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Ghosts 'n Goblins - 魔界村 - theme sight-read by Tom Brier, piano - ピアノ
The melody of this 1985 Capcom coin-op videogame theme always has been ragtime, but the left-hand part in the game was arpeggiated. Last year, I received an arrangement from YouTube's "MrTrent" with a march bass and some extra little bits thrown in which turned the theme into a true rag. I finally got around to giving Tom a copy of it during this ragtime party last weekend. The theme was composed by Ayako Mori (森 安也子). The game Ghosts 'n Goblins was titled 魔界村 ("Makaimura") in the original Japanese. The sheet music that Tom is reading can be downloaded here: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/gandg1.pdf or from my page http://www.keeper1st.com/music/vgm.html ...and just now I notice that I put a wrong note in the 13th measure. Ah well. It's obvious that it's wrong though, so shouldn't be a problem.
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Animaniacs Theme sight-read by Tom Brier, piano
I suddenly realized before leaving my house on Saturday that Tom probably would have a blast playing the Animaniacs theme which I transcribed back in 1995 and finally created a score for earlier this year. So I put the sheet music in front of him that night, and this was his first read through it. Indeed he did have fun with it! He even said there's a lot of potential for ragging it up, so he might work on it some more... Don't know about you, but it sure made my day, year, decade... Two of my favorite things -- Tom's piano playing and Animaniacs -- all together! The "cheating" and "three hands" remarks are a reference to the fact that I put the flute/xylophone runs in the score as optional cue notes, which cannot be played by a single pianist without losing some of the melody. They're important parts of the tune, though, so I put them in there for the sake of multiple musicians or instruments who might want to play it. You can download my transcription that he is reading here: http://members.cruzio.com/~keeper/temp/animsolo.pdf or here: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/vgm.html This was at the Sutter Creek Ice Cream Emporium in Sutter Creek, California. Sorry that the image is so dark. I was at the Lyon County Fly-In in Silver Springs, Nevada, earlier that day, and I had switched the camera to its automatic shutter speed setting which is ideal for outdoor use. I forgot to set it back to manual mode for indoor use (the camera's automatic mode always uses too fast of a shutter speed when indoors, resulting in a darker, grainier picture). If you haven't figured it out by now, this is the theme to the Warner Bros./Amblin cartoon series "Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs" which ran from 1993-1999 on the Fox and WB television networks. The music was composed by the late Richard Stone. (Yes, I know I misspelled the title in the Tags; I did it for those people who search for it but don't know how to spell it!) For the lyrics, see my Animaniacs Mega Lyrics File page: http://members.cruzio.com/~keeper/00.html#1
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Yakko's World karaoke version -- Animaniacs Nations of the World
Open this description for the lyrics, so you can sing along! A couple years ago, I discovered a video of a cosplay group who used my MIDI file of the Animaniacs theme for a very funny skit they did at an anime convention ("Anime-niacs"). The following year, having now found me online, they asked if I could make a MIDI file of Yakko's World for a new skit they wanted to do ("The Animes of the World" -- more like of Japan, surely?). So I made this MIDI file for them (actually, the one I made them had a special extended ending for the purposes of their skit). Only recently did I come up with this idea of using the MIDI file to make a karaoke version of Yakko's World, so that folks out there can dub in their own voice tracks. I know you crazy fans are out there! Let's hear it! EDIT: More recently, this MIDI file has been used on MTV in Brazil for some sort of "Lost" parody it seems: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pg-j321Lrq4 This song comes from the second episode of the Warner Bros. cartoon series "Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs", broadcast on 14 September 1993. Obviously, the music is The Mexican Hat Dance (the original storyboard even had Yakko wearing a different hat for each area he sings about). The lyrics were written by Randy Rogel. ...and here they are (might want to replace "Yakko Warner" with your own name when doing the introduction, eh?): =-=-= -=-=- =-=-= And now: the nations of the world, brought to you by Yakko Warner! United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama Haiti, Jamaica, Peru, Republic Dominican, Cuba, Carribean Greenland, El Salvador too. Puerto Rico, Columbia, Venezuela Honduras, Guyana, and still, Guatemala, Bolivia, then Argentina And Ecuador, Chile, Brazil. Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua, Bermuda Bahamas, Tobago, San Juan, Paraguay, Uruguay, Suriname And French Guiana, Barbados, and Guam. Norway, and Sweden, and Iceland, and Finland And Germany now one piece, Switzerland, Austria, Czechoslovakia Italy, Turkey, and Greece. Poland, Romania, Scotland, Albania Ireland, Russia, Oman, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia Hungary, Cyprus, Iraq, and Iran. There's Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan Both Yemens, Kuwait, and Bahrain, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Portugal France, England, Denmark, and Spain. India, Pakistan, Burma, Afghanistan Thailand, Nepal, and Bhutan, Kampuchea, Malaysia, then Bangladesh (Asia) And China, Korea, Japan. Mongolia, Laos, and Tibet, Indonesia The Philippine Islands, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, New Guinea, Sumatra, New Zealand Then Borneo, and Vietnam. Tunisia, Morocco, Uganda, Angola Zimbabwe, Djibouti, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Swaziland, Gambia Guinea, Algeria, Ghana. Burundi, Lesotho, and Malawi, Togo The Spanish Sahara is gone, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, and Liberia Egypt, Benin, and Gabon. Tanzania, Somalia, Kenya, and Mali Sierra Leone, and Algiers, Dahomey, Namibia, Senegal, Libya Cameroon, Congo, Zaire. Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Madagascar Rwanda, Mahore, and Cayman, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Yugoslavia... Crete, Mauritania Then Transylviania, Monaco, Liechtenstein Malta, and Palestine, Fiji, Australia, Sudan. =-=-= -=-=- =-=-= Yes, of course some of it is out of date, and some of it was erroneous to begin with. But did you know that there is one country mentioned twice specifically, by different names? It's even lit up on the map twice! See if you can find it! (I'll tell you what it is here ... ... ... ... it's Benin, also called out by its former name, Dahomey. It's the only country mentioned by name twice. A couple of places have their capital cities mentioned in addition to the country name -- San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Algiers, Algeria -- but Benin/Dahomey is the only whole country mentioned and lit up twice.) --- Although you should be able to record this with your own computer, to save you the trouble, here's an MP3 of it: http://www.keeper1st.com/yakworld128.mp3
