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Marvin and Tamara - North, South, East West - MUSIC VIDEO 1999
I thought the internet was missing something awesome. Groove Machine is coming soon! :D
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Marvin and Tamara - Groove Machine
Hit on that groove machine! Check my other videos for 'North, South, East, West'
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PARODY: Valerie Dore - The Night (fan video)
with Roze, Jacob, Graham and Woody behind the camera.
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Henry Victor Allen Glazed Brick Works, Halifax. Abandoned Brick Factory.
Glazed brick manufacturers established by Henry Victor Allen when he took over the Halifax Glazed Brick Works in the Walterclough valley. He converted the works to manufacture refractory bricks. Their Selfrac refractory bricks were world famous. The bricks were carried by narrow-gauge railway up the valley to the sidings at Hipperholme station. In recent years it was a plastic manufacturer, but a series of supicious fires and the bankrupcy of the site owner have meant the site is derelict now. Creepy place. To find and explore, see here, look just below 'Upper Lake' on the map: https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?safe=off&q=upper+lake+southowram&bav=on.2,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.49405654,d.d2k,pv.xjs.s.en_US.QXiTEk6XjhM.O&biw=1360&bih=676&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&sa=N&tab=wl
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Remedy X @ BeaverWorks, Leeds
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Dido "Thank You"  Ukulele cover
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Emmy The Great - Constantly (Ukulele cover)
Beautiful song by a fabulous lady.
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Tess Wiley - 'Breathe' @ Portstrasse, Frankfurt, Germany - 18/11/2011
Tess Wiley plays 'Breathe' from her 2001 record 'Rainy Day Assembly.
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Satan's Little Helper Movie Prank Call - Dougie Calls Telewest
Recorded this years ago, but recently RealmOfDarkness took it off their website. So decided to repost it. They kept the board up, so if you want to use the soundboard i made (and used for this call) you can find it here,,, http://www.realmofdarkness.net/sounds/horror/dougie-soundboard.htm
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Bic Runga - Listening For the Weather - Ukulele
I love this song :D Yay Bic Runga!!
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Ponyo Theme Song - End Credits Non remixed english fandub.
Karaoke MP3 can be purchased here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Gake-No-Ue-Ponyo/dp/B004VU4VEQ Made up some additional lyrics, just for fun to fit the length of the song. Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo, fishy in the sea Tiny little fishy, who could you really be? Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo, magic sets you free! Oh she's a little girl with a round tummy! Tip tippy toe! Run jump and hop! Now that i've got my legs, i cannot stop! Pat patty pat! waving hello! Come and hold hands with me, dancing we go! My feet are skipping my heart too! Happy Happy are we all! maybe i might love you! Maybe i might love you! So hold on tight and hold me close! You're my hero! Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo, fishy in the sea Tiny little fishy, who could you really be? Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo, magic sets you free! Oh she's a little girl with a round tummy! Sniff sniffy sniff! That sure smells good! Eating together, just as families should! Brush brushy brush, let's say good night. Sleep through the darkness till the suns shining bright! We laugh together and joke too! Silly silly and playing! I think that i love you, i think that i love you! Let's be together for always! You're my hero! Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo, fishy in the sea Tiny little fishy, who could you really be? Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo, magic sets you free! Oh pretty little girl will you swim back to me!
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Sadako's  Curse
Only one thing breaks Sadakos Curse, copying the footage and giving it to someone else.
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Nightjars - I think of you (Ukulele cover)
Song by Nightjars: https://nightjars-music.bandcamp.com https://soundcloud.com/nightjars-music
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Guy spontaneously dancing on london street.
Guy dances, then runs off.
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Jolie Holland - Wreckage @ Howard Assembly Room - Leeds
Jolie Holland opens the show with 'Wreckage'.
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Wafflecopter THE ORIGINAL Flying waffle breakfast treat song
waffle waffle copter, i'm a waffle copter, i like eating syrup cos i'm a wafflecopter and that's my fuel and i go really far across the world!
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Georgia On My Mind (Ukulele Cover)
Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks Fixed audio
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Tess Wiley 'Rescue Me' @ Portstrasse, Frankfurt, Germany 18/11/2011
Tess Wiley plays a song from her next record, 'Rescue Me' will also be featured in the movie "Streiflicht" which Tess plays a role in.
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Nightjars - I think of you (cover)
Song by Nightjars: http://nightjars-music.bandcamp.com/track/i-think-of-you https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=837030179648995&fref=ts
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FF'ers - Pussy @ Cockpit - 25/02/2009 - MV Version (YEAH!!)
MP3's at www.myspace.com/WeAreFFers
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Paris Hilton - Stars Are Blind (Ukulele Cover)
Me and my friend Roze covering this cute song by singer songwriter, TV star, entrepreneur, fragrance lady and general legend: Paris Hilton!
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For Fruits Basket - opening theme (karaoke)
For Fruits Basket - Still love this adorable song
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Lasse Brawn, live @ Cardigan Arms, Leeds 2
Their first live show. www.myspace.com/lassebrawn
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Chiptune Alliance Tour 2008 in Sheffield
Just over six minutes of snippets from the four hours of madness. Bad bad quality video and sound i'm afraid. Next time i'll bring my samsung camcorder.
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Snowy scenery Sowerby Bridge - JVC Everio GZ-HM30 Test : Byung-woo Lee - Crying Moon
Testing the JVC Everio GZ-HM30SEK, An incredible budget camera, currently retailing at Tesco Direct for under a hundred quid!
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The Tidy Ups - Snow Song (Ukulele cover)
The Tidy Ups, video out of sync rarghhhh!!
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Love Making 101
Part one of a 5 part series! Music by Lucas Heil, available free at LucasHeil.com Used with permission.
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Jolie Holland - Do You? @ Howard Assembly Room - Leeds
Jolie Holland talks about her friend and former classmate Tess Wiley (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DoUCexzofc) and plays a request (mine!! :D) as an encore! 'Do You' from Escondida.
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Love Making 202
Part one of a 5 part series! Music by Lucas Heil, available free at LucasHeil.com Used with permission.
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By The Beautiful Sea
Re-recorded :D i love this song :D
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Make music with a Pomegranate - Way to relax, meditate.
Incredibly simple way to relax, the hollow fibres between the layers of the fruit create a ringing effect, beautiful! Try using the opposite end of a wooden circular paintbrush.
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Tonight You Belong To Me Ukulele (beginner)
3 weeks into learning. Patience and Prudence = YAY
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Lasse Brawn, live @ Cardigan Arms, Leeds.
Their first live show. www.myspace.com/lassebrawn
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SOJA "open my eyes" ukulele
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rave monster and toilet paper lamp man
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Nightjars - I think Of You (3WiseMonkeys Open Mic)
Song written by Jade Matias Bell (Nightjars): https://nightjars-music.bandcamp.com/track/i-think-of-you
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Ciao Bella 'In' -  Ukulele cover
My friend Sam on tambourine.
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Polaris - "Waiting For October" Ukulele cover
Polaris - "Waiting For October" Ukulele cover
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