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De-risk new product development and launch
See the full article at http://www.mindsheet.com/product-development-process/ There are three major areas of risk in the product development process when it comes to developing new hi-tech products: Technology risk Management risk Market risk We tend to dwell on the first two, because that is what you're aware of on a day to day basis. Will the technology work? Do you have good development and communication processes? Do you have the right people? is the project on track? and so on... But by far the biggest area of risk is the third one -- market risk. Think about it, you only really know if you've got a flop on your hand when you launch the new product into the market. By that stage, you've already spent all of the development budget. Watch the video to find out more - or go to http://www.mindsheet.com/product-development-process/ to see the full article.
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Capture voice of the customer to inform your new developments
For the full article go to http://www.mindsheet.com/voice-of-the-customer-analysis/ The usual approach for collecting market requirements for new product definition is to interview prospects, hold focus groups or survey market participants. However, even with good targeting, levels of cooperation can be very low because you often catch participants at a bad moment. The requirement for high survey confidence levels further compounds the problem because you need a large sample size and so the traditional approach for voice of the customer analysis can quickly get expensive. Watch the video for an alternative approach to collecting market requirements or go to http://www.mindsheet.com/voice-of-the-customer-analysis/
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Build market consensus for breakthrough product launches
See the full article at http://www.mindsheet.com/new-product-launch/ In this video Raglan Tribe shows you how to build an online innovation launch community for building market consensus behind your breakthrough new product launch. If you're trying to launch any new product breakthrough, new product category or new service then you're going to have to win over the early majority of the market to get traction. Geoffrey Moore calls it the process of "Crossing the Chasm", creating a market beachhead or assembling the invasion force. But whatever you call it, customers are reticent to adopt new ways until they see other customers recommending your product or service. With social media, blogs and great content, the Internet makes the whole launch process much easier. Watch the video to find out more - or go to http://www.mindsheet.com/new-product-launch/ to see the full article.
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Introduction To Networking In Business
http://www.networking-in-business.com/ Steve Bimpson presents his new site that shows you how to win at business networking. The site is packed full of handy tips and networking resources.
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Market Inspired Innovation
Exploit next cycle of business growth through Market Inspired Innovation. Event details: http://www.soci.org/General-Pages/Display-Event?EventCode=SE983
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Validate your market, product or technology strategy
Go to http://www.mindsheet.com/product-marketing-strategy/ for the full article. Every product marketing strategy has a high degree of uncertainty around external assumptions. A marketing strategy for new product development can quickly become obsolete due to unique statistical events. Think about the 1970s fuel crisis, technology breakthroughs, fads, wars or even the recent economic crisis. To find out more about good product marketing strategy development, watch the video or go to http://www.mindsheet.com/product-marketing-strategy/ to read the full article.
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Robot Car | Raglan Tribe
Back in 1994 a team at Lucas Industries developed this autonomous car to showcase adaptive cruise control, collision warning with a haptic throttle, rumble strip warning and automatic lane following. See http://www.raglantribe.com/ for more details. The team was led by Raglan Tribe and the project was funded by Jaguar Cars, Lucas and the UK Department of Trade and Industry. The main team members were: Raglan Tribe, Mark Basten, Ian Westwood, Russell Wilson-Jones, Richard Conlong, Ken Maclauchlan, Mansoor Arain, and from Jaguar Cars: Nigel Clark, Alan Hutton and Ian Richardson. Many of the features are now on the market such as adaptive cruise control and rumble strip warning to help you stay in your lane. However, the most impressive feature, automatic lane following, is still to come. The project was conducted as part of the European Prometheus programme. During it's life, the car traveled 17,000 miles autonomously on public highways in the UK, France, Germany and Italy. The car was featured on all the major news networks and was driven by politicians and car company executives throughout Europe. We got John Hedges from the BBC to do the voice over and the video was made by Gordon Felthouse. I created the script and storyboard.
