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Ice cream
By: Rebecca Furr, Devin Medina saen Evans, Big dog!!
SillyPanda BeccaBear present's
Hope you love it. :D
SillyPanda BeccaBear Presents Sailor moon
here's a different video that I made. :)
Something's you should know about my life.
Ok this is about what I love to do and what I want to do in my life. I have another video coming soon and I hope you would love to keep me on here. I love youtube and that's it besized facebook.
Talking about music and anime.
Now I love to lission to music and it's one of my fav thing's to hear. So comment and you know he drill... And I have some anime people that I want to show you... :) Love you... Chu....
Something about myself part two
Here is a blog that I've done for myself and it's part two and I hope that you might love it. Yes I have a facebook and other stuff but I hope you have a wonderful day!!!
Talking smack
Girl Scouts
Just a video!!
Panda Cramelldansen By: Caramell
Just me dancing to a song.:D
About my new username
It's just about my username is all and other cool stuff
Happy halloween
My pumpkin 🎃
Home sweet home
I'm talking about my family at my home town and the star's of band's and how they do for a living. So yeah and give it a ok or a down not ok. LOL.
Why I love youtube?
This video is about my video's that I put here and about some of the thing's that other people never heard me before but I know that I did some dancing in the past. But overall I love youtube. :)
Me singing The pussycat dolls-Buttons ft snoop dogg
Just something that I've done today. I love to sing and I never sang on youtube before so this is my first time singing on youtube. So tump's up if you like thump's down if you don't want me to sing.
New video's coming soon.
Just a simple video about my upcoming new video's that I'm going to be doing this year and so on. I hope you like to watch my video's because it took me one minute for them to be up. It's because that I have a great video's but I know that you don't like them is because that I was not creative much. So yeah, enjoy!!
Not in the good mood
Read the title!!
The walking dead
Even it's not Hollownee yet. I love zombie's.
Playing with my chib's of naruto and pokemon.
Here is a funny mest up video that I did. LOL.
You decide
SillyPanda BeccaBear Presents Sprit Away!!
I got some photo's on google and post them on here
Me dancing to Master of tides By; Lindsey Stirling
This is a new video about me dancing hope you love it. :)
Lets talk about pokemon and music starts.
This is a video of my card's that I got.... :)

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