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Super Mario Athlete's Rag Air Platform sight-read; Tom Brier
If you've seen my other videos of Tom sight-reading ragtime sheet music that I've put in front of him, this video should come as no surprise to you. I had not yet finished correcting the awful score that is available online for this tune (I did put it into the correct time signature, but it still has some really funky chords and other problems), nevertheless I put a copy of it as it stands in front of my amazingly talented friend Tom Brier this weekend. This was the result. Tom is a highly regarded pianist and sight-reader in the ragtime community. I have other videos of him you can find (and more to come) which will give you an idea why. There are so many amateur pianists out there playing these rags from video games, but I thought it would be nice to see what a pianist who specializes in ragtime music would make of them. This tune is by Koji Kondo (近藤浩治) and is one of the most famous tunes of all music from Nintendo video games. It first was used in Super Mario World, though I didn't know that at the time I made this video! "Athletic Theme" simply refers to the type of game levels on which it was heard. I still haven't cleaned up the score completely. Here it is as Tom was reading it -- no repeats, some questionable chords, etc. http://www.keeper1st.com/music/athleterag.pdf I have a web page now with a lot of other VGM and TV show sheet music: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/vgm.html
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Super Mario World Ending Theme sight-read by Tom Brier
The most requested tune people have asked for is this one. Finally I got around to finishing a first-draft piano score for it which you can download here: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/smwend1.pdf That is the score that Tom is reading (and taking "certain liberties"). I want to separate it into a few different parts -- take the piccolo part out of the right hand and into its own staff, and transcribe a tenor countermelody earlier in the piece. I don't know if I ever will, though, so... that's it for now. Other VGM sheet music that I have made can be found here: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/vgm.html You can get Tom's albums online: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/TomBrier http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/TomBrier2 You can hear how the original tune went here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5abDeORElxA
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Legend of Zelda -- ゼルダの伝説 -- Horse Race -- 競馬 piano sight-read by Tom Brier
Yes, this is his first time seeing or hearing the music. I've had countless requests to give Tom music from the Zelda series, but there is no ragtime in it as far as I know (having never played the games). However, I was informed of a couple tunes that could translate into ragtime. This sort of bluegrass fiddle tune translates the best. The arrangement I was shown comes from a songbook published in Japan. The arrangements in there are way oversimplified. They don't even do the right bass notes, and the melodies are in single notes. You'll notice on the score here a few penned-in corrections that I had thrown in. But the simplified score meant that Tom was more free to fill it in his own way, much like the popular video of him riffing off the Birabuto Kingdom theme. The result is a great big yee-haw romp! The tune was composed by Koji Kondo -- 近藤浩治 -- and appears both in Majora's Mask -- ムジュラの仮面 -- and The Ocarina of Time -- 時のオカリナ. You can download a transcription of how Tom played this (with corrections for wrong notes) here: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/lozhorserace.pdf or from my sheet music site http://www.keeper1st.com/music/vgm.html
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Super Mario Land - Birabuto Kingdom - on piano Tom Brier style
Instead of making a fully-scored rag out of this, I left it in the three-note simple arrangement used by the old video game. I asked Tom to play it straight at first and then build up on it, to demonstrate to people who like to play these tunes how they might fill in a tune such as this. It's silly to limit yourself to the same three voices that the old synthesizer chips had. You have more fingers than that... The score he is reading from is here: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/birabuto.pdf But of course he's adding a lot to it. He has seen the score before, briefly back in November, but had never played it until this moment. This tune was composed by Hirokazu Tanaka.
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Temptation Rag played by Tom Brier
By request, here is Tom Brier playing one of the most famous rags of all time, Henry Lodge's "Temptation Rag" from 1909. You can download the sheet music here: http://digital.library.msstate.edu/cdm/singleitem/collection/SheetMusic/id/26356/rec/2 It also was republished as a song, which you can download here: http://digital.library.msstate.edu/cdm/singleitem/collection/SheetMusic/id/26407/rec/6 Just before this video was shot, Tom had spent nearly three hours playing tunes containing the name "Tom" or written by someone named Tom, hence my joke calling this "Tomtation Rag". This was at the conclusion of the July meeting of the Mother Lode Ragtime Society, which meets at the Sutter Creek Ice Cream Emporium in Sutter Creek, California.
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Super Mario / Harry Potter / Star Wars stride piano medley - Martin Spitznagel
Please see http://www.youtube.com/user/spitzfire1138 for more videos of Martin, as that's his YouTube profile. It's about 11:30 p.m. on Sunday night after the 22nd annual West Coast Ragtime Festival. Martin Spitznagel was seated at one of the pianos and began playing the Super Mario Bros. Overworld Theme in stride style. When he finishes, you can hear Adam Swanson ask Martin if he's ever done anything to the Harry Potter theme, and Martin obliges on the spot with a stride rendition of that which segues into the Star Wars theme and then to other themes from Star Wars, creating a "ridiculous" stride piano medley. Ridiculous, but wonderful, I say. Visit Martin's website at http://www.spitzfire.com. His debut CD, "Tricky Fingers," is available on iTunes and at http://www.cdbaby.com/martinspitznagel His second CD, "Handful of Keys", features three videogame theme tracks in ragtime, including a Super Mario Bros. medley as well as themes from Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy. It also has a Mary Poppins medley! See http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/martinspitznagel2 Joining in on washboards are Tom Warner ("tdub1941" on YouTube) and Andrew Barrett ("KawhackitaRag" on YouTube).