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Find Out How To Get Consulting Contracts
http://www.ConsultingIncome.com/cb/consulting_blueprint.html In this series of videos, I'm going to show you how to win consulting contracts with my Consulting Blueprint System.
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How freelancers can avoid the cycle of feast and famine
http://www.clockworksales.co.uk/web-chemistry/ With Web Chemistry you'll Discover how to secure High Value Clients online for your services - Even While You Sleep. Yours FREE ...
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Buying Commercial Property: Top Tips
http://www.CommercialPropertyInfo.co.uk/ Top tips for buying commercial property.
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Consulting Charges
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uL-1u5P0fMQ How do you set your consulting charges? This is a very difficult question, get it high and you lose the bid or get it low and you're leaving money on the table!
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Mindsheet Grand Challenge Robots
http://www.mindsheet.com/ - Mindsheet's entry into the MOD Grand Challenge. A set of miniature robots that can hunt out threats in urban environments.
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Why I love Innovation and how to get market acceptance
How to introduce new things to a market in a way that means your innovations always get adopted. A brief resume of my life in innovation and new product development with product and service examples.
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Consulting Agreement Template
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vre-TszvisA Just what should go in a Consulting Agreement Template? Its important that you establish consulting agreement with a buyer before you even write the proposal. This agreement will then be the basis of the proposal.
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How To Get Clients Today
Useful tips for getting new clients for coaches, consultants and professional service providers: http://www.clockworksales.co.uk/get-clients/
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IED Bomb Inspection
http://www.mindsheet.com/ Use of Mindsheet robots to check out a potential Improvised Explosive Device Threat.
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What Is The Next Big Thing Out Of The Content Marketing Gate?
http://www.mindsheet.com/contentmarketinggate/ In this video you'll discover the next big thing in content marketing. Something that will not only make your content king but supercharge your marketing by getting your content directly into the hands of 1.4 billion customers. Now content marketing is as old as the hills! Corporations have been producing magazines for decades. How does it work? Why do corporations spend so much on their magazines? Well, the answer is simple. * Your content builds a captive audience * By effectively solving customer problems with your products * That then leads to more sales * Which in turn strengthens relationships * And builds your brand Goto http://www.mindsheet.com/contentmarketinggate/ to book your free planning consultation for distributing your electronic magazine to billions of devices ...
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Management Consulting Firms
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgLhuvtE438 How do you get into Management Consulting Firms? You've got the skills but you don't have any clients. Before taking the plunge and joining a management consulting firm, get some experience with your current employer or do a temporary contract first.
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Get Clients On Auto-Pilot
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6MVZaIWurs Set up a marketing system to get clients on auto-pilot. Click on the link above and below to find out more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6MVZaIWurs
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Emotional Intelligence Training
http://bit.ly/cnRRTf Download Emotional Intelligence Training Report and get a High EQ workforce - Extraordinary business results
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Web Chemistry
http://www.clockworksales.co.uk/web-chemistry/ Find out how to secure high value clients online by getting the Web Chemistry right.
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Mind Reading The Market | Innovation Talk
"... Because its purpose is to create a customer, the business has two -- and only two -- functions ... Marketing and Innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results, all the rest are costs ..." -- Peter Drucker Find out more at: http://www.mindsheet.com/ The ability to develop and launch new products and services is critical for the long-term future of any business, yet 90% of new developments result in commercial failure. This article discusses some of the issues with innovation and highlights proven processes that ensure every launch is a winner. Topics covered are: • Why you shouldn't listen to the Voice of the Customer • The search for Six-Sigma Innovation • How to identify Innovation Hotspots • On Demand Concept Generation The Importance of Innovation The creativity and inventiveness of people is a vital ingredient for any business. However, it is only through innovation, the implementation and exploitation of their ideas that a business is able to compete and prosper. Already, the competitive landscape has significantly changed with globalisation. Now appearing are many new competitors from low-wage, dynamic economies. For instance, China has given birth to some 50 automakers, such as Geely, Chery, Great Wall Motors and Brilliance. Who knows which of these fledgling car companies will become the global giants of the future? Staying competitive will require a step change in innovation performance. As Peter Drucker points out, the two key activities within any business are Marketing and Innovation. Marketing allows the identification and understanding of suitable hungry markets. Innovation allows the fulfilment of the market's need in some unique way that customers value greatly. Without marketing there is no customer pull. Without innovation, the proposition is copied or disrupted by competitors. In the longer term companies that don't innovate die. Find out more at: http://www.mindsheet.com/
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Why Britain Must Get Ready For The Coming Robot Revolution?
