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House-proud mouse caught on camera tidying garden shed | SWNS TV
A homeowner puzzled as to who was mysteriously tidying up his garden shed late at night was astonished to find the culprit was a HOUSE PROUD MOUSE. Stephen Mckears, 72, first noticed objects moving in his shed a month ago and asked his neighbour Rodney Holbrook, 70, to help him get to the bottom of the mystery. The retired electrician noticed plastic clips appearing in an old ice cream tub filled with peanuts which he keeps to feed the birds before more objects began to accumulate. Questioning his sanity, Stephen emptied the tub each night, scattering the nuts and bolts across his shed, only to discover the mess had been cleaned by the morning. After weeks of finding large screws, plastic leads, nuts and bolts neatly filed away, the pair decided to set up a trail camera to uncover the mystery guest. Welcome to SWNS TV. To licence any of our videos please call 00441179066550 or email [email protected] Subscribe to our channel to be the first to see our viral, breaking news videos. Quirky, heartbreaking, random, shocking, all original content, updated daily. https://swns.com/ https://twitter.com/SWNS https://www.instagram.com/swns/
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100 year old keeps sharp playing Nintendo DS
A sprightly centenarian has revealed the secret to staying sharp in old age - playing VIDEO GAMES. Instead of knitting or playing bingo Kathleen Kit Connell, known as Kit, spends two hours a day tapping away at her favourite console. And the grandmother-of-one, who still lives independently, said she has used the Nintendo DS Lite, so much she even wore out her first console and had to replace the computer. Kit, who according to the game has the mental age of 64, said: "It's absolutely super. I don't feel a day over 80. "I can't speak highly enough of it."
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Incredible footage of BBC cameraman and hungry polar bear
For more of this incredible footage please watch 'The Polar Bear Family & Me' - Mon 7 Jan 2013 21:30 BBC Two. This is the terrifying moment a wildlife cameraman comes face-to-face with a fierce 1,000kg polar bear looking for its next meal. The eight-foot predator repeatedly attacks the perspex cage housing Gordon Buchanan as he films a new series. For almost 45-minutes the Scottish filmmaker endures the polar bear's sustained assault as it desperately looks for a weak spot in his pod. The bear, with its powerful paws and giant teeth, was trying to get hold of the 40-year-old so she could feed herself and her two young cubs.
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Couple's dog saved their wedding day when best man forgot their wedding rings.
The hilarious video filmed during Laura and James Russell's big day shows the adorable French bulldog George trotting into the ceremony in his specially designed wedding suit. The pooch's starring role came when best man Craig Rhodes was asked to step up and hand over the rings. After Craig gets up and runs out of the ceremony, a video appears on the big screen of George, fast asleep in his pyjamas on a bed. With a mobile phone ringing in his ear, he suddenly wakes up, pulls the rings off the sideboard next to him and ambles off the bed and down the stairs.
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Presenter Iain Lee saved a man's life on air after he called to say he overdosed | SWNS TV
Subscribe to our channel to be the first to see our viral, breaking news videos. Twitter.com/swns Instagram.com/swns Presenter Iain Lee saved a man's life by talking to him on air for 30 minutes after he called to say he had taken an overdose. Iain kept the caller talking on talkRADIO while his producer Kath contacted emergency services.
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Couple pack it all in and move into their new mobile home - an old white van
Adam Croft, 29, and Nikki Pepperell, 32, spent a year converting the van after the cost of renting became too much to bare. They spent £3,500 on the extra-large Ford Transit Luton and a further #6,500 doing it up themselves while living with their parents. The home away from home now has a kitchen, toilet, shower, windows, porch, new flooring, sofa and a bedroom. The couple, from Stroud, Glos., both gave up office jobs for the new home and now intend to spend at least a year travelling across Europe, possibly never to return. Adam, who finished the project last week, said: "The main idea behind it is that we found it far too expensive to rent here. "It was also so we could go away in the winter without being tied down.
