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always be bright
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Broke My Leg
I broke my leg because I hit on something and I keep on jumping getting better soon need prayers i will be doing the ice challenge when i get better ok bye i may not be that active on youtube and roblox so yeah but if i have time i will ok bye ~much love from~ ~Channel Fun~ (•-•) Sorry
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For Cadance And Luna The Best Sisters #2
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Smule #1
OMG my first smule video yay
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Meaning: Bored SUBSCRIBE!!!!
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Showing You All My Toys
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Fake Gold Ring Turns Into BRONZE?!
Its fake gold
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Fail Slime
It's one of my fail slime. It was my first time making slime and I can't believe it's just gonna turn out as a fail 😭 But yeah, back to the talk, it was also my fault that's why my slime turned out to be like this 😑 It's because I don't have a slime activator. If you know how to make a home made slime activator, please comment it down below and also comment for video suggestions to get a shout out. Bye people!
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Friday Fashion Fun-Tastic!
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Video Slide.
Today Guys, It's not my birthday. My birthday is on March 3 2016. I'm just uploading this video.
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All Of My Photos
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All The Shoutouts
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Showing You All The Secret Places In Roblox Hotel Elephant | Roblox | Hotel Elephant
Hi guys! You can copy this video because it is over YouTube so you can copy. Subscribe for more videos and hit that notification bell! bye xoxoJuliaxoxo
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Explanation Video
So this is why I didn't do my ice challenge at the earliest...
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Short Video
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Faded Slide Show
Music: //Sleep Like a Baby Tonight\\
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It's Coming...
Hello friends! If I get up to 50 subscribers by the end of this year's October, I will be doing a video called "What's In My Bag?" There are a few rules: 1) Subscribe 🛑 2) Like my videos 👍🏻 3) Turn on that silver bell 🔔 4) Comment 📮 That's all, bye Friends! Always have a HEART of... 💖Incredible Glitters💖
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🛑Taste Test - Salted Peanuts
First ever taste test video.
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When You Do A Social Experiment And You... FAIL!
**{When You Do A Social Experiment And You... FAIL!}** Hi guys! Not only 'When You Fail' Because I will also be doing a real main social experiment on roblox bye Shoutouts to the both girls peeking on my door lol
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Showing You My Squishies (Quick Video)
Hi, everyone. I made this video 'cause I want to show you all my squishies. This video is not ment for bragging or anything. I just want to share and show them with you. Please do not think in the wrong way. Bye, everyone! Have a wonderful day. Please comment down below what squishies I should make next. ❤️COMMENT❤️LIKE❤️SHARE❤️SUBSCRIBE❤️
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Vlog 1 | Day 1 | Drinking Milk Before Sleeping | Ft. Mikaela
Hi, everyone! Hope you enjoyed this first vlog with my sister Mikaela.
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Playing Akinator
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LPS: Neighbors - Episode 1 - Read Description
Hello Funnehs! This is my first LPS video. Hope you liked it. If you like my channel, don't forget to subscribe and turn on that bell to be notified when we film. Good bye Funnehs! Roblox: Paris_ Princessa YouTube Channels at the past: Macy Julia, Macy Productions, Pastel Pink ~ Have a very funny moment only here at Channel Fun ~
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One Call Away| Dubsmash|
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My New Intro {Read Description}
Hi, everyone!! I don't know if my YouTube Capture which I use to film before is still working. But if it will still work, I would upload a video. I have some bad news. The bad news is that I can't make skits 'cause my YouTube Capture always crashes and it doesn't let me upload some videos. They will always pause. But I found this camera on Youtube where there are some edits and this is the camera where I'm going to use now. I still have my iPad, of course. Maybe my YouTube Capture crashes is because I need to upgrade it in my App Store. I will see and check properly and I'll make a video about it :) Bye my Pastel Pinks 💖
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Must Watch {Read Description}
Hi Funnehs and I don't know of this disaster is going to continue or not because I have made some skits but there taking a long time to upload just like my YouTube Capture that's why I'm editing the description but I promise I'll find a way out and thank you for helping me reach 36 Subscribers again. I really appreciate it and by the way, please help me reach 50 Subscribers or more because the ice is ready and I'm prepared for the challege too! Thank you! xoxoJuliaxoxo
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Hello, Hello, Hello 👻
Just a funny and scary video.
