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Second Life tutorial: installing Omega Appliers
Omega appliers help you wear clothing, makeup and skins on many popular mesh add-on brands. In this tutorial, I will show you how to get the Omega add-ons kits for only L$1 each (UPDATE: NOW L$50 WITH "OMEGA APPLIER SYSTEMS - SUPPORT" GROUP TAG), and how to use them so you can enjoy the Omega applier system. I'm using the [BANNED] fitted lower body mesh for this tutorial (NO LONGER AVAILABLE). Apologies for the age restriction; the HUD shown in the tutorial shows some virtual nudity! Transcription here: http://blog.alaskametro-sl.com/2014/09/second-life-video-tutorial-how-to-enable-the-omega-applier-system-for-your-mesh-add-on OMEGA: slpoweredbyomega.com OMEGA IN WORLD: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glamour%20Isle/130/211/23 alaskametro: alaskametro-sl.com Music from: freemusicarchive.org (artists: 2nd MOUSE & Kevin Bryce)
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Livestream Tutorial: Creating an Omega Applier for Second Life Mesh Bodies
Learn how to create a simple tube top for the Second Life avatar in Photoshop, and how to convert your clothing to an Omega applier to wear on compatible mesh bodies. Resource links AND downloadable PSD here: http://alaskametro-sl.com/2017/02/livestream-tutorial-creating-omega-applier-second-life-mesh-bodies Quick links: 14:00:00 What is Omega? 17:50:00 How do we make an applier? 19:00:00 Resources: Starlight skins, Robin Wood's SLUV maps 32:20:00 Texture tips 1:24:10 Making the applier
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Tutorial: Slink hands/feet & nail polish appliers for Second Life
In this tutorial, I provide an overview of how to use the mesh hands/feet by Slink in Second Life. I cover getting the version 2 update (released Spring 2015), and how to use the utility HUD and third-party nail polish appliers. Music: Pipe Choir - Cavalcades (freemusicarchive.org)
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Livestream Tutorial: Making Second Life applier HUDs w/ Omega
Learn how to reskin the default Omega standard applier HUD, and how to make your own multi-HUD with different options.
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Livestream Tutorial Part One: (NSFW!) Maitreya Lara, Catwa Jessica, Omega appliers, and you!
Learn how to dress your mesh avatar. I cover updating your Maitreya Lara body, getting the Omega relays, using the Maitreya utility HUD, using Omega skin appliers, and using Omega makeup appliers on the Catwa mesh head. I will add skip ahead links in the comments. Because I am using skin appliers, there is some SL avatar nudity. Viewer discretion is advised. This is video part one of two.
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Livestream Tutorial Part Two: (NSFW!) Maitreya Lara, Catwa Jessica, Omega appliers, and you!
Learn how to dress your mesh avatar. I cover saving appliers in your Catwa utility HUD, using the Omega Relay and Omega appliers on Maitreya Lara, saving appliers, applier mask/blend modes, Maitreya alpha zones, saving alphas, and more. I will add skip ahead links in the comments. Because I am using skin appliers, there is some SL avatar nudity. Viewer discretion is advised. This is video part two of two.
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Livestream tutorial: Making Omega Evolved materials appliers for Second Life
Learn how to create an applier for your Second Life mesh body using the new Omega Evolved dev kit! Recorded live January 21, 2018. From Chellynne @ Omega: You can find all our UV maps here: http://slpoweredbyomega.com/learning-center/what-is-omega/faq/uvlist/ While centered around SLUV, Omega also uses maps specific to neckblenders, nails, lashes, etc and we've added details and notes to the SLUV maps to make them more precise. :)
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Livestream: Introduction, in-world gallery, facebook freebies & anyBODY October round
This is a test stream of my Second Life world - meet me, see my in-world gallery & studio setup, and my pop-up shop at anyBODY Skip-ahead times in the comments. Thanks for watching! ❤️
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"Hope" dress - exclusive to Fashion For Life 2015
The "Hope" rigged mesh dresses in green, pink, and grey ribbons are available exclusively at the Fashion For Life shopping event, March 21 - 29, 2015. All proceeds go to Relay for Life in Second Life.
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