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'Terminator' arm is world's most advanced prosthetic limb
More info about this amazing prosthetic can be found here http://bebionic.com A father who lost his arm in an accident six years ago has been given a new lease of life by a hi-tech bionic hand which is so precise he can type again. Nigel Ackland, 53, has been fitted with the Terminator-like carbon fibre mechanical hand which he can control with movements in his upper arm. The new bebionic3 myoelectric hand, which is also made from aluminium and alloy knuckles, moves like a real human limb by responding to Nigel's muscle twitches. Incredibly, the robotic arm is so sensitive it means the father-of-one can touch type on a computer keyboard, peel vegetables, and even dress himself for the first time in six years.
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Jack Whitehall and Freddie Flintoff talk 'Manxiety'
Being the butt of their mate’s jokes, getting undressed in front of more attractive men and feeling the need to live up to super-fit celebrities and models all contribute to men’s overall lack of body confidence. While being compared to an ex-partner or even a sibling can make men doubt their own good looks and desirability. In a response to the new Jacamo Modern Man-ual report, cricket legend Freddie Flintoff and his comedian pal Jack Whitehall have teamed up to help blokes deal with their 'manxiety'. The pair joined forces for an intimate video chat - with hilarious interludes - following the research which reveals four in 10 blokes don’t feel confident with the way they look.
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Oldest blacksmith still banging away at 84 years old
Britain's longest-serving blacksmith is still forging iron in his workshop - at the age of 84. Hardy Fred Harriss, 84, first picked up a hammer and tong aged ten in 1938 and is still working every day 74 years later. He has worked back-breaking 12 hour days fixing steam engines and aircraft, as well as making railings and ornamental iron pieces. And the hardy blacksmith - who refuses to wear gloves for the blistering work - claims he will NEVER retire from the job.
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Blind girl banned from using cane at school due to Health & Safety
A blind girl has been banned from using her walking cane at school because of "health and safety issues" - in case she TRIPS up teachers and fellow pupils. Lily-Grace Hooper, seven, suffered a stroke when she was just four days old, which left her virtually blind. But earlier this year a charity donated her a fibre-glass walking cane after her confidence soared when she started using cardboard tubes to help guide her way at home. But her mum Kristy, 38, has been left "absolutely livid" after a risk assessment done on behalf of the school said the cane caused high risk to people around Lily-Grace. Hambrook Primary School in Bristol told her not to use it in school, and the report suggested she have full adult support at all times, and she was told to "walk carefully".The move by the school and the Sensory Support Service - which does assessments for schools - has been slammed by charities.Furious mum Kristy, from Bristol, said: "It is a disability, but I want to celebrate it and make sure she can become independent. "When the school told me she can no longer bring her cane into school, I just thought this must be health and safety gone mad.
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Willard Wigan makes the smallest handmade sculpture in history
Willard Wigan from Birmingham, UK, has created the worlds smallest piece of artwork - a sculpted gold motorbike inside a hollowed out piece of human stubble. The artwork has been created from a flake of gold from a chain which has been crafted into the shape of a chopper and inserted into a hollowed out fragment of stubble from Willards chin which measures 0.0035inch. To create the masterpiece Willard had to hold his breathe and work between heartbeats.
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'Terminator' false arm ties shoelace and deals cards
Thanks for watching our last video. After all the comments which were posted on our channel Nigel very kindly agreed to answer some of your questions and show how the false arm was changing his life. - A father who was given a high-tech bionic hand after losing his arm in an accident six years ago yesterday claimed he can now tie his shoe laces again. Nigel Ackland, 53, was fitted with the Terminator-like carbon fibre mechanical hand which he can control with movements in his upper arm in November last year. The bebionic3 myoelectric (double corr) hand, which is also made from aluminium and alloy knuckles, moves like a real human limb by responding to Nigel's muscle twitches. Incredibly, the robotic arm is so sensitive it means Nigel can touch type on a computer keyboard, peel vegetables, and even dress himself for the first time in six years.
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Man Finds Complete WW2 Air Raid Shelter Beneath His Luton Driveway
A homeowner has found an unusual 'man cave' under his driveway - a World War II air raid shelter. Simon Marks, 37, thought he had driven onto flowerbed when the wheel of his black Vauxhall Zafira got stuck in a hole outside his home. But when he got out he found that part of the driveway of his £400,000 four-bed detached house had caved in. He looked closer and realised a two-roomed shelter was lying under the driveway of the property in Luton, Beds.