In this talk, Raglan Tribe will discuss the importance of Robotic Engineering and why Britain can't afford to be left behind. Quietly, behind the scenes, the world has been chipping away solving robot engineering problems at a painfully slow rate. Raglan, will illustrate some of these problems with his own work at British Aerospace and then TRW where they made a totally autonomous car back in 1994. However, some of the tough challenges have now subsided and we need to make sure that Britain has the right skills to capitalise on the opportunities. "If you think that technology is moving fast, then you've seen nothing yet!"
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Best Consulting Firm
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXrERHnZZeg Which is the best consulting firm? Learn how to be a top consultant with top fees.
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Training Websites
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuzV1A-n-c4 What are the best training websites? How do you get into training or consulting? Click on the link to find out.
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Web based marketing to bring a stream of clients
http://www.clockworksales.co.uk/web-chemistry/ Web based marketing that brings you a stream of clients We call it Web Chemistry. Web Chemistry is a web based marketing system that helps you to: Position your expertise. Engage your target audience. Enhance online visibility Build credibility and trust. Convert site visitors into raving fans Attract & secure high value clients. Manage and control your sales funnel Discover more about the Web Chemistry web based marketing system here http://www.clockworksales.co.uk/web-chemistry/ Web based marketing, marketing, internet marketing, marketing strategy, affiliate marketing, network marketing, local internet marketing, business to business, marketing trends, internet marketing strategies, make money, make money online, money maker, seo, seo lessons, seo strategy, blog affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, online marketing, seo conference, web chemistry. http://www.clockworksales.co.uk/web-chemistry/
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Consultancy Report
Click: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kb5iC6gNoXA Writing the consultancy report, where do you begin? If you properly planned the engagement, then writing the final report should be straightforward. Start with the objectives, introduction, methodology, results, conclusions and then finally the most important section - the recommendations. Find out more at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kb5iC6gNoXA
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The Innovation Launch Machine
The creation of an innovation investment portal that backs technical start-up ventures a sort of innovation launch machine. Find out more at http://www.Mindsheet.biz/
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Lead generation tools that bring a stream of clients
http://www.clockworksales.co.uk/web-chemistry/ Lead generation tools that bring a stream of clients. All businesses are united by one thing. They all need clients & customers to survive. But there's no guarantee where the next client will come from. Successful companies use lead generation tools to control their sales funnel. Traditional lead generation tools such as cold calling, direct mail or advertising can get poor results. Savvy business owners use the internet as their lead generation tool. We call it Web Chemistry. Discover more at our Web Chemistry website. http://www.clockworksales.co.uk/web-chemistry/ lead generation tips, content marketing, online lead generation, lead generation, mlm lead generation, sales lead generation, business opportunity leads, local search marketing, seo, internet marketing, marketing, google adwords tutorial, marketing strategies, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing seo basics, online marketing http://www.clockworksales.co.uk/web-chemistry/
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Recruitment Rates
Click: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uL-1u5P0fMQ What recruitment rates should you set? Too much and you lose the business - too little and you're leaving money on the table. Find out top tips for setting recruitment rates, training rates, consulting rates at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uL-1u5P0fMQ
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Consultancy Brief
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kb5iC6gNoXA You've got the consultancy brief, now what! Find out how to respond to a consultancy brief.
