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Secret of Kells - Aisling's Song (Pangur Bán) Lyrics & Translation
Song for Pangur Ban with lyrics and translation from The Secret of Kells. Sweet song to help free Brendan from the tower his uncle has him locked in in English and Irish (Gaelic).
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Carol of the Bells - Claymation Christmas - "Dumb Bell"
Carol of the Bells is so funny with Quasimodo as the conductor. One "dumb bell" almost ruins the performance but maestro finds a way to complete the musical piece at the end. Funny! I do not claim rights to this clip, copyright 1987
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We Three Kings - Claymation Christmas HQ
Kings and camels sing in this fun version of We Three Kings as preformed in Will Vinton's Claymation Christmas special. This was one of my favorite parts. The camels are so funny and cute! all material rights reserved to original producer in 1987
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Walrus & Penguins - Claymation Christmas - Angels We Have Heard On High
Walrus and Penguins from the Claymation Christmas special ice skate and crash to "Angels We Have Heard On High". Really cute and funny! This was one of my most favorite parts as a kid. Enjoy. I do not claim any rights to the preview shown. 1987.
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How to wick fleece fabric for pets / Fabric Choice
washing for wicking fleece fabric for guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats, and other small pets. how to wash and how to construct the right layers when sewing beds or floor mats. Also, UHAUL pads are recycled denim, which is mostly cotton. Cotton doesnt make a great mid-layer in small pads, so I avoid using them now. I originally had them inside the main floor bedding, and dont have problems with them because they are so big they can disperse liquid and dry with more surface area. Had I to do it again, I might use them for their consistency in being flat and level, but I think a poly fill is BEST. Perhaps I would not use them a 2nd time around..
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Dinner at Fujiyama
My birthday dinner at Fujiyama Restaurant, delicious food and constant fun entertainment. Our chefs name was Ganda so we said our food was made Ganda Style lol
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Archeological study bible
Flipping through the pages of a new zondervan Bible that has supplemental photos and articles. Very cool to see the places and artifacts of the time. Bonus CD rom version included! good preview if you are interested in this edition. NIV
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Star Trek TOS In Motion Lenticular Cards
Whats in these packs? I'll show you a box, some sample cards, and opening of one pack. These were released 1999 by Rittenhouse and features the original series show clips with details on the back. Cards are 8in x 5in. Each pack contains 3 cards. in order to get the audio one, you have to buy the box, its in the bottom, and sadly due to age the battery in mine (the cage) was bad, and ate some of the inlaid connections. So it doesn't play. Take that into consideration when buying a box. Still a fun item to collect and trade! https://www.scifihobby.com/products/startrek/inMotion/
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Hillbillies from Mars - Uillean Pipe Set
Enjoy photos of Ireland while listening to this fun melody on the Irish Uilleann Pipes!
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Cat back scratch
Woody is getting his back scratched and is not sure what to do.
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My Pygora Goats Playing
My pygora goats (Pygmy Angora) playing and eating leaves. Alex is scared of them ;) They are mom and baby pair.
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God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman & Bethlehem Images
Images from Bethlehem and surrounding areas in the Middle East, organized as if you were traveling to the birthplace of Jesus. Wonderful Irish song with Middle Eastern theme music. Song by Loreena McKennitt played with Very unique and beautiful music. Merry Christmas! I do not own any music or images. All rights belong to original owners.
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Cavy to Guinea Pig Domestication Analysis
A simple homework assignment; here I talk about a study that compares domestic guinea pigs to their wild cavy cousins. There was so much to cover it was hard to squeeze it all in and make it enjoyable. It was interesting to see guinea pigs become less risk taking, display more anxiety behavior, even tho cavy held higher stress hormone levels. Guinea pigs have decreased the ability to manage stress and gained more flashy displays toward females. Study reporting on by Zipser et al 2014.
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Seattle West Coast Tionól 2016 - Sample: Lessons - Concert - Session
Saturday Feb 13 2016 West Coast Tionol in Seattle, Washington. A weekend sample of Uilleann pipe lessons, lectures, concerts and traditional Irish music fun. Featuring Tom Creegan, Tommy Marin, Eliot Grasso (Dréos), Brandon Vance (Dréos), Colm McCarthy (Dréos), Randal Bays, Brad Angus, Paul & Laura Mooney, Tom Klein & Many more! Thank you all for your help and many others I was not able to film. Keep the craic going, see you at the next Tionól. Extended Session Video: https://youtu.be/Yb9QAhOyakE *Note: The terrible, primitive, unprofessional videoing using a camera phone did not harm the musicians or music during the making of this video in any way. I had a blast making this video and meeting everyone in it.