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A woman who raised an orphaned baby crow says it won't leave her side
Vikkie Kenward, 29, adopted the little bird in May after it fell out of its nest and was lying abandoned by a roadside. She called it Fagin - after the pickpocket in Oliver Twist - and hand-reared the new arrival, feeding it every 15 minutes and letting it nestle in the hood of her jumper. As it grew healthierand stronger she expected it to spread its wings and fly away. But three months on Fagin is refusing to leave her side and treats Vikkie, who runs an engraving business, as its mum. The clingy crow perches on her shoulder, tears up her letters and jumps in her van with her every time she goes for a spin - even to McDonald's drive thru. It even hops around her kitchen when she cooks, perches on her dog, and sits on her head when she does her make-up.
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Barking mad mechanic made Wallace and Gromit style breakfast machine
The 'Sunday Morning Breakfast Machine' serves up perfectly runny soft-boiled eggs and toast, tea and coffee and even hands over the morning newspaper - all at the push of a button. Creative Peter Browne, 69, spent about 1,000 hours building the innovative contraption with pal Mervyn Huggett.  Retired airline pilot and silversmith Peter says he's been coming up with inventions his entire life, but this is his pride and joy.  He said: "It took a total of 1,000 hours.  "It was hard work for three months but it was worth it.
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Girl, 3, to receive bravery award for 999 call that saved pregnant mum's life
An adorable three-year-old girl is to be given a bravery award after she made a heart-warming 999 call to save her pregnant mum's life. Cute Emma spotted her pregnant mum Catherine unconscious at the bottom of the stairs in their home and instantly jumped into action. The brave girl called 999, gave her address, and explained her mum had fallen down the stairs with "a baby in her tummy". But unflappable Emma calmly explained her mum was not bleeding, had banged her head and even checked the door was unlocked for the crews.
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Boy who has autism finds record deal after breaking into song in Asda
This is the heartwarming moment a young boy stunned shoppers with his incredible voice after unexpectedly breaking into song. Calum Courtney, 10, wowed supermarket crowds with his flawless rendition of Smokey Robinson's Who's Lovin' You. The youngster has a mild form of autism, which inspires him to sing and help others.
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Millionaires park supercars in their LIVING ROOM
Supercar owners living in an exclusive high-rise apartment block can now park their beloved motors from their - LIVING ROOMS. Hamilton Parks in Singapore is a brand-new 30-storey development where flats cost between £6 and £15 MILLION. But with parking in the city limited, the skyscraper designer came up with an innovative way of parking some of the planets fastest cars. Residents simply drive their 200mph motors into a biometrically-controlled lift at the base of Hamilton Parks on the city's swanky Orchard Road.
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Hyundai driverless car emergency stop test
This is the moment a blindfolded motorist relies on auto braking to stop his car smashing into a lorry - as a convoy of DRIVERLESS cars tail him. A team of five stuntmen each got behind the wheel of a Hyundai Genesis to showcase the Korean car's safety features. They then set off in the family saloons at Hyundai's testing facility in the Mojave Desert, California. As they went around the track at speeds of 50mph, the motorists switched on the smart cruise control and lane assist which allowed the cars to drive the 6.4 mile circuit unaided.
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Fold out flat is space saving house of the future
An ex-Dragons' Den star wants to revolutionise the property market by building luxury homes within the same space of at tiny flat. Simon Woodroffe has created this home which offers FOUR TIMES the rooms and features as a typical one-bedroom flat - but within the same confines. His YO! Home prototype works by hiding rooms which then appear at the touch of a button or the pull of a wall with an amazing bedroom lowered down from the roof. These 'hidden rooms', which are operated via 12
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Angry dad confronts headteacher over strict Margate school uniform policy
Video courtesy Allison Hopper - An angry parent has told Kent Live that his daughter will be attending school dressed exactly as she was today - even after being sent home for wearing an ''unacceptable'' pair of shoes. Kim Hopper was due to be starting her first day of year 9 this morning, but along with 60 others, was sent home under a strict new approach from new head Matthew Tate ''to promote pride in students appearance." Allison Hopper had bought her 13-year-old daughter two pairs of shoes over the holidays, but found out at the school gates that neither were acceptable, and Kim would have to leave until a more suitable pair were used.