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"How To Rake In Hungry Customers With Your Website"
Check out http://www.ClockworkSales.co.uk/ to get a lead generation web site for your professional service business. We turn dead websites into efficient client magnets without wasting money on useless advertising or unnecessary design.
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How To Rake In Hungry Customers With A Website?
http://www.ClockworkSales.co.uk/ How to get customers from your website? Set up your own Autopilot Lead Generation System.
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Tube Jacker Video | Video Market Report
Download Report At: http://www.mindsheet.com/video-launch-formula/
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Business Web Site Health Check
Quick diagnostic to help you workout what to do next on your website so that you increase your earnings
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Bush Fire Marketing Video
http://www.innovationlaunch.net/ Find out how to introduce your innovation into the marketplace so that it spreads like a wild fire.
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"How To Rake In Hungry Customers With Your Website"
Check out http://www.ClockworkSales.c... to get a lead generation web site for your professional service business. We turn dead websites into efficient client magnets.
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Get Website Traffic
http://www.clockworksales.co.uk/articles/getting-website-traffic/ Get website traffic to your site fast. Don't make this mistake when designing your website!
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Video Launch Formula System
http://www.videolaunchformula.com/video-launch-formula/ Click on the link to get the video launch formula. One of the most important things for getting your video to rank on YouTube is to get high audience engagement. Video Scribes are an excellent way for getting your audience glued to your film. This is the YouTube link for this video: http://youtu.be/3VDyLG528lY This course shows you how to make engaging videos without cameras and how to launch your videos so that they stand the best chance of ranking highly on the search engines. Click to find out more: http://www.videolaunchformula.com/video-launch-formula/
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Roger Lamb talks about the Ladder of Loyalty at Web Chemistry
http://www.clockworksales.co.uk/web-chemistry/ Here, Roger Lamb talks about turning prospects to Raving fans. To listen to Roger and find out about Web based marketing have a look at Web Chemistry. Web Chemistry is a web based marketing system that helps you to: Position your expertise. Engage your target audience. Enhance online visibility Build credibility and trust. Convert site visitors into raving fans Attract & secure high value clients. Manage and control your sales funnel Discover more about the Web Chemistry web based marketing system here http://www.clockworksales.co.uk/web-chemistry/ Web based marketing, marketing, interne
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How Will This Roll of Sticky Back Plastic Fill Your Order Book For January? | Video Marketing
http://www.webchemistryset.com/web-chemistry-workshop-video-afterburner-17th-december/ At this all day video marketing event, you will get the opportunity to make a Green Screen Marketing Video to share with your customers. Your video will promote a compelling marketing offer that will get the phones ringing off the hook in January. To find out more, go to http://www.webchemistryset.com/web-chemistry-workshop-video-afterburner-17th-december/
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Take The Billion Dollar Challenge | Innovation Launch
Take the Billion Dollar Innovation Launch Challenge. Discover how exponential technologies and a canny blueprint can power your next Innovation Launch to Unicorn Status. Click on: http://www.innovationlaunch.com to find out more.
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Introduction To Web Chemistry
http://www.clockworksales.co.uk/web-chemistry/ Find out hot to secure high value clients online by getting the web chemistry right - even while you sleep!
