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Yakety SA-X
A tribute if you will, to the best space-goo-zombie-Samus clone ever, and her/its rather poor AI. Let's have some fun! Music is, of course, Yakety Sax, the Benny Hill theme by Boots Randolph Also a sprinkling of See Sixty Funk, an Earthbound OCRemix by Mazedude Thanks to RoahmMythril for the idea
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Mega Man 10 Special Stage 3 Speed Run 1'34"36
My thanks to Roahm for recording this for me so I could show it on my Youtube channel. This is a speed run of Ballade's stage in MM10, who possesses both neat music, a cool weapon, and a ton of nostalgia from my early connection with MMIV for the Game Boy. Due to this, I had really hoped to get a good time on this stage. For a few hours after I uploaded it, it was the best viewable video of this stage, so that made me pretty pleased. It has since been supplanted by other incredible efforts, but such is the nature of this type of thing.
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Let's Play Mega Man and Bass as Bass Part 4 - The Amazing Bass' Disappearing Act: Double Feature!
One guy tries to make you disappear, the other, himself. BOTH GOTTA GO UNDER THE BASS REGIME.
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Needle Man Speed Run 1'15"
So with my Mega Man 3 Arsenal video teaching me one thing I didn't know about the Gemini Laser, and Dudeperson51 pointing out that my Flash Man and Needle Man speed runs were tied for the fastest, I thought I would go ahead and try to pull out all the stops for Needle Man again. This is still obviously not TAS-quality, or even "top tier" as far as human ability, but I think it'll show you quite a bit of speed, as it's now my fastest speed run. Enjoy! Music is Final Fantasy "Fire Cross", an OCRemix by LulzA
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Kirby Super Star Arena Single Power Challenge: Fighter 1/2
This is my contribution to a collaborative project between me, Pink (PinkKittyRose), Roahm (RoahmMythril), and Shagg (kuposan3). The challenge is to complete Kirby Super Star's Arena mode using a single ability. In this corner: Fighter.
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Let's Play Mega Man IV Part 5 - Crystal Man and Ballade
Crystal Man's stage feels like the longest in the game, I'm telling you. And it's not even very easy!
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Let's Play Rockman 5 Wily's Dream Space Part 11 - Dream Spacin' it Up
Holey pants I'm continuing a long forgotten project no way.
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Nezumiman 1'16" Special Speed Run 5/4
The special stage, brought to you in SPEED RUN O VISION. I dislike Ghouls and Goblins, but I love Nezumiman, so my play of it must be COMPLETE!
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Let's Play Mega Man and Bass as Bass Part 1 - All Your Bass Are Extremely Delicious
Let's play Mega Man and Bass as Bass, because it's like the only normal Mega Man game in which you can! His only motivation for murdering King's robots? Because he can. What a guy.
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Let's Play Adventure Island III Part 3 - Club Dactyl
I replayed these stages with the explicit goal of keeping the last new helper. Over and over. But I didn't mind because the stages were rather fun. So um...GO GO DINO RANGERS!
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Let's Fail at Rockman 5 Endless!
Just for fun, since I usually don't take outtakes of my LPs, I thought it would be nice to play something semi-blind and record any amusing deaths I incurred along the way. This well-crafted hack of Rockman 5 to make it akin to Megaman 9's Endless mode was just what the doctor ordered; I had never played the hack before, and it's been years since I played Megaman 5.
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Blizzard Man Speed Run 1'59"
Roahm's intuition is sound! He thought this would be a good stage to speed run, and he was right. It's pretty good (cool, even, but lets not open pandora's frozen box of pun). Blizzy himself is invulnerable during his Canadian Snowball Ski(tm) and I play really goofily while fighting him. But it's all good, I like how I got through his stage, so much so that I set it to a pretty bright tune. That would be A New Day from Sonic Rush
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Messing around with Rockman 3 Endless Part 1/3
Title says it all! I was playing this a lot before irl stuff demanded I stop for the day, and so this is a bit unfocused! Hopefully still amusing though. The rockman endless series of hacks is being developed by "rock5easily" I believe, Google that name and you can find them without too much trouble. They're a great series of hacks that is I'm guessing inspired by MM9's endless mode. I love to play them...they're not really great LP material, but...why not. I'll play all 3 again on camera for fun
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Nezumiman 27'49" Speed Run 1/4
Q'est-ce que c'est? This is Nezumiman! It's a Mega Man styled game that features mice and is generally very cute and very Japanese. Shagg tried to encourage me to let's play it, but like anything that's not a really, really low-powered program, I suffer ridiculous desynch issues when recording for an extended period (like more than a minute). So rather than that, I recorded this speed run all in one sitting and broken for Youtube into four parts. Pardon the no-talking, low quality, and small rez. If you want the opposite of that, try Shagg's LP of it. This video features Ice Nezumi, Dragon Nezumi, and Wave Nezumi. Music is credited in annotes the first time it appears, because believe it or not there could be some music spoilers later in the game.
