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KF5OBS #34: Noise Figure Measurement (Y Factor Method)
This video shows how to measure the Noise Figure of an amplifier using a spectrum analyzer and a noise source using the 'Y factor method.' The D.U.T. used in this video is a Mini Circuits ZKL-2+ amplifier. A Tektronix MDO4104B-6 serves as spectrum analyzer.
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KF5OBS #55: What is a Gunnplexer? | Police Radar Gun
This video shows a couple of 10 GHz and 24 GHz gunnplexers, briefly explains what they do and shows how they can be used to determine an object's speed.
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KF5OBS #19: FT-8800 extended TX (MARS/CAP) Mod
Extended transmit modification shown on a Yaesu FT-8800R. The modification procedure is the same for the FT-8800, FT-8800R, FT-8900, FT-8900R, FT-7900 and FT-7900R.
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KF5OBS #32: Noise Figure Measurement (Gain Method)
This video shows how to measure the Noise Figure of an amplifier using nothing but a spectrum analyzer using the 'Gain method.' The D.U.T. used in this video is a Mini Circuits ZKL-2+ amplifier. A Tektronix MDO4104B-6 serves as spectrum analyzer.
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KF5OBS Aside: The Bipolar Blogger
The graphic content warning in the beginning is not a joke. If you can't see cutting wounds, don't watch this! Many people have asked me why I am so infrequent with my videos and why they come in impulses. The answer is - besides time - my bipolar disorder. It grounds all production during lows and launches it sky high during highs. It's as simple as that. So 1 video / week can easily mean none for 6 months and then 2 every week. Despite taking good medication, I still don't quite have things figured out. On the bright side, now I'm manic high, so expect a lot of good stuff.
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KF5OBS #45: Instrument Landing System Testing
This video shows how easy it is to test an Instrument Landing System, ILS for short, receiver for localizer and glideslope accuracy. In this example I am using a Yaesu FTA-550 airband transceiver as ILS localizer receiver. This video was shot in DNxHD using the Blackmagic HyperDeck shuttle I showed in another video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cc83-Cc-vtw). After editing in Adobe Premiere and finishing it off in SpeedGrade, I exported it to h.264 at a variable bitrate averaging 35 Mbps. Please let me know if you see an increase in image quality.
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KF5OBS #62: Stereo Multiplexing for FM Transmission | Theory
Theory of Stereo Multiplexing for FM Transmission.
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KF5OBS #37: Tektronix RSA306 Teardown
A look inside the brand new Tektronix RSA 306 USB 3.0 9 kHz - 6 .2 GHz spectrum analyzer. Not too much to see inside but still very interesting.
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KF5OBS #28: Wilkinson Splitter / Combiner Basics
Following video #27 about resistive splitters / combiners, this video explains how Wilkinson splitters / dividers work and how their properties differ from resistive splitters.
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KF5OBS #16: HT  RX/TX Performance Upgrade (Tiger Tail)
This video is showing how to significantly improve the receive and transmit performance of any handheld radio using what's called a Tiger Tail or Rat Tail.
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KF5OBS #49: Microphone Preamplifier
In this Circuit "Friday" video I'm showing a super simple circuit to use as a preamplifier for condenser microphones and dynamic microphones. This circuit is the first stage of a simple Double Sideband Transmitter that we are going to build together.
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KF5OBS #33: Filter Measurement using Noise Source
This video shows how to use a noise source to characterize a filter's passband behaviour on a FFT spectrum analyzer / oscilloscope without a tracking generator.
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KF5OBS #2: C-Band LNB Teardown
As promised, I am tearing down a C-Band LNB to get a small look at microwave circuitry. Download page for AppCAD: http://www.hp.woodshot.com/ Here's the link to a previous teardown I did in my text-blog: http://jaunty-electronics.com/blog/2012/09/c-band-dro-lnb-teardown/
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KF5OBS Aside: I'm Back!
After a long long phase of inactivity, I am back at full force. If you would like to read the long director's cut of what happened, feel free to read the article I wrote on the matter. It's pretty long but it encompasses nearly 2 years of depression history: https://jaunty-electronics.com/blog/2015/08/blog-inactivity-depression-gone-wrong/
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KF5OBS #51: Factory Tour |Teledyne LeCroy
A tour of the Teledyne LeCroy factory in Chestnut Ridge, NY. Great insight into the high quality standards that LeCroy is known for. Tour guide is Corporate Quality Manager Mark DeVries. Tyler Cox, VP Worldwide Oscilloscope Operations, is also seen in the video.
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KF5OBS #46: HyperDeck Shuttle 2 Teardown
Some of my subscribers requested that i tear down the Blackmagic HyperDeck Shuttle 2. So I did. As expected there's not really much inside but while I had it all apart, I used the opportunity to check the current consumption. The mathematical battery life is about 1.5 hours while recording or playing back video. Definitely not very much.
