith. Praying from the gift of faith can produce healing. However, with the gift of healing the Holy Spirit works through you. Here this girl was healed of scoliosis.
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Idioms of the Bible
If your right eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. Matthew 5:29 That passage is not telling you to gouge your eye out. "Evil eye" was an idiom for "stingy" or "greedy". Matthew 5:29 is telling you to stop being stingy & greedy. And with his stripes we are healed. Isaiah 53:5d. "Stripes" in Hebrew is an idiom for fellowship. So, the end of Isaiah 53:5 is telling you that having a close relationship with Jesus is a good way to start getting your healing.
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The Mailing Room of Heaven
Ana Werner was taken to the Mailing Room of heaven. It is a huge room filled with packages on shelves. Angels are taking packages down to earth as answers to people's prayers. Other packages are answers to prayers that haven't been asked yet.
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History of the Earth in Creation Lab
There is a massive building in heaven called Creation Lab. When you go there, you can find the stories of all sorts of happenings on earth. That includes things that happened in the millions of years between Genesis 1:1 & Genesis 1:2. You can learn about the dinosaurs, the ice ages, how God created the earth, etc. You can see the history of your life minus all of the sin.
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How to Get into the Realm of God's Spirit
The unbeliever does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him. And he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned. 1 Corinthians 2:14 The above verse tells us that natural man does not understand the things of God because they are spiritually discerned. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. (Matthew 5:8) If a man's conscious is not clean, he cannot get into God's realm. As he thinks in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7 As someone thinks, imagines & focuses, that can become their reality. First it will start in their spirit. Then it will go do to the physical realm.
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Learn How to Hear the Lord in an Instant
When you are in a battle and things are going wrong, you don't have time to go through a lot of rituals to hear from the Lord. You need to develop the faith to hear from the Lord.
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Party with African Leaders
Nancy Coen was at a party in Washington, DC. Present were a large number of African leaders. All were Muslims. They were supposed to get up and talk about the biggest problem in their country. A president got up and said that recently three and a half million people had been murdered in his country. Nancy prayed and prophesied over him. He ended up with his head in her chest weeping. Muslim leaders all around were weeping. Nancy told him that in three days someone would go to his nation and cause all bloodshed to stop. It happened.
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Autistic Boy Explains the Trinity Using an iPad
Josiah just knows some things that no human ever taught him. For instance, once he wrote on his iPad, "Lizards don't just have scales, they have aspiration pores." He explained the Trinity by typing, "The Father is the manager, the Son is the lover of operations, the Holy Spirit is the worker." This was followed by, "The Father thought it, the Son loved it, the Holy Spirit carried out the plan."
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Include the Lord in Your Entire Life
One simple trick for learning to hear from the Lord is to include Him in what you are doing. If you want to buy a new car, talk to Him about cars. If you are baking a cake, talk to Him about baking cakes.
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The Hiram Code
The Syrophoenician King Hiram showed great favour to two Jewish Kings. At that time most of the peoples around Israel hated the Jews. However, King Hiram helped King David build his house. After David died, King Hiram helped King Solomon build the temple. King Hiram and his people got into commerce together. That brought great wealth to Israel. Because King Hiram blessed the Jewish people so much, great blessing fell upon King Hiram, his people and his decendants.
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