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Why Anne Kansiime & Pablo are organised confusion
Comedienne Anne Kansiime and comedian Kenneth Kimuli aka Pablo perform a crazy song that reminds Ugandans of their early childhood memories. I hope you enjoy it.
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Why I love Kenya.
Uganda's top comedian Kenneth Kimuli aka Pablo performs at the Boma's ground in Kenya. I hope you enjoy and yes, subscribe to this channel for free hilarious comedy acts.
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Things that complicate dating
Uganda's celebrated comedian Kenneth Kimuli aka Pablo explains why some things in life are hard to explain.
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How to sing like Juliana Kanyomozi of Uganda
Comedian Pablo Taking on Juliana Kanyomozi on Pablo Live.
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Pablo talks about president M7's family
Ugandan comedian celebrates the country's president Yoweri Museveni by cracking jokes about his family names.
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How musicians cheat by Klint Da Drunk
The multi-talented artiste is not just a comedian; he is also a musician, painter and he designs his own clothes. Meet Nigeria's funny man Klint Da Drunk performing at Pablo Live Show in Kampala - Uganda hosted by Kenneth Kimuli aka Pablo
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Poor Bob The Ugandan Comedian at Pablo Live Show
Uncle Bob the comedian shows how far he has strived to make a living while at Pablo Live Show.
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Anne Kansiime and Pablo reminiscing nursery rhymes
Memories are a treasure no one can still
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Who is Juliana Kanyomozi?
Comedian Pablo and musician Juliana Kanyomozi share what they have in common.
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Why Obama is truly Kenyan.
Kenneth Kimuli aka Pablo is Uganda's premier standup comedian. He beat stiff competition to emerge winner of Mnet's standup Uganda competition in 2009, and earned himself the bragging rights as Uganda's king of comedy.
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Here is the REAL Barack Obama
Uganda's undisputed king of comedy Kenneth Kimuli aka Pablo expresses his affection for Kenya, the pride of Africa, and why they deserve to be held in high esteem.
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Uganda's finest comedian Jaja Bruce mimicks a Dj mix at Pablo Live
Bruce Ssentongo aka mimicks how Ugandan DJ's mix music in night clubs. His act is off the hook. More of these entertaining acts on this channel. Subscribe and you''ll have a great time
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Intro to Mbarara High School.Pablo Live
My hilarious highs and lows at Mbarara High School.
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When I was a little boy.
Pablo explains the different names in Uganda and how they come about.
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Pablo Live - We Need To Be Serious When Dealing With Love
We Need To Be Serious When Dealing With Love,Pablo jokes...
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Most annoying waiter ever!
Uganda's celebrated comedian Pablo acts as a clumsy waiter that everyone would love to hate as part of his performance at Mnet's comedy club live in Mombasa
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Why Anne Kansiime & Pablo are organised confusion pt 2
Uganda's premier stand up comedian Pablo and world acclaimed comedienne Anne Kansiime reminiscing elementary level/primary school songs.
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Why never to correct a math teacher.
Math Teacher's Anger by Okello Okello
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Bebe Cool at Pablo Live
Pablo Hosts Rock super star on Pablo Live Show.
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Comedian Pablo's problems with football commentators
Uganda's award winning comedian Pablo explains why it isn't healthy to listen to football commentary on radio in Africa
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Pablo  African Comedy - I know who I am
I know who I am song Jokes with Pablo the Comedian
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Smart Ayokyayokya
Comedian Smart Ayokyayokya at Pablo Live Show.
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Crazy football stories
Ugandan celebrated comedian Pablo shares his escapades and village football stories at Pablo Live Show season 6 episode 1.
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Things you'll  find only in Uganda
Uganda at 50 years of Independence.
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Pablo Live show ft comedians Klint Da Drunk, Anne Kansiime, Napoleon, Phil and Cape brothers
Pablo Live Comedy show is hosted by Uganda's first ever standup comedian Kenneth Kimuli aka Pablo. As the father of standup comedy in Uganda he started Pablo Live show to offer a platform to up and coming comedians as well as established comedians in Africa. Enjoy this show featuring Nigeria's funny man Klint Da Drunk, Africa's queen of comedy Anne Kansiime, Prince Napoleon and Phil from the pearl of Africa.
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Confusing death announcements
Ugandan comedian exposes his childhood ignorance of how he thought death announcements were a song that used to play everyday at 1:00pm in the second half of the last century.
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Things that will give you a heart attack!