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Steve Bimpson introduces his talk at Web Chemistry
http://www.clockworksales.co.uk/web-chemistry/ Finding high value clients on the web. We call it Web Chemistry. Web Chemistry is an online marketing system that helps you to: Position your expertise. Engage your target audience. Enhance online visibility Build credibility and trust. Convert site visitors into raving fans Attract & secure high value clients. Manage and control your sales funnel Discover more about marketing on the Web using Web Chemistry here: http://www.clockworksales.co.uk/web-chemistry/
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Internet Inspired Innovation Workshop
Check out: http://internetinspiredinnovation.eventbrite.com/ Hello, I'm Raglan Tribe and in this Video you are going to discover an approach to product development that allows you to create and sell an irresistible offer with very little investment and risk. So what do I mean by an irresistible offer? Well, it's the kind of offer that your target customers feel compelled to buy because it's easy to understand, directly solves their immediate problem, it's guaranteed to work and they invariably tell everyone else about your solution. Think of Domino Pizza's 30-minute-or-it's-free offer. It's very compelling, if you come home starving, then they guarantee that you could be sating your appetite within 30 minutes. What risk are you taking? None really, because if they screw up and are late. Then it's free! The results speak for themselves, Domino Pizza had struggled for 10 years as a run of the mill pizza parlour. As soon as they created their irresistible offer, they quickly scaled up to a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Now I led the product development for a number of large companies for many years and developing the illusive irresistible offer was always a struggle. You see, there are so many elements that you need to get right: • Selecting the right market niche • Understanding their priority problems and any constraints • Developing exclusive solutions • Getting the market message right • Then selling it -- again and again There are hundreds and hundreds of design decisions that must be made before you have a viable market offer that will wash it's face. Frankly it's a mystery that anyone manages to get innovation to work at all. To get round this, large organisations tend to take a large dose of hopium and then undertake masses of analysis to get things right. The problem here is that this all takes time, leads to programmes that can take decades and when you do end up releasing your offer, the market has changed and moved on. Agile development is a principal that changes this kind of monolithic thinking. Instead of getting bogged down with more and more analysis, it advocates "incremental and Right To Left Thinking": What is the minimum development that you be sure of in the market place and now quickly test that premise. The internet is an ideal tool for validating your agile product developments. It's called the buy page. If a customer sees your buy page where you list the product's features and benefits and they go on to buy at a high rate, then you know that you have a winner. So the challenge is to get the buy page up early in the programme to sell the first product increment and then to keep on refining the message and product until you are dominant in the market. This agile approach works for both small and large companies because essentially the problems are the same. In either case, you never feel that you have enough investment or time. So instead, work out, how long can you go without turning a profit and cut you cloth accordingly. I've used Agile for supporting the delivery of Government projects, Surveillance Robots, Air Traffic Control Systems, Training Courses and Software Solutions and in every case the clarity and ease of development has dramatically improved. On the 26th April, we are giving a One-day workshop that shows you how to develop products that sell and are validated over the internet using agile techniques. At "Internet Inspired Innovation" you will hear from the following speakers: 1. Mind Reading the market and identifying their key points of pain -- Raglan Tribe 2. Translating the Voice Of the Customer into differentiated products and services -- Dr. Kim Stansfield 3. Setting up your internet agile validation machine with a reliable stream of market participants -- Raglan Tribe 4. Case study: The Development and Launch of the ResQski ski finder -- Chris Chadwick 5. Using internet video to engage the market niche -- Mark Edmunds 6. Next steps and wrap up If you are looking to incrementally innovate new products and build a scalable business in the same breadth, then this workshop will show you how. Furthermore, full price workshop purchases will include a 1-hour corporate consultation to identify how Agile Innovation could be incorporated into your product development organisation. The workshop will take place at 10.30am on the 26th April at Langstone Technology Park. Fill in the details above to book your place. Book at: http://internetinspiredinnovation.eventbrite.com/
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Check out http://www.ClockworkSales.co.uk/ to get a lead generation web site for your professional service business. We turn dead websites into efficient client magnets without wasting money on useless advertising or the gut wrenching pain of cold calling.
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"How To Rake In Hungry Customers With Your Website"
Check out http://www.ClockworkSales.co.uk/ to get a lead generation web site for your professional service business. We turn dead websites into efficient client magnets without wasting money on useless
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Thank You For Requesting The Video
http://www.clockworksales.co.uk/web-chemistry-thank-you/ Instructions for accessing your free Web Chemistry video
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Business Consulting Tips
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShcrwcJOTLY How do you get started in business consulting? click on the link to find out now.
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Web Chemistry Introduction
http://www.clockworksales.co.uk/web-chemistry/ Find out how to secure high value clients online by getting the Web Chemistry right.
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