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Anime's couples that ended married
List of anime's couples that ended married http://www.mejoreslistasyrankings.com/otros/lista-parejas-anime-que-concretaron-matrimonio-157733 The best Married couples In the list of anime's couples that ended married, we have: 1. NaruHina 2. Goku x Milk 3. Tomoya x Nagisa 4. Inuyasha x Kagome 5. Edward x Winry 6. Kenshin himura x Kaoru Kamiya 7. Ryuuji x Taiga 8. Saito x Louise 9. Kotoko Aihara x Naoki Irie 10. Butler (Serena) x Mamoru (Darien) 11. Yuuto x Haruka 12. Junichi x Haruka 13. Usui Kenta x Karin Maaka 14. Medaka x Zenkichi 15. Mizuho kazak know x Kei Kusanagi 16. Keiichi x Belldandy 17. Miki To Explore Central Tokyo & Yuu Matsuura 18. Nemu Asakura & Junichi Asakura 19. Feena Fam Earthlight & Tatsuya Asagiri 20. Yurika Menou & Haruki Mukasa The source of the images is 20 minutos 1. NaruHina Anime: Naruto 2. Goku x Milk Anime: Dragon Ball 3. Tomoya x Nagisa Anime: Clannad 4. Inuyasha x Kagome Anime: Inuyasha 5. Edward x Winry Anime: Full Metal Alchemist 6. Kaoru Kamiya x Kenshin Himura Anime: Ruroini Kenshin 7. Ryuuji x Taiga Anime: Toradora 8. Saito x Louise Anime: Zero no Tsukaima 9. Kotoko Aihara x Naoki Irie Anime: Itazura na Kiss 10. Usagi (Serena) x Mamoru (Darien) Anime: Sailor Moon 11. Yuuto x Haruka Anime: Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 12. Junichi x Haruka Anime: Amagami SS 13. Usui Kenta x Karin Maaka Anime: Chibi Vampire 14. Medaka x Zenkichi Anime: Medaka Box 15. Mizuho Kazami x Kei Kusanagi Anime: Onegai Teacher 16. Keiichi x Belldandy Anime: Ah! my Goddess 17. Miki Koishikawa & Yuu Matsuura Anime: Marmalade Boy 18. Nemu Asakura & Junichi Asakura Anime: Da Capo 19. Feena Fam Earthlight & Tatsuya Asagiri Anime: Yoake Mae Yori Rori Iro Na 20. Yurika Menou & Haruki Mukasa Anime: Final Approach
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Best movies of Mario Casas
List of best movies of Mario Casas http://www.mejoreslistasyrankings.com/cine-y-tv/lista-mejor-pelicula-de-mario-casas-286491 In the list of best movies of Mario Casas, we have: THREE METERS ABOVE THE SKY 2010 PALM TREES IN THE SNOW 2015 I WANT YOU 2012 GROUP 7 2012 THE WITCHES OF ZUGARRAMURDI 2013 BRAIN DRAIN 2009 LIES AND FAT 2009 TORO 2016 LA MULA 2013 MI GRAN NOCHE 2015 CARNE DE NEON 2010 ISMAEL 2013 THE 33 2015 A LONELY SUN STORY 2014 THE WAY OF THE ENGLISH 2006 EDEN 2014 The source of the images is 20 minutos THREE METERS ABOVE THE SKY 2010 In Barcelona, two young people who belong to opposite worlds are known. She, the sweet Babi (Maria Valverde) is a girl of high class living in an environment as protected as unexciting. He, Hugo (Mario Casas), known as the hard "H", he is impulsive and irresponsible, fond of fighting and racing illegal bike. This is the chronicle of a love initially impossible that will drag us both to a frenzied initiatory journey through which you will discover love. PALM TREES IN THE SNOW 2015 It is 1953, Kilian leaves the mountains of huesca to undertake with his brother on a trip to Fernando Poo, a former Spanish colony in Equatorial Guinea. There he waits for his father, in the finca Sampaka, where cultivated one of the best cocoas in the world. In the colony they will discover that the social life is more pleasant than in the corseted and grey Spain, will see the contrasts between settlers and natives and learn the meaning of friendship, the passion, the love and the hate. I WANT YOU 2012 Sequel to "Three meters above the sky". The sexy Gin (Clara Lago) is the new love of Hache (Mario Casas), but this can not forget his former girlfriend Babi (Maria Valverde). Hache has returned home after spending a season in London, away from the indelible memory of that first love. To be able to rebuild your life and forget the past, Gin seems to be perfect, because it is a girl of spirit, cheeky, effervescent and vital that you are made to believe that it is possible to relive that magic. But sooner or later you'll meet again with Babi... GROUP 7 2012 1987. The city of Seville is preparing to host the Expo of 92.Angel (Mario Casas), a young intelligent and ambitious, aspiring to be a police inspector, and entered into the body trying to respect the law. Rafael (Antonio de la Torre), in contrast, is a police expeditious, forceful and arrogant. Along with Miguel (Jose Manuel Poga) and Matthew (Joaquin Nunez) form the Group 7, a set of cops without scruples, willing to anything to achieve their goals in the department of anti-drug. THE WITCHES OF ZUGARRAMURDI 2013 Two unemployed (Mario Casas and Hugo Silva) commit a robbery and fleeing persecution by the police (Pepón Nieto and Secondary of the Rose), and by the former wife of one of them (Macarena Gomez). So, venture into the impenetrable forests of Navarre and fall into the clutches of a horde of women maddened that feed on human flesh. BRAIN DRAIN 2009 Emilio (Mario Casas), a shy guy, and mediocre in the studies, has a single obsession: your colleague Natalia (Amaia Salamanca), the most beautiful girl and more list of the class, the one who leads his entire life in love with. When the last day of the course is decided, finally, to confess, she learns that Natalia you have been granted a scholarship to study Medicine at Oxford. All seems lost for Emilio, but his colleagues are marginalized by the institute are persuaded to not to give up. So, after falsifying records and scholarships, just as he went also to Oxford. TORO 2016 Two brothers are reunited after five years. One has been in prison. The other, after stealing a dangerous perista, flees with her young daughter, Diana. The three embark on a journey for a Andalusia mythical, violent and wild. On a journey to return the old wounds of the past and the brothers are forced to reconcile in order to save the life. THE MULE 2013 1939. There are only 3 months to the end of the Spanish Civil War. The out Juan Castro, a young man from Jaén, who are fighting on the national side, found a mule, lost in the middle of the field of battle and decides to hide it for you to take home at the end of the war. With its mul...
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Best Korean mini-dramas
List of best Korean mini-dramas http://www.mejoreslistasyrankings.com/cine-y-tv/lista-los-mejores-mini-dramas-coreanos-187875 Here I bring you a list of the best mini-dramas Korean, which more and more are becoming fashionable. Most of them consist of between 10 - 14 chapters, of a maximum duration of 15 min per episode. (List constantly updated). In the list of best Korean mini-dramas , we have: 1. Ma Boy 2. Dream Knight 3. Twenty years old 4. Vampire Flower 5. Be Arrongant 6. After School Luck or Not 7. Mackerel Run 8. Mimi 9. KARA: Secret Love 10. Adolescence Medley 11. Another Parting 12. Aftermath 13. Her lovely heels 14. Dr. Yi Ahn / Dr. Ian 15. Please remember, princess 16. Jumping Girl 17. Expect to date 18. Prince's Prince 19. L.U.V Collage 20. T-ARA: Sweet Temptation The source of the images is 20 minutos 1. Ma Boy Jang Geu Rim, goes to the school of arts in Seoul with the intention of fulfilling her dream to be with Tae Joon, the idol of the moment. But things get complicated for her when she discover the secret of Irene, his classmate and room. Episodes: 3 2. Dream Knight In Hyeong is a teenage orphan, who is not going through a good time, until she meets 4 boys mysterious, JB, Jackson, Mark and Youngjae, all of which have magical powers and will protect In-Hyeong at all costs. On the other hand this group idol GOT, formed by Jr., BamBam and Yugyeom, who attend the same institute that In-Hyeong, who is a big fan of Jr. Episodes: 12 3. Twenty years old Hae Rim is a university of 20 years, which is in love with her superior, but this, on a day that you betray. Hae Rim sunk in a depression accompanies her friend to a concert of the group Korean BEAST. The output runs into Ki Kwang, member of the band, and the best friend and first love Hae Rim of the secondary. Episodes: 4 4. Vampire Flower Louis is a vampire that is looking for the "Flower of the vampire" to become the lord of all vampires, but this was once stolen by the humans and to this day is missing, to find it, Louis forced them to Seo Yeong to help him, since she is the daughter of a florist and understands about flowers. Episodes: 6 5. Be Arrongant Hara is an innocent girl passionate about fashion, until one day her boyfriend, Noh Chul, disappears with all his money. Hara in search of her boyfriend escaped known to Do Ra Hee, who believed she was the sister of this, but who in reality is his girlfriend. Both got into a strange situation and will be forced to share his life from that moment. Episodes: 10 6. After School Luck or Not Kim So Eun, is a high school student, very introverted, who one day receives an invitation to join the club of "the selection of the mission". This club is formed by the 5 boys most popular of the school, What will make So Eun about it? Episodes: 12 7. Mackerel Run Cha Gong Chan is a student at a school of rich boys, even though he is not. His dream is to become a football player recognized as Beckhan, Ronaldo or Zidane. By their character get into a lot of problems. Episodes: 8 8. Mimi Have Min Woo is a writer of webtoon of 28 years of age that suffers from loss of memory partial. He writes a new series webtoon called "08-December", after finding a note in your calendar. As it faces increasing pressure from the popularity of the webtoon, begins to experience severe headaches and an increasing desire to recover his lost memory from when he was a high school student of 18 years of age. His experiences with his first love, Mimi, during that year can help you discover your true fate for his future. Episodes: 4 9. KARA: Secret Love This drama tells 5 different stories, each starring one of the members of the group KARA. Though each story different, all revolve around the same theme, death. We will see how the protagonists live experiences and near death as well as an intense love. Episodes: 10 10. Adolescence Medley A drama about high-school students in an institute of people. Episodes: 6 episodes
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The most handsome Korean actors
List of the most handsome Korean actors am fan of Korean novels so I decided to do a small list players that I like I hope you read like and if decean receive suggestions. In the list of the most handsome Korean actors have: 1 Kim Hyun Joong 2 lee Min Ho 3 Kim Sang Bum 4 Hyun Bin 5 Kim Joon 6 Kim Jeong hoon 7 gong Yoo 8 Choi if Won 9 Bae Yong Joon 10 Jung Yong Hwa the source of the images is 20 minutos 1. Kim Hyun Joong name: 김현중 / Kim Hyun Joong (Gim Hyeon Jung) profession: Actor, singer, and model date of birth: June 6, 1986 nicknames: Prince, leading place of birth: Seoul, Korea of the South height: 181 cm weight: 68 kg blood type: B Novels in which to worked: Playful Kiss (MBC, 2010) Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2009) Spotlight (MBC, 2008, cameo) Hotelier (TV Asahi, 2007) ep 7 Can Love Be Refilled? Sitcom (KBS2, 2005) 2. Lee Min Ho name: 이민호 / Lee Min Ho Lee Min Ho Added by sara0512profesion: Actor and model date of birth: June 22, 1987 place of birth: Heukseok-dong, Seoul, Korea of the South height: 186 cm weight: 69kg Novels in which to worked: City Hunter (SBS, 2011) Personal Taste (MBC, 2010) Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2009) Mackerel Run (SBS, 2007) Secret Campus (EBS, 2006) Love Hymn (MBC, 2005) 3. Kim Sang Bum "Still Marry Me" Name: 김범 / Kim Bum added by YarixaNombre real:김상범 / Kim Sang Bum Profesión: Actor / Singer / model date of birth: July 7, 1989 height: 181 cm weight: 63 kg Horoscope: Cancer Novels in which to worked: Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea (2010) The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry (MBC, 2010) Anycall Haptic Mission 2 (Reality 2009) Anycall Haptic Mission (Reality 2009) High Kick Through The Roof (MBC, 2009) cameo Dream (SBS, 2009) Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2009) East of Eden (MBC, 2008) Unstoppable High Kick (MBC, 2006) Outrageous Women (MBC, 2006) 4. Hyun Bin "My lovely Sam Soon" Stage name: 현빈 / Hyun Bin (Hyeon Bin) real name: 김태평 / Kim Tae Pyung (Gim Tae Pyeong) profession: Actor and model BirthDate: September 25, 1982 place of birth: Seoul, Korea of the South height: 186 cm weight: 74 kg Horoscope: Libra blood group: B novels in which to worked: Secret Garden (SBS, 2010) Friend, Our Legend (2009) Worlds Within (KBS2, 2008) Summer Days (2008) The Snow Queen (KBS2, 2006) my name is Kim Sam-soon (MBC, 2005) Ireland (MBC, 2004) Nonstop 4 (MBC, 2003) Bodyguard (KBS2, 2003) 5. Kim Joon Nombre true: 김형준 / Kim Hyung Joon (Kim Hyeong Jun) profession: singer and actor date of birth: February 3, 1984 place of birth: Korea South - Seoul height: 183 cm weight: 64 kg Horoscope: Aquarius blood group: or Novels in which to worked: Pygmalion completo Love (2010) Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2009 6. Kim Jeong hoon name: 김정훈 / Kim Jeong Hoon also known as: John Hoon Profesión: singer, Actor, model date of birth: January 20, 1980 place of birth: Korea of the South height: 1.79 m weight: 60kg blood type: AB Novels in which to worked: Love Strategy (Hunan TV, 2008) Witch Amusement (SBS, 2007) Angel (2006) artist invited Fog Street (Drama City) (KBS2, 2006) Goong (MBC, 2006) Nursery Story (MBC, 2005) Banjun Drama (SBS, 2004) Orange (SBS, 2002)
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The best reverse harem anime
List of best anime reverse harem a list with recommendations of reverse harem anime (I clarify, I only limit to the animes which become harem, i.e. more than two guys after a same girl, dismissed those who could be considered Shojo). You can see the entire list at http://www.mejoreslistasyrankings.com/cine-y-tv/lista-lista-de-animes-harem-reverso-138784 in the list of list of reverse harem anime we have: 1. Ouran Highschool Host Club 2. UTA no Prince-sama 3. Amnesia 4. Kamisama Hajimemashita 5. Brothers 6 Conflict. Diabolik Lovers 7. Fruit Basket 8. La Corda d'Oro 9. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge 10. Shugo Chara! 11. la Storia Della arcane 12 Famiglia. Hiiro no kakera 13. Hanasakeru Seishounen 14. Starry Sky 15. Yumeiro Patissiere 16. Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan 17. Heart no Kuni no Alice 18. Prétear 19. Saiunkoku Monogatari 20. Hana yori dango 21. Neo Angelique Abyss 22. Fushigi Yuugi 23. Ayashi no Ceres 24. Harukanaru toki no naka de 25. Brave 10 images in this video are owned by 20 minutos 1. Ouran Highschool Host Club Haruhi is a student of lower-middle class in a school for children of wealthy families and prestige, able to attend due to a scholarship and cannot afford even that school uniform (valued at 300,000 yen). One day, he encounters the Ouran Host Club. It's out of there, but accidentally breaks a vase valued at 8 million yen, so obliged her to work for the club to pay off its debt. However, they decide that it would be more valuable as a member of the club. Not realize his feminine appearance and give a male uniform. It is an instant success, so they decide to maintain the charade even after discovering his true identity. 2 uta no Prince-sama Haruka Nanami has begun to attend the Saotome Institute, a vocational school, with the purpose of becoming a songwriter. Your first class is paired with a guy whose goal is to become an Idol. Haruka decides to write a song so that his new teammate interpret it in a hearing in search of the new face of the show. 3 amnesia story begins the morning of August 1, where the protagonist awakens and realizes account that has no memories of his past. A boy appears before her and introduces himself as a spirit under the name Orion. The protagonist struggles to recover his memoirs with the help of that spirit. 4. Kamisama Hajimemashita El father Momozono Nanami, a man with a fondness for the game, disappeared after accumulating a large amount of debts by what his daughter was expelled from his home by collectors. When he helped a shy boy who was chased by a dog, told him that he would give him his house. She believed in his words, but when he went home, turned out to be a sanctuary, in which a guy with ears of Fox called Tomoe appeared. This waiting for the previous owner for about 20 years; situation even more confused Nanami. 5 Brothers Conflict returning to marry her mother, Ema moves into the home of the Asahina family and get eleven brothers. She intended to live peacefully with them, but the arrival of a girl to the House of pure male causes discord. Following their lives, feelings of the brothers towards Ema change and starts a romance forbidden under the same roof. 6. Diabolik Lovers Yui Komori is a very positive girl, that unless that is seemingly normal... unless they can see spirits and other supernatural events. While he was in his second year of high school, you have to change school because his father's work, so Yui is transferred to a night school where they study artists and celebrities. In the new Institute is rumored that you among the students there are vampires. As if things were not even very rare, our protagonist ends up in the House of the brothers Sakamaki: Shu (played by Kousue Toriumu), Reiji (Katsuyuki Konishi), Ayato (Hikaru Midorikawa), Khanate (Yuuki Kaji), Light (Daisuke Hirakawa) and Subaru (Takashi Kondo), who are 6 sadistic vampires. 7. Fruit Basket Honda Toru is a student who, after the death of his mother, decides to live alone in a tent in the forest, owned by the family of Soma. One night this is found by Yuki Soma, the "Prince" of her school, and his cousin Shigure ask to live with them. Inside the House he meets Kyo, another Member of the family of Soma and the terrible curse that weighs on them which is that to be hugged by the opposite sex they transform into animals of the Chinese zodiac (with the exception of Kyo which is the cat). 8. la Corda D'oro La private Seiso Academy is a settlement that is divided into two sectors, one for common students and one for those who have a vocation for music.
