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MHFU: Using LBG on G-rank Tigrex
G-rank Tigrex Skills: Evade+2, Bullet Limit,Auto-reload, element up im not a pro using heroics and having gaiaprey packs is annoying.got hit by tigrex many times in this quest and it took so long using lbg without using heroics but as long as i kill it i guess its not that bad if you want or you are intrested in using bowguns i highly recommend mazereon bowgun conpedium http://www.gamefaqs.com/psp/943356-monster-hunter-freedom-unite/faqs/56818
MHFU: hunting kushala daora G Rank with abadon
neon armor skills:evade+2, capacity up,EAU abadon armor skills:evade+2, auto reload,evade distance after long lay off,couldnt dodge well lol
MHFU: Hunting G-rank khezu with abadon
after years of not playing mhfu here is my 1st mhfu video and helping my 13years old nephew to hunt g-rank khezu neon:evade+2,element up,auto-reload,bullet limit abadon: auto-reload,evade+2,evade distance up, if anyone want or intrested in using bowgun look at mazereon bowgun compendium it has detailed guide how to use bowguns effectively. http://www.gamefaqs.com/psp/943356-monster-hunter-freedom-unite/faqs/56818 soundtrack: 24 Hour Phil Marshall