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Maple Defoliation.wmv
Describing the defoliation of one of my Japanese Mountain Maple to build ramification and reduce the leaf size.
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Elm Ground Layer And Maple Update.wmv
This video shows how to apply a layering technique to improve the rootspread on potential bonsai and a quick final update on the Japanese Maple, wich was defoliated earlier this year.
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Chinese Elm and Silver Birch Bonsai.wmv
Description and 360 degree shots of my large Chinese Elm and my Silver Birch Bonsai.
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Juniper thinning
Thinning out the foliage on a small Blaauw Juniper. The foliage had grown quite strongly and made the tree look very top heavy.
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Trident Maple Thread Graft.mp4
Rubbish weather continues, so I have taken some time to work on some of my raw material. I thought this one may be interesting to some. Thread grafting is an easy way improve bonsai material and a useful skill to practise. While I was trimming the tree I also took some softwood cuttings. Enjoy!
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Chinese Elm Tanuki.wmv
Creation of a shohin size wrap around or tanuki from a piece of deadwood and a Chinese Elm Cutting. The deadwood is a piece of Hawthorn root which has been preserved with wood hardener some years ago and has been left to weather outside. The cutting is from last spring and had a full growing season to establish good roots and is growing strongly.
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Larch trimming and Maple update.wmv
Summer trimming of my Japanese Larch and a quick update on the defoliated Maple that was subject of an earlier video.
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Japanese Larch Branch refinement.wmv
The video shows the procedure of branch refinement to build ramification on Larch branches by removing the overly large branch tips and replacing them with finer growth from further back on the branch. Please watch to the end as I have added a small bit to the end AFTER the goodbyes.
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Hornbeam shoot pruning.wmv
Demonstrating the spring pruning on a 15 year old European Hornbeam Bonsai.
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cotoneaster on rock_0001.wmv
As the title says, I had this tree sitting in my collection, waiting for some inspiration. A lucky find of a nice landscape rock finally gave me the component to improve this tree and finally add it to the show bench.
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Larch Branch Refinement Update
Update on the Japanese Larch from a previous video. My apologies for the sound and picture quality.
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Old Larch restyling 2013
Restyling an old and somewhat overgrown European Larch. The first part of the video is made up of photos to show the preparation of the tree for styling.
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Chinese Elm Tanuki Update take 2.wmv
Just a quick update on the little Elm tanuki I started last year. It's coming on well and is on track for a first full styling early next year.
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Elm Tanuki update take 3
Latest update on the Chinese Elm tanuki featured in two previous videos. No ready for a first styling by pruning.
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Bonsai Show Impressions
Impressions from our bonsai club's first bonsai exhibition this year. This was held at the Leicester University Botanical Gardens. Due to space restrictions only a small number of trees was on display. The lighting was not ideal, but I hope you enjoy. The music used for the video is "Garden Of The Forking" by J.Lang (feat. Neurowaxx) http://ccmixter.org/files/djlang59/22228 is licensed under a Creative Commons license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/
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Shohin Bonsai Camera Test
Testing the new camera with some shohin size bonsai. Six trees in various stages of development on the video
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Literati Spruce first styling.wmv
First styling of a spruce to become a Literai style Bonsai. This is one of my entries for the current styling competition on the Wee Trees Forum. I talk through the initial evaluation and subsequent styling decisions to clarify the reasons for those decision.
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Group Plantings.wmv
As promised in an earlier video, here are a few of my more advanced group plantings, featuring two larch groups, a Korean Hornbeam group and a small three tree planting of Lonicera Nitidia.
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Literati Juniper Restyling.wmv
Restyling of a Literati style Juniper. This tree started out as a Garden Centre stock plant and was originally styled for a competition on the BonsaiTalk Internet forum in 2005.
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car boot Trees and material.wmv
Some of the trees that I will be taking to the Bonsai Car Boot sale a Birmingham Botanical Gardens on Sunday, 13 March 2011.
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Project Pine
Just a quick video for my own use. This is a Scots Pine I will be working on in the near future, so this video will give ma a visual reference while sitting in the warm and planning it's future.
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Chinese Juniper styling.wmv
Assessment and first styling of a Chinese Juniper detailing the styling criteria and showing wiring and bending techniques
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Trees prepared for annual bonsai club show
Just showing a few of my trees I have prepared for Our Bonsai Club's annual show this weekend.
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Pre Bonsai Material Part 2.wmv
Another 4 trees in development. These are a bit more advanced than the ones in the first video. The video features a Yew, a Hornbeam Group, a Trident Maple Root over Rock and a Mugo Pine cascade/semi cascade.
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New Camera Test Chinese Elm Tanuki
Just testing out the new camera and getting to grip with the editing software. Full video update on the Tanuki coming soon.
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Wee Trees Competition Tree Styling.wmv
First styling of a cheap and readily available Garden Centre Juniper. Please note that the final pictures are only an impression of the bonsai. It will take another 3-4 years to develop into a showable tree.
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Impression from the Bonsai Traders Expo Sheffield
just a few Impressions from today's Bonsai Traders Expo, held at the Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield.
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Pre Bonsai Material.wmv
This video shows some of my pre bonsai material with detail on how the trees were obtained and potential for further development. The video features 3 collected Hornbeams and an Apple tree that was grown from seed.
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Summer Hailstorm 28 06 12
This one just sums up the weather we are experiencing here in the UK this spring and summer. Nearly two months of rain, wind and winter temperatures, but now a hailstorm from hell. Best get cleaning up in the greenhouse - sigh!
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