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Super Mario Bros. 2 / 夢工場ドキドキパニック/ sight-read by Tom Brier
Tom has not seen or heard the music before playing this. He's a terrific sight-reader, and loves to be given new bits of ragtime, or oddball ragtime like these tunes from video games that I created scores for. This is the Overworld Theme from a game that started life in Japan as 夢工場ドキドキパニック (literally "Dream Factory Heartbeat Panic"). Its real story, however, begins when the sequel to Super Mario Bros. was a flop in Japan. Given that there also was demand in the U.S. for a sequel to Super Mario Bros., and that the one they made was a flop in Japan, Nintendo decided instead to take this other game, which wasn't released in the U.S., and replace the character sprites with the Mario Bros. characters. That odd combination was released in the U.S. as Super Mario Bros. 2, and was a huge success. Many elements from the game have become staples of the Mario franchise. The game was such a hit that Nintendo actually released it in Japan as Super Mario Bros. USA, even though the game was exactly the same as 夢工場ドキドキパニック apart from the character graphics. Anyway, it was YouTuber "yukimatsuri" who showed me a transcription he had edited from one that was available online. I downloaded both, and found each to have some obvious errors (mainly that the chords were not changing on the syncopations like they should), and in need of clean-up, so I made my own score, but I still credit the arrangement to yukimatsuri. The tune was composed by Koji Kondo. You can download the score that Tom is sight-reading here: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/overworld.pdf More on this page: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/vgm.html
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Namco "Toy Pop" トイポップ main theme, sight-read by Tom Brier
The 1986 Namco coin-op arcade game Toy Pop (or Toypop) was never very popular in North America. In fact, I don't recall ever seeing it. But I discovered it had an entirely ragtime-era soundtrack. The only actual rag of the trio of tunes in the game is this -- the main theme that plays during normal levels. The music was composed by Junko Ozawa (小沢純子). Here, Tom Brier sight-reads the tune for the first time. The sheet music that he is reading can be downloaded here: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/toypop1.pdf or from my page http://www.keeper1st.com/music/vgm.html I based the score off a published copy that YouTube's "yukimatsuri" had sent to me. I made some corrections (e.g. reducing the second strain to two staves instead of three), including one wrong note that was actually in the game itself -- in the third measure of the first strain, at the syncopation, the F played as natural but should be sharp since the chord is changing on the coming beat. By the way, for you videogame music fans who've commented that Tom should play game music on stage for an audience, well, he did earlier this month in Columbia, Missouri. See this video posted by "tdub1941" of Tom playing K.K. Ragtime from Animal Crossing on a great big Yamaha grand piano: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJ9sMgLF1zA
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Fastest ragtime piano yet heard by mere mortals; Tom Brier on "Redneck Rag"; 174 bpm
Tom hits an ungodly 174 beats per minute at the end of this performance of the show-off piece Redneck Rag. Previously the fastest I've clocked him at was 162 bpm. (And yes, this video was the inspiration for the "Funfair Fever" level music in the video game Cuphead. Tom, Julia and Kitty are even mentioned in the game's soundtrack album credits as inspirations.) This was Saturday evening at the July meeting of the Mother Lode Ragtime Society in Sutter Creek, California. He is joined by his "Saloon Sweeties": Julia Riley on piccolo and Kitty Wilson on washboard. Of course, Tom doesn't just play fast stuff, which you know if you've been watching my channel for a while. This is just a yee-haw sort of barn-burner that is meant to be played as fast as you can. The rag is attributed to "Brian March" but we all figure that it's Tom's doing... or maybe, as I suspected, he and Eric Marchese -- Bri & March...
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Tom Brier, The Entertainer
Please keep Tom in your thoughts. Saturday he was critically injured in a traffic accident and remains in intensive care with head injuries, broken ribs and a punctured lung. They are keeping him sedated to assist in the reduction of brain swelling. Best case scenario, he should continue to be sedated for several weeks, I'm told through a friend who spoke to another friend who had gone to see him. UPDATE: Tom's brother has set up a CaringBridge site where he will post updates on Tom's condition. https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/tombrier From happier times, here is a rare instance of him playing Scott Joplin music solo, recorded during the Santa Cruz Ragtime Festival this past February. You pretty much can't play ragtime in public without someone requesting to hear "The Entertainer". Tom couldn't remember the intro (until the very end when you hear him play it quickly), so he just breaks straight into the first strain here. This rag was published in 1902. It is in the public domain, so you can download the sheet music from the Library of Congress: https://www.loc.gov/item/ihas.200033252/ While not a particularly big hit in its day, it became a huge hit in the early 1970s, when a recording from the soundtrack of the movie "The Sting" reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 pop music chart, and #1 on the Billboard Easy Listening chart. I must admit: that recording is what hooked me into ragtime as a child.
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Chopsticks in ragtime on two pianos, unplanned & unrehearsed
Please read this description to understand what's going on here. It's only 20 minutes until the start of the finale concert at 10th annual Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival, but instead of heading out to the concert venue, Adam Swanson (foreground) came into the American Exchange Hotel venue and told Tom Brier (background) that he wanted to play a two-piano duet with him. He asked Tom if he knew "Car-Barlick Acid". Tom, who is such a good sight-reader that he doesn't memorize many tunes, said he'd probably be able to follow Adam's lead. Tom asked Adam how it starts. As a joke, Adam played the first few bars of "Chopsticks" instead. Well, as Adam was about to discover, when you give Tom an idea like that, he's going to run with it! The video starts as Tom begins playing Chopsticks in return. Adam says he only knows the first strain, but look at how quickly he picks up the second strain (and, later, a Trio section that Tom makes up on the spot in the subdominant key). Once Adam gets it down, Tom starts playing with the rhythm, in true cutting-contest fashion. Adam later changes the performance into "Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home", then, once Tom plays it too, Adam plays "Tiger Rag" on top of it, since the chord structure is the same. They did eventually play "Car-Barlick Acid" together, but that's for another video. Alas, Adam is on an old piano that had some of its notes badly out of tune by this time on Sunday (even though it had been tuned in the morning). http://www.suttercreekragtime.com http://www.youtube.com/user/adamgswanson
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Tom Brier -- Blue Lampshade (for fun)
After a house concert in September 2010, Tom was requested to play his 2003 composition "Blue Lampshade". I thought the request was for "Blue Sahara" but I kept recording anyway because the second half of Blue Lampshade is played so differently every time. In fact, when Tom created a sheet music score for this, the second two strains were written out as 30 pages of variations along with a suggestion to ignore them all and "just wing it." As this was now an afterglow and not a concert setting, Tom had a bit more fun with this performance.