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Clones of the british royal family
List of clones of the british royal family http://www.mejoreslistasyrankings.com/actualidad/lista-los-curiosos-clones-de-la-familia-real-britanica-188423 The current members of the british Royal Family not only inherited rank, titles and fortunes, but, in addition, they share with some of their ancestors practically the same faces and the same expressions: the british press has dubbed the "Clones are Real"... In the list of clones of the british royal family, we have: 1. Princess Mary of Teck and his great-grandson, prince Harry 2. The queen Mary (1867-1953) and her granddaughter, the current queen Elizabeth II 3. The queen Mary (1867-1953) and her great-granddaughter, princess Anne 4. Luis Frederick of Wales (1707-1751) and Lord Frederick Windsor 5. King Edward (1239-1307) and his descendant, the Prince William of Wales 6. Queen Victoria (1819-1901) and her great-great-great-tataranieta, princess Beatrice of York 7. Edward, Prince of Wales (1840-1910), and his great-grandson prince Charles 8. Elizabeth, Duchess of York and her great-granddaughter, princess Eugenie of York 9. King George V (1865-1936) and his grandson prince Michael of Kent 10. Queen Charlotte (1744-1818), wife of George III, and their descendant, Lady Gabriella Windsor 11. King George VI (1894-1952), and his great-grandson, prince William, duke of Cambridge 12. Queen Elizabeth II in her childhood, and her granddaughter Lady Louise Windsor 13. The princess Mary (1897-1965), and her niece, princess Anne 14. King George VI (1894-1952) and his grandson, the prince Edward, earl of Wessex 15. Prince Albert of saxe-Coburg (1819-1861), and his great-great-great-great-great-grandson William The source of the images is 20 minutos 1. Princess Mary of Teck and his great-grandson, prince Harry Then queen Mary, wife of George V. 4. Luis Frederick of Wales (1707-1751) and Lord Frederick Windsor Luis Frederick of Wales (1707-1751), eldest son of king George II, and his descendant eight generations later, Lord Frederick Windsor 5. King Edward (1239-1307) and his descendant, the Prince William of Wales 21 generations later 7. Edward, Prince of Wales (1840-1910), and his great-grandson prince Charles Edward: eldest son of Queen Victoria and later king Edward VII 8. Elizabeth, Duchess of York and her great-granddaughter, princess Eugenie of York Isabel: Then queen, wife of George VI 10. Queen Charlotte (1744-1818), wife of George III, and their descendant, Lady Gabriella Windsor Seven generations later 15. Prince Albert of saxe-Coburg (1819-1861), and his great-great-great-great-great-grandson William Prince Albert of saxe-Coburg, husband of queen Victoria,
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The most beautiful Japanese actresses
List of the most beautiful Japanese actresses first were Korean taiwanessas and now Japanese, vote for the Japanese actresses more beautiful doramas the most beautiful Japanese actresses list we have: 1 Inoue Mao 2 Sawajiri Erika 3 Yui Aragaki 4 Ito Misaki 5. all Erika 6 Kuroki Meisa 7 ayase Haruka 8 Oomasa Aya 9 Karina 10 Horikita Maki 11 Mizusawa Elena 12 Shida Mirai 13 Nakama Yukie 14 Yuiuki Kawamura 15 Asami Reina 16 Koyuki 17. Chiaki Kurimaya 18 aya Ueto 19 Narumi Riko 20 Takako Kokiwa the source of the images is 20 minutos 1. Inoue Mao acted in: Hana Yori Dango 2. Sawajiri Erika acted in: 1 litre of tears 3. YUI Aragaki acted in: Dragon Zakura 4. Ito Misaki acted in: Densha Otoko 5. All Erika acted in: Nobuta Wo Produce 6 BOSS. Kuroki Meisa Ninkyô Helper Kaze no Garden 1 Pound no Fukuin 7. Ayase Haruka acted in: Crying out love in the center of the world Hotaru No Hikari Tatta Hitotsu No Koi 8. Oomasa Aya acted in: Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Mei - Chan 9 Butler. Karina acted in: Bambino 10. Horikita Maki acted in: Nobuta Wo Produce Kurosagi Hanazakari No Kimitachi E 11. Mizusawa Elena acted in: Koizora 12. Shida Mirai acted in: A 14-year-old mother 13 BOSS. Nakama Yukie acted in: Gokusen Gokusen 2 15. Asami Reina acted in: Tree Of Heaven (SBS) 16. Koyuki Actuon in: Kimi Wa Petto 19. Narumi Riko acted in: One liter of tears 20. Takako Kokiwa acted in: Beautiful Life 21. Kashii Yu acted in: Yucan Club
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The most famous Telenovelas of all time
List of the most famous Telenovelas of all time http://www.mejoreslistasyrankings.com/otros/lista-las-telenovelas-mas-famosas-de-todos-los-tiempos-843 These are operas of the most successful in the world. Most are Mexican, Colombian, Venezuelan, Argentine and Brazilian. All of them have managed to achieve high levels of audience in many countries. What seems to you the best? the most famous Telenovelas of all time list we have: 1. real love (Mexico, 2003) 2. alborada (Mexico 2005) 3. la Usurpadora (Mexico 1998) 4 maria la del barrio (Mexico 1996) 5 Abrázame very strong (Mexico, 2002) 6. yo soy Betty la fea (1999 Colombia) 7. the clone (Brazil 2001) 8. Ramona (Mexico, 2000) 9. passion of sparrowhawks (Colombia, 2003) 10. the pícara soñadora (Mexico, 1961) 11 maria Mercedes (Mexico, 1992) 12 bonds of love (Mexico 1996) 13. Ruby (Mexico 2004) 14 rebel (Mexico 2004) 15 cafe con aroma de mujer (Colombia, 1994) 16 carita de angel (Mexico, 2000) 17 Rosalinda (Mexico, 1999) 18. mi gorda bella (Venezuela 2002) 19. the stepmother (Mexico 2005) 20. cradle of wolves (Mexico 1986) The source of the images is 20 minutos 1. real love (Mexico, 2003) Adela Noriega, Fernando Colunga and Mauritius Islands In charge of the producer Carla Estrada, with a version higher than the made 20 years ago, called Bodas de odio. Here required the participation of more than 1,000 actors, extras, technicians and craftsmen. Considered one of the most ambitious projects in the history of soap operas It was recorded with an impressive cinematography, sumptuous settings, stunning exterior and a very fine period costumes. 2. alborada (Mexico 2005) Lucero and Fernando Colunga With a budget and a team of more than 300 people, Carla Estrada faced the challenge of improving ratings obtained with the success of real love, A story of loves and heartbreaks that are developed in a city of the 19th century. Made in natural scenes recreated in the middle of Park ecological Cuemanco, in Mexico, and marks the colonial environment of the time, with changing rooms and a typical atmosphere of 1800. As expected, it swept away in tune. 3. la Usurpadora (Mexico 1998) Grabiela Spanic and Fernando Colunga There are earlier versions of this novel. The original story of Inés Rodena writer, has taken to the screen in Venezuela on two occasions. This third Mexican remake catapulted to international fame to Gabriela Spanic, with its double role, beside the gallant Fernando Colunga and the first actress Libertad Lamarque. His twin sister, Daniela Spanic, also recorded some scenes. 4 maria la del barrio (Mexico 1996) Fernando Colunga and Thalia The last of the trilogy of las Marias, where trash recolectadora goes great lady. This series broke record of ratings in the United States, and internationally managed Crown as the most popular in history novel, to be seen in 120 countries. The frenzy was evident when talia visited the Philippines, and the country's press said that the fervor of the people was exceeded only by the visit of Juan Pablo II. 5 Abrázame very strong (Mexico, 2002) Aracely Arámbula and Fernando Colunga It was classified in Mexico as the best telenovela of the year. The pair of protagonists loved by perfect and adorable, although gossip focused on the relationship between her ex-boyfriend Pablo Montero, and Aracely who had a special participation in the story. 6. yo soy Betty la fea (1999 Colombia) Ana Maria Oroz and Jorge Enrique Abello It is the most successful Colombian telenovela of television around the world, written by Fernando Gaitán and produced by the RCN. The original idea of this author has been so well received, that updates have been made in countries such as Spain, India and Germany. His version in Mexico called "La fea más bella", has won all kinds of awards. The fea has already been seen in many countries. 7. the clone (Brazil 2001) Murilo Benício and Giovanna Antonelli Love story that starts in Morocco and continues in Brazil, where are coupled so amazing Muslim culture (religion) and the West from the scientific point of view. It deals with the controversial issues of cloning and drugs. It has been transmitted in more than 45 countries. 8. Ramona (Mexico, 2000) Kate de el Castillo and Eduardo Palomo
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The best telenovelas of Televisa
List of the best telenovelas of Televisa best telenovela broadcast by Televisa. They are recent Telenovelas, although I have added some old for being simply excellent. They can suggest new options. In the list of the best telenovelas of Televisa have: 1. Real love 2 soy tu Dueña 3 dawn 4. tomorrow is forever 5. for her I'm Eva 6. the ugly more beautiful 7. when I fall in love 8. in the name of love 9 love brave 10 Ruby 11. el Privilegio de Amar 12 teresa 13. what life robbed me 14. the force of destiny 15. the stepmother 16. abyss of passion 17 Marimar 18. to hell with the handsome 19 destilando Amor 20. until money do us part the source of the images is 20 minutos 1. Real Love 'Real Love' was 'remake' of 'Hate weddings' made in 1983 and which at that time was produced by Ernesto Alonso. On this occasion the producer was Carla Estrada and the protagonists were Adela Noriega, Fernando Colunga and Mauricio Islas. Curious fact: the two versions in their respective years won the prize to best Telenovela. 2 soy tu Dueña success starring Lucero and Fernando Colunga. The story is about Valentina, a noble woman who is about to marry but is planted on the altar. Return to the farm where he grew up full of hatred and rancour, decided not to return to fall in love, but known José Miguel, a cheerful man but nature, which leads her to break his promise. Gaby Spanic and Sergio Goiri were the antagonistic. 3 dawn with one of the couples most successful Hispanic novelera history, Lucero and Fernando Colunga, 'Dawn' stole the hearts of romantics and dreamers who love the romances of the time. This was a production that recreated the Spanish domain in Mexico and played important topics such as the Holy Inquisition. Mariana Garza was the actress antagonistic and the famous Spanish tenor Placido Domingo was commissioned to interpret the theme song that would take the same name from history. 5. for her I'm Eva Juan Carlos Caballero (Jaime Camil), unredeemed seducer, who uses women and does not believe in love, is a prominent Executive Group Empire, a leading company dedicated to tourist businesses and activities. Using his famous skills of conqueror pretending to be a foreign businessman and tries to steal Helena Moreno (Lucero) - an enterprising single mother - your innovative project of tourism development for a Mexican Beach, however, against all odds, to live with her is discovered in love first. When you plan to reveal the truth, is discovered by her, and at the same time it is wrongly accused of a huge fraud by the financial Vice President of the company in which he works, the perverse Plutarco Ramos (Marcelo Córdoba), who also is who actually stole the important project of Helena and now, like the Committee on tourism, it accused of plagiarism. Pursued by police, Juan Carlos flees, while in Group Empire, Plutarcodecide hire Helena to make herself who direct the project; the young woman, unemployed and with an accusation over, is forced to accept a position to demonstrate that he was the victim of a hoax. It is then when Juan Carlos - who is hidden - find the opportunity to return to claim his name to all and regain the love of Helen. How to be close to Helena without that she knows what and how to investigate who also it unfairly in the big fraud? Juan Carlos makes an effort and decides, characterized by Helena love, Eva; that way, you will learn a lesson that will change your Outlook on life and his perception of women to become a man of integrity and power, finally, surrender to true love. 6. the most beautiful ugly not there was more to talk about for a long time in the world rookie than of this Mexican production based on 'Yo soy Betty la fea,' originally made by the RCN of Colombia. It was starring the talented Angélica Vale, her MOM in real life, the first actress Angélica María, the popular 'Prince of song', José Jose, Sergio Mayer, Elizabeth Álvarez, Patricia Navidad and el Galán, the charismatic Jaime Camil.
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The best Venezuelan telenovelas in history
List of the best Venezuelan telenovelas in history. At the risk of that deducted my age, threw them this list of soap operas in my country, which I have some memory by what me engaging television and the juggling that had to do to get my parents to not discover me seeing them. Some remember very little (it was very tiny) and other souvenir as fell in love with the Gallants and how upset me that had ended his chapters always at the time without giving anything away. All Venezuelan/a that prepares it and have sufficient age, must remember to at least five. Give their opinions. Which was the best?? You can see the entire list at http://www.mejoreslistasyrankings.com/cine-y-tv/lista-las-mejores-telenovelas-venezolanas-de-la-historia-70-80-90-1579 in the list of the best TELENOVELAS VENEZOLANAS of history we have: 1. LEONELA (1984) Mayra Alejandra and Carlos Olivier 2. Crystal (1985) Jeannette Rodríguez and Carlos Mata 3. ELIZABETH (1980) Caridad Canelon and Orlando Urdaneta 4. Topaz (1985) Greece Colmenares and Victor Chamber 5. LA FIERA (1978) Doris Wells, Jose Bardina and Carlos Marquez 6. LIGIA ELENA (1982) Alba Roversi and Guillermo Dávila 7. ABIGAIL (1988) Catherine Fullop and Fernando Carrillo 8. ESTEFANÍA (1979) Pierina Spain, José Luis Rodríguez, Carlos Olivier 9. EMILIA (1979) 10 Elluz Peraza and Eduardo Serrano. RAFAELA (1977) Arnaldo André and Chelo Rodriguez 11. THESE streets (1992) Francisca Ibarra, Franklin Virguez, María Alejandra Martín and Aroldo Betancourt. 12. pretty girl (1988) Rudy Rodriguez and Jose Luis Santander 13. WHAT HAPPENED WITH JACKELINE? (1982) Doris Wells, Jean Carlos Simancas and Victor Camara. The images in this video are property of 20 minutos 1. LEONELA (1984) Mayra Alejandra and Carlos Olivier Leonela Ferrari (Mayra Alejandra) is a beautiful and intelligent woman wealthy just graduating from a lawyer and is about to marry Otto (Carlos Cámara Jr). The night that announce their commitment to Otto a humble boy has an altercation with Pedro Luis (Carlos Olivier) who brutally beats. Pedro Luis, humiliated, swears revenge on her attacker, but to not be able to with it dumps all their resentment against Leonela who is walking along the beach, inflamed by drink and humiliation Pedro Luis has to Leonela violently. Leonela is pregnant product of rape, Otto breaks her engagement and those who believed their friends give back, her father demanded she abort but his mother convinces her to have the child, then it's adoption. While both Pedro Luis is accused of homicide because accidentally removes the life one of the thugs who had sent an uncle of Leonela to beat him, Leonela achieves the court sentence him to 12 years in prison. The child is born and Leonela delivers it for adoption despite the fact that Pedro Luis pleads that it be delivered to his family, despite all Pedro Luis achieve his sister-in-law Nieves María (Loly Sánchez) to adopt the child, who will call Pedrito (Néstor Maldonado). Years later Pedro Luis leaves prison become lawyer and meets Leonela at a courthouse, Leonela discovers that María Nieves and Pedro Luis have his son whom arrepentida searched desperately and intends to recover it, Pedro Luis is looking for and among them was born a romantic relationship, despite the fact that Pedrito is hostile towards Leonela, because he believes that she wants to steal his father's love. Eventually Leonela wins the affection of her son, so Nieves María renounced the child. Leonela is married to Pedro Luis, but on the honeymoon unable to deliver him, since when he kisses her remember the violation, this fear of love affect Leonela during all of the second stage of history, so Pedro seeks solace in other women, among them is Lorena. For his part, Nieves María wants to retrieve the child by legal means, but no need, Pedrito though to her mother, prefers to Nieves, meanwhile Pedro Luis believes that Leonela married him only to regain her son, he wants to divorce, but Leonela refuses and decides to fight for it. Pedrito to learn that his father was in prison, refuses, issue affecting much also to Leonela and Pedro Luis. Leonela Pedro Luis explains the reasons for his coldness, he understands it and they are reconciled. The child continues to reject Leonela and Pedro Luis, since Nieves María manipulate it at will. Leonela takes therapy with a psychiatrist called Damian, who falls for her, because his wife died. Peter begins to suspect that she is unfaithful, although the true infidel is he who continues his love affair with the unscrupulous Lorena and the ambitious magnet. Nieves María married to Nelson, and this betrays Peter being the lawyer of his wife in the trial against Pedro and Leonela for custody of the child.