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6st woman eats 5000 calorie diet - just to stay alive
A desperate land lady has told how an operation to help her lose weight resulted in DOUBLING her daily calorie intake -- to stay alive. Julie Dunbar, 51, decided to undergo gastric surgery in an attempt to lose weight after tipping the scales at a hefty 20st 7lbs and suffering from a number of illnesses. But despite the successful operation she soon lost more weight than doctors expected and became dangerously malnourished - dropping a worrying 14 and a half stone in just 12 months. She needed three operations and was even fed through a line in her nose to try and get nutrition into her fragile, dying, body.
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Two boys go crazy over meeting Lionel Messi
Two young boys were over the moon after coming face to face with their football hero Lionel Messi. Leo Conway and Callum Adamson, both nine, persuaded their mums to take them to the airport to meet the FC Barcelona star after his side's win over Celtic. And now the moment the boys met their idol has been viewed more than 720,000 times after Barcelona posted it on social media. Callum and Leo, both from Saltcoats, North Ayrshire, travelled to Prestwick Airport on Wednesday night to catch a glimpse of the Barca stars. And in the video that Barca posted yesterday (Thur) the boys are seen excitedly meeting their heroes. Wearing full Barca tracksuits, they are seen getting autographs from manager Luis Enrique and star players Neymar and Luis Suarez.
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17yo moggy finally home after 13 years as a stray
Subscribe to our channel to be the first to see our viral, breaking news videos. Twitter.com/swns Instagram.com/swns An elderly moggy has finally found its way home after going missing - for an incredible 13 years. Janet Adamowicz was left heartbroken when her beloved tabby cat called Boo disappeared unexpectedly in 2005 aged just four. The married step-mum-of-two plastered missing posters of Boo to lampposts in Harrogate, West Yorks., and put an advert in the local paper.
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Lost Only Fools And Horses episode to be aired
Viewers are to get a glimpse of a 'lost' episode of Only Fools and Horses for the very first time. The never-before-seen episode filmed in 1984, titled 'Licensed to Drill', is said to have been lying on a dusty shelf for years. It features Del Boy, Rodney and Grandad at the top of their game, and is especially significant as it was Lennard Pearce's final appearance as Grandad before his death.
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Man Sets Up His Own 4G Antennae, In Order To Get Broadband To His Remote Farm
Living on a farm nestled in a remote area of Salisbury Plain, Richard Guy had battled for years with an unbearably slow internet signal. But the 60-year-old farmer decided enough was enough and resolved to take on telecoms giant BT and find an alternative source. Mr Guy noticed that his mobile phone's 4G signal – a wireless internet connection – was significantly faster than the broadband link provided by BT to his home, but he needed to find a way to route the signal to his farmhouse. So the savvy father-of-two built his own makeshift wooden telephone mast, on which he set up a 4G adaptor inside a toolbox.
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First person in the UK to get iLimb prosthetic arm
Patrick Kane in the Touch Bionics offices in Livingston, West Lothian. Patrick is the first person in the UK to be fitted with new prosthetic hand the i-Limb ultra revolution bionic hand.
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Puppy stranded by rising tide rescued by paddle boarder
Many thanks to Charlie Head at http://www.oceansup.org/ for this video - A pet puppy stranded at sea faced a watery grave as the rising tide covered a rock it was stuck on. But shivering Bam-Bam was saved from oblivion by a paddling adventurer near Herne Bay on a trip to London. Water sports instructor Charlie Head has faced storms, ships and shoals of fish -- but never a stranded shih tzu. The 33-year-old even filmed the rescue, capturing on camera the moment he saved the shivering pup from the rocks.
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Grandfather transforms back garden into rain forest
A green fingered jungle fanatic has spent £15,000 over the last 20 years to transform the back garden of his detached house into an incredible hidden rain forest. Nick Wilson, 61, was inspired to transform his garden in Leeds after falling in love with big plants during family holidays to Cornwall in the 1990s. He started the jungle make-over in 1998 and opened the hidden paradise to visitors six years ago. Speaking about his impressive project, Nick said: "It took 20 years to put it all together. There are so many big ferns, bamboos and big leaf plants down there.
