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Fluffle and SpaceThingXx, you have been such great friends! Enjoy the characters! Character names(chosen by owners): Fluffle’s: Sunset SpaceThingXx’s: Sunrise
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Gift for SpaceThingXx
Please don’t quit! We love you much! You have so much potential! Look forward! Don’t look side to side, or back! You are amazing, and an inspiration! Stay here!
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Doorway- based of a true story- song
Yep.... So basically what happened was that last night I walked into my room. While I was going through the doorway, two white lights (that had the shape of eyes) flew past me. No light was in the window, or any evidence to show it was a human being who caused this to happen, was there. I assumed that it was my cat, who, happened to have passed away last year in December. It scarred me into making this, but Layla, my cat, would never intend that. Enjoy the song my little sparks of fire! Also I will not post anything about Father’s Day because, well.... I don’t know my dad. I have two moms, which, in my opinion, is waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy better! Don’t read beyond this point if you are not •Crystal The WolfieCat!• Glue Please Are you not Crystal? I bet you’re confused!
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Gift for SpaceThingXx owo
Use it as you like, Space!
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Join SeasonClan! A fan made Warrior Cat Clan!
Inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhtI1IGgGNJKMVg-jsbguFfaTqeqJqIHA How to join: Choose your blood: RainClan SnowClan DryleafClan GrassClan Choose your rank: Kit Apprentice Warrior Elder Make name and design Post and put #SeasonClanCatCharacterForElii If you can not post, just follow the steps, but comment it! Your character *WILL* be in a series. The first four to submit will be deputies. Who speaks(in order): 1st: Rainstar 2nd:Drystar 3rd: Snowstar 4th:Bladestar All speak 5th: Bladestar
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Gygyftftffseaedff(bjhjts3sddgvhh 100 subscribers?!!?!,!’!!!!!!!?!!?!!?!!?!!?!+contest (description)
Ahhhhhhhhhh thanks so much for getting me to where I am! The contest entries are due on the 8th of November! You can use any one of my characters! Pictures and animation are both allowed! Can’t wait to see what you do! Have a great day my little sparks of fire!
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I got it Big collab part
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Happy B-day Crystal!
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLX8pSsTGdOnPr4GcoDew0A Crystal, you have been so amazing to me! As the best irl friend I ever got, you almost never let me down. Although we had our quarrels, we would figure it out in the end. You were The nicest, friendliest, funniest, and happiest person I ever became friends with. Thanks for helping everyone when I was at the lowest point of my life. Wing to wing, Heart to heart, -Elii
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Bam Bam meme (happy birthday me!)
My birthday is tomorrow! Yay! And happy thanksgiving!
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•Takes• original animation meme
I know there are memes with this song, but no one has used this bit of the song, sooooooo........ Story: Elii is giving a speech on why she should be the next alpha of the dark wolf pack, because the current alpha (Night) claims to have no offspring(btw he is a large cat, so he is commonly mistaken for a wolf) She goes hunting, and when she returns Night tells her she’s the next alpha, and she has to meet with him to discuss what to do as alpha. Night tells Elii he is her farther, and Sun (The current leader of dark wolf battle strategies, or what they like to call a blood caller) is her mother. Night then dies off screen, and Elii breaks into tears. She tells the pack Night is dead and she was his daughter. /*FLASH BACK*/ Elii is being told by Eliss (Night’s sister) that all fires die. The next day, Elii is exiled from the Feather Kingdom because she had attacked the princess, Crystal. Crystal cries because she can’t do anything to help her friend. Song by Imagine Dragons Original by me
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80 subs!
Wow guys! At this rate, I might get 100 by my b-day! Rules4base: 1. Human characters only 2. Be kind when getting a spot Base: 1: Crystal the wolfiecat 2. 3. SpaceThingXx 4.
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70 sub special! Read description!
I can’t thank you guys enough for all your support! You guys have encouraged me so much! But mostly, you guys helped me get through the loss of my dear cat, Layla, without knowing it! Enjoy the video! Base rules: -first off, this is a human base, which means you will have to make a human character that represents you, for me to reference. -to ensure you read the description, say “HOOMAN BASE” when getting a spot in the base -if someone gets the spot you wanted, and nothing is left, be nice please I’m going to be lenient with these rules, because I’m nice. Base places: 1:•Crystal The WolfieCat!• 2: 3:SpaceThingXx 4: Have a good day my little sparks of fire!
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Paralyzed part 11 (read description) (no audio)
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Dear Fellow Traveler part 4 (description)
Map: https://youtu.be/-lLBsnPWgXY The characters are Rise and Dot. They are HOLDING HANDS/PAWS OKAY?