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The famous most beautiful of Argentina
List of the famous most beautiful of Argentina votes by the famous most beautiful in ARGENTINA. You have not tea go without before leave a comment in the list of the famous most beautiful of Argentina: 1 Rocio Guirao Diaz, 2. Alejandra Maglietti. 3 Luisana Lopilato 4 Evangelina Anderson. 5 marcela Kloosterboer 6 Liz Solari 7 Zaira Nara. 8 Emilia Attias 9 soledad Fandiño 10 Eugenia Suarez. 11 Sabrina Garciarena 12 Sofia Zamolo 13 delfina Gerez Bozco. 14 Nicole Neumann 15 silvina Luna. 16 Agustina Cordova 17. Rocío igarzábal. 18 Lucila Anderson 19 Jenny Williams 20 Gimena Accardi the source of the images is 20 minutos 1. Rocio Guirao Diaz, 30 years. Model and dancer. 2. Alejandra Maglietti. 32 years. Model and driver. 3 Luisana Lopilato 27 years. Actress of film and television, model international. 4 Evangelina Anderson. 29 years. Model. Wife of Martin DeMichelis (Argentina national football team player) 5. Marcela Kloosterboer 31 years. Actress of film and television, model. 6 Liz Solari 31 years. International model. 7 Zaira Nara. 28 years. Model and TV host. 8 Emilia Attías 27 years. Actress, model and dancer. 9 soledad Fandiño 32 years. Model and actress. Pair of Rene de Calle 13. 10 Eugenia Suarez. 22 years. Actress and model. Former member of the teen angels. 11 Sabrina Garciarena 31 years. Actress and model. 12 Sofia Zamolo 31 years. Model. 13 delfina Gerez Bozco. 28 years. Model. 14 Nicole Neumann 33 years. International model. 15 silvina Luna. 34 years. Model and driver 16. Agustina Córdova 29 years. Actress and model. 17. Rocío igarzábal. 25 years. Actress and model. Former member of the teen angels. 18 Lucila Anderson 21 years. Actress, model and international singer, dancer, songwriter and designer. One of the faces more important in the world. Former "Club winx" 19. Jenny Williams 27 years. Actress and model. 20 Gimena Accardi 29 years. Film and television actress.
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The best actresses young Telemundo
List about the best actresses young Telemundo If you believe that any are missing, the comment. I will add them :) In this list about the best actresses young Telemundo you can find: 20. Carla Hernandez 19. Maritza Bustamante 18. Begoña Narvaez 17. Thali Garcia 16. Lisette Morelos 15. Vanessa Villela 14. Angeline Moncayo 13. Monica Spear 12. Sofia Lama 11. Litzy 10. Priscila Perales 9. Sandra Echevarria 8. Maria Elisa Camargo 7. Vanessa Pose 6. Adriana Fonseca 5. Sara Maldonado 4. Ana Layevska 3. Carmen Villalobos 2. Ximena Duque 1. Brenda Asnicar 20. Carla Hernandez Pink diamond 19. Maritza Bustamante Dog love The ghost of Elena Dangerous liaisons 18. Begoña Narvaez Pink Diamond 17. Thali Garcia Pink diamond 16. Lisette Morelos Aurora 15. Vanessa Villela A Maid in Manhattan Loves of market The body of the desire 14. Angeline Moncayo Dame chocolate Decisions Mas sabe el diablo 13. Monica Spear Flor salvaje 12. Sofia Lama Sins of others, Without breasts there is no paradise Decisions Mas sabe el diablo The house next door Mia world (webnovela) Pink diamond 11. Litzy Love you, Bean A maid in Manhattan 10. Priscila Perales Corazon valiente 9. Sandra Echevarria Marina The Clone Dangerous liaisons 8. Maria Elisa Camargo Flor salvaje 7. Vanessa Pose Where is Elisa? Aurora Corazon valiente 6. Adriana Fonseca Corazon valiente 5. Sara Maldonado Aurora The queen of the south 4. Ana Layevska The ghost of Elena Mi corazon insiste Dangerous liaisons 3. Carmen Villalobos The storm Without breasts there is no paradise Loves of market Rich kids, poor parents An eye for an eye Mi corazon insiste 2. Ximena Duque Brave heart The house next door Bella calamidades Someone looks at you The Victorines The face of Analía Sins of others, 1. Brenda Asnicar Brave heart The images you can find in this video are property of 20 minutos
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The best actors in the western
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The best covers of famous PlayBoy
List of the best covers of famous PlayBoy PlayBoy presents on their front pages to the celebrities of the show decking the pages of the Popular magazine for men. In the list of the best covers of famous PlayBoy have: 1 Gaby Ramirez 2 Alicia Machado 3. Kim Kardashian 4 Lorena Herrera 5 Larissa Riquelme 6. Jessica Alba 7 pilar Montenegro 8 carmen Electra 9 Pamela Anderson 10. Marilyn Monroe 11 Erika Eleniak 12 Kelly Brook 13 Noelia Lorenzo Monge 14 victoria Silvstedt 15 Lindsay Lohan the source of the images is 20 minutos 1. Gaby Ramírez Gaby Ramírez, conductive 'Star TV' program, and that now adorns the cover of June's publication. In the picture that was posted on the official Twitter of the journal, we can see the actress, model and Mexican driver completely nude and painted body, simulating the character of 'Wonder Woman'. Tell us, how did you like the cover of Playboy Mexico June? "She is a woman fighter with great physical beauty and spiritual seeking improvements to their country with their actions... so am I. She is as luchonas Mexican women seeking what take home to eat,"said Gaby Ramírez, who currently resides in Los Angeles. With Gaby Ramírez participation in this edition of the magazine, begins - according to the Internet page, a new stage for the publication that promises to show from this number to celebrities. 2 Alicia Machado Alicia Machado Venezuelan model is ravaging the photos has starred in the edition of 'Playboy'. Multiply your name in Google searches and everything is prepared for the session of the Venezuelan to become one of the most famous 'Bunny' magazine has published ever. 3 Kim Kardashian celebrity Californian, who has already appeared in calendars and magazines for men, posed with little clothes for Playboy. The images were broadcast on the network and have caused sensation. 4 Lorena Herrera actress and model Lorena Herrera unveiled the cover of March of a magazine for men, in which he appears naked. In a center of entertainment from the historic centre of the city of Mexico, to the also co-driver program "Desmadruga2″ was very happy and expressed his pride by photographic work that was achieved with"Playboy"magazine, but above all to satisfy the curiosity of fans. He stressed that doubts gone are about its uncover, even the early news that desnudaría in the monthly publication, because when this became known, he still no signed contract. He recalled that his anger was because the magazine announced her naked in February, when he had talked with managers who are informed of this a few days before its release to the market. "But well, that already happened and now enjoy the photographs depicted in the magazine", said. It celebrated its more than four decades of life should be considered a worthy woman to go on the cover of a publication, but above all that has been recognized his career and beauty to do a photo shoot, which surpassed the artistic parameter. The native of Sinaloa told that images Uriel Santana in a study of the Mexican capital, where he said that "put me as he wanted", took them leaving their will to the purpose of the lens. 5. Larissa Riquelme Larissa Riquelme, the novial of the world, will be the new cover of Playboy Mexico magazine for this next edition, in a special section that will present only pictures in 3D with the purpose that you have an almost real experience with the Paraguayan model.
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The best villains of Brazilian soap operas
List of the best villains of Brazilian soap operas Las best villains of Telenovelas Brazilian / Melhores Vilãs novels Brasileiras new! 10. new Villanas included in the list, cautious Laura da Costa, Marta Toledo Flores, Leone Pasquim Montini, Livia Marin, Cristina Avilla Savoy, Veronica Tardivo, Yvonne Magalhães Oliveira, Maria Regina Berganti Cerqueira Figueira, Aline Noroha, Norma Pimentel Amaral, Wanda Rodrigues, Luisa Salgado, Ruth Ribeiro de Sousa VOTEN!. You can see the entire list at http://www.mejoreslistasyrankings.com/cine-y-tv/lista-mejor-villana-de-telenovela-brasilena-melhor-vila-de-novela-brasileira-35819 in the list of the best villains of Brazilian soap operas have: 1. Nazaré Tedesco 2. Carmina 3. Flora Pereira da Silva 4. Tereza Cristina 5. Barbara fields 6 Sodre. Clear 7. BIA Falcão 8. Blanca Leticia 9. Silvia 10. Livia Marin 11. Marta Toledo 12 flowers. Leone 13 Pasquim. Laura 14. Aline 15. Cristina 16. Wanda Rodrigues 17. Veronica Tardivo 18. Yvone Magalhaes 19. Standard 20. Maria Regina 21. 22 Salgado Luisa. Ruth Ribeiro de Sousa this video images are property of 20 minutos 1. Nazaré villain Tedesco: Maria de Nazaré Estevez Tedesco Telenovela: Lady of destiny (2004) Author: Aguinaldo Silva Actress: Renata Sorrah in "Lady of destiny", the great Renata Sorrah played the unbearable Nazaré, a villain well remembered by the world public, who after 20 years of having kidnapped the small Lindalva from the embers of Maria do Carmo (Suzana Viera), discovers that the true mother of the girl she nicknamed as Isabel (Carolina Dieckmann) is in search of his daughter by making it nearly impossible to prevent the reunion, but when this happens to "Naza" is being evil, turning it into madness and obsession with his putative daughter hands. His eyes cold, calculating and penetrating, did that she has stopped many hairs, either to the Viewer, as the characters, who fought against the consecutive crimes of this crazy woman. The actress won the sky with this interpretation that I hold in great way, in search of a nuanced character, showing pure evil, but inside an obsessive love by Isabel, who discover the true face of his "mother", will try to help her, but this will be in vain, because that Nazaré has no remedy their antagonism turned into insanity and already in the final chapters, we did not see a villain, we saw an alienated insane that I did not know that do, only liquidate and commit without thinking. A spectacular performance in one of the most successful Brazilian soap operas in Brazil's history. 2. villain Carmina: Carmen Lucia Moreira de Souza Araújo Telenovela: Avenida Brazil (2012) Author: Joao Emmanuel Carneiro Actress: Adriana Esteves She spends with an incredible ease of crying pretended to genuine mocking laughter. Of submission to the deafening screams of the fake smile at the expression contorted, hostile. As almost all the Machiavellian of this list is that he thinks that "the end justifies the means". Its purpose is a fortune and go to get it. Your lucky day arrives when you plan beside her lover Max (Marcello Novaes) a blow to steal money from her own husband Genesio (Tony Ramos), lunge that tries to stop the small Rita (the girl Mel Maia), daughter of Genesio, stepdaughter of Carmina. Adds the wealthy retired footballer Jorge Tifón (Murilo Benício), who, by accident, assassin to Genesio on Avenida Brazil, favoring Carmina unintentionally involuntarily to this context. Carmina leaves to Rita in a landfill, becomes the sole heir of Genesio and enjoys it with his lover (Marcelo Novaes) Max. Does not comply with all the above, manipulates at will to typhoon, with whom he ends up marrying. With what Carmina account is not with the return of Rita, who is now called girl and comes to take revenge, disguised as a cook at home of the evil blonde. The battle between the two has just begun in the Venezuelan cable signals. But those who do not import them "forward history", they'll get on YouTube videos of the most cruel scenes between these two female characters. Acts of sadism, humiliation and intrigue everywhere can make the actress Adriana Esteves look with this villain which enshrined it in the history of Brazilian television. See her laugh to tears, through rage. 3 flora Pereira da Silva villain: Flora Pereira da Silva Actress: Patrícia Pillar. Telenovela: La Favorita (2008) Actor: João Emanuel Carneiro
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Players who played with the Madrid and Barcelona
List of players who played with the Madrid and Barcelona sports rivalry of these football teams, is perhaps the most famous and recognized in the world. A classic that curiously a had some players who belonged at some point both of them, matter that stirs controversy and that can put these players in a real "eye of the hurricane". do you think you correct teams hire players who pertenerieron his staunch rival? You can view the entire list of players who played with the Madrid and Barcelona in http://www.mejoreslistasyrankings.com/deporte/lista-jugadores-que-han-estado-en-el-real-madrid-y-el-barcelona-151257 in the list of 1 Ronaldo Nazario 2 luis Figo 3 Samuel Etoo 4 Michael Laudrup 5 Javier Saviola 6 Bernd Schuster 7 luis Enrique 8 Robert Prosinečki 9 Gheorghe Hagi 10 Albert Celades 11 Alfonso Pérez 12 Nando Muñoz 13 luis Milla blades 14 Julen Lopetegui Argote 15 Dani Garcia Lara have: 1. Ronaldo Nazario 2. Luis Figo 3. Samuel Etoo 4. Michael Laudrup 5. Javier Saviola 6. Bernd Schuster 7. Luis Enrique 8. Robert Prosinečki 9. Gheorghe Hagi 10. Albert Celades 11. Alfonso Pérez 12. Nando Muñoz 13. Luis Milla Aspas-14. Julen Lopetegui Argote, 15. Dani García Lara this video images are property of 20 minutos 1. Ronaldo Nazario, the great Brazilian Player Ronaldo, came to Barcelona from PSV in Holland for the season 96-97, the most in the season who played Barcelona a Copa del Rey and a Supercopa of Spain, being top scorer (champion's League goals) and won the Golden Ball in 1997. Return to Spain to join Real Madrid in 2002, then recover from tremendous injury and be champion playing brilliantly for Brazil in the World Cup Korea-Japan 2002, year in which was to receive the Golden Ball, same year in which is integrated to Real Madrid where a year later won finally the League in 2003 , juice for Real Madrid until 2007. 2 luis Figo this may be the case most controversially of all, since the Portuguese Luis Figo came to Barcelona in 1995, earning the Club the League 2 times Cule, also get 2 cups of the King, a Supercopa of Spain, a Europe and European Super Cup winners. In 2000 Florentino Perez in the campaign to be President of Real Madrid, he promised the signing of Portuguese, which few or no one thought possible, but even the Figo denied it. As President Florentino fulfilled his word was to Figo, who became then the player most hated by the Catalans. While Real Madrid with the arrival of Figo mean the first piece of "The Galactic from the Real Madrid" with the Real Mdrid won the Romaine number 9 Finally enjoying success having won the Champions League in 2002 as well as the 2003 League title. 3. Samuel Etoo Samuel Etoo came to Real Madrid from Inter Milan, in 1998 but their bad relationships on the team and the few opportunities at the white club did very little play in the 6 years that was at the club. In 2004 step to Barcelona by a nearly ridiculous amount taking into account quantities that move by those transpasos and there was where really Cameroonian shine with their own light, when with the Catalans won three League and two Copa del Rey. 4 Michael Laudrup the Dane Michael Laudrup, juice for Real Madrid in the Temparado 95, but nobody forgot what that already before he had played with the Barcelona between 1989 and 1994, and even won 4 leagues with the Catalans. 5 Javier Saviola Bunny as it is known to the Argentine from 2002 to 2006 with Barcelona and from 2007 to 2009 for Real Madrid but juice little in the nearly 3 seasons that was with the white club. 6 Bernd Schuster the great German player of great class juice for Real Madrid and Barcelona in the Decade of the 80´s, playing 8 years at FC Barcelona, from 1980 to 1988, moving to Real Madrid where juice 2 seasons from 1989 to 1990. Also as technical director, he directed also to both clubs. 7 luis Enrique Luis Enrique case is similar to the Laudrup, since juice at Real Madrid in 1995, getting the League that same year, although it was at Barcelona where most earn getting 2 Championships League and 2 cups of the King, from 1996 to 2004. 8 Robert Prosinečki Croatian juice case 3 seasons for Real Madrid in the Decade of the 90s, decade in which I also signed for Barcelona where juice one season, 1995. 9 Gheorghe Hagi was signed by Real Madrid in 1990, staying 2 years with Real Madrid, then went to Italy, playing for the Brescia and return to Spain, hired by the Barcelona for 2 seasons 10. Albert Celades Salio of the basic forces of Barcelona, to join the first team from 1995 to 1999, step to the Celta de Vigo where juice a single season, then being hired by Real Madrid for the year 2000 where step several seasons without luck, in 2005 spent at Real Zaragoza.
