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Newbank Garden Centre Commercial
Newbank Garden Centre aired on Granada TV 19th April until the end of May. We worked with local production company Red Pencil,you can watch behind the scenes on their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlcBkghMVvg Newbank’s TV advertisement,focuses on the store’s spring products. The ad takes the business in a new style direction, re-creating the ‘perfect summers day’, with a twist. We’ll let you watch the ad to find out what that twist is! FOLLOW US: Blog: http://www.jgmagency.co.uk/make-yourself-at-home-at-newbank/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/JGMAgency Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JGMAgency/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/jgm-agency/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jgmagency
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Synexus Heart Campaign
Our client Synexus needed an animation to attract their potential candidates in a fun and engaging way. We produced a rollercoaster animation to represent the scary journey a heart disease sufferer experiences on a daily basis.
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Newbank Christmas Advert
Christmas is a very busy time for Newbank, and it was our job to showcase their amazing range of Christmas decorations, lights and trees on offer, as well as filming the actual Santa Claus from their magical grotto to bring that bit of magic to the commercial.
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Botany Bay
Our creative team managed the project from start to finish. JGM wrote the script, cast the actors, directed the filming of the commercial and followed it through to airing on TV. The results speak for themselves as Botany Bay has reported a tremendous amount of positive feedback, and subsequently a huge upsurge in visitor footfall.
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Synexus TV Campaign
Synexus briefed JGM to produce a TV commercial to recruit candidates for their study into heart disease. We developed the ‘Take the Step’ campaign to encourage people who are eligible play a part in advancing medicine in the treatment of heart disease.
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Synexus Osteoporosis Campaign
Synexus briefed the JGM team with a new advert for TV, to recruit patients for an Osteoporosis study. We interviewed sufferers to better understand the condition, then casted for the roles, wrote the script, sketched the storyboards and directed the filming itself.
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