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Remember Me + Gift
White cat: my dead cat, Layla Purple cat/human: me Gift for SpaceThingXx
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Thank you-basically every YouTuber who ever lived
Since it’s basically any YouTuber that can fit this song, fire away and animate it! Credit me though!
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Stories told -map- OPEN! READ DESCRIPTION!!
okay, first off, follow the rules in the video. I will be allowing new animators in this map. Parts can be 3-15 seconds long, that’s why the parts weren’t in the video. If you have a problem with the audio, ask me for help. Cut-off! Please! In the beginning and end! Make it at least one second long! Original characters only! Make it dramatic! No blood! This cannot be inappropriate! You don’t have to have a transition, but please, if so, make the green screen a dark blue! Like the video! Two parts allowed each! Collaborate if you so wish! I love to see combined talent! Watermarks are not a problem! Say the name of your oc to say you have read the description! Parts: Intro:me 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7:me 8: 9: 10: 11: 12: 13: 14: 15: Outro: me
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Contest update!
Everything is due Nov. 19. This also counts for a birthday contest sooooooooo........ yeah! Can’t wait to see what you do! Leave a link in the comments when done!
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Remake of an old piece of art!
The title says it all.
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🎵The half of it🎵-song gift+more!
Hey ya’ll! I haven’t posted in a while soooooooooo yeah! Don’t forget you guys are welcome to use the song as long as I’m given credit! Btw shoutout to my friend Crystal! Link to her video: https://youtu.be/HBznfvVZoGI Have a good day my little sparks of fire!
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Dreams map part 2
Map: https://youtu.be/EqgDinA5Bcc Do you guys remember Tera and Zack? This part is based of them! It’s their redesigns.
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Elii vs Crystal: https://youtu.be/Gy-ho5qUiBY Space vs Fluffle: https://youtu.be/kwMcCobRaJQ Fluffle’s gifts: https://youtu.be/zmPconGeArQ Thank you: https://youtu.be/br83RgpVW9k I hope you understand that I’ll be gone for a while!
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Halloween Fright
This is an original song! And story! Hope you like it!
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Kingdom Queen-gift for •Crystal The WolfieCat!•
Crystal, thanks so much for being the best friend anyone could have! This song is based off the moments after the battle Elii died in, when Queen Crystal announces Elii’s death to the Feather Kingdom. My collaboration with Crystal is soon, and a base will come soon! To prepare for the base, create a human character that looks similar to you. When the base is posted, say the number you want and give a link to your human character! Good luck! Have a good day my little sparks of fire!
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Seen again+gift+old Fnaf oc
Seen Again is a song about an original character named Snakestar. She of course, is a Warrior Cats oc. Lyrics: Journey must I do? Don’t even have a clue. Different stars look’n for Wings alike! Feathers unite! Mother for leader, Leave it all behind! Run through the forest, Old and clear! Few sights and sounds to hear! Run’ through the fields. Seen again! Through thick and thin! Can’t wait to be seen by you again! Seen by you again! Seen again! Journey is done. Find you cold on the ground. Forest bound to stars. Ones after you, Careless and thoughtless, Vote to lead! Conclusion on me! Stood at the pool, Eyes glimmering. Scared life, Turn nine. Run’ through the fields. Seen again! Through thick and thin! Can’t wait to be seen by you again! Seen by you again! Seen again Clan must I lead, Can’t wait to be seen again! Forever prey, Always warm, And you, Mother, By my side. I’ve seen again! Seen again. The floating cat robot is an oc for Foxy plush playz and more. She has the right to name, give powers to, and create backstory for the character. The character’s gender is also up to Foxy plush. The Fnaf character at the end is an old oc. Still, she is mine. Have a good day my little sparks of fire!
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Idk what to title this video
Pretty sure it’s a butterfly.... it’s a butterfly.
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Comeback [original meme] by Tell Her I Love Her/FlipaClip contest entry
#FlipaClipComeback This is my first video! Next video I post will be much better. That’s because I’m not allowed to post much more. Actually, the only reason I posted this was because my parents said I could. It will be like a year till I post again. Constructive criticism is well wanted in the comments. Guys I know there’s a lot of Comeback memes. This is my version. Okay? This version tells a story, a sad story, with two pairs of people/animals to show love can go wrong or right. The characters: The green wolf/dog hybrid: Tera The red wolf: Zack The human with blue shading: Elisabeth The human with pink/purple shading: Caley Here’s some questions answered: Q: how many fps? A: 12 Q: how old are you? A: you don’t have to know. Q: who’s your favorite animator? A: my friend (Crystal the WolfieCat!{friendship} ) Have a good day my little sparks of fire!
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Announcement (old)
Rules in this vid: https://youtu.be/0Lr8ZbOWb4s
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Fluffle Animates vs SpaceThingXx (gift) + Announcement!