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The best sleeves romantics (Smut)
List of the best sleeves romantics (Smut) at the best sleeves romantics (Smut) list we have: 1 Hapi Mari 2 Blanc Marie OneShot 3 Midnight Secretary 4 Lovenista 5 Romantic beauty 6 Atashi Wa Sore Wo Gaman Dekinai 7 Akuma na Cupid OneShot 8 Atashi no Mannaka OneShot 9 r-18 Love report 10 After School Wedding OneShot 11 Love Cruise 12 30-Year-Old Virgin OL OneShot 13 Torokeru You Na Kiss Wo Kanadete 14 Aiomou Hito - Sex Friend 15 Hoshigari love dollar 16 Kedamono Shounen Shojo 17 Sensei Yori mo Amaku OneShot 18. MY sweet heart (I) OneShot 19 Mitsu no yoru 20 Cosplay Animal the source of the images is 20 minutos 1. HAPI Mari men are the root of all the problems of takanashi chiwa, why is that never pipe the opportunity or time to have a boyfriend in her life. She is a clerk full time and works as a hostess part time, all this to pay the debts of his father. One night, working as a hostess, a client with a lot of class makes that they fired it from his part-time job. The next day is called to the office of the President of the company, which I had never seen before, to find out that she must marry with the! What kind of guy is Mamiya Hokuto? be become one of the many problems of chiwa? or help her to get out of these? will last this marriage? Genre: Comedy, Josei, Romance, Smut. 2. Blanc Marie OneShot Kiriko has married the heir of Kidoya bookshops chain. Now the day of the wedding her husband made it very clear that she not interested in the least: it not only cheats it, but does not even appear in house and Kiriko lives surrounded by his in-laws... and by his brother-in-law. Saga of the fifteen that anyone could consider shoujo but is listed as josei. 3. Midnight Secretary Kaya thought that I had found the perfect job when he attained the post of personal Secretary of Kyouhei takes, the director of the large and prestigious company of the same name. Although Jack is quite arrogant and not a hair cut with his sexual behavior, Kaya tries to show that you have what makes failure to remain in the post. A night Kaya discovers by accident making secret: it's a vampire! 4 Lovenista tells the story of Yun, a sixteen year old girl who has had many boyfriends but has not found her ideal man. It has had very bad luck with men and their sexual relations with them. Throughout his life, Yun has had enough boyfriends but no lasting relationship because of a small problem, and is it more sex than pleasure pain. He just finished with her last boyfriend when meets to Kondou Hiromichi, the bad boy of the school, who will begin to approach. After forget Hiromichi your mobile and see it the content of the same, which is highly erotic, they are increasingly more eager to get closer to him, since looks quite an expert on the issue despite having only sixteen years. One evening his desire is fulfilled in the hospital, where by chance and every one is sincere with the other. Heard Yun, Hiromichi offers you to be her new boyfriend and guarantees there will be no pain. Is it truth? Will this young man, feared in fight to be poor Yun solution? (5. Romantic beauty Colección de 5 historias: 1) romantic beauty since it will live to another city due to the work of his father, Yuka decides to confess to the popular Takigawa-kun at the graduation of high school, only to be rejected and called a "fat" in front of everyone! A humiliated Yuka becomes determined to become someone Takigawa will realize that she can fulfil her dream to have her first time with him. However, when a completely transformed Yuka returns to his hometown for a school meeting, the person who calls to your...?
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The most handsome Colombian actors
List of the most handsome Colombian actors Choose the most good! the most handsome Colombian actors list we have: 5 Lincoln Palomeque 4 Gary Forero 3 Juan Pablo Llano 2 manolo cardona 1 Juan Pablo Raba Colombian actors Daddies 7 tiberio Cruz 8 Daniel Arenas 9 diego Cadavid 10 Juan Diego Sanchez 11 Fabián Ríos 12 Marlon Moreno 13 Pedro Rendón 14 Pedro Pallares 15 Pedro Palace 16 Manuel José Chávez 17 Nicolas Rincon 18 Rodrigo Candamil 19 Juan David Galindo 20 Alfredo Cuellar The source of the images is 20 minutos
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The best martial artists of history
List about the best martial artists of history In this list about the best martial artists of history you can find: 1. Bruce Lee 2. Jet li 3. Jackie Chan 4. Jean-Claude Van Damme 5. Tony Jaa 6. Scott Adkins 7. Donnie Yen 8. Chuck Norris 9. Michael Jai White 10. Steven Seagal 11. Wesley Snipes 12. Chow Yun Fat 13. Mark Dacascos 14. Wu Jing 15. Iko Uwais The images you can find in this video are property of 20 minutos
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Couples in soap opera with more chemistry
List of couples in soap opera with more chemistry http://www.mejoreslistasyrankings.com/cine-y-tv/lista-cuales-son-las-parejas-de-telenovela-que-tienen-mas-quimica-2166 couples in soap opera with more chemistry list we have: 1 carolina Ramirez and Mark Tacher (the daughter of the Mariachi) 2 Natasha Klauss and Michel Brown (Pasion de Gavilanes) 3 Fernando Colunga and Lucero (Soy tu dueña) 4 Edith Gonzalez and Eduardo Palomo (wild at heart) 5 Marianela Gonzalez and Hugo Vasquez (Mi Gorda Bella) 6 margarita Rosa de Francisco and Guy Ecker (coffee with scent of a woman) 7 Adela Noriega and Mauricio Islas (the spring) 8 Jacqueline Bracamontes and William Levy (spell) 9 Natalia Streignard and Juan Pablo Raba (Mi Gorda Bella) 10. facundo Arana and Natalia Oreiro (Muñeca Brava) 11 Angie Cepeda and Salvador del Solar (Pobre Diabla) 12 Gonzalo Valenzuela and Maria Elena Swett (male) The source of the images is 20 minutos 1 carolina Ramirez and Mark Tacher (the daughter of the Mariachi) Rosario Guerrero and Emiliano Sanchez-Gallardo (Francisco Lara) 2 Natasha Klauss and Michel Brown (Pasion de Gavilanes) Sara Elizondo and Franco Reyes 3 Fernando Colunga and Lucero (Soy tu dueña) José Miguel Montesinos and Valentina Villalba 4 Edith Gonzalez and Eduardo Palomo (wild at heart) Mónica de Altamira and John "of the devil" Alcazar and Valley 5 Marianela Gonzalez and Hugo Vasquez (Mi Gorda Bella) Pandora Villanueva and Jordi Rosales 6 margarita Rosa de Francisco and Guy Ecker (coffee with scent of a woman) Seagull Suarez (Carolina Olivares) and Sebastian Vallejo 7 Adela Noriega and Mauricio Islas (the spring) Alfonsina Valdés and Alejandro Ramirez 8 Jacqueline Bracamontes and William Levy (spell) Maria Jose Samaniego and Alejandro Lombardo 9 Natalia Streignard and Juan Pablo Raba (Mi Gorda Bella) Valentina Villanueva (Bella) and Orestes Villanueva (Silver Lily) 10. facundo Arana and Natalia Oreiro (Muñeca Brava) Ivo di Carlo and Milagros Esposito 11 Angie Cepeda and Salvador del Solar (Pobre Diabla) Fiorella Morelli and Andrés Mejía Guzmán 12 Gonzalo Valenzuela and Maria Elena Swett (male) Adam Mercader and Fernanda Garrido
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The best pairs of animated cartoons
List of the best pairs of animated cartoons OK while I was bored watching animated cartoons, decides I make a list of pairs of cartoons and I told myself that not xD as well... Vote and comment why you like it or you liked :) They may also suggest me more couples if I missed some because I think that if they missed me you machas hahaha xD the best pairs of animated cartoons list we have: 1 Lola ' Bugs 2 Homer ' March 3 Robin ' Starfire 4 Phineas ' Isabella 5 Mordecai ' Margarita 6 Cosmo ' Wanda 7 Arnold ' Helga 8 Donald ' Daisy 9 Alvin ' Brittany 10 Candace ' Jeremy 11 Fred ' Daphne 12 Danny ' Sam 13 Jimmy ' Cindy 14. #3/Kuki ' #4/Wally 15 Fry ' Leela 16 Pedro ' Vilma 17 Mickey ' Minnie 18 Kim ' Ron 19 Simon ' Jeanette 20 Finn ' Princess flame the source of the images is 20 minutos 1. Lola - Bugs the Tooney 2 Tunes. Homer - Simpson 3 March. Robin - Starfire Teen Titans 4. Phineas - Isabella Phineas and Ferb 5. Mordecai - Margarita a Show more 6. Cosmo - Wanda the fairly OddParents 7. Arnold - Helga hears! Arnold -This couple is my favorite c: 8. Donald - Daisy Mickey Mouse 9. Alvin - Brittany Alvin and the Chipmunks 10. Candace - Jeremy Phineas and Ferb 11. Fred - Daphne Scooby Doo 12. Danny - Sam Danny Phantom 13. Jimmy - Cindy Jimmy Neutron 14. #3/Kuki - #4/Wally Los Chicos del District 15. FRY - Leela Futurama 16. Pedro - Vilma 17 Flintstones. Mickey - Minnie Mickey Mouse 18. Kim - Ron Kim Possible 19. Simon - Jeanette Alvin and the Chipmunks 20. Finn - Princess flame adventure hour 21. Pucca - Garu, Pucca 22. Raven - beast boy Teen Titans 23. Eileen - Rigby a Show more 24. Lisa - 25 Simpsons Nelson. Popeye - olive 26 Popeye. Sonic - Amy Sonic x 27. Heidi - Heidi Pedro 28. Kick - Kendall Kick Buttowski 29. Tommy - Kimi the 30 grown Rugrats. Finn - sweet Princess 31 adventure time. Lucas - Tina Show of the Looney Tunes 32. Pepelew - Penelope the Looney Tunes 33. Fiona - Marshall Lee 34 adventure time. Babs - Buster Tiny Toons 35. Winnie - Woody Woodpecker Pajaro Loco 36. Timmy - Trixie Los Padrinos Magicos 37. Velma - Shaggy Scooby Doo 38. Finn - Marceline 39 adventure time. Timmy - Tootie Los Padrinos Magicos 40. Wen - Kevin Ben 10 force alien 41. Bob - Sandy SpongeBob 42. Jenny - Brad 43 teenage Robot. Gwen - Trent La Isla del Drama 44. COOP - Fiona Kid vs Cat 45. Ricochet - good girl Mucha Lucha 46. Terra - beast boy Teen Titans 47. Lisa - 48 Simpsons Milhouse. Chavo - Patty Chavo 49. Wen - Ben 10 Ben -Si, is that they are cousins but I like are together xD 50. Fiona - Principe sweet hour of 51 adventure. #1/miguel - #362/Rachel Los Chicos de the district 52. Garfiel - Arlene Garfiel 53. Courtney - Duncan the island of Drama 54. Ben - Julie Ben 10 force alien 55. Ultra - Super 56 Sonic. Skinner - Krabappel 57 Simpson. Mac - Frankie Mansion Foster for 58 imaginary friends. Stan - Wendy South Park 59. Peter - Lois 60 parent. Don Ramon - Doña Clotilde 61 Chavo. #2/Tommy - #5/Abby Los Chicos del Barrio 62. #1/miguel - Lizzie the guys from District 63. Ginger - Darren Ginger 64. Quico - Patty 65 Chavo. Stan - Francine American Dad 66. Harold - Angelica the Rugrats grown 67. Reggie - Trent Rocket Power 68. Archie - Betty Archie 69. Archie - Veronica Archie
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Best costumes of Spain
List of best costumes of Spain http://www.mejoreslistasyrankings.com/actualidad/lista-mejores-trajes-tipicos-de-espana-126015 Vote for the costume of the region or community that you like. Vote the most beautiful! PS: are Not all the autonomous communities. In the list of best costumes of Spain, we have: 1. Andalusia 2. Valencian Community 3. Aragon 4. Extremadura 5. Murcia 6. Asturias 7. Castilla La Mancha 8. Madrid 9. Castilla y León 10. Galicia 11. Islas Canarias 12. Basque Country 13. Catalonia The source of the images is 20 minutos
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The most beautiful women in Guatemala
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The best Animes Harem Reverso 2018
List about the best Animes Harem Reverso 2018 This is a list of animes harem reverso, will be updated monthly so you will never miss any though mainly I will put the most recent and the most I have liked. If any are missing you always you can comment and I will add it without any problem. In this list about the best Animes Harem Reverso 2018 you can find: 50. Sengoku night blood 49. Prince of stride 48. Legend of Basara 47. Crash! 46. Ore-sama kingdom 45. Blood+ 44. Scared rider xechs 43. Hatenkou yuugi 42. Kuro to kin no hirakanai kagi 41. Full moon wo sagashite 40. Otome banchou Kenka: Girl beats boys 39. Zombie loan 38. Heart no kuni no Alice 37. Kamichama Karin 36. B- Project kodou ambitious 35. Harukanaru toki no naka de 34. Fushigi yuugi 33. Peach girl 32. Does nari waga ichizoku 31. Neo angelique abyss 30. Prétear 29. Saiunkoku monogatari 28. Starry sky 27. Free! 26. Norn9 25. Magic kyun renaissance project 24. Dance with devils 23. Hakuouki shinsengumi kitano 22. Yumeiro patissiere 21. Code breaker 20. Hanasakeru seishounen 19. Akagami no shirayukihime 18. Vampire knight 17. Hiiro no kakera 16. The Golden cord 15. Hakushaku to yousei 14. Watashi ga motete in doom 13. Yamato nadeshiko shi. he put 12. Fruits basket 11. The story of the Arcane Family 10. Bonjour koiaji patisserie 9. Kaichou wa maid-sama 8. Uta no prince-sama: Maji love 1000% 7. Akatsuki no yona 6. Amnesia 5. Ouran high school host club 4. Kamisaa the hajimemashita 3. Kamigami no asobi 2. Brothers conflict 1. Diabolik lovers 50. Sengoku night blood White clouds in the sky... a day peaceful as any other. Surrounded by light, someone called "please lend me your power." The next moment, you find yourself in the era Sengoku of Japan. Vampires and werewolves, samurai, want to take over Japan. This is the world known as Shinga. 49. Prince of stride The series is about a sport known as "Stride". It is 6 players in a team running relay races in the cities. The story takes place in Honan Academy in first year high school students Takeru Fujiwara and Nana Sakurai trying to recruit members for your club "Stride". Request to Riku Yagami to join with the help of Takeru and Nana. Your goal is to compete and win the "End of Summen", a top competition organised in Japan with other schools. 48. Legend of Basara Basara is developed in Japan, about 300 years after a great disaster environment to the years 90. After the disaster, the humility and the civilization faded away, and Japan, as a country, an island, was isolated and in very poor condition. The climate changed, and some areas were transformed into desert, while others were filled with strange creatures. 47. Crash! Crash is about a girl named Hana who has a gift very unusual . Your home is an agency of talent and she helps her mother using her "gift" . She , literally, has nosebleeds when she sees someone with potential star. Of course , this is a secret that saves all of their peers . On the anniversary of the company , Hana is sent to find a new awesome talent. And that's when the story unfolds ... 46. Ore-sama kingdom The history of Ore-Sama Kingdom focuses on the figure of Nono Nonohara, a young mangaka who has just joined a new school and found a group of three guys very attractive. Anime of 13 chapters. 45. Blood+ Under the care of her adoptive family, Saya Otonashi has been living as a person amnesic, but outside of that as a teenager ordinary. The happy life and peaceful of Saya is affected forever when she is attacked by a quiróptero (vampire in the manga), a monster hematófago with appearance of bat giant that feeds on human blood; then she realizes that she is the only person able to defeat them. After this, and after the death of his adoptive father, Saya's march of the city of Okinawa where he lives to face the threat of the bats around the world. To Saya go along with his two brothers, some friends and her knight Haji, in a journey full of surprises that will take Saya to find out more about the nature of the bats and about their own past, dating back to the mid-NINETEENTH century. 44. Scared rider xechs The world is blue , which symbolizes the reason, is under constant attack from the creatures called the Nightfly O Note which originate in the world red , which symbolizes the instinct. Akira Asagi , is the protagonist and researcher at the world blue, is nominated to lead the war in Ryuukyuu GAL, i... The images you can find in this video are property of 20 minutos
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The best pairs of soap operas