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Benton Franklin Fair and Rodeo 2012
Here is an assortment of things from the fair incase you missed it! I took photos of some of my things and random things to collect what you would see if you attened the 2012 fair. Some of the audio doesnt match, so just enjoy the pics! thanks and yes go ahead and laugh at the music selection ;)
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Barking squirrel
Squirrel stranded in a tree, makes her escape
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Lazy animals
Halo and Bishop lay around
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New Gerbils Explore Their Home
4 gerbils join the clan! These boys are checking out their new home. One uses the dust bath, eats in bath, and another sports a fancy hat while they try to crawl in a window. Such cute and funny pets! Love them.
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Guinea Pig Watches Star Trek
Piggle likes to watch TV and get into the story. Here he is reciting a section from Star Trek TOS "Arena". Which is pretty good considering this is the first time he's seen it. Volume up if you need to. :) hes a funny little tribble.
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Feeding Cold Little  Squarrels
Tossing peanuts out like a parade for the little squirrels this terribly cold winter. It was around 7 degrees F.
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Guinea pigs eating lettuce
Big Piggle makes a wheeky fuss.
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Rock chucks
Watching them run from a distance
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Bellowing Barron sounds-off
This large fluffy cat is never short of words or volume.
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Halo and Piggle beg
Dog and guinea pig beg for handouts and the fridge.
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Sea Otters Eating at Seattle Aquarium
Cracking shells on their tummy and tricks for treats! Sea Otters are so cute! Watch them and enjoy. May 2016
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Piggle and Fezziwig do up trick
Guinea pigs learn to stand up for a treat.
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Halo - Basset + Lab Mix Puppy 2008
my little puppy being cute! Adopted her from the humane society
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Park geese
Feeding ducks and geese today after school :)
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Baby Goaty goaty!
baby nigerian dwarf goat. jumps and responds to calling her
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St. Bernard paw size
Paws are bigger than mine! He's the little guy, around a year old
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goat being odd
heres my annoying goat "archie" that wont stop bahhhing. dont ask what hes doing. i think hes a 'short bus' qualifier.
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chukars in incubator - August 10, 2008, 08:43 AM
fresh chuckars hatched
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The pig life
Guinea pigs Fezziwig and Piggle enjoying pellets in their c & c cage.
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Sneaky Snow Leopards
A snow leopard wants to play but finds no one willing inside the cage. However outside the enclosure a sparkly phone case seems like a nice catch. Not close enough...
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Big pig and little pig meet
Two guineas take a moment to say hi to one another. Piggle likes his little brother Gibbs the pirate pig.
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Lazy pets
Bishop Baron and Halo laying around
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Seattle West Coast Tionól 2016 - The Session Matrix
Here is an extended clip of the session after the concert. Its great how the camera moves around the room to pick up all the different instruments. Cheers! - For the Tionol video click here: https://youtu.be/0GFBxZYovdk
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What.. what are you doing?
. Fhat Kid Club party knows how to pre-funk!
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Baby Geese Run Off With The Bread!
Lots of little piggy baby geese at the park.
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Silly pigs laying around
Bumble is looking around and Piggle yawns as if hes under pride rock. Guinea Pigs c&c cage. Happy pets
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Today on the tin whistle I learned...
Lord of the rings lol. The Penny whistle or Tin whistle is a popular Irish instrument that's affordable easy and fun. It took me about an hour to learn this, notice the errors still fresh, and I don't have any sheet music. Just a few YouTube guides. Eventually I would like to learn to read the sheet music for this instrument! (whistle by Feadog key of D). You are looking at my shamrocks, and a Belleek pitcher (fine Irish china).
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Bronson slide stops
bronson slides to a stop and acts cool, like he meant to do that
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Ali ba ba
ride at the fair
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Halo Throws the Ball to Her Self, No Fetching Required!
Halo throws the ball to herself
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Squirrel with no tail - November 12, 2008, 09:08 AM
resident neighborhood squirrel with no tail seen often. looks like a rabbit in the trees! hehe
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trampoline me
jumping on trampoline
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me and nephew playing on trampoline
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Guinea pig yawn and rumble chatter
Lazy pigs investigate
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Gerbils playing and grooming in the sand
Scotty plays, Wallace grooms, and Ferguson trolls around for food. Gerbil clan having fun.
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Fish with light
Here he is with video light in, more green reflections
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