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Why does Lee Seo Jin not have a girlfriend?
Actor Lee Seo Jin revealed his thoughts on marriage!
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Eunhyuk tells Dara about the prejudice he had against YG artists
When all the members gathered together, DinDin expressed amazement at seeing Eunhyuk and Dara together on the same show, and asked, "Was there a time when a YG and SM artist were on a show together for a long time?"
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Netizens are amazed at how fast Song Il Kook's triplets are growing after seeing a recent photo
Through a recent photo, netizens expressed shock at the current appearance of actor Song Il Kook's triplets. Back in 2008, Song Il Kook had married a non-celebrity court judge Jung Seung Yeon. Famous for their past appearances on 'Superman is Back', their children -- Daehan, Minkook, and Mansae -- are still at the center of attention among the public.
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Who is Jung Il-woo Girlfriend?: Love life about Jung Il-woo
Jung Il-woo reveals in a interview that his only girlfriend is Sandara Park(Kpop girl group 2NE1). She is also known as Dara. Jung also said they have 6 years of relationship.
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DaraGon News: Sandara Park & G-Dragon Share The Love With 2NE1's Park Bom, BIG BANG's Seungri,
2NE1 might have disbanded last year and BIG BANG may be taking a break because of T.O.P's mandatory enlistment but their members' friendships remain as strong as ever. 2NE1's Sandara Park and BIG BANG G-dragon leader in particular, are not shy about showing the love to their bandmates.
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Jung Il Woo reveals that 2NE1's Dara is his only female friend
Although Jung Il Woo thinks all of his fans are female, he says he only has one female friend. Who is she, and why doesn't he have a love life?
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Lee Min Ho buys coffee for Son Ye Jin and the entire Something in the Rain crew
Popular actor Lee Min Ho may be serving in the military, but he apparently keeps up with K-drama happenings. So what did he just do? Check out more photos!
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BIGBANG’s G Dragon Displays Close Friendship With IU Through Instagram Interaction
The two are known to be close, as G-Dragon featured on IU’s hit track “Palette” recently, while IU made a surprise guest appearance at G-Dragon’s solo concert in Seoul earlier this summer.
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PD Of “I Live Alone” Shares Why He Was Surprised By BIGBANG’s Taeyang After Filming With Him
Previously, MBC teased BIGBANG Taeyang’s episode of “I Live Alone,” which will be his first time revealing his personal life to the public since his debut 11 years ago.
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Jonghyun's ex girlfriend Shin Se Kyung, fellow SHINee member Key visit him in deep sorrow
Fellow SHINee member Key and ex-lover Shin Se Kyung have made visits to Jonghyun.
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Ji Chang Wook takes a stunning selfie with his mother
Ji Chang Wook is the best son! While everyone else spent the first few days of the year with their lovers, The K2 actor made sure he spent quality time with his first love, his mom. Fans quickly realized the lovely woman posing for an Instagram selfie with him yesterday was his mother, and they couldn't stop praising them.
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Kim Soo Hyun and Dara of 2NE1 explained to the fans following dating evidence
Internet forums have caught ablaze following a fan account that kicked off rumors that actor Kim Soo Hyun and 2NE1’s Dara may be dating.
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Lee Yoo Young speaks about the death of her boyfriend Kim Joo Hyuk for the first time
Lee Yoo Young made a public appearance for the first time since the death of her boyfriend Kim Joo Hyuk.
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Which hot leading man is secretly dating actress Zhao Li Ying
Popular actress Zhao Li Ying has co-starred with many handsome and sought-after actors, such as Shawn Dou, William Chan, and Feng Shao Feng. In real life, she has never confirmed a boyfriend. So it's now big news when the paparazzi claim that they've caught her in a secret dating relationship. Which handsome leading man are they pointing to?
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Kim Woo Bin sends a coffee truck to the set of '100 Day Husband' in support of EXO's D O
On July 27, a coffee truck company shared on Instagram that Kim Woo Bin has sent a truck to the set of the upcoming drama '100-Day Husband'.