I hope you enjoy! Lyrics: Space: Hey Angel! Oh Wait! You changed your name! Fluffle, I didn’t do that at all! I’ll watch you drop and fall! You’re a cat, Now a human, But wait! You’ve changed back! Warrior to kittypet, Now what that ‘bout? Now,I’m not try’n to be sour, But you had a ghost with a little power! You have less than me! You can’t ever be! Fluffle: Now you’re targeting me? Have you forgotten what I’ve done for you? Never have we ever made it through to this competition! It’s me vs you, 1 on 2. I’m a human, I’m a cat Don’t care what I am. Don’t even care if I wear a hat, I’ma stomp over you like a door mat! Space: You haven’t improved a bit! It makes me sick! You’re so weak you can’t beat a stick! Fluffle: So That’s your branch of the tree? So low off the ground, You can’t see the moon, Or the stars? Well, I can see all the way to Mars! Have a nice day my sparks of fire!
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Let’s go! Map part 6 for Ploverspeck
Hey guys! Go check out the map! Map: https://youtu.be/RHJSKWEsXA I’m really proud of this map part! Characters: Eliss(belongs to me) Elii(belongs to me) Crystal(belongs to Crystal the Wolfiecat: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLX8pSsTGdOnPr4GcoDew0A) Doltan(belongs to me) Uma(belongs to my friend Uma, who doesn’t have a YT channel) So yeah! Have a good day my little sparks of fire!
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Paralyzed part 17
This is a collaboration with Crystal the WolfieCat
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Oc for SpaceThingXx
I hope you like him! Species: Cat/Dragon Gender: male He has only one claw/talon, all other legs have classic cat paws. Have a good day my little sparks of fire!
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You’re gonna go far kid- part 2 (no audio)
Map: https://youtu.be/L5CG5gL-7Ks This part shows Elii in her afterlife, watching over her kits, Ash and Rise. Go join the map!
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Elii(Aka me) v.s. Crystal(link in description)(55 subs special) (read description)
Hello, you guys! This is my first song! This was a collab with my bff Crystal The WolfieCat!{Friendship}! Thank you so much for your support! I am Elii, okay? The art was done by both of us! Check out her channel! Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLX8pSsTGdOnPr4GcoDew0A Lyrics: Elii: Here I am! Fly’n over your head! I’m a fire, I’m flame You can’t put me to bed! Sure, I’m a vessel of the dark, but I sure can make a mark I’m part of the prophecy, Too bad you can’t see, What I might be, To this pack’s belief! You were summoned to me, On my quest to be, The hero to my parents! You can’t beat me! Crystal: Oh! And you say that to your leader? Can you be anything but a believer, That you’re better than your pack, or your world? I sparkle like a diamond, Doesn’t mean I’m a rock. If you have a problem with me, I have problem with you! You knew you wouldn’t get through Without a fight Well here’s the thing, it’s now my night! I tell you now, I’m the Flight! I’m the light of a diamond sparkling free! I’m the best thing there would be! Elii: I have a disease A disease of the free, A disease to be The greatest part of this prophecy! Crystal: Oh! Now you’re on flaws, You should probably pause, Reflect on your life, Your cause. Now, unpause! Restart! Try again! We’re equals, friend. Now, I do the end! Inspired by Blixime Have a good day my sparks of fire!
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It’ll Be Worth- Elii’s battle preparation song+ announcement.
So the song basically is when Elii is just about to start a battle with the Feather Kingdom, in which kills the king and queen, and leaves Crystal, Elii’s old friend(now sworn enemy) to become queen. This battle is also the one Elii dies in, falling off a cliff, into a canyon. I hope you understand that I’m on summer break, and this situation will be common. Thanks for your time. Have a good day my little sparks of fire!
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For SpaceThingXx
Check my cartoon animation made with #flipaclip
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Collab part for SpaceThingXx
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Read description please
Yaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! Home sweet home! I’ve just gotten back from a trip, and you guys will get to see my vacation review video of it soon! I’m also gonna post a collaboration with •Crystal The WolfieCat•! Can’t wait to see you Crystal! Plus, I’m also going to post a 4 art style challenge using SpaceThingXx’s, Fluffle Animates’, KitKat’s, and Crystal’s styles! Have a good day my little sparks of fire! Got you worried with the title, didn’t I? I bet you didn’t expect an Elii head out of all things! That was a Halloween costume. Byyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeee my little sparks of fire!
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How I draw on paper and 4 art style challenge
So that’s how I draw! On paper.... Space: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBJ6K6b7r-3orLLVup0UnrQ KitKat: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCom4sKF6EJvxBCkEIYoKcrg Fluffle: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClR0yS3cLxNJhJlC7iXZ_Yg Crystal: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLX8pSsTGdOnPr4GcoDew0A
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