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Skull Man Speed Run 1'53"
Another speed run attempt by Kit on a classical NESical Megamanical stage. That being Skull Man. Dr. Wily slaps his forehead at not inventing him before Dr. Cossack. This run isn't perfect by ANY means, but it does show the tricks I was using to get around invulnerable (in theory) enemies and showed where I tended to have problems. Notable blunders: -Missed second rush coil timesaver jump -Paused for a second to doublecheck my footing on one of those hard jumps -Skull Man, ololol. The first thing you need to do is be friends with the RNG, and the second thing, don't try to headbutt him. He's got the skull after all. Music is Skull Man's remix from Rockman IV Complete Works
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Let's Play Mega Man IV Part 4 - Stone Man and Charge Man
Lots of (real time) weapon changing in this one. Enjoy the demise of these ridiculously tall robot masters!
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Let's Play Rockman 5 Wily's Dream Space Part 10 - The RJ 4500
This mean stage has a lot of split second decisions to make, and a lot of racing along with transportation elements. That's a good a theme for a stage as any, I guess!
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Let's Play Rockman 5 Wily's Dream Space Part 7 - Waves of Enemies
Gnarly! This most righteous stage is lorded over by Wave Man, who is the most excellent surfer in all Wavedmanlanddom. Well, he actually looks more like Neptune, so Neptune had to look like a sahagin. Let's blow things up and explore with our face! We only have one! It's Mega Man's.
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Nezumiman 27'49" Speed Run 2/4
Now that Shagg's found time between finals and his other million video projects to do more NEZUMIMAN, I can upload this part of my speed run (only third time through the game, though), which features stages which will not spoil my vision-impaired LPer friend. Apologies to the run-on sentence averse. This video features Smoke Nezumi, Milky Nezumi, Delay Nezumi, and Usagi. Music is credited in annotes the first time it appears, because believe it or not there could be some music spoilers later in the game.
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Let's Play Mega Man and Bass as Bass Part 6 - King of Bass
Well, mostly. Kings second stage takes so long to get through I'll have to save the final fight with him for another video. ENJOY WHAT YOU CAN.
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Pharaoh Man Speed Run 1'54"
Looking between my two Pharaoh Man runs, it's hard to believe this one only improves my old one by two seconds. I guess it just goes to show apparent smoothness and such only count for so much. I'd blame the slight randomness of Pharaoh Man's AI, but I only missed a single shot, so I dunno! Hopefully this will be fun to watch, I think it's a bit more fluid in places than the other one. Music is Pyramid Ruins from La Tale
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Let's Play Mega Man IV Part 1 - The Intro, Toad Man, and Bright Man
Welcome to my next Let's Play! A game I once had to choose at a game store between Mega Man IV and Metroid II, I felt I made the right decision. Now, I shall play it! Don't expect no damage or buster only, those are the specialties of a certain dragon I know.
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Nezumiman 27'49" Speed Run 3/4
The (evil?) Dr. Gyoniku can't hide for long! This video features Butter Nezumi and the first two fortress stages. Music is credited in annotes the first time it appears, because believe it or not there could be some music spoilers later in the game.
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Nezumiman 27'49" Speed Run 4/4
Well this is it! The last real stage, the boss rematches, and the final battles. I do feel like the whole run could have gone better, but you know what? My penchant for reckless speed would have me say otherwise, as other times I've tried to run it I make even more ridiculous mistakes. So I'll leave well enough alone for now! Music will be credited the first time it appears, because if you haven't been spoiled yet, you probably will be!
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Mega Man's Arsenal - Mega Man IV Weapons
I specify weapons in the title because I'll most likely need another video to both show where to collect the two hidden utilities as well as do enough justice to explain them. SEVERAL DAYS IN THE MAKING, it's the MM4 weapons! Enjoy please!
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Kirby Super Star Arena Single Power Challenge: Fire 1/2
This is my contribution to a collaborative project between me, Pink (PinkKittyRose), Roahm (RoahmMythril), and Shagg (kuposan3). The challenge is to complete Kirby Super Star's Arena mode using a single ability. Currently cooking: Fire.