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UK's oldest fisherman Bill Hocking from Looe, Cornwall
The oldest fishermen in the country celebrated 70 years of netting seafood despite never tasting his catch - because he doesn't eat FISH. Bill Hocking began fishing in May 1940 as 11-year-old boy and is still hauling lobster and crabs 70 years later. Read more at http://bit.ly/amuQAH
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Baby's adorable reaction to mum singing Disney songs
This video shows a daughter's adorable reaction when her mother sings Disney songs. Kristina Gauld, 30, can be seen singing Part Of Your World from The Little Mermaid to four-month-old Iyla. Even young Iyla can tell that Kristina is hitting all the right notes, and her face lights up with joy and she can't take her eyes off her mother. To Kirstina, it was just a normal day, but the moment was captured on camera by husband Steven and has now gone viral with millions of views.
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Microlight engine failure at 300ft
This is the incredible moment a cockpit camera captures the terrifying moment a micro-light's engine cuts out in mid-air, forcing the pilot to make an emergency crash landing. Aviator John Merriman, 53, was making a solo flight in his two-seater microlight aircraft above the Somerset countryside this month, during a rare spell of good weather. Soaring at 300ft and at a steady speed of 50 knots, it was John's second flight of the day. But 11 minutes into the flight, the engine suddenly cut out, bringing the propeller to a juddering halt and filling the cockpit with an eerie silence.
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Jeweller creates miniature designs - despite having no fingers
A talented jeweller has found her own way to make miniature masterpieces worth thousands of pounds -- despite being born with no FINGERS. Annette Gabbedey, 48, spends months creating delicate rings and bracelets, glittering with precious diamonds and opals in her workshop. But the expert goldsmith does not have any special tools to help her work without digits - she simply adapts conventional crafting devices to create dazzling ornaments. Determined Annette - who insists she is not disabled - even says she could not imagine doing her job with fingers because they "must get in the way".
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Nuclear bomb bunker buried in the back garden
Read more at http://swns.com - A man who feared a Cold War missile strike is selling his £350,000 house complete with a nuclear bunker capable of withstanding a one megaton blast - a bomb 80 times bigger than HIROSHIMA. Cautious Mike Thomas, 56, built the underground bomb shelter 20ft below his kitchen in 1985 when tensions between Russia and the West were at their peak. The 300 sq ft cavern has concrete walls which are 32 inches thick and enough food and water to sustain his family for a month.
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British Army reports dramatic decline in number of officer recruits
The British Army has launched a major recruitment drive to attract more officers after recording dwindling numbers of applications from university graduates. Latest figures show a dramatic slump in numbers of officers recruited, with last year's numbers being the lowest for seven years. Just 81 per cent of posts were filled for the year 2014/2015, compared to 95 per cent the previous year. Graduate recruitment to the Armed forces has steadily fallen over the last decade and is now 27 per cent lower than in 2005. Top brass are concerned about the number of people who do not know that the Army is recruiting - 46 per cent of 14 - 24 year olds. They are hampered by common misconceptions among the public, from the belief that there are no skilled jobs, to worrying about the risk on the front line or thinking that officers only come from an Oxbridge education. For the first time in eight years, the Army today launched a national Officer careers 'roadshow', called 'With Heart. With Mind'.
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Shoppers demand Tesco cut plastic packaging and protested by leaving it behind
Shoppers demanding Tesco use less unnecessary packaging staged a 'plastic attack' - by stripping their groceries of it and leaving it for the store to clean up. The unusual protest involved 40 shoppers going to the branch of Tesco in Keynsham, near Bristol, and cutting through the excess packaging after doing their shopping. The activists left the packaging in shopping trolleys and lined up outside the shop to show that food can be taken home without creating more waste. Kathy Farrell, 63, took part and said the store would have to pay to dispose of the plastic.
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Out of control narrowboat drifts down River Severn
THESE are the dramatic moments an out of control narrowboat drifted towards Worcester's bridges in rising flood water. The unmanned boat, called “Expensive Hobby”, was seen spinning in the fast flowing waters of the Severn on a collision course for city bridges. But disaster was averted thanks to the quick and courageous actions of specialist boat crews from Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service. At one point the vessel drifted perilously close to the central pillar of the railway bridge as firefighters were locked in a dynamic race against time to secure the vessel before it was dashed to pieces in the swirling waters.
