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The Many Voices of Cree Summer
Sorry if I missed any! But I was inspired to do this after watching "The Many Voices of Tara Strong" ENJOY! I own nothing. PM me if you want to hear any other famous voice actors!!!
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Powerpuff Girls: Behind The Scenes
Craig McKracken takes fans behind the scenes of what it took to make the movie, the cast, and characters. I own nothing.
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Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys Comics
I own nothing to the song! Enjoy! Made within 25 minutes! Rate, comment, and subscribe!!!
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Regular Show- First Of The Year (Equinox)- Skrillex
This is for me almost having 300 SUBSCRIBERS!!!! C'mon, this video was a lot of fun to make and you'll love it!!! The song is by Skrillex, it's called "First of the Year (Equinox)". The song is kick-ass! ENJOY.
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[Bullied To Death] RIP Erica Sullivan
On a more serious note, a few weeks ago a girl named Erica Sullivan, 9th grader, committed suicide. She was a talented artist but she had a lot going on. In honor of her memory, share this video with people that you love, friends who struggle with similar problems like her, or with complete strangers. Life is short. Cherish every sweet moment. LOVE EACH DAY... Erica's Original Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xqa-9nA-M0c
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Regular Show Couples Tribute
Just the main couples: RigbyXEileen and MordecaiXMargaret. I own nothing. The song is "Valentine's Day" by Linkin Park.
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Regular Show: Let It Rock
LET IT ROCK! Song for Regular Show. I own nothing! Clips: "Grilled Cheese Deluxe", "Death Punchies", "Brain Eraser", "Benson Be Gone", "Ello Gov'nor", "The Power".
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"Regular Show" Season 4 Promo: "Flashback"
That's right. Regular Show is returning for Season in September 2012. And what better way to celebrate than for a "flaskback" promo? YEEEAAUUUHHHH!
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Regular Show- Come As You Are (Nirvana)
Artist: Nirvana Song: "Come As You Are" TV Show: Regular Show I own nothing. JG Quintel owns Regular Show and Nirvana owns the song. This video took me all day to make. I used clips from seasons 1, 2, and 3 of Regular Show.
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Buttercup Utonium Program Openings
Since I love the Powerpuff Girls, rottweilers, Wendy Williams, little demons, and I hate Justin Beiber--I made this! RATE, COMMENT, AND/OR SUBSCRIBE.
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