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See the first photos of Lee Min Ho since enlisting in the military
Due to injuries he sustained in a widely-publicized fatal car accident in 2006, Lee Min Ho was given administrative work in the military, and not required to enroll in active duty. As a public service conductor, the actor fulfills his duties at the Gangnam District office in Seoul.
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New Videos Surface Proving G Dragon And Sandara Park Might Be Dating
The rumors and speculations regarding the possible relationship between G-Dragon and Sandara Park all started when the former 2NE1 member was seen at the "Act III: MOTTE" concert of G-Dragon held in Seoul.
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What Sandara Park told Jung Haein about her new beauty program [Mimi Shop]
Sandara Park has personally invited Jung Haein to come to her new beauty program 'Mimi Shop.'
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Jerry Yan and Lin Chi ling back together after more than ten years
The 40-year-old actor has always been linked to top model Lin Chi-ling who is two years older though the two were reported to have broken up in 2006. Paparazzi recently snapped photos of the pair together in Malaysia sparking reunion rumors once more. Lin Chi-ling was in the country for work and Jerry Yan was spotted at Kuala Lumpur Airport. They later appeared together at Lin Chi-ling's hotel.
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Superman Returns' Eugene and Ki Tae Young welcome second child
The lovely couple welcomed a baby daughter last Saturday, their agency shared today. We’d heard from the couple back in April that they were expecting. Both the mother and the baby are healthy, and Eugene is recovering from childbirth quickly, according to the agency.
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Jang Geun Suk diagnosed with bipolar disorder, military enlistment confirmed
Actor Jang Geun Suk's agency has revealed the details of his bipolar disorder diagnosis and confirmed military enlistment date.
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Choi Ji Woo’s surprise wedding & how it all happened
Choi Ji Woo got married today! The actress and her fiance had kept their relationship under wraps for a year, until they surprised fans with a wedding today. The lucky guy is a non-celebrity salaryman and not much more is known about him as of yet, but sounds like thats how they wanted it!
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Sandara Park Stuns (and Shocks) Netizens with Her Gothic Look for Paris Fashion Week
On September 27th (local time), Sandara Park was spotted attending Ann Demeulemeester's fashion show during the Paris Fashion Week. For the fashion event,
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Park Seo Joon talked about his real relationship with Park Min Young.
On July 31, Park Seo Joon had an interview with SPOTV News at a cafe in Gangnam in light of his recently ended drama 'What's Wrong With Secretary Kim'.
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Sandara Park first revealed his all boyfriends in the past.
On a recent episode of Livin’ the Double Life, Sandara Park dropped some details about her past relationships.
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Min Hyo Rin reveals why she's so cautious to talk about boyfriend Taeyang
In a recent interview, Min Hyo Rin opened up about her relationship with Big Bang's Taeyang.
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Joo Won talks about army life and praises G dragon
The original Good Doctor, Joo Won, has some wonderful stories to share about life in the military. Since enlisting in May 2017, Joo Won's fandom has missed him terribly, and My Sassy Girl wasn' t nearly enough!
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Dara, Oh Ji Ho, Momoland's JooE, & more added as new cast members of 'Real Men 300'
MBC's 'Real Men 300' has revealed 5 new cast members who just reported in for the beginning of their military academy training, this morning on October 8!
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7 Fashion Brands that Sandara Park Wears to Look Like a Fashion Queen
Do you want to look like a real fashion queen just like K-Pop idol Sandara Park? Well, there a lot of ways actually but she only uses 7 brands of clothing or such to look like a fashion queen.
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The cast of Return of Superman: Where are they now?
Who doesn't love watching cute babies, especially when their parents are celebrities? The Return of Superman series has been making us go ‘aww’ since its premiere in 2014. This reality show has been so successful that it even got an American remake in 2016. In addition, it has welcomed superstar guests including Girls' Generation, BIG BANG, EXO, Super Junior, Gu Hye Sun, Jang Geun Suk, and professor Kelly and his kids from the viral BBC video. A handful of children have joined and left the show. Let’s see how much they’ve grown since they left!
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Agency Gives Update On Kim Woo Bin’s Current Health And Treatment Status
Actor Kim Woo Bin, who is currently receiving treatment for nasopharyngeal cancer, has successfully completed his first round of chemotherapy.