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My old Animaniacs theme player-piano arrangement
One note kept sticking on the piano, so the "namey" part of "Here's the show's namey" sounds off. I transcribed this by ear back in early 1995. Some chords are wrong on the transitions, I discovered recently when I created the solo-piano score that was posted earlier with extra melodic harmonies (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo73yhg66Ds ). But I thought I'd post this anyway since I had the opportunity to record it on Chip Lusby's PianoDisc-equipped Mason & Hamlin piano. An early draft of this MIDI file made its way onto every copy of Microsoft Internet Explorer Plus (back when browsers had to be sold on CD-ROM 'cause everyone had dialup), Windows 98, and Windows Me in the "Warner Bros. Channel" section of the disk. I had seen warnerbros.com on my web site's hit logs showing that they had downloaded the file. They didn't alter it at all, so if you load the file from a copy of one of those products, you'll see my name and email address still embedded in the track names.
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Click Clock Wood (Banjo-Kazooie) sight-read by Tom Brier
Being that it's sight-read, he missed the "D.S." instruction so there's no repeat, and he missed the "8vb sempre" instruction in the middle section. But anyway, here's Tom reading through my piano arrangement of Grant Kirkhope's "Click Clock Wood" theme from Banjo-Kazooie). You can download the arrangement from my page http://www.keeper1st.com/music/vgm.html My arrangement incorporates elements from all four "seasons" into one piece, though it most closely resembles the "Spring" version. This was recorded at the end of the May 2013 meeting of the Mother Lode Ragtime Society, in the Sutter Creek Ice Cream Emporium at 51 Main Street, Sutter Creek, California. Posting this one sooner rather than later because a friend on Facebook had suggested this tune to me in the first place and I knew he wanted to hear it.
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Maple Leaf Stride -- Stephanie Trick
Stephanie Trick plays her stride version of Scott Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag. http://www.stephanietrick.com This was at the 2009 West Coast Ragtime Festival in Sacramento, California. http://www.westcoastragtime.co The "freeware" video encoder I had turned out not to be freeware at all, so I'm trying a different conversion process. It seems to be OK in terms of not having jagged edges, but the movements seem a little less fluid. The audio should remain 44.1kHz @ 384 kbps.
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Earthworm Jim "Who Turned Out the Lights?" stage music sight-read by Tom Brier
This actually is his second time through the piece, in the same sitting. The first read through was quicker but had a few problems. This time was cleaner, but, as he says, those triplets in places were still causing a little trouble. This tune from the "Earthworm Jim" Sega Genesis video game contains a couple quotes from Scott Joplin's "Maple Leaf Rag" though in the key of C (Maple Leaf was published in A-flat, and the song version in E-flat). The piano score he is reading is here: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/ewjlights.pdf I threw it together in a couple hours from an existing sloppy score that had the wrong time signature, some bass notes wrong and had the chords much too low in spots (the original arranger was deathly afraid of having to move his left hand more than an octave, it seems -- well, tough, dude; this is ragtime). I did some re-arranging and made it actually readable. The music was composed by Mark Miller.
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Коробейники sight-read & improvised from a lead sheet by Tom Brier
Sometimes called by the incipit "Коробушка" (Korobushka), this folk song (romanized "Korobeiniki") dates from the 1860s, though most people know of it from its use as the "Tetris A Theme" nearly 130 years later. Here, Tom reads a simple lead sheet (just the melody line with the chord names written on top) and embellishes it into different styles, including changing the rhythm to 3/4 and 5/4. The lead sheet Tom is reading from can be downloaded here: http://www.rmda.us/music.htm Of course, you game fans may notice that the version in Tetris was in A minor, so this performance may sound flat to you as the lead sheet is in G minor (which is how Tom "runs out of keyboard" at the end since the lowest note on a standard piano is an A, so he can't hit that low G he wants). The lyrics of the song are quite suggestive, about a peddler trying to peddle his wares to a girl who is not willing to pay the price at first. At least, that's what they mean at face value, but the implication of what the "wares" are and the "price" he wants her to pay is quite evident. Anyway, sorry about laughing so much during the video. I hate doing that, but just couldn't help it!
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Super Mario Land Theme ピラプト王国, as improvised by Tom Brier
Cezary Sławecki transcribed this into MIDI. I've written it out. When I gave the original simple score to Tom, I asked him not to flesh it out right away, but to build up on it so people can see how to add things to these three- or four-voice synthesizer tunes and make them sound more robust. Thus it's rather fitting that his performance now has been transcribed. There are some notes in there that I don't think he intended to hit -- one diminished chord and one A in the bass where a G would make sense -- but, well, here it is, warts and all. Hopefully you can study what he did and it will help you to fill out these simple tunes. They're quite boring on the piano when you only play with the voice limitations of those old synth chips; fill 'em out! You can see the original sight-read video (quite old so poor quality) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPa4i-ASpqs Download this transcription from my site: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/vgm.html (have to scroll down quite a way because the original transcription was one of the first things I did).
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Yoshi's Island athletic theme, sight-read by Tom Brier & Co.