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Let's Play Mega Man and Bass as Bass Part 5 - Dynamic Bass: More Fun Than a Barrel and a Monkey
Dynamo Man is so annoying you can't get to his stage without his weakness! I also went ahead and got some more powerups; you can only use the party ball upgrade in one stage, so you have to keep rebuying it. Kings first stage isn't that bad, but I bet it gets worse. I usually lose interest in the game after Dynamo Man saps it out of me.
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Let's Play Mega Man IV Part 2 - Pharaoh Man and Ring Man
Now that I have more master weapons I don't have to save for the boss, I can use them throughout the stage to move across them quicker. I fumble a lot during bosses, though. Oh well, I'll get them on the rematch!
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Let's Play Super Metroid Part 7 - Maridia Beckons, Which is Hard for a Location to do, Really
Not much to say here, time to explore Maridia next. The Gravity Suit sure is purple! PIRATE TREASURE: Gravity Suit, Energy Tank
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Quick Man Speed Run 1'36"
So here basking in the twilight of all of the speed runs I've done, my thoughts somehow turn back to Quick Man. It's on, I decide! So here is this, a full four seconds faster than my first attempt. It may not seem like that much of an improvement, but Quick Man's stage is pretty precise. The movements are so serene, that the Force Beam segments actually become so easy that they flow very well with no stress. All you have to really worry about is Quick Man and his AI, but just focus on enjoying the running and eventually he'll bend to your own quickness! Music is Voyage 1969 from the Tohou game Imperishable Night by ZUN
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Kirby Super Star Arena Single Power Challenge: Jet 1/2
This is my contribution to a collaborative project between me, Pink (PinkKittyRose), Roahm (RoahmMythril), and Shagg (kuposan3). The challenge is to complete Kirby Super Star's Arena mode using a single ability. Next off: Jet.
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Let's Play Mega Man IV Part 3 - Wily Interlude and Napalm Man
In which we upgrade the Mega Buster to make the game even easier, get the Energy Balancer, go after Wily, and then Napalm Man.
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Let's Play Super Metroid Part 5 - A Quartet of Quality Quollectables!
What a haul! YOU FOUND: Speed Booster, (2) Missiles, Wave Beam, Ice Beam, Power Bombs
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Ice Man Speed Run 1'52"
Ice Man's stage becomes a lot simpler when using the Magnet Beam effectively. Of course, that's the tricky point. The timing for both jumping and releasing the beam and getting a good height on it is pretty precise. Nevertheless I do ok on this level I think! Poor Ice Man is almost a non-issue. Music is Wind Circulation ~ Wind Tour from Shoot the Bullet, a Tohou game
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Gemini Man Speed Run 2'50"
I in fact was not saving Gemini Man till last to share with you some super special secret to his stage. Quite the opposite! I found it tedious and annoying to slog through, so I made it even worse by using the RJ the WHOLE WAY through. Ah well! I'll either LP a bit next or I have a bit of an idea for another small Mega Man related project. See you next mission! Music is from Pokemon Battle Revolution, its Joe's Theme
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Let's Play Mega Man IV Part 6 - Wily's Spaceship
Getting the three main sections of Wily's space ship done here. The actual boss rematches and last boss fight will be the final two videos.
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Elec Man Speed Run 2'51"
Scraping ten seconds off my previous time is this run, finally tamed below three minutes! Special thanks to xxHolyRabbitxx who confirmed my suspicions about beating Elec Man in only two cutters, and thus giving me the drive to try to improve the rest of the stage. I hope you enjoy this charging, electrifying journey through the shockingly tall lair of Elec Man. ENERGIZE~! Music is osc-sync carnival (Lightning) from F-Zero GX
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Let's Play Adventure Island III Part 1 - Hungry Hungry Higgins
Time to try out another NES game, this one lorded over by Master Higgins! Master of what, I don't know. This sort of weird tropical dinosaur realm with anachronistic elements like skateboards? Coming out after Super Mario World, Higgins decides to jump on the dino-riding wagon. Its kind of funny that his stamina even decreases then. Truly a lightning-fast metabolism at work.
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Let's Play Adventure Island III Part 2 - World 2, Skip a Few
Stumbling upon the secret "SKIP" of the world 2, we go to apparently different levels than we would have had we...not found it I suppose! I'm guessing it got me there faster. OHBOY SPEED YAY! I played a few levels of this blind, this won't be the case in World 3 I can assure you, hehe.