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The surprising reason why The Negotiator has hit 5 billion views in China
Although the new romantic drama stars top-billed actress Yang Mi and popular singer-actor Huang Zitao (Tao), its fast track up the popularity charts is still surprising.
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Three characteristics Taecyeon wants in a future girlfriend
During the 2PM member's guesting on tvN's "Taxi" with Jo Jae Yoon and Jo Sung Ha to promote their OCN drama "Save Me", Taecyeon talked about his upcoming military enlistment, new drama, and his ideal type.
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Actor Jo Min Ki's final letter to Dispatch comes to light after his death
Actor Jo Min Ki's final letter has surfaced following his death.
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Joo Sang Wook Opens Up How His Relationship With Cha Ye Ryun Came To Be
Joo Sang Wook is officially a husband of Cha Ye Ryun. The couple held their wedding ceremony on May 25. Before the wedding, Joo Sang Wook and Cha Ye Ryun held a press conference at the Grand Walkerhill Hotel, Seoul.
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Heartbreaking: Lee Jung Hoo passes away at the age of 30
Actress Lee Jung Hoo's passing comes after a hard fought battle with cancer.
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Jung Yong Hwa reveals his feelings about his imminent military enlistment
Kim Soo Hyun was the latest Korean actor to enlist, and The Package’s Jung Yong Hwa could be the next! During recent interviews, Jung Yong Hwa talked imminent enlistment, kiss scenes with his on-screen partner Lee Yeon Hee, and more!
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Why Lin Chi ling ended things with Jerry Yan
According to media reports, the 43-year-old actress decided to end things with Jerry once and for all as she could no longer stand his absence during the entire saga.
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5 Romantic Korean actors who love their wives more than anything else
In celebration of White Day in Korea, let’s take a look at five of the hottest Korean celebrity husbands and the things they did for love!
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[BREAKING] Actor Ha Hyun Kwan Died At The Age of 53
Film and theater actor Ha Hyun Kwan has passed away.
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SBS reports Jang Ja Yeon's revealing document, hosted 31 customers over 100 times
Jang Ja Yeon's case in March 2009 was a serious case in the Korean film industry, always hot still to today, let's review this case ..
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12 Korean actors who are best friends in real life
One of my favorite things about K-dramas are the strong on-screen friendships that warm your heart, but real-life friendships are even better! Did you know that these Korean actors are actually besties even after the cameras stop rolling?
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Reporters give an update on Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin's relationship
Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah's relationship was a topic of conversation on the January 15 airing of Channel A's 'Heard It Through the Grapevine'.
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(TRENDING ) Evidence Pregnancy rumors of Song Hye Kyo
But some netizens pointed out that Song Hye Kyo seems to have gained some weight, and that she might be pregnant!
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What new project is Ku Hye Sun up to?
It's delightful to hear about Ku Hye Sun, because we don't hear from her as often as we'd like. The Blood actress chopped off her long hair and revealed a brand new haircut on Friday along with the caption..
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CNBLUE's Yonghwa officially received a military service release notice.
On October 9, FNC Entertainment released an official statement regarding CNBLUE member Yonghwa's preferential treatment graduate school admission case.
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Here's Everything You Need To Know About Choi Tae Joon
You might have been curious about Choi Tae Joon that's why you are here! But there's nothing you need to worry about because we brought you informations about Choi Tae Joon in KProfiles
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Is Park Hyung Sik Dating Now? Who is his girlfriend?
Park Hyung Sik is getting a lot of attention nowadays. He recently caught attention of the fans from across the globe with his role in “Hwarang” and now, he is starring in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.”
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Lee Da Hae gives an update on her relationship with boyfriend Se7en
The actress received questions about her immense popularity overseas, as well as her boyfriend Se7en. The reporter carefully brought up their relationship, and asked, "Do you have any concerns about your love life?" Lee Da Hae replied, "No."
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The Triplets are now 7 Years Old... Here`s What They Look Like Now
Getting popularity from their appearance of KBS' 'Superman is Back,' triplets Song Daehan, Song Minguk, and Song Manse have been receiving much love from fans inside and outside Korea. While the three were only babies back on the show, they have now turned 7.
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