You can view the sheet music they are reading here: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/yoshiath.pdf or from my page http://www.keeper1st.com/music/vgm.html Thanks to YouTubers Quietschquatsch and Raphy013 for the music suggestion a few days ago! Not only did Tom find this a fun tune to play, but, as you'll see, flautist Julia Riley and tubaist (tubist?) Mark Meeker decided to join in as well! After Tom's first sight-read, you hear Julia mention another Nintendo videogame tune that she liked. That was K.K. Ragtime. A short time later, Tom and Julia played it from memory! I'll have to post the video of that moment at a later date. It was fully evolved into a fleshed-out rag arrangement, much like the second run through this tune from Super Mario World 2 in this video. This tune was composed by Koji Kondo (近藤浩治). It is also known as "Hop! Hop! Donut Lifts" by some people, but in a concert video of Nintendo video game music at which the composer was in attendance, the title that appears clearly reads (if you read Japanese, anyway) simply "Yosshii Island Athletic Theme". You can purchase Tom's latest album here: http://cdbaby.com/cd/tombrier
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K.K. Ragtime -- とたけけの「ラグタイム」 -- sight-read by Tom Brier
Tom has not seen or heard the music before this recording, but does a terrific job on the first time around, doesn't he? This tune was composed by Kazumi Totaka (戸高一生) for the Nintendo video game series どうぶつの森 -- or "Animal Crossing" in English-speaking countries. I thought it would be fun to transcribe the tune and see what one of the best sight-readers of ragtime thought of it. The breaks in the second half, and some of the bass runs, when the tune changes key to G major, are my own inventions which I wrote into the score in an effort to spice it up a bit. The sheet music that Tom is reading is here: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/kkragtime.pdf But I have made some changes since then to bring more of the "aircheck" version from the game into it: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/kkragtime2.pdf
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Legend of Zelda ゼルダの伝説 ending theme エンディング "Brierized" on piano
Friday night, I received a suggestion that this tune could be turned into ragtime. I whipped up a basic score for it (based on an existing transcription) and showed it to Tom Brier the next day. Here is how he sight-read it. He had never heard nor seen the music before this recording. You can view the score he is reading here: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/zeldaend.pdf or from my page http://www.keeper1st.com/music/vgm.html
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Red Pepper: A Spicy Rag played by Tom Brier
A request from LudwigVonKoopa64, here is Tom playing this Henry Lodge number from 1910. It took a while for him to remember how it goes, but I knew he had played it with the Raspberry Jam Band, so thought he'd remember it eventually, which he did. I can't edit video from my new camera, so you have to suffer through the brainstorming bits at the beginning. You can download the sheet music here: http://webapp1.dlib.indiana.edu/inharmony/detail.do?action=detail&fullItemID=/lilly/devincent/LL-SDV-203026&queryNumber=1 or http://ucblibraries.colorado.edu/cgi-bin/sheetmusic.pl?RagRedPepper&Rag&main This was at the Sutter Creek Ice Cream Emporium at the end of the July 2010 meeting of the Mother Lode Ragtime Society.
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Yoshi's Island Athletic Theme played by the Raspberry Jam Band
You recall the previous video of some members of this band sight-reading the piano score I made. Well, they liked it so much that they made their own arrangement based on that piano score for the whole band to play. Percussion: Kitty Wilson Violin: Mary Preston Piano: Tom Brier Tuba: Brian Schlegel Euphonium: George Preston Piccolo: Julia Riley Brian is the band's backup tuba player. You can download the piano score that I made from my site: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/vgm.html Because they're playing based off the piano score, you don't get the overlapping melodies like the original tune had, or the syncopated chords in the background. I should suggest that Mary play the previous bars there when the piano and percussion do a solo. I think that would sound best. I wasn't going to post this one first, but George mentioned after they played this that one will be able to find it on YouTube, so here it is. This is from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, and was composed by Koji Kondo (近藤 浩治).
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Tom Brier -- Razor Blades
This is one of Tom's more than 200 ragtime compositions. The sheet music is available in "The Music of Tom Brier, Vol. 2". He had a couple minutes left at the end of his traditional Sunday-morning set of all contemporary ragtime at the 2010 West Coast Ragtime Festival, so someone suggested he fill the time with Razor Blades, a popular barn-burner of his. The bad shaking when I zoom in actually isn't me; it's the camera's image stabilization system. The fast movements of Tom's hands are confusing the system into thinking the camera is shaking, thus it moves the view around. http://www.westcoastragtime.com
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Snakey Chantey (Donkey Kong Country 2) sight-read by Tom Brier
Forgive a repeated gaffe at one point; the sheet music submitted to me had a misspelled accidental which caused Tom to mis-read what the chord should be, nearly every time he got to that point. I should have inspected it more closely before giving him something that I didn't score myself. 初見で『スーパードンキーコング2』の「ラトリーに大へんしん」を弾く。 The original composer was David Wise. The subtitle of Donkey Kong Country 2 was "Diddy's Kong Quest".
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Conker's Bad Fur Day, Overworld Theme, piano arrangement on player piano
This is the arrangement featured in an earlier video with a MIDI file. Here the MIDI file is played on a real piano, for kicks. I think the tune would work better a bit slower, actually. This arrangement is theoretically playable by a human. Tom Brier went through it once, but it wasn't clean enough to be postable, for not only is the tune difficult, but it's in the unusual (for ragtime) key of A Major, making for a difficult sight-read. In 2012, I re-scored the piece in B-flat, which composer Robin Beanland himself agreed was a better key, and showed it to Tom. There is video of that online. You can download the sheet music for this arrangement here: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/conkerwind2.pdf or from my page http://www.keeper1st.com/music/vgm.html And the MIDI file here: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/conkerwindy.mid
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"Charleston" four-hand piano, unrehearsed -- Brier & Swanson
Friday evening at the 2008 Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival, someone at the Ice Cream Emporium said she would love to hear Tom Brier and Adam Swanson play four-hand piano -- something they had never done before. So they sat down and gave it a whirl. They decided to play James P. Johnson's famous dance song "Charleston". Tom is on bass; Adam takes the melody. You'll please forgive mistakes; this was not planned and they'd never played together on the same piano before. But it sure was fun, wasn't it?
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"Kathy, la Reina del Saloon" (Les Luthiers) sight-read by Tom Brier
Ragtime from Argentina! This is the music played during the first part of a 1977 routine by an Argentinian comedy troupe known as Les Luthiers. They were apparently quite popular in South America. You can see them performing the routine containing this tune here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLW-oRP5M7U A YouTuber in Chile alerted me to this tune, and sent me a score he found that wasn't notated very well. I never got around to making a more readable score, so I just gave the score to Tom as-is. I was quite surprised at how well he was able to read it. The composer was Carlos Núñez Cortes.
