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Amaterasu Okami Tribute (fan made animation)
Animation made for my Intro to Video Production final. Time taken: 50 hours over 3 weeks 15 FPS 2753 frames Made in Adobe flash cs3 pro Watch it on DA: http://bit.ly/1eCynm7
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Cat and Dragon (Secret of Kells inspired animation)
This animation is dedicated to my sister Hope, who after her 11 year battle with cancer died this past Sunday June 15, 2014. It was her favorite animation of mine. My final animation project of the semester. The goal was to take an existing piece of animation and create a 2 - 3 minute short done in the same style of animation. I chose the secret of kells as inspiration. To be honest this isn't my favorite piece I've made just because it was rushed. The deadline was a bit strict for the length of the animation. I know I could have done better with the backgrounds and cleaning up the lines. Still, I'm decently happy with the end result. Hope you all enjoy. The music is by Adrian Von Ziegler. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSeJA6az0GrNM4_-pl3HQSQ
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DiCardium -Episode 0- SVA Animation Thesis 2018
Magic and science aren't supposed to mix in this world, but the curiosities of one scientist, Allen Ark, urge him to seek a magic teacher despite the social stigmas against it. I attempted to make this short in the format of a pilot episode for an upcoming webcomic series I'm making and plan to release soon. Stay tuned!
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Free Love (Animated Music Video)
This was my final project from last year. It's been sitting in my computer gathering dust for about 6 or 7 months now. I meant to go back and actually finish it while cleaning a lot of it up but it never happened because of reasons. And I don't wanna do it now because I've honestly improved so much since I made this. You'll see when my next animation is complete. I'm now in my 3rd year of animation class and we're doing a "trial thesis" meaning we're only working on one animation the entire year. And let me tell you this animation I'm currently working on blows this one out of the water. Look forward to it towards Summer of next year. Still I felt I should release this one just as a milestone. The story is about a spineless guy breaking up with his over dominating girlfriend. While it may be hard on him he has to man up and take control of his own life. (Please keep in mind that the ending is super rushed and unfinished) Took about 6 weeks to animate on Toon Boom Harmony.
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Animation Demo Reel 2018
2D Character Animation Demo Reel containing my 3rd and 4th year films and some exercises. I work in Toon Boom Harmony and Adobe Animate
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Dragon Transformation
Assignment number 2 for my animation class at SVA: animate a transformation. Anything from a ball to an animal or an animal to a fruit. I chose to animate a guy transforming into a dragon. Done in Adobe Flash CC
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Cat Walk Cycle
Walk cycle of a cat. Harder to pull off than I anticipated. Made in Toon Boom.
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Dog Jump Cycle
3rd SVA project: animate a jump cycle. Animating a jump cycle is fairly easy so to make things a bit more challenging for myself I animated a dog doing a flip jump. Getting the anatomy and timing right was a bit tricky. I honestly had more trouble with this animation than I did with the dragon transformation. But I'm satisfied with the end result.
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My final project for this semester of my animation class at SVA. Unfortunately I lost about 12 seconds of animation after my USB died on me (stupid of me to work the file straight off the USB anyway. Lesson learned) Making that up cost me a lot of time in the final week of animation so the end result turned out not as smooth as I'd like it, especially the opening scene. I may go back and re-animate some scenes when I have the time.
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My final animation 3rd year film. A bit rough in some areas which I meant to clean up after the semester was finished but I've been focused on other projects. Would like to touch it up eventually but I'm glad how it turned out by the end of the year. Animated in Toon Boom Harmony at SVA.
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An animation I made for my animations class. The goal was just to create an animation where a character performs an action while incorporating sound but I decided to do a bit more than that :P enjoy Time Taken: approx 2 weeks Program: Adobe Flash CS6 Sounds: Pepper + Nintendo
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One Slice Left
Katherine Vs. Millicent in an all out battle for the last slice of cake! Who shall reign victorious? MAN this took a while to finish! I also animated this non-linearly so you may or may not notice jumps in quality/style. Probably not it's subtle.
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Balloon Troubles
This is a project I made for my After Effects class at SVA. The goal of the project was to animate a character performing a task with a clear beginning middle and end as well as utilizing the parent function and playing around with the 3d camera. I used this project as a way to feel around the program as I have next to no experience in After Effects. The first scene was animated entirely in After Effects as a way for me to determine the limitations of animation in this software. You can kind of see how the beginning part is a bit more rough around the edges, not as smooth or polished as the end part which I animated in Flash and then imported into After Effects. The whole project was done over the course of 2 weeks with I'd say about 10-12 hours invested (at least 6 of which was just me playing around with the program)
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Shotgun Lyric Video
Final project for my After Effects class. The song is "Shotgun" by The Outline. Animated entirely in After Effects
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First animation project I did at SVA (School of Visual Arts). It's a personification of a coat rack and a coat in a lover's quarrel. Mrs. Coat Hanger doesn't like that Mr. Coat was out all day without her. Will their love be able to recover? ***Reupload to up the contrast***
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Litlle Robot Buddy
Animation I made for my animations class. LET'S GO ON A ROBOT ADVENTURE! Credits to Pepper for most of the sound Additional sound effects belong to nintendo
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