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KF5OBS #15: Microwave Frequency Meters
This video shows how to use old-school Frequency Meters / Wavemeters using a HP X 532A as an example. Frequency meters like this can easily be obtained for little money.
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KF5OBS #26: Resistive Splitters / Combiners
Quick look at resistive splitters / combiners, also known as 6 dB splitters because of their characteristic loss.
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KF5OBS #54: Secondary Surveillance Radar | Introduction
Quick introduction to Secondary Surveillance Radar and how it works. After explaining the absolute basics, I am showing how one can simulate transponder responses using off-the-shelf test equipment. RTL1090 is used to verify the generated signals as valid.
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KF5OBS #3: L-Network Impedance Matching
Showing briefly how L-Networks can be used to match different impedances for perfect power transfer. Here's the classic text blog version: http://jaunty-electronics.com/blog/2013/04/l-network-impedance-matching/ ISBN-13 of the book "RF Circuit Design": 978-0750685184
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KF5OBS #5: Crystal oscillator frequency pulling
This video briefly explains how to influence a crystal oscillator's frequency by introducing reactive elements such as trim capacitors and inductors. This example uses a very simplistic Pierce oscillator and a crystal ins series resonance.
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KF5OBS #44: Look at the Blackmagic HyperDeck Shuttle 1
I recently bought a HyperDeck Shuttle 2 video capture and playback device. The device can record of HDMI or SDI onto Solid State Drives (SSD). Supported formats are uncompressed 10-Bit video, Apple ProRes 422 and DNxHD. I use it for screen-captures, high-quality video shoots and as a portable HD SDI source when I work on broadcast gear in the field.
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KF5OBS #7: Jackson Labs Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC)
Quick look at the Jackson Labs Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) including a very brief jitter analysis using the LeCroy WaveRunner 640 Zi 4 GHz, 40 GS/s oscilloscope.
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KF5OBS #53: 14 GHz Ku Band Block UpConverter
A quick look at what it takes to make a Block UpConverter (BUC) for the 14 GHz Ku-Band satellite uplink band work. A BUC is used in professional Broadcast TV environments to convert a video signal from a L-Band intermediate frequency to the 14 GHz range to be received by broadcast satellites.
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KF5OBS #4: Teledyne LeCroy HDO4024 Teardown
Teardown of a Teledyne LeCroy HDO4024 high-definition 12-bit oscilloscope with 200 MHz bandwidth. My text-blog teardown article: http://jaunty-electronics.com/blog/2013/10/look-inside-teledyne-lecroy-hdo4024/
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KF5OBS #30: N-Way Wilkinson Divider Design
Following my videos on Wilkinson divider basics and the design of an equal split 2-way Wilkinson, this video explains the principle of designing an equal split N-way Wilkinson.
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KF5OBS #56: Generating PWM Signals
In this video I'm showing how to generate a PWM signal that's behaving proportionally to analog control signal.
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Air Force One ATC Radio Traffic - 05/07/14
Air Force one ATC recording. Recorded with two radios on various frequencies using a Tascam DP-006 multitrack recorder. AF1 landed on the Little Rock AFB (KLRF). Radio 1 is a Yaesu FTA-720 airband radio, the second is a RadioShack PRO-97 scanner. Keyword: LiveATC, Air Force 1, AF1, AirForce1
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KF5OBS #22: Tour of New Lab
In case you have been wondering why I haven't been posting any videos in over 6 weeks, here's why! I moved to a new house and set up a brand new electronics lab. Expect plenty of videos in the very near future. Topic suggestions are more than welcome, just post them in the comment section below.
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KF5OBS #59: How do frequency multipliers work?
Quick intro on how (microwave) frequency multipliers work. Includes a mini-teardown of a Mini Circuits 4.5 GHz - 6 GHz multiplier.
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KF5OBS #25: Teledyne LeCroy WS3054
Quick overview of the brand new Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 3000 series oscilloscopes. Demonstrating the Decode and Wave Scan functions as well as the history mode on a Wave Surfer 3053.
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KF5OBS #41: 100 GHz Oscilloscope Demo
With 100 GHz bandwidth and 240 GS/s sampling rate, the LabMaster 10-100Zi is the highest bandwidth oscilloscope in the world today. I met up with Patrick Connolly at LeCroy for a quick look at a 100 GHz sine wave generated by multiplying two optical signals (laser) with each other.
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APEC 2014: Ridley Engineering
Interview with Ray Ridley about their engineering workshops. You canc heck out their website right here: http://www.ridleyengineering.com/
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KF5OBS #29: Designing a Wilkinson Splitter / Combiner
Following last week's video on the theory of Wilkinson splitters and combiners, this video shows the practical design of an equal split 2 port lumped element Wilkinson Splitter / Combiner. Supplemental article on my blog: https://jaunty-electronics.com/blog/2014/09/lumped-element-wilkinson-splitter-combiner-design/
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KF5OBS #31: Making PCBs (Photoresist Method)
This video shows one way of how how make Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) at home using the photoresist method. Unfortunately, my demonstration had some flaws due to old material and I did neither have the time nor patience to re-shoot the video.
