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Total Drama Quiz.
Think you know Total Drama expertly? Find out!
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Total Drama Quiz 4
The fourth part.
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TDI/A/WT  Courtney - Misery Business *Preview*
My new video of Courtney is comming up. Just a preview. You know, I was just ABOUT to finish the video, with a begening better than this, and when I wanted to return to it, it got all erased!!! I need to start all over again!! So I just put up this. It sucks..... I wish I had better talent....
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Music Game - Spanish Episode
Wow! Finally done! For Spanish song lovers!! What? I changed the name.
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Total Drama Quiz 2
The second part of the TDI/A/WT Quiz. **Edit January, 31 2012** The answers: 1. Bridgette 2.Pizza with Jelly fish, grasshoppers, and anchovies 3.Gigit1234 4. Chef (I can't believe NOBODY got that right) 5. Gothic Mind Explosion Those are the answers. :D
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Happy Birthday PrincessCallie35!!!!
Happy Birthday to you!!! My best friend, PrincessCallie35!
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What Song is This - Part 3 (Hard Episode)
I can't give you the answers to this. Sure it's hard, but I'll like to see you try this.
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Funny Emotes
Some Funny Emotes!!! Aw man! You know, I was making a Courtney video. And I was almost done, but when I wanted to go back to work on it, it was erased!!!! Everything! Now I have to start all over again!! Man......
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Funny Emotes 2
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Mariah Carey - Obsessed (Paint)
Just something I did because I was bored. ^.^ I always that this song could use pictures as lyrics, so I did it. :)
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Anneliese Van Der Pol - Over It (Paint)
Another picture lyrics vid. :3 I did Anneliese Van Der Pol's (wow, that's hard to remember lol) song Over It and drew some lyrics parts in Paint, the drawing user thing... LOL It was fun to do this one. I think I'll make other...... when I have my own computer... -_-. Hope you like it!
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Funny Emotes..... :3
I didn't want this stuff all over my video making files, so I just want to get rid of it. lol
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