List of the best pairs of soap operas http://www.mejoreslistasyrankings.com/cine-y-tv/lista-la-mejor-pareja-de-las-telenovelas-10564 the best pairs of soap operas list we have: 1 michel brown and natasha klauss 2 Anahí and Aaron Diaz 3. sweet marria and aaron diaz 4 ana branda contreras and aaron diaz 5 Sara Maldonado and Aaron Diaz 6 Angelique boyer and aaron diaz 7 Eiza Gonzalez and Aaron Diaz 8 Anahí, and Alfonso herrera 9 Adela Noriega and Fernando Colunga 10. dulce Maria and Christopher Uckermann 11 Maite Perroni and William Levy 12 Fernando Colunga and Thalia 13 Paola rey and juan Alfonso Batista 14 Jacqueline Bracamontes and William Levy 15 Edith Gonzalez and Fernando Colunga 16 Aracely Arámbula and Fernando Colunga 17 Danna García and Mario cimarro 18. dulce Maria and Alfonso Herrera 19. valentino Lanús and Sara Maldonado 20 carmen Villalobos and Jean carlos canela The source of the images is 20 minutos 5 Sara Maldonado and Aaron Diaz protagonists of the novel for young hearts to the limit in the year 2004 produced by Nicandro Díaz and Roberto Hernández Vázquez, 7 Eiza Gonzalez and Aaron Diaz protagonists of the novel for young LOLA ERASE UNA time produced by pedro damian in 2007 8 Anahí, and Alfonso herrera couple in the telenovela REBELDE produced by pedro damian in 2004 9 Adela Noriega and Fernando Colunga they staged the 2003 prducida AMOR REAL telenovela by carla estrada 10. dulce Maria and Christopher Uckermann partner in the youth telenovela REBELDE in 2004 produced by pedro damian 11 Maite Perroni and William Levy protagonists of the telenovela care with the ANGEL in 2008 produced by Nathalie Lartilleux due the success return to star in the EL TRIUNFO del AMOR telenovela produced by Salvador Mejía in 2010 12 Fernando Colunga and Thalia they staged with great success the MARIA LA del BARRIO telenovela in 1995 produced by Valentín pimstein 14 Jacqueline Bracamontes and William Levy protagonists of the novel SORTILRGIO produced by carla estrada in the year 2009 15 Edith Gonzalez and Fernando Colunga NUNCA TE OLVIDARE telenovela they starred in 1999 produced by juan osorio 16 Aracely Arámbula and Fernando Colunga they staged the ABRAZAME MUY FUERTE in 2000 telenovela produced by salvador mejía 18. dulce Maria and Alfonso Herrera they were a partner in the youth telenovela ClASE 406, produced by pedro damian in 2002 19. valentino Lanús and Sara Maldonado protagonists of the youth telenovela EL JUEGO DE LA VIDA by Roberto Gómez Fernández 2001producida
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The most beautiful groupies
List of the most beautiful groupies http://www.mejoreslistasyrankings.com/musica/lista-groupies-famosas-1097 Beautiful, slender, envied, dear... They had great luck through the beds of many rockers, but those beauties behind tells a story which most sad vote for your favorite! the most beautiful groupies list we have: 1 Pattie Boyd 2 Marianne Faithfull 3. jane Asher 4 Penny Lane 5 bebe Buell 6 Pamela Des Barres 7 nico 8 Uschi Obermaier 9 Cybill Shepherd 10 Britt Ekland 11 Edie Sedgwick 12 Morgana Welch 13 Alice Ormsby - Gore 14 Lori Madoxx 15 anita Pallenberg 16. sable Starr 17 Kim Kerrigan 18 Chrissie Shimpton 19 jo Jo Laine 20 barbara Valentin The source of the images is 20 minutos 1 Pattie Boyd Conquests: George Harrison, Ron Wood, Mick Jagger, Eric Swayne, Rod Weston... Married to George Harrison, Member of the Beatles, their relationship was affected by the alleged infedelidades of this. Pattie then sought support in her husband's best friend: Eric Clapton. Boyd left her husband to marry Clapton but again had to suffer the infidelity, alcoholism, the two extra-marital children by Eric and the inability of Pattie have children led to marriage to divorce. Nowadays Pattie is involved in charity work. 2 Marianne Faithfull Achievements: Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, Anita Pallenberg, Keith Richards, David Bowie, Angie Bowie. It made it popular as a girlfriend of Mick Jagger. He was one of the emblems of the sexual revolution. She left her first husband by Jagger, their relationship was a cumuló of drugs and sex. But he was really in love era: Keith Richards, which had a night of passion. Also was with other members of the Stones, included Brian Jones and Anita Pallenberg. The singer and actress had a suicide attempt when he learned of the death of Brian, also serious problems of addiction to heroin led him to live on the street. Today still makes sporadic concerts and some interviews. 3. jane Asher Achievements: Paul McCartney With only 17 years he was lucky to be hired by a BBC programme, where the Beatles performed and were captivated by its beauty, was invited to the hotel. Paul and Jane spent the night speaking, a year later they were to live together and three later to commit. The perfect couple was very loved by the fans, who saw. But an unexpected night Jane found Paul with another groupie, Francie Schwartz. the relationship broke from that time. 4 Penny Lane Conquests: Jimmy Page... Penny allowed three-year sabbatical, of from the 17 to 20 to meet and satisfy the rock stars that crossed its path. During that time he saw, heard and learned the dirty laundry of the rock stars. At age 20 he climbed on a plane and returned home. He went to College, graduated and got married. She wrote his biography, the wrote an old journalist friend that he met during his time as groupie. The book was taken to the cinema, the film was called "almost famosos´´. 5 bebe Buell Conquests: Todd Rundgren, Steven Tyler, Jimmy Page, Rod Stewart, Elvis Costello, Mick Jagger, Stiv Bators, David Bowie, Iggy Pop... Iggy Pop wanted fall in love once baby healed him an injury which had made on the stage. Dying, Stiv Bators left him a note asking that he esnifara his ashes, but baby not it did. Mick Jagger had presented to anyone. Todd Rundgren forgave him all his escapades, also grew up as if it were his own to Liv, the daughter of Steven Tyler (Liv Tyler today is a movie star and more beautiful than her mother). His great love was Elvis Costello said that they interested him more men with brain. In August 2001 he published if biography. 6 Pamela Des Barres Conquests: Jimmy Page, Keith Moon, Jim Morrison, Don Johnson, Mick Jagger, Chris Hillman, Michael Des Barres, Dennis Hopper... The most famous groupie of the 60s, started out as a hysterical and loud fan of the Beatles and Elvis. His first great romance was Jimmy Page, of Led Zepellin, which abandoned it by another younger than her groupie.
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The best Spanish series
List of the best Spanish series http://www.mejoreslistasyrankings.com/cine-y-tv/lista-las-mejores-series-espanolas-7258 the best Spanish series list we have: 1. el internado 2. the boat 3. Aquí no hay quien viva 4. Red Eagle 5. physical or chemical 6. men of Paco 7. the protected 8. grand hotel 9 looming 10. with the ass in the air 11 Aida 12 Moon, the mystery of Calenda 13 tell me 14 Hispania 15. the serrano 16. the secret of old bridge 17 love in troubled times 18. Lady 19 great book 20. the next step The source of the images is 20 minutos
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The best Spanish fictional couples
List of the best Spanish fictional couples http://www.mejoreslistasyrankings.com/cine-y-tv/lista-parejas-ficticias-espanolas-101719 Spanish series give many romances, these are some of them. the best Spanish fictional couples list we have: 1 Ivan and Julia 2 snake and Sandra 3 Jack and Greta 4 Lucas and Sara 5 Carlos and Paula 6 mark and Carol 7 Ulysses and Ainhoa 8 hache and Babi 9 hache and Gin 10 Joel and Leire 11 Cabano and Ruth 12 July and Alicia 13 Gorka and Paula 14 Aitor and Sara 15 Alvaro and Teresa 16 saves and Yoli 17 Anibal and Nieves The source of the images is 20 minutos 1 Ivan and Julia Series El Internado. Yon González and Blanca Suarez. 2 snake and Sandra The protected series. Luis Fernandez and Ana Fernández. 3 Jack and Greta Welcome to the Lolita series. Rodrigo Guirao and Nerea Camacho. 4 Lucas and Sara Series Los Hombres de Paco. Hugo Silva and Michelle Jenner. 5 Carlos and Paula Series live singing. Nacho Montes and Ana Mena. 6 mark and Carol Series El Internado. Martin Rivas and Ana de Armas. 7 Ulysses and Ainhoa Series boat. Mario Casas and Blanca Suarez. 8 hache and Babi Film Tres Metros Sobre El Cielo. Mario Casas and María Valverde. 9 hache and Gin Film Tengo Ganas De Ti. Mario Casas and Clara Lake. 10 Joel and Leire Series Moon of Calenda. Álvaro Cervantes and Lucia Guerrero. 11 Cabano and Ruth Series physics or chemistry. Maxi Iglesias and Úrsula Corberó. 12 July and Alicia Series Gran Hotel. Yon Gonzalez and Amaia Salamanca. 13 Gorka and Paula Series physics and chemistry. Adam Jezierski and Angy Fernandez. 14 Aitor and Sara Series Los Hombres de Paco. Mario Casas and Michelle Jenner. 15 Alvaro and Teresa Series physics or chemistry. Alex Batllori and Lucia Ramos. 16 saves and Yoli Series physics and chemistry. Alex Martinez and Andrea Duro. 17 Anibal and Nieves Tierra de Lobos series. Antonio Velazquez and Dafne Fernández.
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The best versions of Betty la fea
List of the best versions of Betty la fea http://www.mejoreslistasyrankings.com/cine-y-tv/lista-cual-version-de-betty-la-fea-te-parece-la-mejor-12495 Hi, here leaving my new list that's about all of them versions of the famous telenovela Betty la fea, that is originally colombian, but has been adapted by many countries.You have the last word and tell me, What is the best? In the list of the best versions of Betty la fea, we have: 1. Colombia - Betty la fea 2. Mexico - La fea más bella 3. Colombia - Betty Toons 4. Colombia - Betty la feita 5. Usa - Ugly Betty 6. Spain - Yo soy Bea 7. Germany - Verliebt in Berlin 8. Brazil - the Beautiful, the ugly 9. Francia - The Destiny Of Lisa 10. Filipinas - i ♥ Betty la fea 11. Spartacus - Ugly 12. Rusia - Ne Rodis' Krasivoy 13. Grecia - Maria, i Asximi 14. China - Chou Nu Wu Di 15. Israel - Esti Ha'mechoeret 16. Vietnám - Ugly Girl 17. India - Jassi Jaissa Koi Nahin 18. Belgica - Sara 19. Croacia - Ne daj se, Nina 20. Netherlands (Holland) - Lotte The source of the images is 20 minutos 1. Colombia - Betty la fea Version: Colombian Name: Betty la fea Actress: Ana María Orozco 2. Mexico - La fea más bella Version: Mexican Name: La fea más bella Actress: Angelica Vale 3. Colombia - Betty Toons Version: Cartoon Country: Colombia Name: Betty Toons Year: 2002 4. Colombia - Betty la feita Version: Child Country: Colombia Name: Betty la feita Actress: Alejandra Botero 5. Usa - Ugly Betty Version: American Name: Ugly Betty Actress: America Ferrara 6. Spain - Yo soy Bea Version: Spanish Name: Yo soy bea Actress: Ruth Nunez 7. Germany - Verliebt in Berlin Version: German Name: Verliebt in Berlin Actress: Alexandra Neldel 8. Brazil - Bela, a feia Version: Brazilian Name: Bela a feia Actress: Giselle Itié 9. France - Le Destin De Lisa Version: French Name: Le Destin De Lisa Actress: Alexandra Neldel 10. Philippines / i ♥ Betty la fea Version: Philippine Name: i ♥ Betty la fea Actress: Bea Alonzo 11. Poland - BrzydUla Version: Polish - Polish Name: BrzydUla Actress: Julia Kamińska 12. Russia - Ne Rodis' Krasivoy Version: Russian Name: Ne Rodis' Krasivoy Actress: Nelly Uvarova 13. Greece - Maria, i Asximi Version: Greek Name: Maria, i Asximi Actress: Aggeliki Iliadis Daliani 14. China - Chou Nu Wu Di Version: China Name: Chou Nu Wu Di Actress: Li Xinru 15. Israel - Esti Ha mechoeret Version: Isaelí Name: Esti Ha mechoeret Actress: Riki Blich 16. Vietnam - Cô Gái Xấu Xí Version: Vietnamese Name: Cô Gái Xấu Xí Actress: Nguyễn Ngọc Hiệp 17. India - Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin Version: Hindu Name: Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin Actress: Mona Singh 18. Belgium - Sara Version: Belgian Name: Sara Actress: Veerle Baetens 19. Croatia - Ne daj se, Nina Version: Croatian Name: Ne daj se, Nina Actress: Lana Gojak 20. Netherlands (Holland) - Lotte Version: Dutch - Dutch Name: Lotte Actress: Nyncke Beekhuyzen
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The most desired women by women
List about the most desired women by women Well, here is a list of women who have acted in movies and series, doing lesbian or bisexual roles ... vote for your favorite ... it does not matter if they are men or heterosexuals, just clarify it, in order to have more or less a female senso ..... and if you want to know more about them just give it in the google search, like recommendations are accepted if it is missing any more in this list to put it. In this list about the most desired women by women you can find: 25. Christina Ricci 24. Cecile de France 23. hillary swank 22. daniela be 21. Lucy Lawless 20. winona ryder 19. Mischa Barton 18. Jessica Paré 17. Salma Hayek 16. Laurel Holloman 15. Kate Winslet 14. Erin Daniels 13. Lauren Lee Smith 12. Leisha Hailey 11. Karina Lombard 10. Mia Kirshner 9. Piper Perabo 8. Charlize Theron 7. Jennifer Beals 6. Angelina Jolie 5. Megan fox 4. Sarah Sahi 3. Rachel Shelley 2. Olivia Wilde 1. Katherine Moenning 24. Cecile de France haute tension 22. daniela be the l word 21. Lucy Lawless Xena 18. Jessica Paré Lost and Delirious 16. Laurel Holloman The L word 14. Erin Daniels the l word 13. Lauren Lee Smith The L word 11. Karina Lombard the l word 10. Mia Kirshner the l word 9. Piper Perabo Lost and delirious 4. Sarah Sahi the l word 3. Rachel Shelley the l word 1. Katherine Moenning the l word The images you can find in this video are property of 20 minutos
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Long-awaited Hotel Verde Zanzibar Opens
Post about: long-awaited Hotel Verde Zanzibar Opens. After three years of construction, Hotel Verde Zanzibar – Azam Luxury Resort & Spa will host her first guests on 21 March 2018. The 106-roomed, five-star hotel was commissioned by owner and Zanzibari-born businessman Mr Said Salim Awadh Bakhresa and will now fulfil his vision of becoming leaders in the green economy sector by building East Africa’s greenest hotel. Following on from their success and worldwide recognition of Hotel Verde, Africa’s greenest hotel in Cape Town Airport, the project was contracted to South African-based Verde Hotels. Mr Bakhresa, Chairman of the Bakhresa Group, appointed the group to manage the construction and development through to opening, including the marketing and management of this new sustainably responsible hotel.   Verde Hotels was able to enter the building phase at a timeous point to implement the many green, sustainable strategies required in the promotion of responsible tourism. Some of these implementations include a renewable energy generation, reticulated grey and black water recycling systems, waste management, a heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) system and regenerative drive elevators. During construction, the hotel has followed the criteria of the Green Building Council and will manage and operate as a certified sustainable establishment, offering a carbon-efficient stay. The hotel is situated 2km from the popular and ever-developing Stone Town and a within walking distance to the beach. The 106 rooms offer guests 5-star ultra-luxury standard rooms and penthouse suites, a spa, a gym (fully equipped with energy-generating gym equipment), 3 restaurants, conference facilities, entertainment, a gaming room, kids’ club, jet-skis and water sports. Future plans include the completion of a marina and a fully-kitted waterpark, which is already under construction. Commenting on the opening of the hotel, Calvin Boia, who is part of the Verde Hotels executive team managing the opening of Hotel Verde Zanzibar – Azam Luxury Resort and Spa, says, This is an extremely exciting time not only for us at Verde Hotels but also for Zanzibar tourism – the destination is gaining huge recognition as a sought-after holiday and conference hot-spot and the hotel will add even more value. We have combined five-star luxury with sustainable strategies and offer a range of fantastic facilities and activities. We are looking forward to seeing families, conference groups and all our guests enjoy the fruits of our carefully thought-out hotel. With inbound tourism numbers on a sharp incline, Zanzibar is indeed becoming a popular choice for holiday-makers, incentive travellers, and corporate and conferencing groups. Tanzania offers great value for money and ticks off many boxes: Mount Kilimanjaro, un-matched wildlife parks, and an incredible history, not to mention the kilometres of pristine tropical coastline. Source: Tourismtattler
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Countries that cross the Equator
