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Every thing Black (animation/twen meme) [flipaclip]
Open meee ^^ I did IT soooooo fast, but to be honest twen took most time :/. I was thinking it's lazy way of animation... And i Hope i end Whit changing artstyle :3. It's good and Cute enough ;) Orignal and inspired: saffeebear Time: 3 hours Character: Slimy That pic of miniature wasn't almost Black :((
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I wouldn't mind map (part: 5,6 info in desc) flipaclip
Open for cookies ^^ Hi! Here are my parts for map! I was thinking it will loois better. Cruel reality. Basic info about video bellow! Map- I wouldn't mind by Kelsieblog (If u want to find it lets write "wouldn't mind map open" :/. It hard to find) Time: 3 days for 2 hours? Character Slimy
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Fallen youth meme (read desc) flipaclip
Open for cookies! Hiiiiiiii. I forgot about it and why it looks like (hem hem) shieeet ;-;. I don't really wanted to draw eyes, cause it's artstyle, before my Actually artstyle and why it's bad. Now, i don't know why my artstyle is almost that same, but i can't draw eyes in this size... There are bit smaller... WHY? On yt I can't add music, so i did it on viva... Why quality is 480p, not 720. Im going to instal another program to add music, and if it possible, I will instal program for the Best quallity. Last thing. There is my st walk animation. All were bad... (like my motivation before 2018) Basic info πŸ‘‡ Characters: Slimy Inspired: crydia, rosalli Time: 5 hours?? Original: Lost drawing I always writting "Open for coockies", but i never add coockies before. Here u are πŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺ. Never mind. T4 watching, hope u enjoy, all comments about mistakes i will read carefully (about English too) so pls write
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Angels could be bad (map part 12) []flipaclip[]
Open me! Hello :3. It first time when my animation looks almost like I wanted :3 (almost because my part was too short to do what I wanted xD). I'm so glad I'm finish this today ^^. And there is my oc, whose is angel so I just had to add her... c:. Map: https://youtu.be/RDmJl9z0nwc Oc's: Slimy (furry) Marinette (angel) Time: 4-5 hours Btw it's first time when I'm doing something about this topic?
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Every night (animation/twen meme) [][flipaclip][] vent?
Open for cookie Twens are bad :P It had to be pink animation c:. Song is rlly cuteeee *^* so pink is perfect for this. Credits, informations bellow πŸ‘‡ Inspired: (I can't write so here u are link xD) https://youtu.be/EoZKX-z-mA8 Original:baked potonion Time: 5 hours Character: Slimy That's all (I think) bye ^^
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Red Planes Animation (WIP 4ever [*]) [flipaclip] (blood,cringe warning?)
Open for cookies! Edit: hmm... Tom shooting himself is the best miniature for red planes right? Give me for this motivation plzzz!!!! :((((((((( I want to finish this but I can't. Btw catch credits! Song: https://youtu.be/nXiZ-2ewDCY Eddsworld [official yt]:https://www.youtube.com/user/eddsworld Anyways bored info about video c:. It's lineart animation 'cuz I did lot's of mistakes in lineart... So adding colors probably will take emmm 1 week? I know Im not smart c:. Same animation took 1 week 3 days. Characters bellow to edd Gould, creator eddsworld. that's all I leave u whit this video ^^
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Upside down map (part 11, info in desc) flipaclip
Open for cookies ^^ I can't edit it into to song :(. Its to tyring :/. I hope you like it. Informations about video bellow Map- Upside down map by Violetta loves (It's Open yet so u can join!) Character-Slimy Time- 3 hours Kill me.
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Get up, Map part 12,13,14 [flipaclip]
Open me! I don't belive I end this! I broke my phone, Whit my old unfinished memes and animations :(. I had to start again :P. And i changed artstyle again. I can't stay whit one artstyle for a mounth... Map: Get up Get up map by ravenspirit https://youtu.be/QVKE_6Y2dAo Character: Slimy Time: 2 days Map is old, but still open! Lot's of parts are open, So u can join :3
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Solo map part 16 []Flipaclip[] (Plz read desccc)
OPEN, U DUDE Edit: Yeee trimming is bad, sory for that it's ins't my mistake but YouTube's. I haven't got internet, I'm using (roaming?) W-f in phone... So everything is okay. I won't fight whit yt cuz it's no sense... Ow im lazy potato sr. I'm on vacation so I haven't got time to do timming to my animation meme :3. Well this part don't took lot's of time, I think just 3,5-4 hours? Ye and i haven't got time for this... Song: https://youtu.be/8JnfIa84TnU Map: https://youtu.be/gFzsOB2c9BM Characters belong to adalie the fox. Map still open.
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Blame map lineart (part 17) []Flipaclip[]
Open meh It's pretty old :P. I don't remember how much time I was working on it .-. well it isn't exactly what I wanted but I hope it's good enough ^^ Map: https://youtu.be/epg2hWK7OAE Character: Slimy Good bye!
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Idfc map (part 9) []flipaclip[]
Open me! Hii! I have forgotten about this map, so I try to did it as fast as I can, 'cuz Idk how much time I waste... I don't even notice im here... Map: https://youtu.be/kkhn7r5ALHo Time: 2 hours Oc: Slimy Yay ^^
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Upside down (map part 5, info in desc) flipaclip
OPEN RIGHT NOW im so tyring, yt don't likes me, im try 6th Times upload this. 11 part will be in nect week. I know I don't write "me". Yas... bellow, Basic info πŸ‘‡ Map: Upside down map by Violetta loves Time: 4 hours Character: Slimy
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