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Yakety Rag sight-read by Tom Brier
Composed in 2009 by YouTuber "Alaeriia" (Alex Snitzer), this rag was inspired by the famous "Yakety Sax" by Boots Randolph. I came across a video of Alex playing through this, and while like me he's not a great pianist, I could tell the rag had potential so helped him to create a good score to get it into the hands of a ragtime pianist like Tom. And of course Tom absolutely nailed it on his first read-through. This was the very last piece played tonight at the March 2012 Mother Lode Ragtime Society meeting in the Sutter Creek Ice Cream Emporium, 51 Main Street, Sutter Creek, California. Download the sheet music Tom is reading here: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/yaketyrag1.pdf
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Snow Mountain Theme (スーパーマリオ64) sight-read by Tom Brier
This tune, either as Snow Mountain, Cool Cool Mountain, Slider, or Bob-omb Battlefield -- all different versions of the same tune -- has been requested a lot. It is a fun tune indeed. Download my piano arrangement here: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/coolcool.pdf or from my site http://www.keeper1st.com/music/vgm.html YouTuber "wheelmanmitch" transcribed the entire band arrangement of it, which I then condensed into piano sheet music. As always, Tom adds a lot more than what's on the page. Recorded 19 May 2012 at the Sutter Creek Ice Cream Emporium, 51 Main Street, Sutter Creek, California. This was after the May 2012 meeting of the Mother Lode Ragtime Society.
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Tiny Toon Adventures Theme piano-roll arrangement by Max Demski
Max, a.k.a. "KingYakko" on YouTube, created this player-piano arrangement of the Tiny Toon Adventures Theme, so I recorded it on a PianoDisc-equipped Mason & Hamlin upright owned by Chip Lusby, a.k.a. "sutterchip" on YouTube. The theme was by Bruce Broughton, Wayne Kaatz and Tom Ruegger. Lyrics: We're tiny; we're toony We're all a little loony And in this cartoony (And this afternoony) We're invading your TV! With comic dispensers We cracked up all the censors On Tiny Toon Adventures Get a dose of comedy! So here's Acme Acres; it's a whole wide world apart Our home sweet home, it stands alone A cartoon work of art! The scripts were rejected Expect the unexpected On Tiny Toon Adventures; it's about to start! They're furry; they're funny They're Babs and Buster Bunny Montana Max has money Elmyra is a pain! Here's Hamton, and Plucky Dizzy Devil's yucky Furrball's unlucky And Gogo is insane! At Acme Looniversity we earn our toon degree The teaching staff's been getting laughs Since 1933! We're tiny; we're toony We're all a little loony In Tiny Toon Adventures; come and join the fun! And now our song is done.
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Tom Brier plays Maple Leaf Rag in A, G, B, and as a waltz in B
(Originally published in A-flat.) As well as people asking to hear Tom play Scott Joplin rags, I had one person specifically ask, "Can Tom play the Maple Leaf Rag?" Well, of course I knew he could, as I've heard him play it with other musicians (and, honestly, what ragtimer can't play it?) . I even participated in an after-hours four-piano rendition with Tom, Scott Kirby and the late Patrick Gogherty in the early 1990s when I could play it reasonably well. However, I'd never actually heard Tom play it solo. The closest was hearing him play the song version (which is in E-flat) for a stage show on Joplin's life. I mentioned this to Will Perkins, whom you see on the right, and Will commented that he'd never heard Tom play Maple Leaf solo either, so he asked Tom if he'd play it for us. Of course, simply playing Maple Leaf Rag in the original key of A-flat would be boring, so Tom decided on a whim to play it in A natural. Then he shrugs and plays it again in G, before taxing himself by attempting to play it in the hardest key, B. When I joked, "How about as a waltz?" he complied with an on-the-spot waltz rendition of the final strain, but still using the difficult key of B major. So, to answer the question, "Can Tom play the Maple Leaf Rag?" Yes, he can. In what key and what time signature would you like? Please see this follow-up video -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6oYBE-ttV4 -- in which he and a couple others play this in all 12 major keys and four different time signatures.
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Fun with two pianos -- Tom Brier & Adam Swanson
Late at night toward the end of the wrap party following the 2010 West Coast Ragtime Festival, Adam Swanson (right) began challenging Tom Brier with a series of "coon songs". As you recall from an earlier video of mine, coon songs were a major part of African-American entertainment and were one of the primary ways that ragtime music became popularized in the black communities before it made the jump into white society as well. But today these songs are rarely heard because their subject matter is now deemed highly offensive -- yet the earliest of them were written by black musicians and comedians to play to black audiences to laugh at the "coon" stereotype of an uneducated lower-class black man, in much the same way as white musicians and comedians today entertain white audiences by making fun of a "redneck" stereotype of an uneducated lower-class white man. In their day, these songs were equally innocuous. This video starts after one or two tunes had already been played. The first one here is "Coon, Coon, Coon" from 1900 by Leo Friedman with words by Gene Jefferson. Then Adam plays "I'll Make dat Black Gal Mine" from 1896 by Chas. B. Ward with words by Dave Reed Jr. At first, Tom thinks it's "When You Wore a Tulip and I Wore a Big Red Rose" (not a coon song) from 1914 by Percy Wenrich with words by Jack Mahoney, so then they play that. Then Adam breaks into one of the few coon songs still played often today, "What You Goin' to Do When the Rent Comes 'Round?" (a.k.a. "Rufus Rastus Johnson Brown") from 1905 by Harry von Tilzer with words by Andrew Sterling. I pulled out my kazoo for a bit of that one. Then Adam changes to "I'll Lend You Everything I've Got Except My Wife" from 1910 also by Harry von Tilzer, with words by Jean Havez. This song was made popular by famed African-American comedian Bert Williams, hence Adam's remark. Then Adam goes into "Mandy Lane" from 1908 by William J. McKenna. Its melody reminds Tom of something else, so then he finishes off with that tune, which he does not name when asked. It may have a name that is unspeakable today... Unfortunately, the video editor I'm using, Pinnacle VideoSpin, creates pops and occasional brief pauses when subtitles are used, but I thought it was important to let you know what they're saying to each other as they go along, just as in a previous "Fun with 2 pianos" video featuring Vincent Johnson and Tom Brier where I used the YouTube annotations as I didn't yet have any software that could edit video from my current camera. I couldn't hear everything that Tom said during this one, but I got most of their banter. http://www.adamgswanson.com http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/TomBrier
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ファイファン Final Fantasy IX: Treno, the City that Never Sleeps sight-read by Tom Brier
眠らない街 トレノ You can download the sheet music I made, which Tom is reading, here: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/treno.pdf or from my page http://www.keeper1st.com/music/vgm.html This beautiful ragtime piece (oddly with 8-bar strains, though they don't feel like they're lacking despite their shortness) was composed by Nobuo Uematsu (植松 伸夫) for the Final Fantasy video game series (ファイナルファンタジー). Tom plays it with a lot of rubato, so sometimes the tempo speeds up quite a bit. Hopefully that doesn't offend anyone! I stopped the video too soon. As you can hear, Tom went back to re-do the middle section to get it right.