Comedian Pablo shares his thoughts about football commentary in Africa, Uganda in particular, and marvels why some commentators don't bother to know what football replays are. Enjoy the moment and yes, please subscribe to this channel for more jokes. Good viewing.
Pablo performs at Comedy Store
Uganda's finest comedian Kenneth Kimuli aka Pablo performs at Comedy Store hosted by Alex Muhangi
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Musicians Vs Comedians.
Pablo performs at a Night of a thousand laughs in Kenya.
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My Primary School Teacher
Either spare the child and spoil the rode or spare the rode and spoil the child.
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Pablo hosts MacElvis on Pablo Live Show mp4 youtube
MacElvis aka Church boy (Now deceased) shares his life story with comedian Pablo on Pablo Live Show in 2011. He used to refer to himself as MR TWENTY THIRTEEN. MacElvis went to be with the Lord on 18/10/2013. May his soul rest in eternal peace.
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Why you shouldn't mess with children
Uganda's premier stand up comedian Kenneth Kimuli aka Pablo cautions folks to beware of children lest they turn them into a laughing stock.
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Toniks on Pablo live Show.
Toniks Uganda's sensational R n B musician shares his lime light with Ugandan Comedian at Pablo Live Show.
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Musician Coopy Bly at Pablo Live Show.
Award winning gospel musician CoopyBly is set to be the next biggest artiste on the continent. He shares his plans with Uganda's celebrated comedian Pablo
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Do you want another rap?
Uganda's undisputed king of comedy Kenneth Kimuli a.k.a Pablo gives a rendition of "Another Rap" by Uganda's first citizen H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.
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Pablo Learns French
A stand-Up Comedy skit by Pablo about his French Classes
Hip Hop Star Babaluku interacts with Comedian Pablo on Pablo live show
Celebrated Ugandan born Hip Hop artiste Babaluku shares his reasons why he chose to be part of the Hip Hop culture on Pablo Live Show
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Comedian Pablo Unplugs acclaimed Ugandan Musician Angella Katatumba
Ugandan sensational musician Angella Katatumba shares her childhood memories with comedian Pablo on the Pablo Live Show season 6 episode 1..
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Field marshal Idi Amin Dada of Uganda - Hero or villain?
Field marshal Idi Amin Dada was the President of Uganda who arguably still is more popular than the country. Here is a brief video of the real man who some people refer to as a hero and others as a villain. What's your say?
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Advantages of shot men 2
To all my short friends,worry not,the sky is the limit.
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Best of Uganda's finest comedians
COMEDY MEETS MUSIC charity concert is an annual event that brings together acclaimed comedians and musicians in Uganda using their craft to make a difference in Uganda. The charity concert is a brain child of PABLO LIVE LTD an established comedy company that helps raise funds to support youth living with HIV/AIDS. Here we bring you the comedians who graced the concert 2014 and gave the audience an exciting experience. Remember to subscribe to this channel for more entertainment.
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Enjoy Uganda's premier Standup comedy show PABLO LIVE ft Nigeria's Klint Da Drunk
PABLO LIVE is a comedy Show in the heart of Uganda's capital city Kampala hosted by celebrated Uganda's premier standup comedian Kenneth Kimuli aka Pablo. Hundreds of comedy fans leave their offices and throng the National Theatre auditorium every last Friday of the month to enjoy the hilarious comedy show. More than 5 million keenly follow the developments on social media. Enjoy Nigeria's funny man Klint Da Drunk, Uganda's Smart Ayokyayokya & celebrated musician Levixone share stage at Uganda's premier standup comedy show in this episode .
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Kenneth Kimuli aka Pablo is Uganda's premier stand up comedian. He hosts Pablo Live Comedy show at the heart of Kampala, Uganda's capital city. We hope you enjoy this video and subscribe to this channel for more entertaining comedy.
"We are on fire" - Zambia Gospel artiste Abel Chungu
Zambia's Abel Chungu performs at one of comedian Pablo Kimuli's shows. It was his maiden performance in Uganda at the Kampala Serena Hotel. Enjoy one of his songs "We are on fire"
Funny wedding dances @ Pablo Live Show
Pablo Live comedy show highlights some of the hilarious moments that keep Ugandans smiling. The host Pablo brings you the funny wedding dances, Uganda's movie industry and lots of funny moments in this episode. Good viewing and remember to subscribe to this youtube channel for more hilarious episode.
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Pablo live Ft Living Thomas
Living Thomas tells hilarious jokes about his high school days