List about countries that cross the Equator It takes this name not because this is the only country crossed by the line, but that is the highest point and its characteristics there were carried out the necessary studies to measure the curvature of the earth and other measurements. The other countries traversed are: Colombia and Brazil, 7 african countries (sao Tome and Principe, Gabon, Congo, Congo Democratic, Uganda, Kenya, and Somalia), 2 countries in asia (Maldives and Indonesia) and 1 country oceanico (Kiribati). In this list about countries that cross the Equator you can find: 17. Maldive in 16. Somalia 15. Kenia 14. Kiribati 13. Nauru 12. Indonesia 11. Federated states of Micronesia 10. Democratic republic of the Congo 9. Jarvis Island (United States) 8. Republic of the Congo 7. Singapur 6. Gabon 5. Uganda 4. Sao Tome and Principe 3. Brasil 2. Colombia 1. Ecuador 17. Maldive in But does not pass through any of their islands in a straightforward way, but if you pass between the Atolls, Huvadhu and Fuvahmulah, in the coordinates 0°0'N 42°53'E. 16. Somalia Addition to the coordinates of its 0°0'N 41°0'E, al on Somalia. 15. Kenia Passes 6 km north of downtown Kisumu, at the coordinates 0°0'N 34°0'E. 14. Kiribati But does not pass through any of the Gilbert Islands, but if passing 21 km south of Island Baker in the coordinates 0°0'N 129°21'E. 13. Nauru Its coordinates are 0°0'N 129°21'E, passing 42 km north of Nauru. 12. Indonesia Crosses many islands, which are Sumatra, Islands, Batu Islands, Lingga, Celebes, Borneo, Kayoa , Halmahera Island, Gebe and the straits of Karimata and Makassar, between the coordinates 0°0'N 98°12'E and 0°0'N 129°20'E. Also passing 570 m north of Waigeo island, Indonesia. 11. Federated states of Micronesia The Federated States of Micronesia are an independent country located in the Pacific ocean, northeast of Papua New Guinea, in the region of Micronesia. The Federated States of Micronesia consists of 607 islands that stretch along the archipelago of the Caroline islands, east of the Philippines. The four groups of islands are Yap, Chuuk (called Truk until January 1990), Pohnpei (called Ponape until November 1984), and Kosrae. The federal capital is Palikir, on Pohnpei. Virtually all of the islands are atolls and coral reefs perched on steep mountain ranges, and in many cases ancient volcanoes as is the case in Chuuk, being the perimeter of the lagoon of this atoll, the emergence of coral perched on a volcanic crater. The Equator is situated on the southern border of Micronesia. 10. Democratic republic of the Congo Its coordinates are 0°0'N 17°46'E, passing 9 km south of the centre of Butembo. 9. Jarvis Island (United States) The Jarvis island (also known as island Bunker) is an island of coral uninhabited 4.5 km2, located in the south Pacific ocean, midway between Hawaii and the Cook islands. It is located in the central part of the Line islands. It is an unincorporated territory of the united States, and is managed from Washington DC. The coordinates are 0°22.7'S, 160°1'W. 8. Republic of the Congo Its coordinates are 0°0'N 13°56'E, passing through the town of Makoua. 7. Singapur Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore is a sovereign country island of Asia, consisting of sixty-three islands, whose form of government is the parliamentary republic. Its territory is divided into five Community Development council. Its capital is the City of Singapore, so that Singapore is considered a city-state. Its coordinates are 1.3°N 103.8°E 6.... The images you can find in this video are property of 20 minutos
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Best players of inter milan
List about best players of inter milan Here I bring you the list of the 25 best players who have shown the t-shirt "Nerazzurra" And then, Who is the best? In this list about best players of inter milan you can find: 25. Francesco Toldo 24. Patrick Vieira 23. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge 22. Christian Vieri 21. Pike 20. Luis Suarez 19. Walter Samuel 18. Fabio Cannavaro 17. Lothar Matthäus 16. Hernan Crespo 15. Maicon 14. Gabriel Batistuta 13. Juan Sebastian Veron 12. Roberto Carlos 11. Esteban Cambiasso 10. Adriano 9. Julius Caesar 8. Iván Zamorano 7. Wesley Sneijder 6. Luis Figo 5. Samuel eto'o 4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic 3. Diego Milito 2. Javier Zanetti 1. Ronaldo The images you can find in this video are property of 20 minutos
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What men loves to receive in bed
List of things that a man like that women make in bed http://www.mejoreslistasyrankings.com/actualidad/lista-las-20-cosas-que-a-un-hombre-le-gusta-que-la-mujer-le-haga-en-la-cama-1935 things that a man like that women make in bed list we have: 1 women make noise 2. that the woman likes it just like it 3 that the woman smell good 4. the surprise attack 5. the willingness 6 activity in bed 7. the exciting words 8 that you seduce them 9. the slowly 10. the spontaneity 11 give pleasure to the woman 12. sexual experiments 13. the love after... 14. a good awakening 15. the quickie 16. the tender connection 17 stage their fantasies 18 that you open them the soul 19 sex lightly 20. a good massage The source of the images is 20 minutos 1 women make noise Like man that women "make some noise" during sex... Most hates to make love in the midst of an absolute silence. Love the man that the woman "howl", especially when approaching orgasm. That tells you that she is enjoying... because he has managed to make it to enjoy. 2. that the woman likes it just like it The woman who enjoys oral sex is a gift for man, in that all agree. They hate that women indicate that it does so reluctantly, but would prefer that you refuse to this type of sex. 3 that the woman smell good Hygiene means considering your partner. "Once I made love to a woman who smelled so bad, that in spite that I liked very much, I could not continue with her", says one of our interviewees. There is no aphrodisiac like water and SOAP. 4. the surprise attack 'S occasionally surprise you, for men sometimes is a relief? and a pleasure? Let the woman take the reins and take charge of the attack alone. The provision of women make you feel pleasure your man, makes it much more attractive to most of them. 5. the willingness The woman who can go with the flow a man and have sex "at the moment" with him, without repairing anything, is an aphrodisiac. And this means sex in the middle of the night or in the day, at lunchtime or out of work. The same thing in your bed than in a hotel, on a beach or in a park. 6 activity in bed For a man, few things are more frustrating to make love to a statue of stone... In general, man it turned on see her excited partner, "eloquently" in response to what he does and says. 7. the exciting words Speaking out is not chutzpah, but sincerity. And in bed there is no shyness. Direct it: ask for what you want, taking her hand and leading her to the place you want to cuddle up to you. "There"... "Slower"... "Faster"... It is all the vocabulary you need, with that, already saying you enough! 8 that you seduce them In sexual intercourse, the male doesn't have to be the dominant factor all the time; What's more, love to them at times to be submissive. Of course, if women are going to lead them, they want that it dominates a good sexual technique and the woman knows what he is doing (or at least, that apparent knowing it). Either way, men love women to seduce them. 9. the slowly The same is not the quickie sex fast. Under certain circumstances, men reject sex that ends too soon. "I hate making love on the run," says one interviewee for 34 years, "because it is Saturday and must seize the day, or Sunday and have to sleep early." I prefer to leave it for a moment in which to enjoy it without pressure". 10. the spontaneity Was born when the woman understands the needs of man, and secunda it when it comes to making love... not it is inhibiting to say what he likes, knows "stop it" if it was rampage, or backward, encourage them to increase their arousal. 11 give pleasure to the woman Like most of the men make oral sex to women, much as receive it... and hopes that she will enjoy it. 12. sexual experiments Here could be any type of thing, since the willingness to try new positions, to put pepper every moment as a prelude to sex. 13. the love after... The man must be given love after love making... When you end the sex, you prefer intimacy to hygiene.
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The best breeds of dog for the care of children
List of the best breeds of dog for the care of children not all animals have the right character to live with children. We tell you which races get along well, and where they are mestizo, things look when choosing them. You can view the entire list of the best breeds of dog for the care of children in http://www.mejoreslistasyrankings.com/otros/lista-perros-nineros-las-10-mejores-razas-para-los-chicos-140809 in the list of 1 Beagle 2 Golden Retriever 3 labrador Retriever 4 Boxer 5 san Bernardo 6 collie 7 Carlino 8 Newfoundland 9. Spanish Greyhound 10. Spanish Mastiff have: 1. Beagle 2. Golden Retriever 3. Labrador Retriever 4. Boxer 5. San Bernardo 6. Collie-7. Carlino 8. Newfoundland 9. Spanish Greyhound 10. Spanish Mastiff, the source of the images is 20 minutos 1. Beagle is characterized for being cheerful, patient, docile and intelligent. With kids it is ideal, since not never get tired of playing with them. However, it is a bit stubborn. In their education must prevail the patience and firmness to his stubbornness. 2. Golden Retriever is docile and quiet. He is very well suited to live at home, provided that obtain you the necessary exercise. He is sociable, intelligent, kind, friendly, confident and balanced character. 3. labrador Retriever is affectionate, friendly and easy to educate. They are those who work as guides for blind people, as therapists or rescue dog. Loves the water and they have great will please those who surround them. 4 Boxer is very difficult to find a breed with a character so full and balanced. He joined his great qualities as a defence dog's best friend and companion of children. 5 san Bernardo adapts to your own look peaceful and good-natured. It is a thoughtful, gentle, and affectionate dog. Very loyal and devoted to its owners, especially children, for which she feels adoration. 6. collie has a strong instinct family and great sense of ownership, which makes him a good guardian. He loves children and protects them with zeal. That Yes: as much "free air" needs to run, is not an apartment dog. 7 Carlino faithful, sensitive, cheerful and friendly, is a great Playmate for kids. It is lazy, making it suitable for people who are home and don't like doing sports. 8 Newfoundland even though its appearance infuse a bit of fear, are dogs quiet, kind and little pretentious. They adapt well to all and are lovers of the family environment, especially if there are kids. 9. Spanish Greyhound is a dog that is obedient and quiet. Perhaps it is a little shy, so it can cost to win his affection, but still it's a great companion dog. He is faithful with their owners and can be very sweet. 10 Mastiff Spanish everything he has big has it's good-natured with children. It's a lively and cheerful dog. He likes to go for walks with their owners and often rest many hours a day.
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The best actresses of Telemundo
List about the best actresses of Telemundo Who is the best protagonist of the american chain? In this list about the best actresses of Telemundo you can find: 45. Felicia Market 44. Begoña Narváez 43. Carla Hernandez 42. Sofia Lama Stamatiades 41. Maritza Bustamante 40. Wanda D Isidoro 39. Sara Corrales 38. Kendra Santacruz 37. Rebecca Jones 36. Lisette Morelos 35. Adamari Lopez 34. Sara Maldonado 33. Geraldine Bazán 32. Vanessa Villela 31. Ximena Herrera 30. Litzy 29. Vanessa Pose 28. Paola Núñez 27. Ana Layevska 26. Marlene Favela 25. Daniela Navarro 24. Sandra Echeverría 23. Maritza Rodriguez 22. Elizabeth Gutierrez 21. Christian Bach 20. Adriana Fonseca 19. Laura Flores 18. Carmen Aub 17. Aylín Mujica 16. Catherine Siachoque 15. Blanca Soto 14. Diana Quijano 13. Kate del Castillo 12. Sonya Smith 11. Carmen Villalobos 10. Ximena Duque 9. Maria Elisa Camargo 8. Lucero 7. Fernanda Castillo 6. Kimberly Dos Ramos 5. Ana Lorena Sánchez 4. Aracely Arámbula 3. Scarlet Gruber 2. Frances Ondiviela 1. Gaby Espino The images you can find in this video are property of 20 minutos
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The best characters of the twilight Saga
List of the best characters of the twilight Saga http://www.mejoreslistasyrankings.com/cine-y-tv/lista-todos-los-personajes-de-la-saga-crepusculo-1945 Twilight (Twilight in English) is an American fantasy film directed by Catherine Hardwicke and based on the novel of the same name by Stephenie Meyer. It is a love story narrated by its protagonist Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, a teenage girl who falls in love with vampire Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson. The novel was adapted by Melissa Rosenberg in late 2007, shortly before the strike screenwriters in Hollywood of 2007-2008. The film was shot in Washington and Oregon in early 2008 and premiered on November 21 in United States the best characters of the twilight Saga list we have: 1 Edward Cullen - Robert Pattinson 2 Alice Cullen - Ashley Greene 3 Jacob Black - Taylor Lautner 4 Isabella "Bella" Swan - Kristen Stewart 5 Renesmee Cullen - Mackenzie Foy 6 Carlisle Cullen - Peter Facinelli 7 Emmett Cullen - Kellan Lutz 8 Jasper Hale - Jackson Rathbone 9 Rosalie Hale - Nikki Reed 10 Esme Cullen - Elizabeth Reaser 11 Seth Clearwater - Boo Boo Stewart 12 Jane - Dakota Fanning 13 Charlie Swan - Billy Burke 14 Embry Call - Kiowa Gordon 15 Paul Lahote - Alex Meraz 16 ring - Michael Sheen 17 Leah Clearwater – Julia Jones 18 Alec - Cameron Bright 19 bree Tanner - Jodelle Ferland. 20 Sam Uley - Chaska Spencer The source of the images is 20 minutos 1 Edward Cullen - Robert Pattinson Edward Anthony Masen, was born in 1901 in Chicago. His parents were Edward and Elizabeth Masen. He and his parents contracted the Spanish flu during an epidemic that devastated the population of Chicago, Illinois in 1918. Flu threatened to end the life of his parents. At that time, Edward had 17 years of age and his only desire had been to be part of the militia. When his mother was dying, he asked Dr. Carlisle Cullen to save his son of that death, as if he knew that he could do something that other doctors could not. After this, he died. Carlisle is led Edward to the morgue, still breathing, and took him in her arms up to his home relying on that no other doctor would shudder, since were numerous patients by the Spanish flu and many who were dying daily. When Transfomer to this, he imitated everything he could the wounds that had been done to him to transform into a vampire, since he did not know exactly how to do it, thus causing unintentionally more pain than is necessary. The humans who possess some special skill, occasionally develop it to be transformed, turning this into a gift. Edward was very sensitive to the thoughts of the people that I was close to him and developed the gift of reading the mind, both human, vampires and werewolves. Approximately 10 years after its transformation, Edward had an attack of rebellion and left Carlisle and Esme to make your life and be able to quench their thirst with human blood while he understood the reason for Carlisle lifestyle thanks to its power of mind-reading. He took his skills to not kill innocent people and concentrate on hunting murderers and rapists, but after a few years he decided that not it could behave as a God, deciding who could live and who should die, and returned with Carlisle repented of their March and hopeful of that venue again. Carlisle and Esme greeted him with open arms, and since then has not returned to test human blood. When he returned with Carlisle he already had turned to Esme making it his wife and therefore Edward's adoptive mother. 2 Alice Cullen - Ashley Greene Mary Alice Brandon Hossam was born in the 20th century, around 1901 in Biloxi, Mississippi. There she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for having visions. In their stay became the favorite of an old vampire who worked at the hospital, and James, a Vampire Hunter, set out to hunt, since the smell of his blood attracted him greatly. When was she 19 years old vampire who worked at the psychiatric hospital, warned that James liked her and decided to make it so that James could not kill her. But James killed the vampire in retaliation. She does not remember anything of his human life, since the vampires for his life is like living in darkness and Alice always lived in it. Performs a series of investigations, and discover that he had a sister named Cynthia and her daughter lives in Biloxi.