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The Vulture Rag, by Tom Brier (1994)
This rag is not available in any Tom's folios, but was sold as a single sheet in the early '90s. I've had the sheet music for 23 years but never made a MIDI rendition until now. Here it is played by my PianoDisc system. I made just a few minor embellishments here and there -- mostly arpeggios, left-hand tenths, and some filled out chords in the right hand.
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Tom Brier -- Peril in Pantomime
Tom Brier plays one of his many modernistic rags. This one was composed in 2008, and is featured on his album "Blue Sahara", available at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tombrier2 This performance was during the March 2010 meeting of the Mother Lode Ragtime Society, at the Sutter Creek Ice Cream Emporium, 51 Main Street, Sutter Creek, California.
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Maple Leaf Rag - 3 Pianos on Fire
The final performance of the "3 Pianos on Fire" set was perhaps the most famous of all rags, Scott Joplin's second published rag, and the first he had published by John Stark & Son. The publication of this in 1899 also was landmark in that the contract granted Joplin royalties on the sales, when the standard at the time was for composers to sell their tunes outright for a one-time fee. The rag is traditionally used as a show-off piece, and that's certainly how it's done here, with the pianos definitely "on fire" by the end. Left to right are Tom Brier, Patrick Aranda, and Frederick Hodges. http://www.suttercreekragtime.com
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Scott Joplin - Peacherine Rag - "3 Pianos on Fire"
This was Scott Joplin's third solo rag, published in 1901. Not far removed from the cakewalk era, it accepts a rousing tempo quite readily. You can imagine the high-steppers really strutting to this back in the day! This was the third performance of the 45-minute "Three Pianos on Fire" set at the 2009 Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival in Sutter Creek, California. It followed "Pine Apple Rag" (previously posted) and "Sunflower Slow Drag" (not posted; you should have been there!). There were plenty of antics between numbers, and I leave some of them in here as they introduce the next number (which also will not be posted; you should have been there!). http://www.suttercreekragtime.com I have three more from this set which will be posted. Stay tuned, as things are really starting to heat up now... and they're getting sillier too! Left to right are Frederick Hodges, Tom Brier and Patrick Aranda. After the video ends, they swap pianos (which they did after every number), so it's Patrick who plays a bit of "The Stripper" which you hear coming from the left piano.
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Pinna Park (Super Mario Sunshine) sight-read by Tom Brier
The key of D isn't the easiest for him to read (ragtime is rarely in "sharp" keys), but it's not bad, is it? The sheet music that Tom is reading here was made by Mitch Norris -- http://www.youtube.com/user/wheelmanmitch/ -- with just some coaching from me. I don't think Mitch has it on any of his own web space yet so here's a link to it from mine: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/PinnaParkPiano.pdf This was at the May 2013 meeting of the Mother Lode Ragtime Society as things wrapped up for the night. I raised my arm/camera high so that people could leave without walking into the shot, as they had got up to leave, but they remained standing there until Tom finally finished (after several repeats, a made-up interlude, another repeat, and a made-up ending). This is what prompted our friend Julia to say sarcastically, "Next time you should play the LONG version!" Some Japanese text follows for the sake of searches. 『ピンナパーク』 スーパーマリオサンシャイン ピアノ
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Mario Kart マリオカート - Yoshi Valley / Moo Moo Farm - sight-read by Tom Brier
This is Tom's second time reading the tune. He read it three months prior to this but I wasn't recording. I had many requests for this tune so I asked if he'd read through it again on camera. I think the first time through actually had fewer mistakes, but it was on an out-of-tune upright, whereas here you get a nice grand piano. You can download the score that I made, which he is reading (and embellishing upon) here: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/moomoo.pdf This tune is from the Nintendo video games "Mario Kart 64" and "Mario Kart DS", playing in the background while you race on the "Yoshi Valley" and "Moo Moo Farm" courses. It was composed by Kenta Nagata (永田 権太).
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ST:TNG Theme sight-read by Tom Brier ... and then ragged
Knowing that Tom is a Star Trek fan, I suggested that Will Perkins show Tom the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" theme from Will's book of TV show themes. I didn't look closely at the score ahead of time so didn't realize that it modulates into C-flat and F-flat for a bit. You can even hear Tom utter "Oh god!" when he gets to that part. When my wife had been watching a lot of ST:TNG a few months ago, I began imagining the theme in ragtime. So I decided to do it and add my arrangement to the end of this video. It's a slightly abbreviated version of the theme compared to the one played in the book; I go straight into the C-flat version of the second theme instead of doing it in D first and having that short reprise of the main theme in B-flat. There is one error in the recording of my version and the score shown on the screen. In the two-note lead-in to the key change to G major, that E should be natural. You can download my ragtime version here: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/ragtrek.pdf This video of Tom was recorded at the September 2011 meeting of the Mother Lode Ragtime Society, in the Sutter Creek Ice Cream Emporium, 51 Main St., Sutter Creek, Calif., USA.
