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ASMR-triggering scene in Doctor Who
This is an ASMR-triggering Doctor Who scene where Strax is seen doing an examination. Disclaimer: 'Doctor Who' belongs to the BBC and no copyright infringement is intended. All rights reserved.
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Try not to laugh/smile challenge 2
Did you smile or laugh?
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Brentalfloss LIMBO personal cover (115 sub celebration)
I sing sorta cringey to be honest. Original Brentalfloss video: https://youtu.be/SQMK6qu8WUM
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YouTubers attack! (Miitopia: Casting Call)
So Nintendo is releasing a new RPG-type Mii game called Miitopia, and in preparation for it, they've made this little 3DS application that lets you use your Miis to create trailers for the upcoming game. In this trailer, we see Jack, Mark, Daz, and Pewds battle against the dark lord known as... YOUTUBE.
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Fire alarm plays song about waffles!
This is what I did after plugging the EST speaker-strobe (now mounted) into my dad's old CD/tape player. You can't hear all of the lyrics to the song because obviously speaker-strobes aren't usually designed like music speakers. The sound malfunctions.
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Nick Jr. Productions logo history (1993-Present)
Disclaimer: All featured logos and characters belong to Nick Jr. Productions and Nickelodeon. No copyright infringement is intended.
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How I change alarm sounds
In this video I explain how to change the sound of a fire alarm.
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Strange Wii manual images from Japan!
Notice: I did not take the Super Mario Bros. theme from a source of Nintendo. I used it from a single-type album that recreated the tune. The album is legally available. No copyright regulations have been infringed.
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Random House logo history (1983-Present)
Disclaimer: All featured logos belong to Random House Home Video. No copyright infringement is intended.
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Playing Solaris (Atari Flashback 7)
So for Christmas I was given a 1980's Atari Flashback 7 gaming console with 101 built-in (old) games and two classy joysticks. The game i'm playing in this video is called Solaris. You control a spaceship that can warp through wormholes to find parts of outer-space where there are aliens to fight. This is of course now one of my favorite games.
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The Polar Express (movie) recreated in Minecraft
This took a few weeks to make. Hope you enjoy!
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If tornado sirens played music 2
This video was made thanks to a suggestion from Jia Chai.
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The world’s largest working fire alarm pull station!
An invention of mine I recently finished off.
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Nelvana Ltd logo history (1977-Present)
Disclaimer: All featured logos belong to Nelvana Ltd. No copyright infringement is intended.
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Funny quotes from my senior yearbook!
If you know me well enough, you know I’ve already graduated. Today I got my high school yearbook. Looking through it, I found some very funny senior quotes by my former classmates.
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Williams Street logo history (1995-Present) (Warning: These logos have a jumpscare effect!)
Disclaimer: All featured logos belong to Williams Street. No copyright infringement is intended.
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Try not to laugh/smile challenge 7: video edition 3 (Video sources in description)
Video sources/credits: Rémi GAILLARD Stonks 82wolfgirl Leamon Creative Ely Graham the Christian xracier numbernine DankDubs Holy Mackerel the Third TacoAtomico Moo Cow angryCHKN
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Try not to laugh/smile challenge 10 (Finale?)
Video sources/credits: BestPicksandFlicks Raukillaz Jacky Pan Palmetto Swamp Fox JapCarRealGood sidney wolen Castoreo Jordan Boyce nihonium Nathan Aaron El retarded Storm Pickett BloxLogics johnpaul mcdonagh Cowbelly Sean Blake Skullworld
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EPIC new traffic light!
Ordered this a while ago and misjudged the size. It's an actual working red traffic light! I'm going to use it for a homemade traffic signal project!
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Elevator emergency/maintenance devices
This video was actually made on December 1st.
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Model names of the FFADB’s fire alarm devices
I wanted to make a video listing out the actual model name of each fire alarm device/part on the FFADB. This is because I usually just give each device/part a simplified name, like ‘the Simplex horn-strobe’.
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The mystery of the Swedish Rhapsody station
I’ve found some shocking correlations!
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PBS logo history (1970-Present)
Disclaimer: All featured logos belong to PBS. No copyright infringement is intended.
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About ‘The Incredibles 2’
In the film, the newly introduced villain disorients victims by hacking live video (usually television broadcasts) and broadcasting extreme sequences of hypnotic flashing lights. Even with my hand over my eyes, I still got a tiny headache from the strobe effect’s light seeping through my fingers. Be careful when you go see this movie!