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Rare white wombats discovered in Australian outback
These two rare ALBINO wombats were scooped up by wildlife rescuers after being discovered wandering around the south Australian outback. The cute pair of white Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat cubs - named Icy and Pola by their handlers - were found tired and hungry in fields near Ceduna, Australia. They were taken to Ceduna Fauna Rescue Centre, where manager Val Salmon and her team nursed them back to health. The cuddly duo are only the second and third white wombats to be seen at the sanctuary in more than 30 years.
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Britain’s famous gorilla, Ambam, celebrated his landmark 25th birthday in style – with a fruity CAKE
Ambam, the western lowland gorilla, became a viral web sensation when a video of him shaking his bum like Nicki Minaj was viewed more than 6 million times. The big ape, who weighs in at a whopping 500lbs, was treated to a cake made by a local baker – containing yoghurt, coconut, grapes, bananas and potatoes. Ambam, who was born at Port Lympne Reserve in Ashford, Kent, has become a star attraction, because he prefers to walk upright like a human rather than on his knuckles. He loved his birthday cake so much he refused to share it with any of the other gorillas, and was seen grabbing huge handfuls of it before running away. Baker Lynsey Mclean, owner of M&B Bakehouse, presented the gluten and sugar-free cake to him on Tuesday.
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'Genius' four-year-old girl with IQ score of 140 becomes UK's second youngest Mensa member | SWNS TV
A four-year-old has become the UK's second youngest member of Mensa after achieving an IQ score of 140 - meaning she is officially a genius. Little Alannah George is "obsessed" with words and numbers and taught herself how to read before ever stepping foot in a classroom.The reception class pupil, from Iver, Bucks., would rather recite the alphabet and times tables than singing nursery rhymes. Welcome to SWNS TV. To licence any of our videos please call 00441179066550 or email [email protected] Subscribe to our channel to be the first to see our viral, breaking news videos. Quirky, heartbreaking, random, shocking, all original content, updated daily. https://swns.com/ https://twitter.com/SWNS https://www.instagram.com/swns/
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Incredible cockpit footage of MiG-29 at Fairford Air Tattoo RIAT
Many thanks to Tim Middleton, ReplayXD, The Media Group and The Polish Air Force Incredible new footage has been released to show the work of a fighter jet pilot as he performs an acrobatic display over the Cotswolds. The Polish Air Force Mikoyan MiG-29 flown by Pilot Capt Adrian Rojek is captured on camera doing rolls and high g-force turns at the Fairford Airshow watched by 130,000 visitors. Fast jet pilots are trained to do special clenches and breathing to avoid the risk of g-force induced lack of consciousness (GLOC) they also wear special clothing. The Russian built fighter jet can fly at Mach 2.25 and has a top speed of almost 1500 miles per hour making it a giant among modern-day combat jets. All the footage was captured on the new Replay XD camera which is so small it can be mounted in places where cameras have not been able to film before. A complete DVD of all the action at the 2013 airshow is available to pre-order at www.airshowdvds.co.uk. For all those who are interested we licence all our music from Premiumbeat.com ( http://www.premiumbeat.com/royalty_free_music/songs/with-a-single-step ) This track was by Ben Beiny who also has some music available on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/ben-beiny/id281357684
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Honda showcases new version of their ASIMO robot
The latest generation of Asimo robots built by Honda which has been unveiled today, July 16 2014. Pub workers and baristas could face an uncertain future after Honda unveiled a talking robot which can open and serve drinks. Asimo is the world's most advanced 'humanoid robot' with Honda first starting work on it in 1986. The latest generation Asimo has improved intelligence, enhanced hand dexterity and can run forwards and backwards, climb and descend stairs, hop and even jump. Asimo, which stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, will even recognise the faces and voices of multiple people speaking simultaneously.