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The best private jets of famous people
List about the best private jets of famous people In this list about the best private jets of famous people you can find: 22. Dexter Holland 21. Rupert Murdoch 20. Eric Schmid 19. Wayne Huizenga, owner of Blockbuster Video and the teams Miami Dolphins (NFL), Florida Panthers (NHL) and Florida Marlins (MLB) 18. Mark Cuban, owner of the basketball team of the NBA, Dallas Mavericks 17. Bernie Ecclestone (President and Chief executive of the Formula 1) 16. Tom Cruise 15. Haji Bolkiah (cooked on but Brunei) 14. Larry Page & Sergey Brin. 13. Elvis Presley 12. Julio Iglesias 11. Oprah Winfrey 10. Harrison Ford 9. Celine Dion 8. Michael Schumacher 7. Donald Trump, the billionaire american ceo of Trump Organization and Trump Entertainment Resort 6. Principe Al-Walid bin Talal 5. Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea FC, England football team 4. Bill Gates (Cofounder of Microsoft) 3. President United States 2. John Travolta 1. Iron Maiden 22. Dexter Holland Singer and second guitar of the punk rock band The Offspring 21. Rupert Murdoch Mogul, australian, principal shareholder of News Corporation that includes newspapers TheTimes and The Sun and the chains via satellite Fox and Sky. 20. Eric Schmid President and General Manager of GOOGLE 19. Wayne Huizenga, owner of Blockbuster Video and the teams Miami Dolphins (NFL), Florida Panthers (NHL) and Florida Marlins (MLB) One of the most solid and reliable transport aircraft ever built, it is never the Twin Otter, with capacity for 19 people, it can take off and land on short samples of only 100 meters. This aircraft appeared in a chase scene flying boat in the James Bond movie "Casino Royale" 18. Mark Cuban, owner of the basketball team of the NBA, Dallas Mavericks The seats installed in the aeroplane are large enough to accommodate the players highest in the team 17. Bernie Ecclestone (President and Chief executive of the Formula 1) The pattern of the Formula 1 has a vión BAE 146 15. Haji Bolkiah (cooked on but Brunei) The sultan bought this 747 brand new for about $ 100 million and is equipped with an interior and special features such as washbasins of solid gold and glass Lalique, with an additional cost of about $ 120 million. 14. Larry Page & Sergey Brin. They are the founders of Google 13. Elvis Presley The plane was called the ‘Lisa Marie’ for the daughter of Elvis, this Convair 880 was customized with 28 seats instead of the 110 common. The tail of the aircraft which is now preserved was painted with the logo staff "of the king TCB", which means" Takin’ Care of Business 11. Oprah Winfrey Television presenter, actress, businesswoman, producer and critic of books american. 10. Harrison Ford CJ3 piloted by the own Harrison Ford, in which, in addition, can carry six people to over 1,900 nautical miles. Ford is such a good pilot that the armed forces he was asked to be the spokesperson of the awareness of runway incursion and prevention campaign 8. Michael Schumacher The aircraft is a Falcon 2000EX (Photo copyrigth Patrick Mutzenberg) 7. Donald Trump, the billionaire american ceo of Trump Organization and Trump Entertainment Resort Airplane vintage year 1968 with leather armchairs, buckles seat belt gold-plated, oil paintings as decorated lamps and Waterford crystal. Of course, the logo "Trump" on the side of the aircraft is made of gold of 23 carats. 6. Principe Al-Walid bin Talal Member of the Saudi royal family 5. Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea FC, England football team Q4 MONTH .Its interior is decorated with gold and various details of luxury. The plane can be seen at Luton airport some 40 miles north of London 4. Bill Gates (Cofounder of Microsoft) This aircraft can carry eight people at a cruising altitude of 51,000 feet for a distance of 6,500 nautical miles, a range that allows you to travel to Tokyo nonstop from New York or los Angeles – Moscow. 3. President United States Air Force One. The plane used to transport the President and his visits within the country is a Boeing 747-200B that has been modified in some communications systems,... The images you can find in this video are property of 20 minutos
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The most beautiful black women in the world
List of the most beautiful black women in the world at the most beautiful black women in the world list we have: 1 Rihanna 2 Beyoncé Giselle Knowles 3. halle Berry 4 Alicia Keys 5 Arlenis Sosa 6 leila Lopes 7 Meagan Good 8. Zoe Saldana 9 Tyra Lynne Banks 10 Lauren London 11 k. D. Aubert 12. Naomi Campbell 13 Christina Milian 14 ashanti 15 Cassie 16 Eva Pigford 17 Keri Hilson 18 ciara 19. Keke Palmer 20 rosario Dawson the source of the images is 20 minutos 1. Rihanna Rihanna is the artistic name of Robyn Rihanna Fenty, a singer, actress and Barbadian model. He moved to the United States at age 16 to pursue a musical career under the guidance of record producer Evan Rogers. 2. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles known simply as Beyoncé, is a singer and composer of R & B, producer label, dancer, model, fashion designer, and actress. 3 halle Berry is a former model and actress of film and winning American television Emmy, globe gold and Oscar Awards. 4. Alicia Keys Alicia Keys is the artistic name of Alicia Augello Cook, a singer, actress and songwriter of R & B and soul. Considered to be the current Queen of Rhythm & Blues. 5 Arlenis Sosa Arlenis Sosa Peña is a top Dominican model. Arlenis is model of cosmetics and perfume Lancome Parisian House spokesman and modeled in the Victoria Secret completo Fashion Show of 2008. 6 leila Lullian Leila Lopes da Costa Vieira Lopes is a model and beauty queen from Angola, winner of the Miss Universe 2011, carried out in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. 7 Meagan Good (born August 8, 1981) is a film and television actress, and occasional film producer. Starting his career at the age of four, Good has appeared in numerous commercials, television shows, movies and music videos. In 2013, he began starring in the lead role of Deception NBC dramatic series. 8 Zoe Saldana is an American actress. Sometimes his name Zoë Saldana is written. Zoe got her first role in the film Center Stage in the year 2000.y later gained fame for her role of Anamaria in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and as Nyota Uhura in the 2009 film Star Trek, and then a role starring as Neytiri in the movie Avatar from James Cameron. It also had one of the main roles in the movie Crossroads in 2002 and starred the Colombian action in 2011 movie. 9. Tyra Lynne Banks is a supermodel and host of American television. Banks is recognized as one of the most famous models of the 1990's. 10. Lauren London Lauren Nicole London (born December 5, 1984) is a film and television actress. Beginning his career in music videos and later transition to film and television, London won recognition for her performance in the film ATL, as well as the television shows 90210 and Entourage. 11 k. D. Aubert Karen Denise Aubert (born December 6, 1978), which usually passes KD Aubert is an American model and actress. 12. Naomi Campbell Naomi Campbell is a prominent British model both on the runway and in print since the late 1980s advertising. He has occasionally worked as an actress and singer. 13. Christina Milian Christine Marie Flores better known as Christina Milian is a singer of R & B, songwriter, producer and actress of Cuban origin. 14 ashanti Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas, better known as Ashanti is an American singer of hip-hop and R & B, singer-songwriter, dancer, music producer, poet, actress and fashion designer who rose to fame at the beginning of the year 2000. 15. Cassie Cassandra Elizabeth Ventura, known professionally as Cassie, is an American singer, model, dancer and actress.
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The most popular costumes typical of states of the Mexican Republic
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The best actresses of Telemundo
List about the best actresses of Telemundo Vote here for your favorite actress. In this list about the best actresses of Telemundo you can find: 11. Maritza Bustamante 10. Vanessa Villela 9. Paloma Marquez 8. Sara Maldonado 7. Anna Layevska 6. Sonya Smith 5. Sandra Echeverria 4. Maritza Rodriguez 3. Elizabeth Gutierrez 2. Ximena Duque 1. Carmen Villalobos 11. Maritza Bustamante Dangerous Liaisons 10. Vanessa Villela Una Maid en Manhattan 9. Paloma Marquez Mi Corazon Insiste 8. Sara Maldonado Aurora 7. Anna Layevska The Ghost of Elena 6. Sonya Smith Corazon Valiente 5. Sandra Echeverria Dangerous Liaisons 4. Maritza Rodriguez The House Next Door 3. Elizabeth Gutierrez The Face of Analia 2. Ximena Duque Corazon Valiente 1. Carmen Villalobos Mi Corazon Insiste The images you can find in this video are property of 20 minutos
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The 80 women most beautiful of PERU
List about the 80 women most beautiful of PERU The peruvian Woman is characterized by a sweetness mixed with a lot of sensuality The of more age: Gisela Varcacel (48 years) younger: Luciana Montoya, Leslie Chaw, Andrea Luna, Alessandra Zignago, Alexia Gomez, Vanessa Tello, Jamina Dalhabrah (20 years)the most high: Karen Schwarz and Giselle Patron (1.78)the most bajitas: Silvana Arias (1.55) bust bigger:Alexis Amore(104) Bust small: Leslie Chaw (84) Queue largest: Leisy Suarez (96)Queue more pequeñaAlexis'amore (86) In this list about the 80 women most beautiful of PERU you can find: 50. Georgette Cardenas (Costa verde) 49. Barbara Raffo 48. Liliana Mass (Argentina) 47. Alexia Gomez 46. Virna Flores (Lima) 45. Claudia Hernandez (Puria) 44. Jessica Tapia (Lima) 43. Andrea Churches (Lima) 42. Rebecca Escribens (Arequipa) 41. Karla Cases (Chiclayo, Lima) 40. Giselle Patron 39. Carolina Mendiola 38. Ana Maria Picasso 37. Ornella Puccio (lima) 36. Giovanna Valcarcel (Lima) 35. Luciana Montoya 34. Barbara Herrera (Lima) 33. Danuska Zapata (Lima) 32. Angie Jib Spoke (Lima) 31. Emilia Drago (Lima) 30. Claudia Portocarrero (Iquitos) 29. Andrea Montenegro (Lima) 28. Maricarmen marin (Lima) 27. Melania Urbina (Lima) 26. Anahi de Cardenas Belmont (Lima) 25. Maricris Rubio (Trujillo) 24. Nathalie Kelley (Lima) 23. Natalie Vertiz (Lima) 22. Marina Mora, Guadalupe, Pacasmayo, La Libertad) 21. Rossana Fernandez (Lima) 20. Silvia Cornejo (Trujillo) 19. Melissa Garcia (Lima) 18. Alexis Amore (Lima) 17. Jhoany Vegas (Lima) 16. Sofia franco (lima) 15. Tracy Freundt (Pucallpa) 14. Cati Caballero (Lima) 13. Karen Black (Lima) 12. Alessandra Zignago (Lima) 11. Leysi Suarez (Piura) 10. Leslie Shaw (Lima) 9. Vanessa Terke The Rachitoff (Lima) 8. Karen Dejo (Callao) 7. Andrea Luna 6. Vanessa Jeri Marruffo (Lima) 5. Tilsa Lozano (Lima) 4. Melissa Loza (Chimbote - Ancash) 3. Maria Julia Mantilla (Trujillo, La Libertad) 2. Vanessa Tello 1. Stephanie Cayo Sanguineti (Lima) 50. Georgette Cardenas (Costa verde) model and beauty queen peruvian 48. Liliana Mass (Argentina) Liliana was born In argentina and I reside in Peru where he has done a good performance as a model, was in Latin Lover next to Andrea Montengro among others. it became a operation of breast and liposculpture. liliana has a daughter. 46. Virna Flores (Lima) Virna Gianinna: actress of peruvian descent Italian she is married to Ismael de la rosa and they have a son named Verek 44. Jessica Tapia (Lima) Jessica Vanessa 43. Andrea Churches (Lima) ex-model very successful, was on the runway of miami next to cindy crawford and linda evangelista. they gave him a contract in New york but never got there because he went to Chile to visit his girlfriend, with whom she had a son named "Salvador," born in Chile, but later the couple separated and she lives in Lima with his son. 42. Rebecca Escribens (Arequipa) Rebecca Emilia: actress At the age of 17 he had his first son named Diego fruit of his first commitment. and you have another son. married in 2009 41. Karla Cases (Chiclayo, Lima) Karla Cases is considered as the angelina jolie of peru for your lips 36. Giovanna Valcarcel (Lima) Giovanna: actress peruvian has been in about 5 novels including the outstanding novel "tropico" 89-63-90 / 1.70 34. Barbara Herrera (Lima) top model peruana 33. Danuska Zapata (Lima) a model and actress. was the girlfriend of footballer peruvian andro Baylón Capcha until the moment in which the young man died in an accident motor. in 2002 was the girlfriend of actor Carlos Barraza and in the same year his father died. 32. Angie Jib Spoke (Lima) Angie Janinne 90-59-90. In 2006 she was in jail 2 months for assault. in 2009, beginning a relationship with model and singer of peruvian Jean Paul Santa Maria with whom he has a son named Jacko. 31. Emilia Drago (Lima) model and presenter it is of a family linked to the football because his grandfather and father were football players, and his uncle and brother are. 30. Claudia Portocarrero (Iquitos) Claudia: is an american actress and model peruvian, is the 3rd of 4 brothers, It is a couple of Dilbert. 29. Andrea Montenegro (Lima) Andrea Monica: actress and model 27. Melania Urbina (Lima) Melania Martha: actress of peru is the youngest of 4 brothers, is an actress of tv, film and theatre. spent his childhood between Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela. has a daughter named Lucia 26. Anahi de Cardenas Belmont (Lima) Anahi Alejandra: Actress and model peru, has been in 2 movies film "Gods," as Andrea movie that was set in peru, argentina, germany, and france, and "Mancora" as Ana Maria along with... The images you can find in this video are property of 20 minutos
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List about fAMOUS SPANISH INVENTIONS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD Are the inventions Espa&bath;she brind’ to the world of which almost all changed in one way or another the life of many people in the whole world.A tribute to these geniuses sometimes forgotten, and ( worse to&number;n) unknown In this list about fAMOUS SPANISH INVENTIONS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD you can find: 10. The Mop 9. The Syringe Is Disposable 8. The Autogyro ( a forerunner of the helicopter) 7. The TALGO Train 6. The Digital Calculator 5. The Suit of Astronaut 4. The Table Football 3. The Chupa Chups 2. El Submarino 1. The Radio 10. The Mop The appearance of the mop, Manuel Jalón, inspired by the mops used in the barracks (although his longtime collaborator Emilio Bellvis ensures that the invention is yours in reality) caused an overall impact, back in the year 1956. In principle emerged as an object liberating of the woman, eminently a feminist and that allowed these to get off the ground, do not have to be kneeling to clean the house. Today things have changed and it is considered as an object symbol of the machismo, but it really represented a first step for the liberation of women, and their impact was global. 9. The Syringe Is Disposable Something so simple that has done so much good... Manuel Jalón, inventor of the mop, created the syringe, hypodermic, disposable, something that today seems so normal that many times we do not give you the value you need. His appearance did a lot for the hygiene of health and meant a great progress thanks to the use of plastics in the non-proliferation of diseases. 8. The Autogyro ( a forerunner of the helicopter) Juan de la Cierva was an aviator and Spanish scientist, regarded as one of the great pioneers of aeronautics, and aviation. In 1920 he built his first autogyro, device, forerunner of today's helicopter. Especially important were his investigations focus on the use of the rotors (indispensable for helicopters modern). Ironically, he died in a plane crash when the plane Douglas in which he was travelling from London to Amsterdam, crashed during the takeoff. He was only 41 years old, and for a long time, his story died with him. Fortunately, since 2001 there has been a national research award that bears his name. 7. The TALGO Train The Train Articulated Light Goicoechea Oriol appeared for the first time in 40 years, and considers this as the first train of modern history. Their designs were really attractive and modern, always looking for aerodynamics and style. For many years they were the rulers of the world market, cornering the north american market since the mid 60's until the 80's (in fact a large part of the trains of the USA are the TALGOs still today). The engineer Alejandro Goicoechea thanks to the funding of José Luis Oriol, was the inventor of the same until his death in the year 84. 6. The Digital Calculator One of our most influential inventors, Leonardo Torres Quevedo, was the father of calculators, digital (and many other digital devices, almost magical for the time, as the laser pointer or the typing machine of Torres-Quevedo). Performed the calculations independently (some of them quite complex). All scientific calculators later descend from the invention of Torres Quevedo, one of the great mathematicians and scientists of the history. In addition, at the same time he invented the Telekino, the first system of mechanical control at a distance; Another radio control (the first remote control); the typewriter; the... The images you can find in this video are property of 20 minutos
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Most beautiful medieval villages in Spain
List of most beautiful medieval villages in Spain http://www.mejoreslistasyrankings.com/actualidad/lista-los-pueblos-medievales-mas-bonitos-de-espana-158193 The most charming towns, and with merit to join the most beautiful among the medieval villages of Spain. In the list of most beautiful medieval villages in Spain, we have: 1. Albarracín (Teruel) 2. Santillana del Mar (Cantabria) 3. The Alberca (Salamanca) 4. Ronda (Málaga) 5. Besalú (Girona) 6. Peniscola (historic old town in Castellón) 7. Pedraza (Segovia) 8. Aínsa (Huesca) 9. Olite (Navarra) 10. Alquézar (Huesca) 11. Bárcena Mayor (Cantabria) 12. Patones de Arriba (Madrid) 13. Morella (Castellón) 14. Frias (Burgos) 15. Calatañazor (Soria) 16. Covarrubias (Burgos) 17. Tossa de Mar (Girona) 18. Pals (Girona) 19. Peratallada (Girona) 20. Ayllón (Segovia) The source of the images is 20 minutos 1. Albarracín (Teruel) The difficult topography of this village, built on the slopes of a mountain and surrounded by a moat defensive natural, gives an even greater charm. Its historic centre presents itself as a real challenge for travellers who enjoy walking: escalitanas, alleys, passages and walls are irregular, forming the fabric of this small medieval town with castle included. 2. Santillana del Mar (Cantabria) In the autonomous community of Cantabria, Santillana del Mar is a historic collection of great value, with a beauty such as to integrate the list of the most beautiful villages of Spain. In its vicinity is the cave of Altamira. But Santillana del Mar is by itself a reason to head to this corner of the northern part of the country, 3. The Alberca (Salamanca) Located to the south of the province of Salamanca, in 1940, the urban area of The swimming Pool is protected as a Historic-Artistic Monument for reasons that are obvious. 4. Ronda (Malaga) The malaga city of Ronda hides behind her wall of many vestiges of the era of the middle ages: ramparts, gates, and palaces of the nasrid era remember the past of one of the most ancient cities of our geography. The area where is located the Door of Amocábar is the place where most we feel the spirit of medieval people who lived between these walls. 5. Besalú (Girona) Your magic is augmented by its location and the environment that offers magnificent views and an atmosphere difficult to repeat. Besalú is one of the main medieval towns of Spain, an urban landscape frozen in time that includes bridges, walls and buildings that have not changed for centuries. 6. Peniscola (historic old town in Castellón) Although it holds the title of city, we let ourselves be enchanted by its historic fortified within the Valencian community, in the province of Castellón. Peñíscola is also one of the most beautiful towns in Spain, perched on a rocky peninsula joined by a sandy isthmus. On the old town stands the castle, with views of the beaches, the mountains and the coast of valencia. 7. Pedraza (Segovia) Pedraza is small, and quiet. It is a medieval village which is also walled. Despite the fact that is little known, is one of the towns of Segovia, declared as a historic. 8. Aínsa (Huesca) Another charming village that transports us to times past is Aínsa. Located a few steps from the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido, Aínsa retains a medieval old town whose monuments most notable are erected around the arcaded Plaza mayor. Every two years, the village celebrates the Festival of the Morisma that reenacts the battle between the moors and the christians in the EIGHTH century. 9. Olite (Navarra) This village is dominated by the Royal Palace of Olite, in the gothic style. The castle has an appearance which is pleasing for others to view, the result of its construction where the aesthetic details were more relevant than the defensive. Built during the reign of Carlos III, was one of the most beautiful of Europe in his time. 10. Alquézar (Huesca) The margin of the river Vero is located this town in the middle of an area of natural parks as Sierra and Canyons of Guara. Alquézar takes its name from the castle, Al-Qasr, built in the IX century to defend themselves against the christian kingdoms. Along with the hull historical is one of the protected villages more beautiful of Spain. 11. Bárcena Mayor (Cantabria) A tiny village of The Tojos, Cantabria, is situated in the valley of the river Argoza.