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Trying out Andy Front Films’ 360 degree VR PacMan video!
This a cool 360 degree VR-type video that lets you look all around as you play first-person PacMan! Original VR video: https://youtu.be/p9h3ZqJa1iA
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Lightkeeper Productions logo history (1982-1995)
This is my first logo history video. I was Inspired by CoolCamGaming88.
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Our condo’s fire sprinkler system
It truly is like a maze. I could entertain myself by following these pipes.
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System test 2
I've mounted and wired my new Wheelock vibratone horn-strobe! :D
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Fighting a plant (The Sims Freeplay)
Remember to eat your vegetables... before they eat YOU!
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System test 5
The new Gentex alarm will be revealed in System test 6.
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Wii Deleted You (Fake movie trailer)
This fake movie trailer was based on the ‘Wii Deleted You’ creepypasta. Video link: https://youtu.be/0_7jyOyQL4A
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This game is RIGGED! (Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?)
This was a bonus question at the end of the game. The subject was science. It was a ‘double or nothing’ situation. My answer: Isotopes The correct answer: Isotope I hate and love this game at the same time. Also, yes I was playing as Baldi.
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The Siren Jukebox Part 1 (Read description)
I figured ‘why not?’ However don’t assume this will be a long series. Leave your music-siren suggestions in the comments below.
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Monthly tornado siren test
On the first Saturday of each month, the siren is tested. I finally got video of it.
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If Video Games Were Real 2 (Smosh parody)
So we decided to make a sequel during Thanksgiving. Link to the cringey part 1: https://youtu.be/fy_iqSVY1t8
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Attempting (and failing) to land on a bridge (F18 Carrier Landing)
The plane was an SU47 Berkut. That translates from Russian to ‘SU47 Golden Eagle’.
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Amblin Entertainment logo history (1984-Present)
Disclaimer: All featured logos belong to Amblin Entertainment. No copyright infringement is intended.
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WGBH (Boston) logo history (1970-Present)
Disclaimer: All featured logos belong to WGBH Boston. No copyright infringement is intended.
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New TrueAlert/Simplex fire alarm speaker! (Fire-Lite evac message)
This is one of what may be my last two fire alarms. For this video, you need to turn your device's volume up high, as this speaker cannot currently get very loud.
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If tornado sirens played music 3
Again, not my clip. However the first 'If tornado sirens played music' video was my own recording of a siren. Anyway, thank you, Lunar Flare Studios, for the suggestion!
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Caramelldansen played over ‘I’m Thunderbolt’
A YouTube channel called ‘Broken Solar Panel’ made an awesome animated music video called ‘I’m Thunderbolt’ that parodies the classic Caramelldansen video. Today I’ve decided to combine the parody and original into one (shortened) video. I’ve also used the mentioned Thunderbolt song in a recent part of the ITSPM series.
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Riding Bendy's Roadster
So basically if you haven't figure it out yet, Bendy's Roadster is this little homemade wooden box-cart type thing I made with a Bendy and the Ink Machine theme. In this video I demonstrate actually riding it. It doesn't have a steering mechanism currently but may in the near future. As of now the handle bars are just for safety.
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Lego drink dispenser!
This is my new Lego drink/soda dispenser. I've put cherry Coke in it. :)
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Broadcasting morse code on a radio signal (Turn up your volume!)
I did this with my awesome homemade radio transmitter.
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Rick Roll fire alarm! (Demo Board)
I just had to. Also, yes this counts as demonstrating part of the demo board. This is the Simplex-Truealert fire speaker.
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Connecting the EST speaker-strobe into my dad's iPad!
Finally! Some sound out of my speaker-strobe! :D
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A mini Tetris arcade machine!
Got this at the store today. I guess this is my way of revealing that a small part of me is a Tetris nerd.
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Testing my new tornado/air raid siren!
For once I got a different type of an alarm in the mail :D
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Golden Book Video logo history (1985-2008)
Disclaimer: All featured logos belong to Golden Book Video/Golden Books Family Entertainment. No copyright infringement is intended.
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New EST speaker-strobe!
Got this using my Christmas gift cards. For now I can only get the strobe (the light) to work because the speaker may take up to 70 volts to operate, and I don't want to mess with such strong power. ZAP!
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