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Deaf dog learns sign language
A deaf dog who turned "delinquent" after being raised in a drugs den has become the star pupil at his obedience school -- after being taught SIGN LANGUAGE. Tearaway mongrel Horus was so badly behaved after being rescued from his drug addict owners with his three siblings that no one would keep him for more than a year. But his luck changed when he was taken in by sign language enthusiast Rosie Gibbs, 30, who used Makaton - a basic form of sign language often used on children - to train him. Now five-year-old Horus is a happy healthy pet and has memorised 56 commands including 'sit', 'stay', 'pay attention', 'play' and he has also been taught to open drawers.
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Fastest longboarder in the world hits 80.56mph on public road
This is the terrifying moment an adrenaline junkie hits 80mph while travelling on a - LONGBOARD. Daring Mischo Erban reached the staggering speed on a road with an 18-degree incline called Les Eboulements in Quebec, Canada. He chose the road, which translates to "the landslide" after watching street lugers speed down it at breakneck speeds. On his run, the thrillseeker, 28, smashed past the speed gun at a blistering 80.56mph - beating the previous record by 10.5mph to become the world's fastest downhill skateboarder. Speaking afterwards, Mischo said: "When I sped off I got into an aerodynamic shape and just focussed on the yellow line in the middle of the road. - Many thanks to http://digitaldirect.ca and Mischo Erban
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Dramatic moment a replica Spitfire lands without undercarriage
This is the nail-biting moment, reminiscent of the Battle of Britain, when a skilled pilot was forced to carry out an emergency landing of his replica Spitfire - without any WHEELS. The aircraft was flying at Sibson Airfield when the worried pilot radioed airfield bosses to say he couldn't release his landing gear. Skydivers jumping at the airfield in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, were grounded as the brave pilot circled for more than 20 minutes in a bid to frantically burn fuel. Emergency services arrived at the scene just as the stunning one-man plane was carefully flown towards the ground in strong winds by the nervous expert. But amazingly he managed to land the replica fighter plane without ANY landing gear - skillfully skimming the aircraft over the grass on its belly. Relieved onlookers said the propeller fell off when it came to a safe stop, and the relieved pilot was completely unharmed.
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Carer caught red-handed stealing from patient
This is the moment a suspicious father caught a carer stealing from his disabled son on camera by hiding - in a CUPBOARD. Brendan Mudd, 46, and partner Mandy Holden, 46, feared carer Kayleigh Spinks, 22, was pinching disability allowance meant for their son Joe Ware, 21. The couple hatched a plan to catch the crook who had pocketed £1,000 from draws in their home. When Mandy went to work Brendan hid among the clothes in his bedroom cupboard and calmly waited for 30 minutes before secretly filmed Spinks come into the room.
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Dog with no eyes learns echolocation
Read more at http://swns.com. Meet blind Rowan the wonder dog - born without eyes - who miraculously finds his way around using ECHOLOCATION. Despite being unable to see, German spitz Rowan barks and listens to the echos to help him tell where he is in relation to nearby objects. Owner Sam Orchard, 41, was shocked when a vet told her that a congenital defect meant Rowan had been born without eyes. But 18-month-old Rowan is now almost indistinguishable from a sighted dog after learning to use his barks to judge where he is.
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Protestors Stopping Nuclear Convoy By Jumping In Front Of Trucks
This is the incredible moment a pensioner and his younger colleague held up four military trucks thought to be carrying nuclear warheads. Brian Quail, 78, and his colleague Alasdair Ibbotson, 21, brought the convoy to a ginding halt by throwing themselves in front and under the trucks. The pair flagged them down on a roundabout in Stirling, before Brian crawled underneath a truck while Alasdair lay down in front of them. Police are seen jumping off motorbikes and running over to the pair, desperately trying to pull them away from the convoy. Video footage recorded by activists from Stirling University CND shows a queue of traffic building up in the background as officers struggle to remove the protestors.
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Norwegian Navy Test Missile Strike
This is the dramatic moment a ship is blown up to demonstrate a powerful new missile. The Norwegian armed forces took a decommissioned frigate out into the sea for a game of target practice. They then fired the new 'Joint Strike Missile' at the vessel with pinpoint accuracy, causing a huge explosion and major damage to the vessel.
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Mum fuming after school take sons E-Cig - used to kick 10-a-day habit
Teachers took the device off Mason Dunn when they found him 'vaping' on school premises - saying they had a duty of care towards him. His mum Sue marched to the school in protest but they have refused to back down.
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