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Snake Man Speed Run 2'09"
This is a pretty hard level to speed run, what with all the things in your way ready to slap you if you get too close. Woe on me for not figuring out the vaulter slide trick earlier! I'm adding annotations to all these speed runs to give you an idea of where I could improve or a tip I do that may not be apparent. You can turn them off manually, but if you hate them too much lemme know and I might just get rid of them all. Music is Yell "Dead Cell" from Metal Gear Solid 2
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Super House of Dead Ninjas Hard Mode Full Run (and a bit beyond)
This game is friggin' awesome. Join me as I attempt to make myself look cool while playing it, and unlock something a bit special along the way! Then, I panic at the under-dungeon and screw up before I can beat my high score. Oh well! My preferred loadout for the regular dungeon is the Light Saber, Laser Sandwich, Shrapnel+ Bomb, and Fire Magic.
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Let's Play Super Metroid Part 1 - Bonjour, Super Metroid!
Yeah, I know everyone and their dog has LPed this, and probably better than me too (well, I can play better than a few of the hounds, anyway). But someone has requested it, and it's one of those games I feel so fondly for, that I had to do it eventually, so here, I'm blowing it on my third LP! I'll mess with the sound a bit later to see if I can get the game sound to come in clearer without sacrificing my own voice. Lets get started! Allez!
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Let's Play Rockman 5 Wily's Dream Space Part 13 - Oh My Everything
This video wraps up Wily 1 and Wily 2! Not much else. Wily 2 is played blind, thus there are destruction occurred!
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Drill Man Speed Run 1'54"
Can't say I'm too fond of this one. The ladybug copters, batontons, and even Drill Man himself have RNG quirks that make your strategies have to be "reactive", or even just eat up time waiting for Drill Mole to pop his head back out of the ground. Also, some pretty bad frameskips around the beginning. Nevertheless, I have submitted it, and I might come back to this stage later. IF IT LEARNS TO BEHAVE ITSELF. Music is Shotgun Kiss from F-Zero GX
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Skull Man Speed Run 1'42"
Hot off the heels of my 367 Mega Man 9 Endless screens (a new record for me, though it won't let you see it after you make it on the Wii), I decided to rerun Skull Man's level, since his was the only one I hadn't put a different music in...yeah that doesn't really make sense. Anyway, I somehow saved 11 seconds by Skull Man behaving better and cutting out Rush Coil. Music is "Showdown" from the La Tale soundtrack.
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Kirby Super Star Arena Single Power Challenge: Plasma 1/2
This is my contribution to a collaborative project between me, Pink (PinkKittyRose), Roahm (RoahmMythril), and Shagg (kuposan3). The challenge is to complete Kirby Super Star's Arena mode using a single ability. In this case: Plasma.
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Dust Man Speed Run 1'50"
Kit attacks! Dust Man's stage took 11 seconds damage! The RNG was most cooperative this time, so naturally, I made a few mistakes of my own just to keep things human, I guess. This shows my new strategy and has fewer places where I could improve, I believe. Music is "Crispy Critter" from Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal
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Heat Man Speed Run 1'55"
If I only had the item number two, oh wait I do! Also item three, that fills me with glee. Only a bit of trouble with this stage, nothing that really filled me with rage. Music is Pkunk's Not Dead, a Star Control II Remix by the Precursors. See you next mission, all you Youtubers!
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Gyro Man "Dragon Style"
Vengeance for Shagg! He gave perfect running Gyro Man's stage an earnest try, only to have it stomp on his head like a stubborn Power Massler. I shall avenge him! Gyro Man's one of my favorite robot masters, by the way. I liek helicopter. ft-ft-ft Oh, and I didn't beat the Power Massler, so Shagg, you did get that one on me, good game there. He's irritating. "Dragon" style is a perfect run from RoahmMythril's views: No damage, buster only, no charging unless necessary, no utilities unless necessary, sliding allowed Music is all remixes from Rockman V Complete works. The last song is Darkman's Stage. The stage select one is kinda terrible so I left that out in favor of 9 whole seconds of the title theme...:P
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Let's Play Metroid Fusion 1% Part 1 - Candy and Air Conditioners
My first attempt at trying anything youtube related. I've done a 1% run on Metroid Fusion before and now I want to prove it! Eventually. Perhaps! This is the first scene. A bit sloppy perhaps, but hopefully amusing.
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