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The best beaches in Catalunya
List about the best beaches in Catalunya In this list about the best beaches in Catalunya you can find: 1. Aiguablava (Begur, Girona) 2. Cala de Sa Futadera (Tossa de Mar, Girona) 3. Aigua Xelida (Tamariu, Girona) 4. Castelldefels (Barcelona) 5. Sa Tuna (Begur, Girona) 6. Cala Montjoi (Roses, Girona) 7. Cala Giverola (Tossa del Mar, Girona) 8. Cala Menuda (Tossa de Mar, Girona) 9. La Fosca (Palamós, Girona) 10. Portdoguer (Cadaqués, Girona) 11. Gran (Tossa de Mar, Girona) 12. Punta de la Guineu (Roc de Sant Gaietà-Roda de Berà, Tarragona) 13. Cala del Sr Ramon (Sta. Cristina d'Aro, Girona) 14. Lloret de Mar (Girona) 15. Sa Tuna (Begur, Girona) The images you can find in this video are property of 20 minutos
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The most beautiful places in Andalucía, Spain
List about the most beautiful places in Andalucía, Spain In this list about the most beautiful places in Andalucía, Spain you can find: 1. Priego (Córdoba) 2. Vejer de la Frontera (Cádiz) 3. Setenil de las Bodegas (Cádiz) 4. Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz) 5. Zahara de la Sierra (Cádiz) 6. Ronda (Málaga) 7. Estepona (Málaga) 8. Cazorla (Jaén) 9. Antequera (Málaga) 10. Úbeda (Jaén) 11. Osuna (Sevilla) 12. Écija (Sevilla) 13. Júzcar (Málaga) 14. Capileira (Granada) 15. Genalguacil (Málaga) 16. Baeza (Jaén) 17. Niebla (Huelva) 18. Montefrío (Granada) 19. Láchar (Granada) 20. Iznájar (Córdoba) 21. Alhama de Granada (Granada) 22. Montilla (Córdoba) 23. Alcalá la Real (Jaén) 24. Lanjarón (Granada) 25. Fuente de Piedra (Málaga) 26. Vélez-Blanco (Almería) 27. Ibros (Jaén) 28. Santa Fé (Granada) 29. Galera (Granada) 30. Otura (Granada) 31. Puebla de Don Fadrique (Granada) 32. Alfacar (Granada) 33. Medina Sidonia The images you can find in this video are property of 20 minutos
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Anime girls with pink hair
List about anime girls with pink hair In this list about anime girls with pink hair you can find: 41. Zarzamora (Saber Marionette) 40. Lily (Cafe Little Wish) 39. Utena (Utena) 38. Kamigishi Akari (To Heart) 37. Hina (One Piece) 36. Dadouji Mayura (Loki) 35. Tamamura Tamao (Shaman King) 34. Bonney Jewelry (One Piece) 33. Sakihata Rimi (Chaos Head) 32. Sakurano Kurimu (Seitokai no Ichizon) 31. Momone Momo (UTAUloid) 30. Euphemia Li Britannia (Code Geass) 29. Hanazono Sakura (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) 28. Kasane Teto (UTAUloid) 27. Kusajishi Yachiru (Bleach) 26. Katsura Hinagiku (Hayate no Gotoku!) 25. Shirahoshi (One Piece) 24. Perona (One Piece) 23. Kaname Madoka (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) 22. Momchiya Ichigo (Tokyo Mew Mew) 21. Chibiusa (Sailor Moon) 20. Iwasawa Masami (Angel Beats!) 19. Hinamori Amu (Sugo Chara!) 18. Kanzaki H. Aria (Hidan no Aria) 17. Mariko (Elfen Lied) 16. Himeji Mizuki (Baka to test) 15. Nyan Yui (Angel Beats!) 14. Nana (Elfen Lied) 13. Takagi Saya (Highschool of the Dead) 12. Virgo (Fairy Tail) 11. Kushieda Minori (Toradora!) 10. Yuzuriha Inori (Guilty Crown) 9. Deviluke Aster Nana (To Love-Ru) 8. Deviluke Velia Momo (To Love-Ru) 7. Megurine Luka (Vocaloid) 6. Haruno Sakura (Naruto) 5. Akashiya Moka (Rosario + Vampire) 4. Louise Françoise Le Blanc de la Vallierè (Zero no tsukaima) 3. Deviluke Satalin Lala (To Love-Ru) 2. Lucy / Nyu / Kaede (Elfen Lied) 1. Gasai Yuno (Mirai Nikki) The images you can find in this video are property of 20 minutos
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Couples with more chemistry of soap operas
List of couples with more chemistry of soap operas http://www.mejoreslistasyrankings.com/cine-y-tv/lista-parejas-con-mas-quimica-de-las-telenovelas-1487 For my these are couples with more chemistry ever, accept suggestions, vote and leave comments... thank you couples with more chemistry of soap operas list we have: 1 navarro and Willy 2 Manuel and Matilde 3 Vicky and Martin 4 John and Norma 5 diego and Emerald 6 ana Paula and Rogelio 7 John and Monica 8 veronica and Demetrio 9 Mariana and Ricardo 10 Hugo and Soledade 11 Gabriel and Julia 12 Miranda and Alessandro 13 sky and framework 14 Gabriel and Camila 15 Ramona and Alejandro The source of the images is 20 minutos 1 navarro and Willy Ximena Duque and Fabián Ríos in brave heart 2 Manuel and Matilde Fernando Colunga and Adela Noriega in Real love 3 Vicky and Martin Eugenio Siller and Vanessa Pose in Aurora 4 John and Norma Danna García and Mario Cimarro in gavillanes Passion 5 diego and Emerald Christian Meiyer and Marlene Favela in the Fox the sword and the rose 6 ana Paula and Rogelio Ana Brenda Y Jorge Salinas in which Idol 7 John and Monica Eduardo Palomo and Edith Gonzales in heart salvage 8 veronica and Demetrio Kate de el Castillo and Guy Ecker in the lie 9 Mariana and Ricardo Mariana Torres and Jorge Alberti in Vuelveme a querer 10 Hugo and Soledade Mario Cimarro and Danna Garcia in the betrayal 11 Gabriel and Julia Patricia Manterola and Juan Soler on bet for a love 12 Miranda and Alessandro Guy ecker and Jacquiline Bracamontes in wounds of love 13 sky and framework Saul Lisazo and Gaby Spanic in by your love 14 Gabriel and Camila Mauritius Islands and Tamara Monserrat in the silver 15 Ramona and Alejandro Eduardo Palomo, and Kate de el Castillo in Ramona
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The most beautiful women of China
List of the most beautiful women of China http://www.mejoreslistasyrankings.com/otros/lista-las-mujeres-mas-hermosas-de-china-4074 Bust more large: Francine (100) bust more small: Wei Ziya (79) more large tail: Alex (90) tail more small: Francine Dee (83) the most high: Zhang Zi Ling (1.86) the more Bajita: Francine (1.60) the most beautiful women of China list we have: 1 Zhang Ziyi (Beijing) 2 fan Bingbing (Shandong) 3. Zhang Zi Lin (shijiazhuang, can) 4 Alan Dawa (Ganzi, sichuan) 5 Liu Yi Fei (Wuhan) 6 Kelly Hu (* Hawaii) 7 Janice Man (Hong Kong) 8 Chrissie Chau (Chaozhou) 9 Wei Wei (Hohhot) 10 Francine Dee (Hong Kong) 11. Maggie Q (* Hawaii) 12 Alex Lynn (Beijing) 13 Thang Jiali (Hefei) 14 Du Juan (Shanghai) 15 Wei Ziya (Guiyang) 16. She Koon (Hong Kong) 17 Nan Zhang (Bengbun) 18 Gaile Lok (Macau) 19 Eleane Kong (Hong Kong) 20 Tang Wei (Hangzhou) The source of the images is 20 minutos 1 Zhang Ziyi (Beijing) Actress 2 fan Bingbing (Shandong) They say the "Monica belluci" of china 3. Zhang Zi Lin (shijiazhuang, can) Chinese model, was miss World 2007 87-62-89 4 Alan Dawa (Ganzi, sichuan) singer currently lives in Japan 5 Liu Yi Fei (Wuhan) singer 6 Kelly Hu (* Hawaii) Kelly Ann: actress and model, knows martial arts, it was Miss Teen USA 1985 Kelly is of descent china, she was born in Honolulu, Hawaii as well as Nicole Kidman 8 Chrissie Chau (Chaozhou) Actress born in Chaozhou and raised in Hong Kong until age 10. 9 Wei Wei (Hohhot) It is one of the singers of pop more famous in China 10 Francine Dee (Hong Kong) Chinese and Filipino descent 100-59-83, is also well known for their breasts as is the increased several times, she was born in china, but a few months old moved to the Philippines, at 5 years were moved to County, california and currently resides in las vegas with their two dogs 12 Alex Lynn (Beijing) model was born in Beijing china and currently resides in los angeles, california, also increase your breasts 15 Wei Ziya (Guiyang) Miss china 2008 20 Tang Wei (Hangzhou) actress
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The best beaches of the Region of Murcia
List about the best beaches of the Region of Murcia We seek the best beach in Murcia. 20minutes.is want to know what is the preferred beach of the readers in this community. Vote which you like more and, if you have another that you like better, add it to the list (not necessarily with a photo) so that other users may know it and may also back that up. This list, which begins with these proposals, will be open until the 18 August, 23: 59 h. In this list about the best beaches of the Region of Murcia you can find: 13. Playa de Calarreona (Aguilas) 12. Cala de Las Mulas (Cartagena) 11. Playa de Los Hierros (Lorca) 10. Cala Cortina (Cartagena) 9. Mar de Cristal (Cartagena) 8. Beach of El Portús, Cartagena 7. Beach of La Llana (San Pedro del Pinatar) 6. Beach of Puerto de Mazarrón (Mazarrón) 5. Beach of Estacio (San Javier) 4. Beach of Bolnuevo (Mazarrón) 3. Beach Cooker (Eagles) 2. Beach of La Manga (Cartagena and San Javier) 1. Playa de Calblanque (Cartagena) 13. Playa de Calarreona (Aguilas) Quiet and wonderful. Beach with a high occupancy level. It is equipped with a good number of equipment. 12. Cala de Las Mulas (Cartagena) Secluded cove and the virgin, difficult to access on foot. Ideal for hiking with people who know the area. Clean waters and golden sand. 11. Playa de Los Hierros (Lorca) Small secluded beach, located within a Protected Natural Space. Does not offer any type of service. 10. Cala Cortina (Cartagena) Secluded beach, but there is a high degree of occupation. It is equipped with good facilities, and has a promenade by the that give you pleasant walks. 9. Mar de Cristal (Cartagena) Beach of the Mar Menor, in your zone south, almost bordering The Sleeve at its base. Known for the quality of its waters (hence its name) with all the necessary services for your use and enjoyment. Sports naíticos. Has been the beach of the Region of Murcia more times awarded with a blue flag. 8. Beach of El Portús, Cartagena Beach semi, quiet, which presents a moderate influx of public. Offers a medium level of equipment 7. Beach of La Llana (San Pedro del Pinatar) Following the strip levantina de la Manga del Mar Menor, we enter the terrain of San Pedro del Pinatar and its salt. There is a strip, almost virgin, called "The Trowel" for your particular landscape. 6. Beach of Puerto de Mazarrón (Mazarrón) Urban beach with a high occupancy rate. Presents a good level of equipment. You can practice in it, a variety of water sports. 5. Beach of Estacio (San Javier) Quiet beach, golden sand, characterized by a landscape of small dunes, which differentiates it from the rest of beaches of the area. 4. Beach of Bolnuevo (Mazarrón) Extensive urban beach, with golden sand and great affluence of public. It is equipped with a good number of equipment. 3. Beach Cooker (Eagles) Small beach with a low level of building and few facilities. 2. Beach of La Manga (Cartagena and San Javier) La Manga del Mar Menor is a lace coastline of 21 km long that extends from cabo de Palos to the Salinas and Arenales of San Pedro del Pinatar. With a width between 100 and 1,200 m. separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Mar Menor and after urbanization in the second half of the TWENTIETH century is a tourist centre of great importance in the Region of Murcia. 1. Playa de Calblanque (Cartagena) Beach located within the Protected Natural Park of Calblanque. It offers a golden sand quality, and the possibility of enjoying a privileged environment. The images you can find in this video are property of 20 minutos
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