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KF5OBS #61: Galaxy Audio AS 1100 IFB | Wireless Headphones
Teardown of the Galaxy Audio AS 1100 IFB consisting out of the 1100T transmitter and 1100R receiver.
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KF5OBS #58: Mini Circuits SSG 4000 | Unboxing
This video takes a quick look at the Mini Circuits SSG4000, a low-cost 4 GHz signal generator with 70 dB dynamic range.
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KF5OBS #60: Whiskey Bottle LED Lamp
Quick video showing off my Whiskey bottle lamps I built earlier today.
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KF5OBS #1: Introduction and content ideas
Okay, I did it. I did convince myself that I need to quit throwing videos in the trash for imperfections. Please give me your feedback. Don't be too hard on me! And yes, English isn't my native language, obviously! Link to my text-blog: http://jaunty-electronics.com
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KF5OBS #12: Microwave Experiments on a Budget
Experimenting with radio frequencies in the microwave range can sometimes seem to be intimidating from a budgetary point of view. This video shows that using surplus parts is the key to low-cost experiments.
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KF5OBS #20: VOR NAV Receiver Testing
This video shows how to generate a complex test signal to emulate a ground based radio navigation system for aircraft (VOR). The generated signal can then be used to verify the accuracy of navigational receivers intended to be used with a VOR. Used in this video: LeCroy WS3162, LeCroy HDO4024 and Yaesu FTA-720
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KF5OBS ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge
It finally hit me and someone nominated me for the ALS Ice-Bucket challenge. Here's the result. Nominees: Shane Lee, Athina Hrstmn and Megan Nichole Woodworth.
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APEC 2014: LeCroy Power Measurement Demo
Steve Murphy of Teledyne LeCroy is showing how to use the HDO4000 and HDO6000 series oscilloscope to characterize switched mode power supplies. In his example he is looking at all important parameters of a flyback converter and explains the benefits of doing this with a 12-bit oscilloscope. For more information visit the Teledyne LeCroy website: http://teledynelecroy.com/hd4096/
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KF5OBS #14: Mini-Circuits USB Power Sensor Review
Quick and brief look at the Mini-Circuits PWR-SEN-4RMS USB power sensor. It can measure the power of modulated and unmodulated signals between 50 MHz - 4000 MHz. The measurable power range is from -35 dBm to +20 dBm (100 mW). For more information, visit this site: http://www.minicircuits.com/MCLStore/ModelInfoDisplay?13944321828800.8753864862075538
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KF5OBS #50: Tektronix Interview | RSA306 Spectrum Analyzer
Earlier this year I visited Tektronix in Santa Clara, CA to chat with Matt Maxwell, a product marketing Manager for Tektronix, about their RSA306 USB real time spectrum analyzer. NOTE: This footage was captured a little bit over half a year ago. Due to unforeseen events I was unable to edit and publish the footage beforehand.
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KF5OBS #9: Workman SX-144-430 SWR Meter Grounding Issue
Quick look inside a Workman SX-144-430 showing the absolutely dreadful ground connection of this cheap SWR meter. It seems like you indeed get what you pay for. As comparison I opened up a LDG YT-100 automatic antenna tuner. The LDG tuner uses quality parts and implements a much better ground connection with solid screws and ring-terminals.
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KF5OBS #36: Tektronix SignalVu-PC Overview / Intro
Quick intro of the Tektronix SignalVu-PC software package as provided with the brand new Tektronix RSA306 USB 3.0 spectrum analyzer. Also works with other Tektronix products such as the MDO4000 series oscilloscopes.
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KF5OBS #48: Guitar Tone Adjustment Circuit
This is the first of many videos to come in my new series called "Circuit Friday." In this first episode we're having a look at a simple tone adjustment circuit. I'm using it for my guitar but you can use it for many other applications. For instance, I could imagine this being used to adjust the audio characteristic of a radio receiver.
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KF5OBS #17: Kenwood TR-751A Giveaway & Shack Tour
Overview of my new amateur radio set-up. I got a new Yaesy FT-8800R, a VX-8DR (6m, 2m, 222 MHz, 70cm, integrated GPS / APRS) a FT-897D with AT-897 antenna tuner, BCD996XT and BCD396XT APCO25 scanners, Icom ID-51A (D-STAR). -------------------------- Giveaway ------------------------------ I'm giving away a perfectly good Kenwood TR-751A (2m SSB, CW, FM) radio. All you have to do to enter the drawing is subscribe to my channel, like this video, comment under this video and eMail me at [email protected] For a double chance, share this video on a social media site of your choice. In this case, please provide proof (screenshot, link, etc.) via eMail. Please include the answer to this question: After who is the electrical unit for frequency named?
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APEC 2014: Interview with Mouser Electronics
Interview with Kevin Parmenter of Mouser Electronics. This interview was conducted at the APEC 2014 conference in Fort Worth, Texas.
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