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Good News 😊😊😄
Hi everyone!! Today I have some good news for you guys. I'm gonna be doing baby skits or any other skits I can do for you all. And from now on, I'm gonna be calling you all my fans Pastel Pinks. Fun videos only here at Pastl Pink. Btw my fav colour is pink 😊 bye 👩🏻💅🏻 roblox: Paris_Princessa
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Want A Shout Out?
Hello Rainbows! Music: You're a Fool (feat. G. Love) - Cisco Adler
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Funny House Tour (Read Desc)
Macy: Hi, everyone. Today I'm gonna be doing my house tour. So first, this is some chores that I made and two is printed by my Aunt (I think). And this is an extra table it's broken by the way. This is my school bag. This school bag has a twin. That, I buyed that one and one my Aunt gave me. This is just my stuff and all and this is paper dolls that my sister makes. And this is a book. And just this barbie bag and this thing. I will show you my kitchen. ~Macy see's her uncle~ Macy: Ahh! My uncle saw me. I don't want you to see him. 'Cause he is nvm. Hi, guys. I hoped you enjoyed this day's video. If it wasn't funny for you, that's okay. I understand. But for my opinion, I found this funny. I will do a real house tour later. But in the video, that is my real house. Just have to delete some of my vids cuz I don't have enough storage. Bye! Have a wonderful day.
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ChallengeTime: Throw That Challenge!
just having fun with challenges and sorry if some sounds in the back were SO LOUD my apologies :( have fun funnehs and btw i made this challenge k bye!
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Attending A Birthday Party Tomorrow!!!
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Showing You All My Pets | Block Craft 3D | Faith, Rylie, Celine and Hope
Hope you enjoyed this video! Please give this video a big thumbs up 👍🏻 and subscribe! LOVE YOU ALL! Comment down below what Block craft 3d video i should do next! good bye 🌹
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My New School Supplies
Not bragging
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I Left Her Alone And She Started Crying | Roblox | Boys and Girls Night Club
I showed the part where she started crying but this was made in Photo Grid motion so the whole screen can't be seen. Sorry. Social Medias: Facebook - Macy Julia Lim Landrito Roblox - Paris_Princessa Instagram - {Coming Soon} Draw N Guess - macy_juls BE SURE TO FOLLOW ME OR ADD ME AS FRIEND TO KEEP IN TOUCH WITH ME AND MY UPCOMING VIDEOS!! xoxoJuliaxoxo
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Watch Me Whip, Watch Me Nae Nae| Dubsmash|
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I Told Him To Shut Up | Roblox | Hospital Life
Hi everyone! Sorry if I didn't show the clip that I told him to shut up because I forgot to take a screenshot but Andrew if your watching this, I AM VERY SORRY!
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What I Am Going To Wear At The Birthday Party
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Shh! | Roblox | Murder Mystery
Please download Roblox if you haven't because it's a very fun online game and it is very addicting. Social Medias: Facebook - Macy Julia Lim Landrito Roblox - Paris Princessa Instagram - Coming soon... Draw N Guess - macy_juls BE SURE TO FOLLOW ME OR ADD ME AS FRIEND TO KEEP IN TOUCH WITH ME AND MY UPCOMING VIDEOS!! xoxoJuliaxoxo
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Window View
Hey Funnehs! In this video, I will show you the outside view of that window. So hope you all enjoy! Rules: Subscribe Comment Like Turn on the notification bell Roblox: Paris_Princessa "Comment down below what is the outside view of your window" xoxoJuliaxoxo
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Sofia The First| Dusmash|
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Which Picture is Best? | Roblox Edition | Read Description
Hello Rainbows! From now on, I'll be changing my channel name Rainbow Girl that's why I'm calling you all my fans Rainbows. Sorry if I always change my channel name recently. And if your having fun at my channel, be sure to subscribe and turn on that bell to be notified when we film. Have a Rainbow 🌈 Tastic day! :Macy Julia:
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Things To Ask Siri:
Sorry Guys☹️. There is no full screen. And I copied this from Siri's. But I'm not a copycat. Okay.
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