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By the Beautiful Sea -- played by Tom Brier with Washboard Kitty
Tom on piano with Kitty Wilson plays this 1914 hit song by Harry Carroll with words by Harold R. Atteridge You'll forgive a couple gaffes; the rest of the performance surely makes up for it! Recorded at the 2010 Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival. http://www.suttercreekragtime.com Lyrics: === [Verse 1] Joe and Jane were always together, Said Joe to Jane "I love Summer weather, So let's go to that beautiful sea, Follow along; say you're with me!" Anything that Joe would suggest to her, Jane would always think it was best for her. So he'd get his Ford, holler "all aboard. Gee! I want to be..." [Chorus] By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea, You and I, you and I, oh! How happy we'll be, When each wave comes a rolling in, We will duck or swim, and we'll float and fool around the water. Over and under, and then up for air, Pa is rich; Ma is rich, so now what do we care? I love to be beside your side, beside the sea, Beside the seaside, by the beautiful sea. [Verse 2] Joe was quite a sport on a Sunday, Though he would eat at Childs on a Monday, And Jane would lose her millionaire air, And go to work Marcelling hair, Every Sunday he'd leave his wife at home, Say "It's business, honey; I've got to roam," Then he'd miss his train, get his Ford and Jane, And say "Come with me." (repeat chorus) === You can hear a 1914 recording of this song being sung here: http://www.archive.org/details/AdaJonesBillyWatkins Of course, the song was probably truly immortalized decades later by Spike Jones.
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The Finger Breaker (Jelly Roll) played by Stephanie Trick
Yet another phenomenal young performer of ragtime, novelty and stride, Missouri's Stephanie Trick displays her pianistic prowess by playing Jelly Roll Morton's "The Finger Breaker" from 1938. http://www.stephanietrick.com http://www.westcoastragtime.com Recorded on Saturday 17 November 2007 at the 21st annual West Coast Ragtime Festival, in Sacramento, California.
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Mother/EarthBound store theme "Humoresque of a Little Dog" sight-read by Tom Brier, piano
I had sent Tom a couple links of different arrangements of this tune, but he had yet to click on any of them when I presented this sheet music arrangement to him, so this is the first time he has heard the tune, much less seen the music. You can download my piano arrangement here: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/hoald.pdf and other VGM sheet music I've made here: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/vgm.html Stay tuned for a video of Tom building up on the Super Mario Land Birabuto Kingdom theme, which was recorded the same day. (But, darn the luck, I decided not to record when he sight-read the Yoshi Valley / Moo-Moo Farm theme from Mario Kart almost flawlessly... Maybe we can save that one for a video of him actually playing something he's played before -- what a novel concept!) Anyway, I think three different YouTubers had asked if I could have Tom play this tune. None knew of any existing sheet music scores, so I made my own arrangement based on several recordings. The tune is from the Nintendo role-playing series "Mother" (Japanese title) / "EarthBound" (English title), where it is called simply "Buy Somethin', Will Ya!" It was composed by Hirokazu Tanaka. Since he hadn't played the tune before, Tom takes it at a slow tempo all the way through the first time, rather than speeding up throughout the tune as I indicate on the sheet music, then plays it faster all the way through the second time around to make up for it. He has a bit of difficulty with the second section, so we'll have to take another crack at making a video of this to get a flawless performance in. He liked the tune, though, and wondered if the Raspberry Jam Band might like this as much as they do "K.K. Ragtime"... so who knows what the future may hold?
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Scott Joplin - Pine Apple Rag - "3 Pianos on Fire" (HQ audio)
The opening performance of an hour-long piano-trio set is just getting warmed up with Scott Joplin's "Pine Apple Rag" from 1908. Pianists from left to right are Patrick Aranda, Frederick Hodges and Tom Brier. I thought this was a suitable beginning to the set, as it is not a fast rag and the embellishments are tasteful (but Frederick was surprised to hear me say that). (If you do think that this is "fast" then please just admit that you know very little about ragtime and don't make a fool of yourself by complaining. There will be fast numbers from this set coming up later.) They're playing to a capacity room -- there were people watching from the hallway outside, unable to enter the room because it was at the maximum number of people allowed by law. This was Saturday evening, 15 August 2009, during the 11th annual Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival in California. http://www.suttercreekragtime.com is where you will find details about the festival (which happens in mid-August every year). The audio in this video was recorded from in front of the pianos by Rob Thomas. Some fidelity is lost in the conversion to a WMV, but it's still much better than my cheap camera with its auto-gain control (great for voice; terrible for music) and low-bitrate monophonic audio recording.
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Super Mario theme played "blind" by Tom Brier
I discussed this idea with Tom, that as an interesting companion to Martin Leung playing this tune blindfolded, we could make a video of Tom playing this "blind" -- i.e., without ever having seen the music before (nor heard it, for Tom isn't into video games, but is liking the videogame tunes that I've been presenting to him). It almost gets to the point where I'm going to stop the video and declare it a bust, but then he slows it down and plays it like the real tango that it is, and we discover what a beautiful piece of music it truly is when played "right" (i.e., as Tom says, not at videogame speed, but at tango speed). The sheet music that Tom is reading is Martin's arrangement, but I re-scored it with correct time signature and correct notation of the syncopation and accidentals, so as to be more readable to Tom, who is familiar with reading tango scores. You can download it here: http://www.keeper1st.com/music/smbtitle.pdf I've actually made a couple further corrections to the score since making this video. I had a natural accidental where it wasn't needed, and should have scored a D-sharp where there is an E-flat. These are throwing off Tom in this video. I had made this score at the last minute before going to the ragtime festival, so didn't proofread it well enough, apparently. Of course, Tom is embellishing upon it and filling it out -- particularly in the left hand.
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Scott Joplin - The Entertainer - 3 Pianos on Fire
The fiery trio slows things down a bit for the early Joplin rag "The Entertainer" (1902). On the brown upright is Frederick Hodges. On the black upright in the middle is Tom Brier. On the grand is Patrick Aranda. "3 Pianos on Fire" was a special set during the 11th annual Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival in Sutter Creek, California. http://www.suttercreekragtime.com They really turned on the heat after this.
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